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Latest Sightings for 2015

This page has been designed for mobile phone use and will be updated as regularly as possible. It will contain about thirty days of latest butterfly news. For all other links and information visit the main website at www.hertsmiddx-butterflies.org.uk

November 2015

Wednesday 25th November 2015
Holly Blue seen at Aylett's Nursery, St Albans on Sunday 8/11/15 - Frank Tuck

Wednesday 18th November 2015
Had a Red Admiral in the Harpenden garden late morning braving the blustery conditions - Robin Pearson

Sunday 15th November 2015
One Small Tortoiseshell sunning itself this afternoon at Folly Lane allotments, St Albans - Malcolm Hull

A female Brimstone fluttering around ivy in our back garden in Hertford, probably disturbed from hibernation by the winds - Andrew Wood

Friday 13th November 2015
Having thought I had seen my last butterfly of the year, I could not believe it today when whilst at work as a teacher in a school at Bushey, I looked out of the window and saw a Red Admiral. With a squally wind, dark scudding clouds and a temperature I suspect was barely into double figures the last thing I was expecting to see was a butterfly. However, what I initially thought could be a leaf swirling around in the wind was clearly a butterfly flying in spite of the elements. Perhaps it had been dislodged from a quiet place of hibernation, I don't know but it was still a remarkable sight. - Roger Newbold

Thursday 12th November 2015
At Rye Meads today I saw a Peacock and a comma enjoying the sun - until it went in! I also saw a dragonfly - possible migrant hawker? Andy Brown

Recorded a comma butterfly in a garden in Little Hadham this morning. Clear and still, temp 15C. - Jono Forgham

One Red Admiral on my Harpenden garden Ivy today during a spell of sunshine
Robin Pearson

Sunday 8th November 2015
One Red Admiral flying around Hertford North Station on Sunday 8th, in very dull but mild conditions - Andrew Wood

Sunday 1st November 2015
Holly Blue in my Hemel Hempstead garden while I cut my grass! - Ashley Cox

We were thrilled to see a bright Comma fluttering in warm sunshine in our Hatfield garden outside our patio doors today. This is the latest record for any butterfly here - John Moss

Butterfly I have seen today (01 Nov 2015): 1 red admiral - Walsworth Common, Hitchin TL19263038 - David Inward

Brimstone at Home Covert Hatfield Aerodrome today 13.00 - Rupert Pyrah

1 Red Admiral seen at Heartwood forest today east side of the road approx grid ref TL181110 - Andrew Steele

A male Brimstone, 3 Red Admirals and a Comma on my Harpenden garden Ivy today - Robin Pearson

Harpenden Common (St Johns Wood area): 1 female Brimstone fluttering around a bramble bush and then settling on a leaf to bask. Very relaxed! - David Hunt

October 2015

Saturday 31st October 2015
Red Admiral and Comma seen at car park near Letchworth Swimming Pool at approx 11.00 on 31st October - Patricia Clegg

King George V Reservoir, Enfield: 3 Red Admiral and 1 Small Tortoiseshell - Andrew Middleton

Two Red Admirals in my garden today. - Robin Pearson

Friday 30th October 2015
Today next to Patmore Heath I saw a comma or Red Admiral flying purposefully towards the heath. Andy Brown

Wednesday 28th October 2015
A sunny spell at lunchtime today brought out three Red Admirals and a Comma to my Harpenden garden Ivy. - Robin Pearson

Tuesday 27th October 2015
A Red Admiral was feeding on our Killarney strawberry tree yesterday (27 Oct) at Thorley Park, Bishop's Stortford - Chris Dee

On a warm and sunny afternoon, spotted a Red Admiral flying across a fairway at Little Hay golf course near Bovingdon. - Brendan Sheridan

Had a very tatty Speckled Wood in the garden today, along with a Red Admiral and a Comma. - Robin Pearson

2 perfect condition Red Admirals at East End Green [TL295108] today. Flying around each other up and down the village green and sunbathing on the grass - Christopher Benton.

A balmy afternoon on Nomansland Common produced 2 Brimstone, 1 male and 1 female, but no Small Coppers, unfortunately - David Hunt

One sighting from a sunny Sunday walk, a fresh Comma in the fields at Wareside. Moths are still about, had 10 species in the trap over the weekend - Phil Macmurdie

Monday 26th October 2015
Watton-at-Stone: 1 Small White and 1 Peacock in field margins just SW of Watton-at-Stone (TL2918) - Aaron Clements-Partridge

Seen 11 individual butterflies of 4 species this afternoon, Monday 26th October 2015 as follows - 5 Comma (4 at Trent Park -2 nectaring on michaelmas daisies set-aside field near Triangular Wood, 1 nectaring on ivy flowers, Snakes Lane near Hockey Centre at 14:00 hrs, 1 nectaring on michaelmas daisies near Water Garden at 14:27 hrs, 1 at Park Farm at 15:19 hrs); 1 Peacock nectaring on michaelmas daisies, set-aside field near Triangular Wood, Trent Park at 13:25 hrs; 2 Red Admiral nectaring on ivy flowers, Snakes Lane near Hockey Centre, Trent Park at 14:00 hrs; 3 Small Copper at Trent Park (2 near Sports Field, 1 at 'Old Golf Course'). - Robert Callf

Red Admiral on my Harpenden garden Ivy flowers this morning, looks quite fresh.
Robin Pearson

Sunday 25th October 2015
A Peacock today at the birding pit at Tyttenhanger GP - Rupert Pyrah

A relatively warm lunchtime visit to Nomansland Common produced 1, rather torpid, Small Copper female basking in the hazy sunshine. The hornet nest I have been watching has been partially dug out, presumably by a badger, although judging by the comings and goings, the lower storeys of the nest still survive - David Hunt

Just avoided the frost in St Albans last night, but too cool for butterflies to be active today. Inspected my shed and found 15 hibernating Small Tortoiseshells plus one Peacock. Visited Nomansland Common and found just a single Small Copper, which gratefully accepted the offer of resting on my hand for 10 minutes to warm up - Malcolm Hull

Tuesday 20th October 2015
Male Brimstone enjoying the sun today fluttering around some variegated yellow privet in my St Albans garden the colour match was brilliant - Mandy Floyd

On the 20th at Tewinbury a small white + a comma - Andy Brown

A mild and sunny lunchtime stroll on Nomansland Common produced 1 male Brimstone and 5 Small Copper, including a mating pair. The three remaining Coppers were busily laying eggs on sheep's sorrel. Nice to see that they had survived the cold and inclement weather of the past few days. - David Hunt

A Clouded yellow today at Waterford heath in the sunshine - Steve Kiln

'A good burst of early afternoon sun at last! I had not seen a butterfly since the 9th but today a Comma and Red Admiral in the northern part of Norton Green. - Peter Clarke

Wednesday 14th October 2015
One Red Admiral near Firing Range at Vicarage Farm, Enfield this morning at 10:12 hrs Wednesday 14th October 2015, also three Comma (2 at Park Farm nectaring on bramble blossom at 11:35 hrs, 1 nectaring on Ivy at Water Garden, Trent Park at 12:23 hrs). - Robert Callf

A sunny but rather chilly morning search of Nomansland Common revealed nothing until about 11.00am when first one, then another Small Copper emerged from their overnight roosting places deep in the long grass and, in a rather languid fashion, flew off to nearby ragwort flowers for breakfast. Over the next 45 minutes I counted 8 Small Copper, 7 being females still replete with eggs (I think they will need to get a move on if they are to lay all their eggs). Amongst the 8 Small Coppers were 2 ab. caeruleopunctata. A Small White and a Comma, both basking in the weak sunshine, were also seen - David Hunt

Tuesday 13th October 2015
Two Red Admirals nectaring on Ivy at Snakes Lane near Hockey Centre, Trent Park (TQ 288 969) Tuesday 13th October 2015, also one Comma nectaring on Bramble blossom at Park Farm, Enfield. - Robert Callf

Bit of a surprise in my Ware garden was that at 09:45 this morning in dull weather and reading only 9 degrees Centigrade on my car thermometer, I had a Humming-bird Hawk-moth flying around my flowering lavender - it keeps flowering! - Liz Goodyear

For all other links and information visit the main website at www.hertsmiddx-butterflies.org.uk