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Latest Sightings for 2015

This page has been designed for mobile phone use and will be updated as regularly as possible. It will contain about thirty days of latest butterfly news. For all other links and information visit the main website at www.hertsmiddx-butterflies.org.uk

July 2015

Monday 6th July 2015
On a visit to Bricket Wood Common this morning I saw the following species;- White Admiral, Silver-Washed Fritillary, Marbled White, Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Comma, Large White,Speckled Wood, Large, Small and Essex Skipper - Terry Wood

Some sightings for Monday 6th July 2015 - 2 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield, 2 Purple Hairstreak settled on oak at Parkside Farm, Enfield near Res (TQ2998) - our first of the year! 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Park Farm, Enfield, 2 Comma at Park Farm, Enfield at 09:29 hrs, 1 Clouded Silver at Park Farm, Enfield, 1 Red Admiral at Park Farm, Enfield at 09:34 hrs, Silver Y at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park, 1 Comma along bridle-path near Shaws Wood, Trent Park, 1 Shaded Broad-bar along Merryhills Brook at Vicarage Farm, Enfield, 1 Painted Lady at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 11:43 hrs - Robert Callf/Robin White.

We went up to Hexton Chalk Pit this morning and saw 2 Chalkhill Blue, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 50+ Marbled White (they were everywhere!) and 20+ Meadow Brown and 3 Speckled Wood by the road entrance. - Jill Sawyer

Female Brimstone in Ware garden this morning (I have an Buckthorn in my garden!) - Liz Goodyear

I'm well behind with reports at the moment, but I promise to catch up even if they are just brief lists... However, today (6th) was notable in that there were three sightings of new broods on my local patch: Holly Blue, Peacock and Brown Argus.
Also a very pale Comma.
Dave Miller

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane A very pleasant morning walk,butterflies noticeably increasing in numbers and variety as the day warmed up: Meadow Brown: 24 Ringlet: 38 Gatekeeper: 45 Green-Veined White: 2 Large Skipper: 2 Marbled White: 1 Speckled Wood: 6 Small Skipper: 52 Comma: 4 Large White: 6 Small White: 3 Brimstone: 1 Red Admiral: 1 Holly Blue: 1. The Red Admiral only showed itself as it tried to get away from a very aggressive male Ringlet which was odd to watch to say the least. The Ringlet eventually gave up and reverted to normal Ringlet behaviour whilst the Red Admiral settled back in the grass where it had evidently been roosting before the unwelcome attention. - Pete Gore

A breezy yet relatively sunny day on Harpenden Common produced a good haul of butterflies with many Marbled White, Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Small Tortoiseshell; 10+ Small Skipper (no Essex as yet); 1 Common Blue male; 1 Comma; 1 Red Admiral; 2 Large White; 2 Small White, several Small Heath; 2 Large Skipper and a female Purple Hairstreak streaking about in the usual locality amongst a bramble bank. Also seen were almost mature Cinnabar moth larvae, although I don't recall seeing any adults this year (6-spot Burnets are also decidedly scarcer than usual) - David Hunt

Sunday 5th July 2015
Woodland assembly area close to A10, north of Ware, at least one Purple Emperor was present this afternoon - Liz Goodyear and Laurence Drummond

We took my mother in wheelchair to Butterfly World today all really impressed with designer gardens and meadows. Once sun came out recorded 47 x small tortoiseshell, 14 x ringlet, 5 x marbled white, 5 x large white, 18 x meadow brown, 7 x small skipper, 6 x small white, 1 x large skipper, 2 humming bird hawk moths, 2 x 5 spot narrow bordered burnets. 1 x comma, 1 x small tortoiseshell in Bushey garden late afternoon - David Gower

This morning's field trip attracted 8 hardy souls to a rather damp Balls Wood and Hertford Heath, although it did stop raining fairly early on. Not surprisingly no big woodland species but numerous Ringlets, a few Meadow Browns, several Small Skipper (positive ids aided by their reluctance to fly in the gloom), Large Skipper and a gatekeeper. Also a larval nest of Hawthorn Moth and a female Drinker moth (Moths on Twitter). Also Blue Damselfly, Blue tailed damselfly and Common darter. Common Cow wheat is now prolific on the heath following the last two year's clearances. Andrew Wood

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. An afternoon walk starting in sun but ending in cloud and a few spots of rain so no butterflies on the return journey. Previously however: Meadow Brown: 16 Small Skipper: 51 Ringlet: 26 Small White: 3 Holly Blue: 3 Comma: 5 gatekeeper: 16 Large White: 3 Speckled Wood: 1 Green-Veined White: 1 Red Admiral: 4 - Pete Gore

Visited an old meadow immediately south of where the Hertfordshire Way footpath meets the Stort Navigation .(TL491189). A 30 minute stroll round the perimeter revealed 4 large skippers, 5 large whites, 5 small whites, 2 green veined whites, 11 small tortoiseshells mostly nectaring on bramble blossom, 4 commas, 72 meadow browns including mating pairs, and 28 ringlets. A few of the ragwort were burdened with cinnabar larva, 19 nearly full grown on one plant and 10 sharing with 3 soldier beetles on another, although only 4 cinnabar moths seen. Len Crouch

I visited Symonshyde this afternoon. Good to see several SWF, White Admirals & the only species to add to David Hunts list was a Small Skipper. - Malcolm Hull

Saturday 4th July 2015
I enjoyed spending an hour in Broxbourne Woods on Saturday afternoon. The temperature was about 28 degrees and sunny but quite blustery. I wonder if this had something to do with the butterflies being unwilling to settle? The highlight though was seeing at least 8 Silver Washed Fritillaries (mainly on the main ride from the West car park across the almost dried up brook at the bottom.) They were hard to count though as they were flying up and down in the usual fashion. Other sightings included 20+ Ringlet and Meadow Brown, about 10 Large Skipper, several Small or Essex Skipper, several Large Whites and singles of Comma, Green Veined White and Speckled Wood. - Roger Newbold

Went to Ruislip Woods on sat afternoon and around St Vincents area were 21 x meadow brown, 19 x ringlet, 1 x small skipper, 1 x speckled wood, 2 x large white, 4 x purple hairstreak(my first this year), 3 of them at purple emperor hot spot. Onto Park Wood= 28 x meadow brown, 17 x ringlet, 3 x large white, 3 x comma, 1 x speckled wood, 4 x small skipper. At copse wood 2 x speckled wood and in Poors Field =10 x meadow brown, 16 x ringlet, 1 x speckled wood, 1 x large skipper, 1 x comma, 1 x small skipper. In Bushey garden 1 x meadow brown, 1 x silver y - David Gower

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane After thunderstorms in the night it was pleasant to have damp ground under my feet and standing water back on the Heath and the Marshalling Yards for the first time in weeks.Most of my walk was in the morning: Chicory flowers open when I arrived at the Marshalling Yards but closed by the time I started the return stretch. Butterflies: Meadow Brown: 30 Small Skipper: 53 Comma: 11 Ringlet: 32 Speckled Wood: 1 Green-Veined White: 2 Red Admiral: 3 Large White: 2 Gatekeeper: 15 Tortoiseshell: 1 Marbled White: 1 Small White: 1 Large Skipper: 2 A large grass fire on Pevensey Open Space,a smaller one on the Marshalling Yards, presumably before the rain last night. - Pete Gore

In 2012 we had a report of a Purple Emperor being seen at Kenwood, adjacent to Hampstead Heath. Today was the first time we had had an opportunity to visit Hampstead Heath in optimum conditions. The highest point is along the Spaniards Road next to the radio mast. We sat down in our chairs at 12:15 and started watching the canopy above the road, each of us looking in different directions. 1000s of cars drove past made worse by road works creating, a continuous traffic jam beside us. Also many joggers, cyclists and walkers!! By 13:45 having only seen dragonflies, a Purple Hairstreak or two, a possible White-letter Hairstreak and Vapourer moths we walked up the road, and onto the heath, watching more oaks and slowly making our way back to the highest point but from within the wood. At 14:35 Andrew sat down to watch a gap and almost immediately saw a chase of two Purple Emperors. Further sightings were made and then moving towards the track that leads to a private house, we saw more flights of at least two individuals. This is 7.5k from the centre of London and probably one of our most significant finds made harder by the location. There is a video on the Branch Facebook page but you really have to look very hard and replay it several times to see the Emperor which eventually perches on the left side. - Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton

Went to BALLS WOOD this morning and saw 4 White admirals, but only in the favoured area, not spread around so looks like they are just starting here. BROXBOURNE WOODS west main ride full of Silver washed fritillary's about 14 all told but dashing around all over the place and hard to count, at one time I had six in one vista,also there singles of Small skipper, Comma, Painted lady and Small tortoiseshell. Laurence Drummond

10 Small Tortoiseshell in my Ware garden at 10:30 - Liz Goodyear

I arrived on Six Hills Common at just after 10am and within 5 seconds of viewing the elm tops I saw a White-letter Hairstreak in the 'gap' the spot I saw one on 25 June. I continued looking for another minute or two and 2 or 3 more specimens were flying around. Over the last few years I have never seen one in the afternoon or evening. I walked towards Norton Green and Knebworth Woods. Near Pigeonswick Cottage at around 1pm, a couple of male Silver-washed Fritillaries were patrolling an area of bramble and one of them even chased off a Large White! No sign of the purple species or the White Admiral but the site is renowned for fairly late emergences! However, a number of female summer-brooded Green-veined Whites appeared to be probing plants close to the ground presumably to find where to lay eggs, Garlic Mustard, one of its foodplants, is prominent on both sides of the track (Chadwell Road). Seems a bit early! - Peter Clarke

Friday 3rd July 2015
Friday 3rd July. Visited my Warren transect in near-perfect weather, 23C, light breeze. Found 100s of Marbled Whites mixed in with Meadow Browns & Ringlets. too many to count accurately. Transect record is Marble White 118, Meadow Brown 73, Small Skipper 37, Ringlet 23, Small Heath 5, Small Tort. 1, Small White 1, Large White 1. Skippers could well include Essex, but all too lively to view closely. It looks as though last autumn's scrub clearance combined with mild, dry winter and recent hot weather has benefitted butterflies and other inverts. I look forward to the next visit - John Moss

After reading DM report of a Purple Emperor in Copse Wood yesterday I decided to pay a visit to the wood this morning. I walked along the Hillingdon Trail to where it bears left(TQ085896). There to my amazement i spotted a large butterfly land on the ground no more than 12ft away. Yes it was a Purple Emperor. It then decided to fly straight at me displaying its purple sheen glowing in the sunshine. Also there was a pristine Comma. I continued up the main N/S ride where fortunately I bumped into Dick Middleton (for the fist time) and reported my sighting. He requested that I submit my sighting to you. He himself had been checking for White Admirals, but not seen any up to then. On my return journey I turned east down the main east/west ride. where after approx. 150meters, I could not believe my luck there on the ground was 2 very fresh White Admirals! - Ian Grant

Some sightings from yesterday evenings survey Wareside - disused railway track 1 - small skipper 8 - small tortoiseshell 2 - red admiral 1 - comma 7 - meadow brown 1 - ringlet But no hairstreaks - Phil Macmurdie

Highlights of a roundabout walk from Hatfield to Welwyn Garden City. A Purple Hairstreak on the road alongside Symondshyde Great Wood (see Branch Facebook page), 8 Silver-washed Fritillaries and 1 white Admiral along the Power way leave in the wood and a Gatekeeper in the Picnic area. Another gatekeeper and 2 White -letter Hairstreaks near the Crooked Chimney pub at Cromer Hyde. The hairstreaks flying around a low hedge almost on the road junction. - Andrew Wood

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. A walk in almost continuous sunshine with a similar pattern of butterflies to Wednesday: Small White: 2 Holly Blue: 2 Meadow Brown: 28 Comma: 8 Ringlet: 38 Small Skipper: 88 Gatekeeper: 11 Red Admiral: 1 Speckled Wood: 4 Large Skipper: 2 Marbled White: 2 Tortoiseshell: 1 Large White: 1 Small Heath: 1 - Pete Gore

Went to Waterford heath south this morning a lot of butterflies. over 100 ringlets, and 65 marbled white a record there, and plenty of meadow browns and skippers, commas and small tortoiseshells starting to show - Steve Kiln

A few sightings for this morning Friday 3rd July 2015 - 2 Large Skipper, 5 female Meadow Brown together nectaring on knapweed at 09:15 hrs at Oakwood Park, N14. Also 1 Ringlet at Boxer's Lake, Enfield at 10:55 hrs. - Robert Callf

This friday lunchtime we had a red admiral, ringlet and meadow brown within a few mins of each other in Kings Langley. It pays to have a wild garden. :) - Elizabeth Debenham

Aldbury Nowers, Meadow Brown, Ringlet, 10+ Marbled White, 1 Small Copper, 1 Common Blue, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Gatekeeper, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Small Heath and 1 Dark Green Fritillary. - Shailesh Patel

Did the butterfly transect at Thorley Wash N.R. just after mid-day and noted 2 small/essex skippers, 7 large skippers, 5 large whites, 7 small whites, 1 green veined white, 1 fresh small copper. 1 painted lady, 1 red admiral. 16 small tortoiseshells, 1 comma and 40 meadow browns. Proceeded to Pig Lane to check if any ringlets were flying in this part of the Stort Valley and walked northward through the set aside field immediately east of Twyford Bury Farm. After going only a short distance I was pleasantly surprised to see a marbled white, small heath and early gatekeeper all within a dozen yards of each other. I have visited this location (TL494194) every July for several years and have never seen a marbled white here before and also cannot recall seeing any small heath here in the last five years - Len Crouch

Bricket Wood Common, St Albans - Three new species emerged since last weekend - Silver-washed Fritillaries (4 seen, all males), Purple Hairstreak and new brood Brimstones. Numbers of Ringlets and Large Whites both increasing. Spent an hour at lunchtime in in Mutchetts Wood looking for Purple Emperor in its usual treetop haunts. Ideal weather conditions, but no luck today - I expect it to appear any day now - Malcolm Hull

A 4 hour stint in Symondshyde Great Wood produced 3 White Admiral, mostly imbibing from muddy ground or soil on the track rather than nectaring; 18 sightings of male Silver-washed Fritillary, although quite how this translates into individuals is another matter - I saw 2 males together on bramble on one occasion, but otherwise they were very active and sunning themselves in trees about 5-6 metres from the ground; Speckled Wood (many); Meadow Brown; Ringlet; Small White; Large White; Large Skipper; and a solitary Comma. Timber operations have been in progress of late, the usually clear and floriferous area near the gate being mostly under piles of conifer logs awaiting collection - David Hunt

The following seen at ELLENBROOK FIELDS (FORMER HATFIELD AERODROME) today: Comma x 2 Marbled White x 45+ Meadow Brown x 38+ Small Skipper x 20+ Ringlet x 50+ Red Admiral x 4+ Speckled Wood x 2 Large Skipper x 4+ Small Tortoiseshell x 10+ + Cinnabar Moth x 6 Gatekeeper x 5+ - David Wheatcroft

I was lucky enough to be invited to the US Ambassadors Independence Celebrations yesterday (02/07/15) at his residence at Winfield House, Regents Park. The gardens and grounds are impressive but I was taken with the fact that an area at the rear of the lawns is managed for wildlife and incorporates a wildflower meadow and thistle patch. Needless to say that I started looking around for butterflies and saw the following in the general area of TQ275828: Meadow Brown- 7, Large Skipper- 2, Large White- 1, Red Admiral-1, Small Tortoiseshell- 1. Comma-1, Speckled Wood-1, - Bill Stone, Suffolk Butterfly Recorder,

Thursday 2nd July 2015
Had a pleasant surprise this afternoon in Copse Wood, Ruislip (TQ082901) when a large butterfly coming along the track towards me turned out to be a male Purple Emperor, it even had the decency to land almost at my feet. - Dick Middleton

Two Hornet Moths in Black Poplars on path from Sacombe Road to Rickneys Quarry - the first tree I looked at - no more on the other 40 or so! Many Marbled Whites in the field on the landfill between Woodhall Park and Stapleford. (see twitter) A White Admiral and 2 Silver-washed Fritillaries in Bramfield Park Wood, 4 White Admirals in Bramfield Wood and one in Brickground Wood (see Facebook) - Andrew Wood

Harrow Cemetery, Ringlet, Gatekeeper, Marbled White, Large Skipper, Meadow Brown and at Harrow Recreation Ground, 1 Small Tortoiseshell. Shailesh Patel

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. Another morning walk in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid forecast rain which then didn't fall in the afternoon.Still plenty of butterflies though: Ringlet: 66 Meadow Brown: 34 Small Skipper: 59 Small White: 2 Gatekeeper: 6 Green-Veined White: 1 Painted Lady: 1 Marble White: 2 Small Heath: 1 - Pete Gore

Some sightings for today Thursday 2nd July 2015 - at least 7 Marbled White 'New Fields' Trent Park between 15:09 - 16:20 hrs, 1 male Common Blue Sect 8 'New Fields' Trent Park at 15:24 hrs, many Small/Essex Skipper (no Essex positively identified) including 12 Small settled on wet mud Sect 8, 'New Fields' Trent Park at 15:27 hrs, 1 Large White Sect 6 'New Fields' Trent Park, 10+ Small Heath at 'New Fields' Trent Park, 1 Small Tortoiseshell Sect 5 'New Fields' Trent Park at 15:40 hrs, 1 Large Skipper Sect 5 'New Fields' Trent Park, 1 Gatekeeper Sect 5 'New Fields' Trent Park at 15:44 hrs, 2 Comma together Sect 4 'New Fields' Trent Park, 2 Large Skipper Sect 4 'New Fields' - Robert Callf. P.S., Spent 15 mins watching edge of Church Wood for White-letters, but no success - Robert Callf

Wednesday 1st July 2015
Start off with some sightings from yesterday 1st July - Widford - cricket ground 5 purple hairstreak, trooping across the ground at 7:30pm 2 red admiral 2 small tottoiseshell 1 large white 3 small white 2 meadow brown 2 ringlet. And one very large dark butterfly with white flashes, which if I was at Broxbourne woods would have been happy to conclude on as an A. Iris, but given the location and not getting a clear enough view will defer to large dark butterfly with white flashes. Moth trap was bulging this morning - lots in pots awaiting ID. Notables include:- Another cream bordered green pea, leopard moth, small yellow wave, small blood vein (new for garden, or bathroom to be precise), + approx. 80 other species - Phil Macmurdie For those that attended the field trip at Marshalls Heath on Sunday 28th June - the moth list is available here

1 July, Harrow Cemetery, Meadow Brown, 3 Ringlet, 1 Marbled White, 1 Male Gatekeeper, 2 Small Skipper and 1 Burnet Companion. Shailesh Patel

Butterfly and moth I saw today (01/07/15): 1 meadow brown butterfly - garden, St Faiths Close, Hitchin TL1986130303, 1 silver-ground carpet moth Xanthorhoe montanata ssp montanata - door porch, St Faiths Close, Hitchin TL1985330307 - David Inward

Early stroll about 9am around Springwater Lake, Colne Valley Regional Park and saw my first Gatekeeper, 2 Red Admirals, 3 Comma, 6 Small and 1 Large White, 3 Large and 3 Small Skippers, 3 Speckled Woods, 5 Ringlet, 10+ Meadow Brown and Six-Spot Burnet Moth. Then mid-morning at Mad Bess Woods saw my first White Admiral along the bridleway path, 1 Large and 1 Small White, 4 Large and 1 Small Skipper, Speckled Wood, 40+ Meadow Brown and 3 Marbled White. In the meadow next to Ducks Hill Road, the majority of the butterflies had migrated to the field edges in really hot weather and included 20+ Marbled White, 60+ Meadow Brown and at least 4 Ringlet. After lunch walking to shops I saw 2 Holly Blue, a Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Large and 1 Small White and a Large Skipper along the Tube line edge of Park Way Common, Ruislip Manor (TQ 1087). - Paul Busby

Went back to Water Lane, Watford this evening at 6.30 and came across 63 x marbled white, 3 x ringlet, 2 x meadow brown, 2 x small white, 6 x essex skipper, 28 x small skipper(a few of these possibly essex). - David Gower

June 2015

Tuesday 30th June 2015
I saw a few brief glimpses of a Purple Emperor over a 20 minute period at 2.20pm observing the Oak Canopy at St Vincents, Haste Hill, Northwood Hills. Earlier in the field opposite St Vincents Nursing Home saw 8 Marbled White, 5 Small Skippers, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White and at least 40+ Meadow Brown, 2 Ringlet and 5 Six-Spot Burnet Moth. Brief visit to Highgrove Wood and pond and saw a Large White, Red Admiral, Ringlet and 3 Meadow Brown. In the morning had visited Pinn Meadows, Ruislip (TQ0988) to visit the newly created ponds and drainage ditches and saw at least 100+ Meadow Brown, 7 Ringlet, 7 Large Skipper, 4 Small Tortoiseshell, 4 Comma along river vegetation, a Small White, Speckled Wood, 6 spot Burnet moth, Burnet Companion and a Red Admiral. Finally around 8pm, on way to river sampling at River Pinn, Ickenham near railway bridge (TQ0787) on a still sunny and warm evening saw another Red Admiral, Large Skipper and at least 20 Meadow Brown starting to roost in trees - Paul Busby

A few butterflies to report today Tuesday 30th June 2015 - 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Hilly Fields Park, Enfield at 13:09 hrs, 1 Ringlet at Hilly Fields Park, Enfield at 13:10 hrs, 1 Comma at Whitewebbs Wood at 14:41 hrs, 1 Red Admiral at Wildwoods Lake, Enfield at 15:04 hrs, 1 Holly Blue at Hilly Fields Park, Enfield at 15:25 hrs, 4 Small Tortoiseshell at Rectory Farm, Enfield. P.S., Waited until 14:30 hrs, but no sign of Purple Emperor - Robert Callf.

Butterfly I saw today (30/06/15): 1 small tortoiseshell - Walsworth Common TL19673017 - David Inward

Today at Fir & Pond Woods we counted 27 marbled whites, 5 speckled wood, 8 meadow brown, 9 small skipper, 2 large skippers on the meadow. I have tweeted and also put some photos up on the BC facebook page. We have a Magical Meadows walk planned next Wednesday (10-midday) please feel free to publicise this. People can book on via our website - http://www.hertswildlifetrust.org.uk/events/2015/07/08/magical-meadows?instance=0 - Jenny Sherwen

At least 4 White-letter Hairstreaks at Cheshunt Park near the clubhouse and a Hornet Moth on a Black poplar on the course itself (see Facebook/Twitter). Hundreds of Meadow Browns in the meadows - Andrew Wood

1 X small tortoiseshell, 1 x ringlet, 1 x yellow shell in Bushey garden today. Last night 3 x small dusty wave moths in bathroom. 1 x marbled white at Northwood hq. - David Gower

A rather fresh, late Orange Tip yesterday in Bricket Wood / Garston area. - Clive Burrows

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. Gatekeepers have emerged to add to the overwhelmingly dominant orange and brown colours here: Tortoiseshell: 1 Small White: 2 Comma: 7 Meadow Brown: 30 Ringlet: 25 Small Skipper: 98 Gatekeeper: 4 Large White: 4 Marbled White: 4 Common Blue: 1 Speckled Wood: 4 Small Heath: 1 Large Skipper: 1 - Pete Gore

Purple Emperor flew across the Whitewebbs Assembly area at 13:23, also 1 Purple Hairstreak seen. We had been watching from 12:30. Forty Hall by bridge, 1 White-letter Hairstreak and more Beautiful Demoiselles seen (in the shade), Banded Demoiselle now present as well - Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton Purple Emperor flew across the Whitewebbs Assembly area at 13:23, also 1 Purple Hairstreak seen. We had been watching from 12:30. Forty Hall by bridge, 1 White-letter Hairstreak and more Beautiful Demoiselles seen (in the shade), Banded Demoiselle now present as well - Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton

Monday 29th June 2015
Finally nailed my first White Admiral for the year this pm in Mad Bess Wood, Ruislip, along the track known as the Hillingdon Trail. A supporting cast of 10+ Meadow Brown; 6 Speckled Wood; 2 each of Large White, Comma and Red Admiral and a Small Skipper. - Dick Middleton

Many Small tortoiseshell, around Sawbridgeworth and High wych today, probably a hundred seen all told, nice to see them back - Laurence Drummond

Butterfly I saw today (29/06/15): 1 small white - cycle way at roundabout Six Hills Way/Lytton Way, Stevenage TL237238 - David Inward

I went for a stroll around Long Meadow, Eastcote and saw my first ever 3 Marbled Whtes in this location, as well as 65 + Meadow Brown, 3 Ringlet, 2 Small white, 1 small Tortoiseshell, a Speckled Wood, 2 Red Admirals, 4 Large Skippers, a Small Skipper and 2 Commas. Great to see damselflies and a Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly buzzing about and perching on the plants in the newly created backwater to the River Pinn - Paul Busby

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. Very large numbers of butterflies for us in late morning/early afternoon sunshine with Skippers and Browns particularly under counted.Slightly surprised to see a male Brimstone on the return journey across the Heath - seems early or very late but as it was flying vigorously over the trees I couldn't otherwise tell what condition it was in: Ringlet: 40 Meadow Brown: 41 Small White: 6 Comma: 7 (at least) Green-Veined White: 2 Tortoiseshell: 1 Large Skipper: 8 Speckled Wood: 3 Marbled White: 2 Small Skipper: 76 Large White: 2 Red Admiral: 2 Small Heath: 3 Brimstone: 1 and 1 Burnet Companion moth - Pete Gore

4 Silver-washed Fritillaries at Broxbourne Wood this afternoon. No sign of any other big woodland species. Ringlet, Meadow Brown and Marbled White abundant in the glebe fields at Little Berkhamsted, also my first Narrow-boarded 5 spot Burnet moths of the year in the fields above Bayford Wood. - Andrew Wood

Hillbrow Letchworth GC - 09.00 to 10.30:- Small Blue - 3 only; Marbled White - 100+; Small Skipper - 15+; Large Skipper - 5+; Meadow Brown - 20+; Ringlet - 20+; Common Blue - 3 well worn; Small Tortoishell - 1 - Roger Millard

Here is today's latest news. Harrow Cemetery, 29 June, 2 Large Skipper, 5 Meadow Brown, 1 Brown Argus and 2 Small Skipper. - Shailesh Patel

A few sightings for Saturday 27th June 2015 - 2 Painted Lady at Vicarage Farm, Enfield and 7 Small Tortoiseshell here also. 1 Marbled White at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 14:02 hrs. - Robert Callf. Today Monday 29th June 2015 - 1 Comma along Leeging Beech Gutter near Williams Wood at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 09:38 hrs, 1 male Gatekeeper at Parkside Farm, Enfield - our first of the year! 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Parkside Farm, Enfield, 2 Small Tortoiseshell together at Park Farm, Enfield at 10:34 hrs, 2 Common Blue, male and female, at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park, 1 Small Heath at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park at 10:52 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park at 10:57 hrs, 1 Comma by lower lake, Trent Park at 11:03 hrs, 1 Red Admiral by lower lake, Trent Park at 11:08 hrs, 1 Painted Lady set-aside field near Dew Pond, Trent Park at 11:22 hrs, 1 Essex Skipper identified at Vicarage Farm, Enfield - after checking a number of Small Skippers, 1 Painted Lady at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 12:09 hrs, 2 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield - Robert Callf/Robin White.

A sunny morning at Hexton CP produced an abundance of Marbled White, a good showing of Ringlet, Meadow Brown, Small Heath and Small Tortoiseshell, 2 pairs and a number of male Dark Green Fritillary, the males almost continuously searching the grass, presumably for females, 2 rather battered Common Blue, 1 Chalkhill Blue male, 2 Large Skipper, 1 Dingy Skipper and a Burnet Companion. Orchids were represented by Common Spotted, Twayblade (now mostly well past), Fragrant, Pyramidal and Bee. Good to see the site doing so well - David Hunt

Couple of sighting reports for you Saturday - 27th June Widford - cricket ground, 2 x hummingbird hawk moth 3 x ringlet 2 x large white 5 x meadow brown 7 x small tortoiseshell 1 x painted lady Wareside, 2 x ringlet 1 x meadow brown. + 1 red tipped clearing, which I have never seen before around here. Also lots of very young cinnabar caterpillars on the ragwort in the orchard. We also have several brimstone pupae which we reared from eggs off the buckthorn bushes that we have, and are now finding another group of young larvae again. - Phil Macmurdie

Sunday 28th June 2015
King George Reservoir, late afternoon 11 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Painted Lady - Andrew Middleton

Spent 90 mins at Stanmore Country Park late afternoon. Sightings were 114 x meadow brown, 29 x ringlet, 4 x marbled white, 1 x small skipper, 3 x small tortoiseshell, 36 x burnet companion, 2 x cinnabar, 7 x yellow shell, 2 x narrow bordered 5 spot burnet, 1 x straw dot. - David Gower

Saturday 27 June. Best day yet on my Warren transect, despite cloudy, blustery weather, with 33 Marbled White, 29 Meadow Brown, 12 Ringlet, 9 Small Heath, 3 Small Torts., 1 Common Blue, 1 Peacock, 1 Large Skipper & 1 Cinnabar Moth. Lots of little white moths, grasshoppers, bees & Common Blue Damselles - John Moss

Well the weather was the worst imaginable for a butterfly field trip: cloudy and rainy throughout, but nonetheless 16 people turned up. I had run the moth trap overnight and so had Trevor Chapman in Wheathampstead, so we had 50 species of moths to examine, including Small Elephant Hawk, Burnished Brass, Brown Silver-line, Buff-tip and Blastodacna hellerella. We then walked around the Heath, and to my amazement saw both target species. There were plenty of Marbled White, plus Ringlet, Small Sklipper, Small Tortoiseshell and Meadow Brown all flying around in the rain, plus Yellow Shell moth, Bishops Mitre Shieldbug, immature Sloe Bug, Hornet, and some day-flying micro-moths yet to be identified. Amazing what is around under such conditions - John Murray (Pictures on Facebook)

Moth I saw on 24/06/15: 1 lesser yellow underwing Noctua comes in stair well St Faiths Close, Hitchin TL1985730307 - David Inward

Saturday 27th June 2015
Spent the morning at Bricket Wood Common and briefly came across 2 x white admirals (the first appearing from brambles and ferns in open area the second high up heading towards open area above wooden bridges/concrete path), 26 x ringlet (also first sightings), 8 x speckled wood, 31 x meadow brown, 62 x marbled white, 4 x small skipper, 11 x large skipper, 8 x small tortoiseshell, 2 x small heath, 1 x small white, 2 x large white, 1 x painted lady, 1 x brimstone(f), 1 x burnet companion, 1 x brown silver-line. At Merryhill Fields in afternoon 272 x meadow brown, 1 x small white, 3 x speckled wood, 40 x marbled white, 1 x comma, 22 x large skipper, 9 x small skipper, 29 x ringlet, 1 x holly blue, 3 x small tortoiseshell, 1 x straw dot, 1x scoparia pyralella, 14 x yellow shell, 2 x shaded broad bar, 1 x burnet companion, 2 x narrow bordered 5 spot burnet. - David Gower

I saw 3 white admirals today (27 June 2015) along the 'Gas Ride', Bricket Wood Common - Chris Newman

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. A late afternoon/early evening walk for me in very warm humid conditions: lots of butterflies. Highlight for me was a small 'cloud' of at least 10 Small Skippers rising together hectically over a small triangle of grassland which contained a good many more. I've come to the conclusion though that Skipper physical activity is inversely connected to my own mental activity... By way of contrast a single very fresh looking Green-Veined White was the first for a little while: Meadow Brown: 23 Large Skipper: 10 Comma: 1 Large White: 1 Ringlet: 13 Red Admiral: 2 Small Skipper: 60 Speckled Wood: 1 Small White: 2 Small Heath: 1 Tortoiseshell: 4 Green-Veined White: 1

A visit today at Hexton Chalk Pits and saw many Marbled Whites they were every where, good numbers of Dark Green Fritillary and Ringlet plus 1x of Brimstone, Small Heath, Meadow Brown - Kevin Taylor

This walk was led by John Hollingdale on Saturday 27 June at Stanmore Country Park, TQ 172927 in which I was with group. What we saw: - 10+ Ringlet, 7 Speckled Wood, 2 Large Skipper, 11+ Meadow Brown, 3 Marbled White and 1 Cinnabar - Shailesh Patel

A warm and sunny day produced a pleasing abundance of butterflies on Harpenden Common with 30+ Marbled White (including a number of females), many Meadow Brown, 30+ Ringlet, 20+ Small Heath, 10+ Small Tortoiseshell, 3 rather tatty Common Blue males, 1 Speckled Wood, 2 Large Skipper, 1 Small Skipper, 1 Large White, 1 possible Holly Blue flying fast and high, 1 Brown Argus male battling with a Ringlet and 2 Six-spot Burnet bumbling along. A Marbled White female, with two males in attendance, spiralled up to a height of about 10 metres before diving down very rapidly into the grass, leaving the males still circling one another. - David Hunt

Saw the following at Oakwood Park, N14 yesterday afternoon Friday 26th June 2015 - 3 Large Skipper - 2 males, 1 female near Conservation Pond at TQ 298 951 and 1 female Marbled White nectaring on knapweed and 2 male Small Skippers at TQ 304 952, also several Meadow Browns. - Robert Callf

Friday 26th June 2015
Paid a brief visit to Horsenden Hill yesterday early evening, 25th June. Highlight was at least 1 White-letter Hairstreak over elms close to the road, viewed from Batts Field. Suspect that in good conditions earlier in the day there will be several in this area or along the footpath/cycle path. Also 8+ Marbled Whites, 3 Large Skippers, 7 Common Blues, 30+ Burnet Companions and about 10 Meadow Browns in the evening sunshine. - Andy Culshaw

An Unusual Common Blue variation missing orange spots on the underside was spotted by Hilary Bailey in Weston between Baldock and Stevenage. They were seen on 15th and 23rd June See Facebook page for pictures. - news via Andrew Wood

Diane Andrews visited Forty Hall meadows on 25th and found only 7 Chimney Sweepers. 140+ Meadow Brown, 2 Large Skipper, 1 Small/Essex Skipper, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 fresh Comma, 1 Speckled Wood, 2 Ringlet, 1 Marbled White. Along path to A10 1 Large Skipper, 1 Essex Skipper plus other possible Essex/Small, 2 Marbled White, 3 Meadow Brown, 4 ringlet. 1 nest of Peacocks seen at Ally Pally on 19th June. Still no Painted Ladies.

In Bushey garden 1 x small magpie, 3 x light brown apple, 2 x apotomis sauciana, 1 x double-striped pug. - David Gower

Thursday 25th June 2015
On my visit to Maple Cross today I saw: Butterflies: Meadow Brown https://flic.kr/p/v9dxAs https://flic.kr/p/ueFMVv
Brimstone, Large White, Speckled Wood Moths: Snout https://flic.kr/p/vbQSAc
Figure of Eighty https://flic.kr/p/uTXCeS
Small Magpie https://flic.kr/p/uTXD5j
Sharon Monahan

The following seen at ELLENBROOK FIELDS (FORMER HATFIELD AERODROME) today: Comma x 1 Marbled White x 15+ Meadow Brown x 20+ Peacock x 2 Ringlet x 6+ Red Admiral x 5 Speckled Wood x 1 Large Skipper x 6+ + Cinnabar Moth x 1 - David Wheatcroft

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. Fresh-looking Commas today and increasing numbers of Whites going unidentified albeit on a small scale so far: Red Admiral: 5 Ringlet: 21 Small Heath: 1 Comma: 4 Small Skipper: 35 Marbled White: 6 Meadow Brown: 14 Small White: 2 Common Blue: 1 Large White: 4 Speckled Wood: 5 Large Skipper: 4. Regular sightings of Marbled White are pleasing but I'm slightly unnerved by the fact that I've yet to see 2 together anywhere this year leaving me fearing sometimes that this highly mobile butterfly could,at worst, be a single individual or two. I may be under-recording by omitting suspected repeats or over-recording as described. It's probably too much to hope for the meadows-full I've seen in other counties but still.....At least what is certain is that they're easier to see than in 2014 and persisting over more days. Flowers doing particularly well include Centaury, Musk Mallow, White Bryony and Honeysuckle -a garden species I suspect which is spreading both in the usual way and by starting entirely new plants. Discovered a group of 10-12 Feet high Hemlock on the the Heath today - hadn't particularly noticed the pong from the flowers before, unmissable here. - Pete Gore

A few sightings for yesterday afternoon and early evening Wednesday 24th June 2015 - 1 Mother Shipton set-aside field near Dew Pond, Trent Park, 2 Painted Lady at Vicarage Farm, Enfield and 4+ Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield - Robert Callf. Today Thursday 25th June 2015 the following sightings were noted: 1 Small Tortoiseshell nectaring on thistle at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 09:56 hrs, 1 Painted Lady at Vicarage Farm, Enfield, 1 Burnet Companion at Vicarage Farm, Enfield, 2 or 3 Burnet Moths set-aside field near Dew Pond, Trent Park (one was confirmed as Narrow-bordered Five-spot), 1 Painted Lady near Ride Wood, Trent Park at 11:02 hrs, 1 Small Heath at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park, 1 Common Blue at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park, 5 Marbled White at 'New Fields' Trent Park, including four together, 9+ Small Heath at 'New Fields' Trent Park, 1 Small Tortoiseshell Sect 5 'New Fields' Trent Park - Robert Callf/Robin White.

Nomansland Common, Wheathampstead around midday today (25 June): 8 Common Blues, 1 Large Skipper, 5 Small Heath, 16 Meadow Browns, 4 Marbled White, 2 Small Skipper, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Ringlet and 3 Burnet Companion. Knapweed still some way off flowering, so it may be some time before things liven up. Alan Jackson

Hot, humid but mostly cloudy afternoon, I visited field opposite St Vincents, Haste Hill, Northwood and saw 80+ Meadow, 14 Marbled White, 7 Common Blue, 2 Small White, 5 Small Tortoiseshell, 6 Large Skipper, 5 Ringlet, 6 Six-spot Burnet moths. then at Park Wood, a fresh Comma, 2 Small Skipper, 6 Large Skipper, 2 Ringlet, 4 Speckled Wood and another 30+ Meadow Brown - Paul Busby

A warm and sultry afternoon traipsing around Harpenden Common produced at least 15 Small Tortoiseshell avidly nectaring on brambles and seeking mates, 10+ Meadow Brown, 5 Small Heath, 6 Marbled White (all males), 3 Ringlet males, 3 Common Blue males and 1 male Large Skipper, the Ringlet and Large Skipper being my first records for the Common this year - David Hunt

Brent Reservoir, Middlesex, TQ 218 877, 2 Large Skipper, 1 Speckled Wood, 13 Marbled Wood, 5 Meadow Brown and 1 Cinnabar. Shailesh Patel

Found 2 White-letter Hairstreaks at Six Hills Common earlier today at around 10:45 am - one flitting over the top of one of the elms and the other quite low down (about 1m above ground) offering me great opportunities for a close-up photo - see one posted on Facebook page. Peter Clarke

I did the transect today, good numbers of marbled white (200+) meadow brown (70+) and ringlet (50+). Had a painted lady and small tortoiseshell in the southern enclosures, quite a few large skippers, small heath, 2 dark green fritillary and a single common blue. Yesterday at Grebe House there were 2 red admirals flying around the buddleia in the wildlife garden. - Paul Thrush

1 comma, 5 small tortoiseshell, 3 speckled wood, 1 red admiral - Standalone Farm NW/path along River Pix, near Letchworth TL2034 - David Inward

Wednesday 24th June 2015
Harrow Cemetery TQ 146 885, 2 Large Skipper, 5 Meadow Brown, 1 Common Blue, 1 Common Footman and 2 Burnet Companion - Shailesh Patel

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. I started in mid-morning which might be the reason for a slight reduction in numbers overall. A few highlights: Ringlets seem to be increasing although not yet as common as 2014.My first Six-Spot Burnet moth of the year spotted nectaring on Scabious (Knautia arvensis) on Pevensey open space.A Cinnabar moth also flying in the same area just to confuse things.Three Small Heaths,flying goldenly together in the sunlight on the South side of the Heath were the first I can remember seeing in this area,certainly this year.Most days now I feel as if I'm just missing butterflies making me want to return the next day to find them: Small White: 2 Tortoiseshell: 2 Small Skipper: 36 Common Blue: 2 Meadow Brown: 16 Red Admiral: 1 Large White: 1 Speckled Wood: 4 Ringlet: 12 Marbled White: 4 Large Skipper: 5 Small Heath: 3 and 1 each 6 Spot Burnet and Cinnabar moths. I followed a very small butterfly for a while in one of the long grass areas of the Heath and was relieved to be able to identify it positively as an unusually small female Common Blue. - Pete Gore

Spent 1 hour at Water Lane, Watford late afternoon and found 1 x speckled wood, 8 x meadow brown, 23 x marbled white(first this year), 1 x common blue, 2 x large skipper, 8 x small tortoiseshell, 2 x small skipper(first), 1 x essex skipper(first & sadly killed by white spider), 1 x peacock(still flying despite losing most of hindwings), 3 x nettle-tap, 1 x straw dot, 1 x treble bar, a small tan coloured moth seen with bright red dot in middle of forewing unable to id. At Fishers Field 2 x small tortoiseshell, 1 x peacock. Lastly in bushey garden 1 x treble bar, 1 x clouded border. - David Gower

Went to CHESHUNT PARK this morning, as I parked the car the first signs of the sun breaking through were apparent, at 10.09 2 White letter hairstreak clashed up high over the eastern end of the Elms, 3 more sightings of singles to 10.35. No sign of any WLH at the HIGH WYCH elms so I guess they are just starting in the warmer Lee valley. Spent 2 hours searching BALLS WOOD this afternoon, Meadow brown, Speckled wood and Large skipper all well represented, also 1 Red admiral and 1 Painted lady, no sign of any White admiral or Ringlet yet. Laurence Drummond

White-letter Hairstreak flying along Turkey Brook, Enfield at Forty Hall by road bridge and close to the A10 this morning - Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton

Robin White reported three new species for the year today Wednesday 24th June 2015 - Marbled White at Vicarage Farm, Enfield, Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet set-aside field near Dew Pond, Trent Park and Shaded Broad-bar here also. - Robert Callf

Tuesday 23rd June: First Ringlet of 2015 in Bengeo near St Leonard's Church. Monday 22nd June: Kings Meads my first ever Red-tipped Clearwing (photo on Twitter site) - Simon Knott

Tuesday 23rd June 2015
Some warm late afternoon sun tempted me to go butterfly hunting on my local patch. Between 5:30 and 6:00 pm I saw at least 10 Marbled Whites, 10 Meadow Browns with several Large Skippers and a single Small Skipper at the Shackledell Grassland. Earlier at around 5:15 pm a very fresh Red Admiral was basking some 3 metres up on an oak tree leaf in Whomerley Wood where a few Speckled Woods were also flying around. - Peter Clarke

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. Despite cloudy conditions especially on the Heath, numbers are increasing and there's clearly been a significant increase of Meadow Browns and Ringlets since Sunday.They and the Skippers are somewhat under-counted: Speckled Wood: 7 Red Admiral: 3 Peacock (very tatty): 1 Ringlet: 11 Meadow Brown: 25 Large Skipper: 4 Small Skipper: 44 Marbled White: 3 Common Blue: 1 Tortoiseshell: 4 When watching one particular Small Skipper I saw it fly up a few inches to a Yarrow flower-head where there were two others established,mating.He fluttered his wings rapidly and continuously alongside them for a little while and when this got no reaction began to try to push between them first on the flower-head itself and then from short aerial attacks.I thought for a moment or two he was going achieve his aim but then on one of his short flights he was distracted by yet another Skipper and hurried off after her (I presume.)The other two continued their efforts at ensuring the species' survival and I left them to it noting that last year's generation seemed to have done a pretty good job at least on the Marshalling Yards.Moths on the other hand seem to be fairly poor here this year. - Pete Gore

Ruislip Woods, Small Skipper, Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns, Speckled Wood (a lot), and a very fresh Small Tortoiseshell - Graham Elcombe

Butterflies and a moth seen at Harrow Cemetery, Middlesex on Monday 22 June. The grid reference is TQ 146 885. 2 Large Skipper, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Meadow Brown, 2 Burnet Companion - Shailesh Patel

Today at Thorley Wash I saw 4 large skippers and 4 small tortoiseshell butterflies - Jenny Sherwen

Monday 22nd June 2015
Butterflies I saw today (22/06/15): 2 meadow brown, 3 speckled wood - Shephalbury Park, Stevenage TL2522 - David Inward

Cloudy, drizzle, occasional sunny spell but still saw 45+ Meadow Brown and a Marbled White in the field by Ducks Hill Road and Mad Bess Woods saw 2 Large skipper, 2 speckled wood and 5 meadow brown - Paul Busby

This pm in Kings Langley; one silver y moth freed from front porch, small tortoiseshell and meadow brown in garden - Elizabeth Debenham

A few sightings to report today Monday 22nd June 2015 - 1 Ringlet Sect 8 'New Fields' Trent Park at 12:18 hrs, 1 male Large Skipper edge of Covert Way LNR at 13:15 hrs, 5 Yellow-barred Longhorn 'dancing together' S edge of Monken Hadley Common at approx. TQ 25574 97064, male Meadow Brown, 1 Ringlet and 2 Speckled Wood at Monken Hadley Common - Robert Callf

The long-awaited Marbled Whites have appeared on Harpenden Common, presumably from an overnight hatch as they were absent yesterday. I saw 5 altogether, plus 6 Small Tortoiseshell, about 20 Meadow Brown (including the first female), 10+ Small Heath and 3 Common Blue. - David Hunt

Sunday 21st June 2015
A celebratory solstice ramble around Harpenden Common, in gusty and semi-overcast conditions, produced about 15 Meadow Brown (still all males), 5 Common Blue, 6 Small Heath, 2 very fresh Small Tortoiseshell, 1 feisty Red Admiral, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Chimney Sweeper moth and a solitary Burnet Companion. - David Hunt

I have not seen these species reported at these sites (at least this year) Small blue: Heartwood Forest, 21 June. On kidney vetch in area with lots of kidney vetch. OnLy one seen, but no sun and blustery wind. Brown argus: 14 June, Ellenbrook Fields. Brown argus: 13 June, Heartwood Forest, west side - Martin Webb

Some sightings for today Sunday 21st June 2015 - 1 Painted Lady settled along track at vicarage Farm, Enfield at 10:10 hrs, 1 Red Admiral along Leeging Beech Gutter at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 10:20 hrs, 1 Red Admiral at Parkside Farm, Enfield at 10:35 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell 'summer-brood' on Res banking at Parkside Farm, Enfield at 10:45 hrs, 1 male Large Skipper at Parkside Farm, Enfield at 10:45 hrs, 1 Painted Lady at Park Farm, Enfield at 11:29 hrs, 1 Red Admiral edge of Moat Wood, Trent Park at 11:39 hrs, 1 male Common Blue at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park at 11:45 hrs, 1 Red Admiral near Ride Wood, Trent Park at 11:54 hrs, 1 male Large Skipper by Lower Lake, Trent Park at 11:57 hrs, 1 Large Skipper near Williams Wood, Trent Park at 12:18 hrs, 1 Treble Brown Spot along hedgerow near Equestrian Centre, Trent Park, 1 female Holly Blue along Merryhills Brook at South Lodge Farm, Enfield at 12:36 hrs, 1 Large Skipper at South Lodge Farm, Enfield, c10 Large Skipper along Merryhills Brook at Vicarage Farm, Enfield, 1 Yellow-barred Longhorn at Vicarage Farm, Enfield near Firing Range - Robert Callf/Robin White.

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. Cloud and wind a little discouraging but numbers increased as the afternoon warmed: Small Skipper: 20 Speckled Wood: 7 Marbled White: 2 Common Blue: 1 Large Skipper: 6 Meadow Brown: 6 Ringlet: 3 Red Admiral: 3 Painted Lady: 1 Tortoiseshell: 3 and 1 Burnet Companion. The Tortoiseshells look fresh, not the faded tatty ones seen a few weeks ago. - Pete Gore

Did a circular walk from Kimpton to Ayot St Lawrence. Butterflies seen included 5 meadow browns, 6 speckled wood, 2 large skippers, 2 brimstone, a nest of peacock caterpillars on nettles, 1 cinnabar moth. Also briefly visited Tunnel Gardens Bounds Green North London TQ 29278 91499. 1 Large Skipper and 3 specked wood in late afternoon intermittent sun.
Photo of Skipper: https://www.flickr.com/photos/64663114@N03/18412039423/in/dateposted-public/
Miles Attenborough

Butterflies I saw today (21/06/15): 3 meadow brown, 1 small tortoiseshell, 3 speckled wood - Walsworth Common, Hitchin TL1930 - David Inward

At Waterford heath my first marbled whites, plenty of meadow browns and single small heath but plenty of orchids. In Bencroft woods large skipper and red admiral, plenty of large skippers a few small and many meadow browns in field nearby.. Steve Kiln

Saturday 20th June 2015
Hummingbird Hawk-moth flying around valerian at 0845 this morning in Duncombe Road, Hertford - Andrew Wood

Friday 19th June 2015
The National BC website reports White-letter Hairstreak seen London on 18th June 2015. Richard Fox has confirmed this was in the London Borough of Havering

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane Not quite as consistently sunny as yesterday but there's no stopping them now.Skippers under-counted significantly.Good to see 4 pristine Red Admirals.Together with the Painted Ladies they make a welcome change from the smaller species: Large Skipper: 13 Speckled Wood: 9 Painted lady: 3 Red Admiral: 4 Small Heath: 3 Green-Veined White: 1 Meadow Brown: 13 Common Blue: 5 Marbled White: 2 Small Skipper: 26 Small White: 1 Large White: 1 Holly Blue: 1 Tortoiseshell: 2 - Pete Gore

Hot and humid day in Ruislip, visited the field by Copse Wood and saw my first Small Skipper of the year, at least 12 Large Skippers, 20+ Meadow Brown, a Common Blue, Speckled Wood, a Painted Lady as well as a Yellow Shell moth and numerous Burnet Companion moths. Then through Copse Wood and saw 10 Speckled Woods and a Meadow Brown and across the road to the field by Mad Bess Wood and saw 90+ Meadow Browns, 4 Large Skippers, a Common Blue, a Red Admiral, my first 2 Ringlets on the edge of field, a Small Copper, a Mother Shipton moth and more Burnet companion moths and dragonflies. Then finally completing circular route on flowering knapweed saw my first 3 Marbled Whites of the year - Paul Busby

Saw one Small Tortoiseshell 'summer-brood' at Vicarage Farm, Enfield Thursday 18th June 2015 at 15:50 hrs. Friday 19th June 2015 - 1 Red Admiral at Allotments, Chase Road, N14 at 17:00 hrs and more interesting - a Hummingbird Hawkmoth feeding from 'pink flowers' in front garden/driveway of 170 Chase Road, N14 between 17:05 - 17:06 hrs (the first that I have seen since one at St. Lawrence, IOW on 29th March 2012) - so well pleased! - Robert Callf

Diane Andrews reports that she saw 16 Chimney Sweepers at King George Fields,north London in gusty conditions, 1 Mother Shipton, 1 Silver Y, 1 Yellow Shell, 1 Straw Dot, 1 Burnet Companion, 4 Common Blue, 39 Meadow Brown, 2 Speckled Wood, 1 Large White, 1 Red Admiral but no Painted Ladies.

Thursday 18th June 2015
Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. Sunshine throughout and after yesterday's uncertainty re Small Skipper there's no denying it today,the total of 15 for Small and 16 for Large being substantially understated.The first Ringlets too. They and the other non-Skipper species shown being as close to completely counted as I can reasonably get: Speckled Wood: 8 Small Heath: 2 Large Skipper: 16 Meadow Brown: 7 Ringlet: 2 Small Skipper: 15 Common Blue: 3 Small White: 1 Holly Blue: 1 Marbled White: 3 Tortoiseshell: 3 and 3 Cinnabar moths. Other moths mixed in with the Skippers too just to make it even harder to sort them all out - Pete Gore

Half hour lunchtime stroll around Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park and saw a Large Skipper, a Meadow Brown, a Small Tortoiseshell, a Cinnabar moth and at least 8 Burnet Companion moths, 4 Small White, a Speckled Wood and 8 Common Blue butterflies as well as an Emperor Dragonfly patrolling the small pond area - Paul Busby

Bunkers park - Good number of large large skippers. A few Meadow browns. Nomansland common - Marbled white, small heath , Meadow brown and Red admiral all present. Ashley Cox

The following seen today Ellenbrook Fields (Former Hatfield Aerodrome). Meadow Brown x 2 Painted lady x 2 Red Admiral x 3 Small Heath x 4 Small Tortoiseshell x 8+ Speckled Wood x 2 Large Skipper x 5+ - David Wheatcroft

I've been able to do some proper counts around Box Moor Trust land this week. The findings were as follows: 17/06/2015 Westbrook Hay meadows. Dellfield meadow (TL029057) 3 Small Tortoiseshell 4 Meadow Brown 4 Common Blue 4 Yellow Shell 1 Burnet Companion 1 Large Skipper 1 Celypha lacunana. Hay Wood (TL030056) 3 Yellow-barred Longhorn (1 female, 2 male, different locations with grid ref). Bovingdon Reach meadow (TL028052 & surrounding area). 12 Meadow Brown 6 Common Blue 2 Yellow Shell 11 Burnet Companion 1 Garden Grass-veneer. Ramacre Wood (TL024049). 24 Yellow-barred Longhorn (an all male gathering!). 18/06/2015 Bovingdon Brickworks (TL008027 & surrounding area) Speckled Wood 4 Meadow Brown 16 Small Tortoiseshell 1 Yellow-barred Longhorn 2 (males) Common Blue 7 Dingy Skipper 1 Marbled White 1 (first of the year) Painted Lady 1 (first of the year) Large White 1 Yellow Shell 1 Hummingbird Hawk-moth 1. Bovingdon Reach meadow (concentrating on a small area, where 85+ Bee Orchids are thriving, TL030053) Painted Lady 1 Brown Argus 1 Small Tortoiseshell 3 Common Blue 6 Meadow Brown 6 Burnet Companion 1 Yellow Shell 1 Rush Veneer (Nomophila noctuella) 1. Grass verge of A41 7 Small Blues - Lucy Flower

Moths I am seeing now (13:31 18/06/15): 2 mating Eyed Hawk-moth Smerinthus ocellata on wall of front door porch looking remarkably like shrivelled dead leaves St Faiths Close, Hitchin TL1985330307 - David Inward

Wednesday 17th June 2015
My first Marbled White of the year at Danesbury LNR, near Welwyn [field overlooking A1] - Christopher Benton

Thorley Wash I saw 1 small copper, 3 common blues, 2 painted ladies, 2 small whites and 1 red admiral - Jenny Sherwen

I'm not sure if my email sent yesterday (16th)! I saw a few marbled whites and meadow browns at Alpine Meadow yesterday plus a common blue and holly blue. At Aldbury on the transect I saw marbled whites, meadow browns, small heaths, common blues, brown argus, large white, brimstone and dark green fritillary - Paul Thrush

Sightings today Wednesday 17th June 2015 include the following: 3 Painted Lady at Vicarage Farm, Enfield, 2 Large Skipper at Vicarage Farm, Enfield - male and female, 1 male Common Blue at Vicarage Farm, Enfield, 1 Common Blue set-aside field near Dew Pond, Trent Park at 10:29 hrs, 1 Straw Dot set-aside field near Dew Pond, Trent Park, 2 male Large Skipper at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park, 9 Small Heath at 'New Fields' Trent Park, 1 Chimney Sweeper at 'New Fields' Trent Park, 1 male Small Skipper Sect 6 'New Fields' Trent Park at 11;54 hrs - our first of the year! 1 Painted Lady Sect 8 'New Fields' Trent Park at 12:07 hrs and finally after checking many Meadow Browns - 1 Ringlet set-aside field near Snakes Lane, Trent Park at 12:33 hrs flying more slowly and 'bouncing on a string'* - our first of the year! - Robert Callf/Robin White *classic behaviour - I say bobbing along!

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. A very Hounslow mix of sunshine,cloud,humidity and breeze, and mixed but growing numbers of butterflies. A pleasure to see a Marbled White which seemed to decrease here last year. One sighting doesn't make a colony but at least it's early enough to suggest they might have bred on the Marshalling Yards last year - and in the general area there where I saw several together back in 2013. Skippers are noticeably on the increase but I haven't convinced myself of Small Skipper yet: Speckled Wood: 8 Green-Veined White: 1 Large Skipper: 12 Common Blue: 2 Marbled White: 1 Meadow Brown: 4 Tortoiseshell: 1 Small Heath: 1 and 2 Cinnabar moths. Having miscounted earlier we're actually at 20 species for 2015 here now - 4 more of last year's to come - Pete Gore

On Harpenden Common this afternoon I watched a Painted Lady busily laying eggs on stinging nettle, ribwort plantain and buttercup leaves. The ribwort plantain was by far the favourite choice with some 30+ eggs laid, up to five on a single leaf - not sure if this was optimism or desperation! - David Hunt (an interesting observation)

Lunchtime stroll around a windy but warm Butterfly World and saw at least 13 Small Blue, 9 Common Blue, 10 Small Tortoiseshell, 5 Meadow Brown, 2 Brown Argus, male Large Skipper, Burnet Companion moth and a Painted Lady. Then at Bricket Wood Common, at least 9 Speckled Wood, 3 Meadow Brown, 3 Large Skipper, male Brimstone, a Red Admiral and a couple of Banded Demioselles - Paul Busby

Butterflies I saw today (17/06/15): 3 common blue, 1 small blue, 1 meadow brown, 1 orange tip - field containing tumulus, west of Letchworth TL2031 - David Inward

We saw 3 painted ladies and lots of cinnabar moths yesterday while working at Thorley Wash - Jenny Sherwen

On Tuesday 16th in the morning, I saw a scruffy Painted Lady and a Hummingbird Hawk moth on valerian in Kings Langley. Later a Speckled Wood appeared. - Elizabeth Debenham

Tuesday 16th June 2015
Colliers End, Gore lane just west of the A10, 1 Meadow brown and 1 Painted lady - Laurence Drummond

Hillbrow LGC - 16Jun2015 - 15.00 to 17.00: Small Blue - Still good numbers; Common Blue - 10+ including a very striking blue form fm; Brown Argus - 1; Large Skipper - 2m & 3fm; Meadow Brown - 2; Painted Lady - 1 - Roger Millard

At Northwood hq 2 x meadow brown, 1 x small white. In Bushey garden early evening 2 x small magpie, 1 x yellow shell, 1 x treble brown spot. - David Gower

Today on Little Mead, Kings Meads: 4 Small Copper, 4 Large Skipper, 3 Common Blue, 7+ Meadow Brown, Small Tortoiseshell & Peacock + 3 Cinnabar & Mother Shipton - Simon Knott

Butterflies I saw today (16/06/15): 2 speckled wood - Greenway south of Woolgrove School, Letchworth TL235320, 1 Brimstone - Greenway west of Woolgrove School, Letchworth TL235322 - David Inward

Late afternoon stroll around the small meadow at Bridgwater Fields, Ruislip Gardens and saw tens of moths and butterflies. On the meadow, I managed to identify a Silver Y, Mother Shipton and 2 Burnet Companion moths as well as 5 Meadow Browns, at least 1 Small Heath and male Large Skipper. Around the small copse, I saw 3 Speckled Woods and a very active Red Admiral, which was only my second of the year - Paul Busby

A few Painted Ladies in the Great Hormead/Meesden/Anstey area in North east Hertfordshire. The oddest sighting was 4 male Orange Tips all in the same place near Meesden on a date as late as June 16th - Andrew Wood

The Meadow Brown emergence is proceeding apace at Harpenden Common with 8, all males, seen today. Other butterflies included 5 Common Blue, 4 Small Heath, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Mother Shipton moth and 2 Burnet Companion moths - David Hunt

Monday 15th June 2015
Some sightings for Monday 15th June 2015 - Silver Y edge of Shaws Wood at Vicarage Farm and 2 at Parkside Farm, Enfield, 4 Speckled Wood together at Williams Wood, Trent Park at 12:28 hrs, 4 male Common Blue at Vicarage Farm, Enfield - along margin of field N of Williams Wood and 1 male at Parkside Farm, Enfield, 1 Painted Lady at Park Farm, Enfield at 13:12 hrs, 1 Red Admiral at Park Farm, Enfield at 13:21 hrs, 1 Yellow Shell at Bay Farm, Enfield, 1 Holly Blue at Lavender Hill Cemetery, Enfield at 15:23 hrs, 2 Large Skipper near Brooke Wood, Cuckold's Hill, Enfield at 13:57 hrs - my first of the year at last, 1 Red Admiral at Rectory Farm, Enfield, settled on track at 14:08 hrs, 1 Holly Blue at Hilly Fields Park, Enfield at 15:09 hrs. - Robert Callf

Visited Haste Hill and Park Wood, Ruislip; in the field opposite St Vincents I saw 10 Common Blue, 2 Silver Y moths, 13 Meadow Brown and equal number of Burnet Companion moths, plus a couple of dragonflies. Around the edge of the golf course, I saw 2 Speckled Wood and another Meadow Brown and another Burnet Companion, then a long circular walk through Park Woods and glades and saw another 3 Speckled Wood, a Silver Y, a Meadow Brown and a Common Blue - Paul Busby

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. A pleasant walk, a mix of sunshine and cloud.The first Meadow Browns of 2015 here were the twentieth species of the year. 4 Painted Ladies is a high for me in these records at least.They were much separated though but included one investigating thistles on Pevensey Open Space: Tortoiseshell: 1 Speckled Wood: 6 Common Blue: 5 Large Skipper: 4 Painted Lady : 4 Meadow Brown: 2 Peacock: 1 and 1 Cinnabar moth - Pete Gore

Visited Cheverell's Green west of Markyate today to see if the Chimney Sweeper colony is still there and it is, I counted 27 in one of the few rural Hertfordshire colonies I'm aware of. Small Copper, Common Blue, Meadow Brown and Red Admiral also present. South west of Bourne End 2 Small Blues hanging on on a single Kidney Vetch and a Painted Lady. Pictures on Facebook - Andrew Wood

I saw another hummingbird hawk moth today and a few mins later a speckled wood, both around 1pm in Kings Langley. Some links and topics which may be of interest to you and others.
Also you might like to see my thread about verge cutting and damage to butterflies and orchids habitats.
It seems to be a problem throughout so I am pleased that my own parish council are taking my letter seriously. Perhaps other parishes will too. We shall see.
Elizabeth Debenham

This morning: My first Painted Lady for many years along New River, Kings Meads. Also first Large Skippers on Kings Meads and in Bengeo - Simon Knott

On Oughtonhead Common, Hitchin (TL167303) today (June 15th) I saw 2 Painted Lady butterflies, and a Meadow Brown, also male Common Blue, Brimstone, Orange Tip, Speckled Wood and Red Admiral. - Helen Lumley

Before 10am on 15th June in my garden in Kings Langley two fresh butterflies, one painted lady and a small tortoiseshell on valerian - Elizabeth Debenham

Sunday 14th June 2015
My usual route through Harpenden Common, on an overcast yet fairly mild afternoon, flushed out a Meadow Brown (my first for the year), 3 Small Heath and a male Common Blue. Moths included a very fresh Chimney Sweeper, 1 Yellow Shell and 2 Burnet Companion - David Hunt

Cloudy afternoon but warm, visited Mad Bess Woods, Ruislip and the adjacent Ducks Hill Road meadow. In the meadow, I saw 4 male Common Blue, 14 Meadow Brown and similar number of Burnet Companion moths, whilst in the woods saw 2 Speckled Wood - Paul Busby

Saturday 13th June 2015
Visited Trent Park (TQ283965) hoping to see chimney sweepers (only seen in somerset before in warm but wet conditions) due to Diane and Sharon's sightings previously. Was quite damp but found them eventually. Total sightings were chimney sweepers x 27, yellow shell x 8, meadow brown x 13, common blue x 3, small heath x 7 Pictures to facebook page - David Gower

Saturday 13th June 2015
Cloudy afternoon after a morning of drizzle, saw a single Meadow Brown and several Burnet Companion moths in field South of Copse Wood Ruislip. In wood and meadow saw tens of the Longhorn Moth Nemophora degeerella dancing in the sunshine in glades, interesting to watch in the air. The honeysuckle is in bloom, so looking forward to seeing White Admiral again soon. Then onto Pinn Meadows, Ruislip where I saw further 10 male Meadow Browns and more Burnet Companion moths - Paul Busby

Friday 12th June 2015
Bob Husband and myself saw a Painted Lady settled on bramble at Grovelands Park, Southgate Friday 12th June 2015 at 15:16 hrs. - Robert Callf

At least three, possibly more chimney sweeper moths in Brook Farm Open Space buttercup meadow, Totteridge TQ256945 (a meadow which has lots of pignut, now going over). I have lived here 17 years but never knew these moths lived in this field. (I am not saying they are new: I just never noticed them before). One meadow brown male - Peter Conway

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. Too warm,too humid and far too much cloud! I would have actually appreciated a bit more than the few spots of rain we got but in the circumstances the butterflies etc. weren't too bad at least as far as variety is concerned: Painted Lady: 1 Speckled Wood: 4 Small White: 1 Large Skipper: 3 Common Blue: 1 (Think this one may have been the first female I've seen this year), Small Heath: 1 Peacock: 1 and 3 Cinnabar,1 Silver Y moths.Also 1 Stag Beetle flying. I walked the Pevensey section of the Crane but without seeing any butterflies which is not unusual at this time. There has been clearance work on the half of the path nearest the Marshalling Yards which was just as well as I'd again forgotten my secateurs.The whole path is reasonably walk-able at present. - Pete Gore

Three Speckled Woods and a few Banded Demoiselles at Crane Park Island Nature Reserve, Whitton, SW Middlesex - Paul Busby

A medium sized Fritillary visited my south Harpenden garden and then sunned itself about 2 metres up in an ivy. From a distance it looked like a rather worn Marsh/Heath/Glanville Fritillary, so I assume it was a local release of captive bred stock, rather than a migrant. Unfortunately, it flew off before I could get a better look or take a photo - David Hunt

Thursday 11th June 2015
On Thursday 11th I revisited the land off Hillbrow in Letchworth in sunny, warm conditions but still a sharp breeze. The Small Blues were flying but mainly in the more sheltered areas near the railway on both sides of the hedge. In all I saw 27 adults. Also many Common Blues, several Brimstones and a Brown Argus. At Clothall Common I counted 59 Grass Rivulet Moths in the area near the Royston Road where Yellow Rattle grows on the chalk bank. This is an impressive colony of this uncommon moth. - Andrew Wood

A visit to Northaw Great Wood today Thursday 11th June 2015 produced the following sightings - 1 male Meadow Brown, Holly Blue, several Speckled Wood and several Brown silver-line, but no sign of any Speckled Yellow. - Robert Callf

Great excitement this evening as we had 2 hummingbird hawk-moths feeding on the garden valerian. We hadn't seen any in Kings Langley for years. Earlier in the week there was a fresh speckled wood in the greenhouse and today I saw a little blue butterfly in flight which was probably a holly blue. Elizabeth Debenham

As promised, a bit of catching up, so I'll be brief! Stanwell Moor. 3rd June: Common Blues and Brown Argus, plus a late male Orange Tip nectaring on bramble.
5th June: Over 20 Common Blues, plus Brown Argus, Speckled Woods and Small Heaths in reasonable numbers too. A Small White, an Peacock in surprisingly good condition, and no less than three Red Admirals. Finally, a lovely new Large Skipper.
6th June: Similar to yesterday with even more Common Blues and two Red Admirals that were not those seen the day before.
7th June: As previously reported, A Painted Lady and Meadow Brown, both firsts for the year from this spot. Also two Holly Blues and a few Speckled Woods.
10th June: One White (probably Small), one Holly Blue and one Large Skipper.
11th June: A walk today at the same time as yesterday, but in temperatures much higher. Two Brimstones and a Small White to start with, with once again frequent Common Blues, Brown Argus and Small Heaths (25+, 5+ and 15+ respectively). There were a couple of Meadow Browns bowling along in the wind, plus one Small Tortoiseshell, one Red Admiral and one Large Skipper.
Dave Miller

Wednesday 10th June 2015
This afternoon, I followed up on your information about the Kidney Vetch being planted along the A41. Approx 250 metres (as the crow flies) from where I found the Small Blue on Monday, I came across at least another 12 Small Blues. This was along the verge of the A41 in Hemel Hempstead (we recommend it as not a particularly safe place to visit). There was plenty of Kidney Vetch for them as well. I also disturbed a Yellow Shell and Burnet Companion from that area. Back at Dellfield meadow, 2 Grass Rivulets were still being blown around in the wind there. - Lucy Flower

On a warm, cloudy, breezy day whilst working in the Theatre of Insects garden at Butterfly World we saw a Painted Lady, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, Cinnabar moth and a Humming Bird Hawk Moth. Then a 20 minute walk through the meadows at lunchtime and saw a Silver Y moth, Cinnabar moth, Burnet Companion moth, 8+ Common Blue and at least 30 Small Blue including one pair. Then late afternoon visited Ducks Hill Meadow, Ruislip (field between Mad Bess Woods and Ducks Hill Road) and saw a Mother Shipton moth, 20+ Burnet Companion moths, 1 Small Copper, 1 male Common Blue and my first 4 Meadow Browns and 2+ Large Skippers of the year plus a "tropical" butterfly - Paul Busby

Butterfly I saw today (10/06/15): 1 speckled wood - footpath opposite The Birches, Willian Road, near Hitchin TL20773029 - David Inward

Identified 1 Green-veined White settled at Whitewebbs Wood this afternoon Wednesday 10th June 2015 at 13:24 hrs. Also identified Alabonia geoffrella at Forty Hall CP near Turkey Brook. - Robert Callf

I was up at Aldbury on Monday morning and saw 1 small blue, 3 green hairstreak, quite a few common blue and brown argus, small heath, single male orange tip and speckled wood. Today there were at least 2 small blue in the furthest northern enclosure with common blue and brown argus and a worn dingy skipper. - Paul Thrush

Couple of sightings for you, 9th June Wareside 1 painted lady - migrating up the Ash valley from the south rapidly. 1 clouded yellow shortly after. Still seeing fresh Orange Tips (3). Also had a couple of silver Y moths in the moth trap as well, which given that everything else has been so sparse were welcome visitors.. Suggests we are beginning to see some migrants coming in. - Phil Macmurdie

Tuesday 9th June 2015
Here are some butterfly and moth sightings:
9th June 2015 - Diane Andrews very kindly showed me around Trent Park today. Even though it was not very warm or sunny we saw approx. 12 x Chimney Sweepers,
1 x Mother Shipton, https://flic.kr/p/upoa9h
5 x Yellow Shell and 1 Cinnabar. Butterflies included: 6 x Meadow Brown, 7 x Small Heath and 3 x Common Blue.
Other recent sightings are: 1st June, Bricket Wood: Small Fanfoot
3rd June, Aldbury Nowers: Brimstone, Speckled Wood and a few Common Blues. Lots of Burnet Companions, a Silver Y, Scoparia Pyralella, Common Carpet Moth and a Small Elephant Hawkmoth:
4th June, Garston garden: 1 x White Ermine
Sharon Monahan

I saw two common blues and a painted lady whilst working at Thorley Wash today - Jenny Sherwen

About 12 of us assembled on the land behind Hillbrow in Letchworth on a cool, increasingly dull and windy morning. Not to be defeated we set off and at the bottom of the first filed near the railway we found 6 roosting Small Blues as well as a Small Copper. A brief spell of sun saw one flying by the Greenway but best of all was a small patch of Long grass at the opposite end of the first field down by the hedge where more and more were found roosting until we reckon there were 17 in a triangle of land less than 3 metres along each side. We also found a couple of Small Whites and 5 Common Blues. Moths were represented by 6 Yellow Shells, 4 Burnet Companions, Straw Dot, Celypha lacunana, Chrysoteuchia culmella, Sitochroa verticalis and a plume moth to be identified. If the weather had been kinder all these counts would have been higher, though photography of the Small Blues might have been harder! - Andrew Wood

Saw a Painted Lady settled on track at Vicarage Farm, Enfield this afternoon Tuesday 9th June 2015 at 14:40 hrs. Some sightings for Sunday 7th June 2015 - at least 3 Common Blue at Oakwood Park, N14 - 2 males, 1 female, 5+ Burnet Companion here also. 1 Speckled Wood at Houndsden Gutter, N21 at 12:45 hrs and 1 Speckled Wood at Grovelands Park, Southgate at 12:54 hrs. Some sightings for Monday 8th June 2015 - 1 Painted Lady flew W at Merrivale, N14 at 10:29 hrs, 1 Red Admiral along Salmoms Brook at Enfield Road, EN2 at 13:49 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Holly Hill Farm, Enfield at 15:36 hrs, 1 male Meadow Brown at Holly Hill Farm, Enfield at 15:44 hrs - my first of the year! - Robert Callf

Monday 8th June 2015
David Kirk (Box Moor Trust, Chairman) and I were out searching for Grass Rivulet and Small Yellow Underwing moths at Dellfield meadow, Westbrook Hay, Hemel Hempstead this morning. In doing so, we came across a single Small Blue butterfly (at grid reference TL02930592). It's the first either of us has ever seen at the meadow or indeed in Hemel Hempstead. There's no Kidney Vetch that I know of in the area but there are other vetches which I guess it will be feeding on. Probably just a fly through but wonderful to see. - Lucy Flower

Today on Little Mead, Kings Meads: 6 Small Heath + 2 Mother Shipton & Cinnabar - Simon Knott

Just to let you know that I have witnessed a Hummingbird Hawk Moth in my garden in New Barnet - Jean Colborne

A Sunday sunny afternoon ramble on Harpenden Common produced about 20 Common Blue, 3 Small Heath, 2 Small White, 1 Brown Argus, 1 Red Admiral, a couple of Burnet Companion and what I think was a rather spritely Speckled Yellow - David Hunt

Sunday 7th June 2015
Butterfly World, St Albans - 12 members and guests attended todays branch field trip and recorded a total of around 25 - 30 Small Blues, spread widely across the site. Also 3 Painted Ladies, 15 Common Blues, Brown Argus, Burnett Companion, Large White, Small White, Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell and a Broad bodied Chaser. We visited the new British Butterfly Garden sponsored by the branch and were pleased to find two of the Small Blues nearby - Malcolm Hull

A record number of Small Blues spotted at Butterfly World today on my Transect, 45 in total, they are now spreading out on the site and can be seen in several areas. Also recorded 4 Brimstone, 2 Large White, 1 Small White, 1 Green Veined White, 1 Orange Tip, 47 Common Blue, 8 very lively Painted Lady and 1 Peacock. - Mandy Floyd

Hillbrow Letworth GC - 07Jun2015, a half hour visit this pm - Small Blues more widespread with an increase in numbers over my last visit, at least 20 counted - Roger Millard.

Hummingbird Hawk Moth on garden valerian today (Sunday 7th June) - Trevor Chapman

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane. After yesterday's in my garden today's Painted Lady on the Marshalling Yards was almost expected. I also saw my first Large Skipper of the year there too: Speckled Wood: 7 Common Blue:8 Painted Lady: 1 Large White: 2 Holly Blue: 1 Large Skipper: 1 Brimstone: 1 Comma: 1 Tortoiseshell: 1 and 4 Burnet Companion Moths. Most of the summer flowers are now blooming including Viper's Bugloss, Sulphur Cinquefoil, Evening Primrose and Broomrape but noticeably all less conspicuous than last year. Conditions generally very dry with regular small fires not helping.

I'm a bit behind with sightings, but I'll try and catch up shortly! However, I wanted to post the first Meadow Brown of the year today (7th) from my patch in Stanwell Moor (plus a couple of Painted Ladies).
Dave Miller

At Merryhill Fields, Bushey recorded 9 x speckled wood, 1 x peacock, 4 x meadow brown (first of year), 1 x large skipper(first), 4 brimstone(all female), 2 x burnet companion, 1 x straw dot, 1 x scoparia pyralella, 1 x crambus lathoniellus. In Bushey garden this evening 4 x light brown apple moths. - David Gower

Very fresh, very lively (though stayed to be photographed on Euonymus leaf) Painted Lady in my Harpenden garden at 5.15pm this afternoon (7 June). - Alan Jackson

Spotted a Painted Lady in St Albans yesterday, 6th June, 2015. 12.30 - Jeannie Mehta

Saturday 6th June 2015
News from Diane Andrews. Diane has been visiting Trent Park for the last two weeks but only today did she see Chimney Sweeper moths in the the breeze, 21 in total. Also 4 Burnet Companion, 1 Silver Y, 3 Meadow Brown, 17 Small Heath and 10 Common Blue.

A few butterflies to report this morning Saturday 6th June 2015 - 1 Painted Lady nectaring on bramble edge of Covert Way LNR at Monken Hadley Common at 08:25 hrs. 1 Small Heath near Church Wood, Trent Park at 10:37 hrs and 1 Red Admiral edge of Trent Park Cemetery at 10:40 hrs. - Robert Callf

Ruislip Woods Two or three Painted Ladies this-afternoon nectaring on bramble flowers, all in pretty good condition; but otherwise very few butterflies - Graham Elcombe

A Large Skipper and 2 Chimney Sweeper moths at Totteridge Woods, 1 Painted lady at Oak Hill Park, East Barnet - Andrew Wood

At Water Lane, Watford this morning without much sun noted 1 x holly blue, 5 x common blue (2 females), 1 x brown argus, 2 x nemophora degeerella, 1 x silver y, 2 x burnet companion. At Beechcroft Road, Bushey was surprised to see 1 x painted lady in a front garden - David Gower

Red Admiral in my Thorley Park garden at 15 hrs today and another in Redricks Lane, Sawbridgeworth at 13.30 hrs yesterday (TL 466133)- Len Crouch

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane A walk in fairly breezy conditions with frequent cloud, Speckled Woods dominated but the highlight of the day came some two hours after the walk back in my own garden with my first Painted Lady of the year. Here are the full sightings: Speckled Wood: 17 Orange-Tip: 2 Large White: 1 Holly Blue: 2 Common Blue: 3 Peacock: 1 Small White: 1 Painted Lady: 1 and 1 Cinnabar Moth. - Pete Gore

Very lively Painted Lady feeding hungrily on Sweet Rocket in my garden in St Albans this afternoon. Earlier at Bricket Wood Common, Chris Newman and I saw 2 Red Admirals, Large Skipper, Holly Blue, Common Blue, Comma, Peacock, Large White, 4 Speckled Woods, 7 Brimstones, Small Emerald moth and hundreds of Longhorn moths - Malcolm Hull

Friday 5th June 2015
News from Diane Andrews after a visit to Aldbury Nowers on Thursday 4th June. 2 Dingy Skipper, 12 Brimstone, 4 Green-veined White, 5 Orange Tip, 1 Meadow Brown, 1 Green Hairstreak and 2 Small Blue in the northern section. Also 2 Brown Argus, 1 Common Blue, 1 Peacock and 3 Small Heath. On the 26th May in her north London garden, a Painted Lady.

Two beautifully fresh and very lively Painted Ladies in my St Albans garden nectaring on Pyracantha at 6 pm today, hopefully the first of many more to come. - Mandy Floyd

My first Meadow Brown seen on Waterford Heath this afternoon. Photo on the Facebook Page Andrew Wood

Saw one Speckled Wood in Merryhills Drive, EN2 this morning Friday 5th June 2015 at 10:58 hrs. - Robert Callf

Have only seen Whites and a couple of late Holly Blues this week until today when my early Small Copper record going back to 1996 was beaten by six weeks.The fresh looking individual was nectaring on Red Valerian in the front garden but flew away before it could be photographed.Two Cinnabar moths, rarities in the garden like the Small Copper have also been seen,perhaps as a result of planting some Ragwort in the back garden. - Malcolm Newland

Thursday 4th June 2015
Noted a couple of sightings today Thursday 4th June 2015 - 1 Silver-ground Carpet along Salmons Brook at Bay Farm, Enfield and 1 male Common Blue E edge of Williams Wood at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 09:43 hrs. A few more sightings for Thursday 4th June 2015 - 9 Small Heath at Trent Park between 11:51 - 12:38 hrs, 1 Peacock Sect 1, Trent Park at 11:53 hrs, 7 Common Blue including at least one female at Trent Park, 1 Small Copper at 'New Fields' Trent Park at 12:05 hrs, 1 Clouded Silver Sect 8 'New Fields' Trent Park along blackthorn hedgerow - my first of the year! - Robert Callf

Thursday 04Jun2015 - 10.15 to 12.00 - Hillbrow Letchworth GC. Small Blue - 20+ (on main site, includes 2 mating pairs) & 2 (on bridleway), Common Blue - 10+ (includes 1 fm), Brimstone 2fm & 4m, Orange Tip 3m, Burnet Companion 20+, Small Yellow Underwing - 1 - Roger Millard

Butterfles I saw today (04/06/15): 1 orange tip female, 2 holly blue - Fishers Green lane, Stevenage TL2226 - David Inward

At Northwood HQ today 1 x holly blue, 1 x large white - David Gower

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards/Crane A hot sunny afternoon with a reasonable numbers of butterflies given the time of year: Holly Blue: 2 Small Heath: 2 Tortoiseshell: 1 Speckled Wood: 8 Peacock: 4 Red Admiral: 1 Common Blue: 6 Small White: 1 Green-Veined White: 1 and 1 Burnet Companion moth. - Pete Gore

Therfield Heath east side: 12+ Small Heath, 8 Common Blue (6 males), 3 Brown Argus, 2 Brimstone. Therfield Heath west side: 2 Small Heath, 1 (male) Common Blue and 3 Brown Argus including one (on Church Hill) with white spots on the upper fore wings (the pictures will be available to view on our Facebook page asap). Also Burnet Companion, Latticed Heath, Mother Shipton and 2 unidentified Burnet moths. - Martin Johnson

I spent almost 5 hours today visiting location around the Baldock Bypass to see if there were, in well nigh, perfect conditions any Small Blues on the vast amounts of kidney vetch in the area. Checked thick stands of plants, isolated ones in bare soil, sheltered plants, exposed plants but found none. Plenty of Common Blues, a few Brimstones, 2 Large Skippers, Peacocks and Orange Tips, all the whites and one Small Heath. There were good numbers of the rare in Herts, Grass Rivulet flying in the afternoon sunshine at the junction of the A505 and Baldock road east of Baldock.
Pictures on the Facebook page
Andrew Wood

Wednesday 3rd June 2015
Some sightings for Wednesday 3rd June 2015 - 1 male Common Blue at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 10:16 hrs, 1 Peacock at Parkside Farm, Enfield at 10:32 hrs, 2 Burnet Companion at Parkside Farm, Enfield on Res banking, 2 male Common Blue at Parkside Farm, Enfield on Res banking, 1 Mother Shipton at Cuckold's Hill, Enfield, 1 Peacock at Rectory Farm, Enfield, 1 Comma at Whitewebbs Wood at 12:27 hrs. - Robert Callf

Working with the London Wildlife Trust at their flower-rich Yeading Brook Meadow site and saw a Small Copper, Brown Argus, 2 male Common Blues, Peacock, Speckled Wood and a few unidentified Whites along-with 20+ Burnet Companion, a Mother Shipton and Yellow Shell moths - Paul Busby

Tuesday 2nd June 2015
Tuesday 3rd June, following a morning to celebrate the opening of the British Butterfly Garden at Butterfly World on a very windy and cloudy day, I visited the field opposite St Vincents Care Home, Haste Hill, Northwood Hills, lots of meadow flowers and insects including 2 large dragonflies, damselfly, hover flies and beetles (hope they don't get it short again this year). In a brief sunny spell I saw a Small White resting on bramble, 7 male Common Blue and a Burnet Companion Moth. Then by Eastcote House Gardens, a fresh Speckled Wood landing on piles of sawdust from a cut tree and finally over the River Pinn to see a Small Copper and another Burnet Companion Moth. Back home, surprised still to see 2 Holly Blues and Speckled Wood flying around old Privet hedge - Paul Busby

Monday 1st June 2015
Some sightings in Grovelands Park, Southgate today Monday 1st June 2015 - 3 Common Blue (2 males 'meadow enclosure' at 11:43 hrs, 1 female near tennis courts 12:57 hrs), 1 Holly Blue near Rangers' Hut 13:14 hrs and 1 Speckled Wood near Rangers' Hut 13:14 hrs. - Robert Callf

Harpenden Common, on a rather windy day, disgorged 5 male Common Blue clinging on to stems and flower heads for dear life, and 2 Small Heath. - David Hunt

For all other links and information visit the main website at www.hertsmiddx-butterflies.org.uk