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Latest Sightings for 2016

This page has been designed for mobile phone use and will be updated as regularly as possible. It will contain about thirty days of latest butterfly news. For all other links and information visit the main website at www.hertsmiddx-butterflies.org.uk

May 2016
Updates will be sporadic for the next week

Tuesday 3rd May 2016
Sightings for Tuesday 3rd May 2016 - 1 Peacock settled at South Lodge Farm, Enfield at 11:35 hrs, 2 male Orange Tip at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (1 along S edge of Williams Wood at 11:59 hrs, 1 field near Enfield Road, EN2 at 13:06 hrs), also a few unidentified Whites - Robert Callf

The following at Ellenbrook Fields (Former Hatfield Aerodrome) 3-5-16: Orange Tip x 7+, Peacock x 3+, Green-veined White x 1 - David Wheatcroft?

Monday 2nd May 2016
Saw my first Grizzled skipper of the year in Rickneys quarry on the wild strawberry on Sunday 1st May. Also saw orange tip and peacocks. brimstones, peacocks, orange tips and small white on Waterford heath south. Steve Kiln

Two (probably three) Holly Blues this afternoon, in my garden in Church Lane, Pinner. - Graham Elcombe

1 Holly Blue at Town Park, Enfield on Sunday 1st May 2016 at 14:18 hrs. 1 Green-veined White at Little Beechill Wood, Enfield Chase (TQ 288 993) on Monday 2nd May 2016 at 12:39 hrs and 1 Peacock here at 12:45 hrs. 1 Peacock at Park Farm on Monday 2nd May 2016 at 13:01 hrs and 1 Peacock at Vicarage Farm at 14:00 hrs, 1 Large White at Enfield Road, EN2 at 14:15 hrs on Monday 2nd May 2016 - Robert Callf.

1 x male holly blue in Bushey garden. Nothing seen at Water Lane as sun had vanished by then. 1 x small tortoiseshell at Fishers Field - David Gower

Sunday 1st May 2016
Pinner, Middlesex One Speckled Wood this morning, in my garden in Church Lane. Also (belated report) first Orange Tip here, on 20th April; and two more (both males) on 27th April. Graham Elcombe

Late morning walk across Yeading Brook Meadows Nature Reserve, Yeading and no butterflies were seen, but on the way home stuck in traffic jam on the Hayes by-pass dual carriageway (TQ 11 82) saw at least 7 White butterflies, 3 of which were confirmed sightings of Orange Tips. Then a late afternoon walk around the newly opened Wood Farm Country Park, Stanmore (TQ 17 93) and saw a Peacock and a Small Tortoiseshell. Fantastic views of London and the distant North Downs from here. - Paul Busby

In my Hatfield garden today 1 Holly Blue (m. brand new), 2 tatty Small Tortoiseshell. These are first since 1st April. Hope today is a better omen. John Moss

Some sightings for Sunday 1st May 2016 - 2 Peacock at Park Farm, Enfield at 10:09 and 10:38 hrs, 1 Peacock along Leeging Beech Gutter at Vicarage Farm at 11:34 hrs, 1 female Large White at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 12:07 hrs - Robert Callf

A sunny and reasonably warm day for a change produced 2 Holly Blue and 1 male Brimstone in my south Harpenden garden and 5 Peacock, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 male Brimstone and 1 Holly Blue on Harpenden Common/St Johns Wood. David Hunt

Hounslow Heath/River Crane/Marshalling Yards/Pevensey Much better today with continuous sunshine and higher temperatures: Holly Blue: 6 Green-Veined White: 2 Comma: 4 Brimstone: 10 Orange-Tip: 4 Speckled Wood: 3 Large White: 1 Peacock: 6 Tortoiseshell: 1 Plenty of unidentified Whites,including more than usual in front gardens so I'm sure the 'missing' Small White was present amongst them. Surprising absence of humans in the earlier part of my walk which perhaps explains how I was lucky enough to be accompanied by a Muntjac on the opposite side of a small field on the Heath and then preceded by a Little Egret and a Kingfisher along the river. - Pete Gore

Harrow Cemetery, 2 Peacock, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Holly Blue and 1 male Orange Tip. Shailesh Patel

Saturday 30th April 2016
Hounslow Heath/River Crane/Marshalling Yards/Pevensey A complete walk but several showers so just one Orange Tip as I was leaving the Heath to pass through the golf course. May must be better mustn't it?! - Pete Gore

Walked round Coppetts Wood Local Nature Reserve in London Borough of Barnet this afternoon and saw 4 peacock butterflies, 3 white butterflies in flight and one large white and one small white landed. One of the peacocks had faded colour patches in the centre of its wings. Link to photo attached:
Miles Attenborough

Twenty minute walk at Bridgewater Fields, Ruislip Gardens.(TQ 103 858) and saw a Peacock and a Small White - Paul Busby

Brent Reservoir, 1 male Orange Tip and 2 Small Tortoiseshell. Shailesh Patel

Visited Water Lane, Watford for 30 mins this morning and came across 4 x small tortoiseshell and 2 x male orange tips - David Gower

Butterfly I have seen today 30/04/16: 1 small tortoiseshell - Burymead Recreation Ground, Stevenage TL233257. - David Inward

In my Harpenden garden today, one Peacock, one White (assume Small) one Holly Blue. - Robin Pearson

Some sightings for Saturday 30th April 2016 - 1 Speckled Wood at Grovebury Court, N14 (TQ 296 950) in sub-urban garden at 10:49 hrs, 1 male Orange Tip at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 11:25 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 11:27 hrs, 1 Small White at Vicarage Farm at 12:13 hrs, 1 Peacock at Parkside Farm, Enfield at 12:26 hrs, 1 Peacock at Park Farm, Enfield at 13:17 hrs. Another couple of Whites seen - probably Small, but not positively identified - Robert Callf

April 30th around noon a male and female holly blue rested for about an hour in the camellia in my garden, Kings Langley. Also of interest a female tawny mining bee settled on the windowsill. Elizabeth Debenham

April 2016

Thursday 28th April 2016
Male Orange Tip at South Lodge Farm, Enfield (TQ 297 965) on Thursday 28th April 2016 at 12:36 hrs - Robert Callf

Whilst working for the London Wildlife Trust in a Stanmore Wood (TQ 17 93) I saw a Green Veined White in a clearing - Paul Busby

Wednesday 28th April 2016
One Small Tortoiseshell at Park Farm, Enfield this afternoon Wednesday 27th April 2016 at 12:11 hrs - Robert Callf

My first garden Specked Wood during a sunny but still chilly spell in my Eastcote Garden so I have a record for the new "Garden Butterfly Survey" at last - Paul Busby

Sunday 24th April 2016
Male Orange Tip at Hatfield Aerodrome TL201087 today - Rupert Pyrah

Saturday 23rd April 2016
One Small White along Salmons Brook at Enfield Road near Jolly Farmers PH (TQ 310 967) Saturday 23rd April 2016 at 15:30 hrs - the only butterfly I saw this afternoon during a 2 and a half hour walk. - Robert Callf

Another chilly day: there was however a lengthy sunny spell around lunchtime, and I had a look around my local patch near Heathrow. White butterflies predominated, with perhaps a dozen seen altogether: I definitely identified two Small Whites, three GVW and no less than four female Orange Tips. I also saw three males, so the numbers are slowly rising at last. There was a single Comma, too, which appeared to be a female searching the nettle beds for a suitable spot to lay.
The weather has definitely held back emergences across the board - I hope the walk on 15th May will have something to offer... Dave Miller

Thursday 21st April 2016
My first Green-veined White of the year in St James's Park plus 1 male Brimstone. Orange-tip male seen by Jo Lawrence here Tuesday 19th - Frank Nugent

Identified Adela reaumurella along SW edge of Rough Lot, Trent Park (TQ 283 975) at 11:45 hrs Thursday 21st April 2016, also 1 Speckled Wood at Shaws Wood, Trent Park at 12:23 hrs. - Robert Callf

After having walked the Lake Farm transect in Hayes, Middlesex and seeing 7 species at lunchtime, I went on to Phlipots Farm Open Space, Cowley (TQ 06 81) by the River Pinn and saw 5 Tortoiseshells, 3 Peacocks, 2 Small Whites and a Speckled wood. No Orange Tips today in the breezy conditions - Paul Busby

Wednesday 20th April 2016
Bricket Wood Common (the pipline ride) Lots of work done since last year to cut back the ride to widen it. Beautiful sunny early afternoon & still. 3 Orange tips, 1 Small white, 1 Comma, 5 Brimstone, Peacocks 2 pairs plus a few individuals. Very muddy with lots of surface water around so boots a must - Paul Gibson

St James's Park, singles of Small Tortoiseshell, Comma and Small White today - Frank Nugent

Breezy but warm and sunny day, but still managed to see 9 species of butterfly on a lovely Spring day. At Eastcote House walled garden saw a Small White and then in nearby Dovecote Copse by the River Pinn footbridge saw a Comma and male Brimstone (TQ 10 88). Then at Cheney Fields, Eastcote (TQ 11 89) saw a Holly Blue, a Speckled Wood, at least one Peacock, 2 Commas, 2 male Brimstones, a Green Veined White and 3 male Orange Tips plus a pair on the only flowering Cuckoo Flower in the meadow. Finally, at Pine Gardens Recreational area, Eastcote (TQ 110 870) area saw 2 Small Tortoiseshells on the rough bramble covered mound - Paul Busby

Butterfly I have seen today 20/04/16: 1 male Brimstone - St Faiths Close, Hitchin TL19823024 - David Inward

Hounslow Heath/River Crane/Marshalling Yards/Pevensey Similar sunshine to yesterday but with stronger breezes possibly discouraging butterflies.My first Green-Veined White of the year seen on the Crane/Pevensey loop. Holly Blue:3 Peacock: 9 Brimstone: 1 Small White: 2 Green-Veined White: 1 Comma: 1 Tortoiseshell: 1 and 1 fresh-looking Orange Underwing moth - Pete Gore

A few butterflies seen in Trent Park on Wednesday 20th April 2016 - 2 Speckled Wood (1 Sect 7 at 12:26 hrs, 1 near top of Snakes Lane at 13:09 hrs) - my first ones of the year! 1 Peacock Sect 5 at 12:36 hrs and what was quite possibly the same in Sect 4 at 12:43 hrs. Another Speckled Wood this afternoon Wednesday 20th April 2016 at Boxer's Lake, Enfield at 15:22 hrs. - Robert Callf

Tuesday 19th April 2016
Late news from 12th April (originally posted on the FB page) Grizzled skipper seen on early dog violet at Aldbury Nowers nature reserve (Southern compartments), near Tring (SP 95005 13176) at approximately 1pm today - Laura Baker

Large White reported by Darren Bast on our Twitter page on the 14th April (also using i-Record!)

Morning working party at Swakeleys Park, Ickenham (TQ 073 859) and saw a male Brimstone. Lunchtime on the tube and saw another 2 male Brimstones in the trackside copse near Northolt Underground station (TQ 130 846). Afternoon walk in the glorious sunshine around Wormwood Scrubs Local Nature Reserve (first time visit) and saw in square TQ 2181 a male Orange Tip, a Speckled Wood, a Comma, a Small White and a male Brimstone; in square TQ 2282 saw another 2 Commas, another Speckled wood, another Small White and a Peacock; in square TQ 2281 saw at least another 5 Commas, 4 peacocks, a Small Tortoiseshell and another Speckled Wood. - Paul Busby

19th April, morning, Norton Common, Letchworth - male Orange-tip in flight (first I've seen this year), and 2 Small Tortoiseshells settled. Lunchtime, Wheat Hill, Letchworth - Holly Blue (first I've seen in the UK this year - I saw one last week in the Netherlands) and a Brimstone. Late afternoon, Pix Brook Meadow, Letchworth - Speckled Wood (again, first I've seen this year), and a Peacock. - Jill Sawyer

Therfield Heath Tuesday 19/4/16 10:00-13;00. Noted on a birding walk today were the following butterflies - 8 Small Tortoiseshell, 5 Brimstone, 3 Peacock, 1 Small White. - Bob Harris

Hounslow Heath/River Crane/Marshalling Yards/Pevensey. Excellent sunny weather and the best day for butterflies here so far with 3 year firsts seen: an Orange-Tip accompanied me across the golf course,my first Speckled Wood was spotted in a favoured spot on the Marshalling Yards and a Holly Blue away from the trees for a change near the entrance to Pevensey Open Space. Here are the full details: Peacock:13 Brimstone: 4 Orange-Tip: 1 Comma: 3 Speckled Wood: 1 Holly Blue: 1 Small White: 4 - Pete Gore

Our first sighting this year of a Holly Blue in our Pinner garden. Also a single Small White - Tony and Gill Porter

2 beautiful male Brimstones in St James's Park today - Frank Nugent

Some sightings for Tuesday 19th April 2016 - 1 Peacock nectaring on blackthorn blossom at Whitewebbs Park at 11:21 hrs, 1 Green-veined White settled at Whitewebbs Park near King & Tinker PH (TQ 329 996) - my first of the year! 2 Small Tortoiseshell (1 at Guy Lodge Farm at 12:26 hrs, 1 at Whitewebbs Farm at 12:34 hrs), 1 male Brimstone at Whitewebbs Park settled 13:17 - 13:22 hrs, 1 male Orange Tip at Whitewebbs Park at 13:37 hrs - Robert Callf

A sunny lunchtime stroll around Harpenden Common produced 4 Peacock, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Small White (both female, both confirmed) and a male Brimstone resolutely patrolling the rides in St John's Wood - I have yet to see a female Brimstone this year - David Hunt

1 Speckled Wood and 1 Holly Blue. Harrow Cemetery - Shailesh Patel

Sunday 17th April 2016
Had three Small Tortoiseshells at Tyttenhanger Gravels Pits two at TL197052 and one at TL190041 and a peacock at Stanborough GP TL216109 - Andrew Steele

Brent Reservoir, 1 Peacock and 1 Small Tortoiseshell - Shailesh Patel

Cool but sunny intervals and saw 2 Commas by Blackthorn scrub near railway line at Bridgewater Fields, Ruislip Gardens.(TQ 103 858) - Paul Busby

One Peacock at Park Farm, Enfield on Sunday 17th April 2016 at 11:15 hrs. - Robert Callf

On a walk in Panshanger Park on Friday morning (15th) we saw Male Orange Tip and a Speckled Wood at TL291121 - Bob Pedder

Wednesday 13 April. First visit to my Warren transect this season. Recorded 2 fast flying Small Tortoiseshell and 2 fencing Peacocks which had occasional rests on damp mud. During the winter the whole site has been mowed and thoroughly raked, clearing regenerating scrub. Bramble scrub cut back further on 3 sides and new stout wire fencing installed c5m in on 2 sides with pedestrian gates. There is a single strand of stout barbed wire at top inside of the fence. 2 strong gated forming a livestock pen have been installed opposite the farm entrance. This all suggests "light summer grazing" by cattle is still planned in line with the management planned announced about 4 years ago. This will be good for ground flora. I'll find out this summer the effect on butterflies etc. The loss of mature bramble in the margins will reduce the appeal to inverts - John Moss

Thursday 14th April 2016
In the morning a small white and female brimstone visited my Thorley Park garden. During the afternoon, at least five small tortoiseshells plus singles of small white and male brimstone at Thornbera Road Allotments, Stortford - Len Crouch

Stanwell Moor, I was able to go out again this afternoon, and had a much better tally. I saw the first Holly Blues of the year, three altogether. One was puddling for minerals, quite a common sight..
This was followed by around six Peacocks, nine Commas, two Green-veined Whites and a single Speckled Wood - Dave Miller

Lunchtime at a Froglife event at Yeading Brook Meadows (TQ 10 82) saw a Small Tortoiseshell and 2 Peacocks, then early afternoon saw at least 10 Peacocks on the Cranford Park, Middlesex transect walk despite it clouding over. - Paul Busby

Some sightings for Thursday 14th April 2016 - 1 Peacock at Flash Lane Aqueduct at 11:24 hrs, 1 Small White settled at Whitewebbs Farm, Enfield at 12:15 hrs, 1 Peacock at Whitewebbs Farm, Enfield at 12:35 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Guy Lodge Farm, Enfield (TQ 330 999), 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Brayside Farm, Enfield at 13:39 hrs - Robert Callf

Wednesday 13 April; first Holly Blue of the year at Bayfordbury. Also saw 2 Peacock and 2 Brimstone. Thursday 14 April: first Orange Tip, Speckled Wood (2) and Comma (2) of the year at Bayfordbury - Ian Flack

1 Peacock and 2 Small Tortoiseshell, Harrow Cemetery - Shailesh Patel

Wednesday 13th April 2016
At Waterford Heath NR I saw a small tortoiseshell, a couple of Brimstones and a couple of small whites - Andy Brown

A few sightings from April so far (all from Stanwell Moor). I seem to have missed the best days or bits of days by being at work or up in Yorkshire...
2nd April - a sunny day.. The first butterfly seen was a Green-veined White, swiftly followed by a Brimstone. Before lunch, at least another ten Brimstones were seen, plus around six or seven Whites (all those seen close two were Small Whites). After lunch, the Brimstones disappeared completely, but Commas and Peacocks both showed well, with six or seven of each, plus two Small Tortoiseshells. I watched a pair of Commas courting until the patient approaches of the male to the settled female were disturbed by an over-active Peacock.
8th April - One Brimstone and my first Speckled Wood of the year in a copse by the River Colne. A record shot from some way off:
13th April - One Comma and one Peacock seen this evening under cloudy skies - thought it was quite warm - Dave Miller

The following today at Ellenbrook Fields (Former Hatfield Aerodrome) 13-4-16. 4 x Brimstone (Males), 2 x Peacock, 2 x Orange Tip (Male/Female) David Wheatcroft

Saw my first Holly Blue of the year today in St James's Park. Yesterday brought out singles of Peacock, Comma, Small White and Brimstone in situ. Frank Nugent

I saw 2 brimstone, 2 orange-tip, several peacocks and a holly blue at Amwell today - Jenny Sherwen

Late morning visit to the Walled Garden (TQ 107 888) and saw a Small White and then a male Brimstone along hedgerow along Field End Road, Eastcote House Gardens. Then across River Pinn to Long Meadow (TQ 11 89) and saw another male Brimstone and a Small Tortoiseshell, as well as a Kingfisher, Little Egret, Nuthatch and Greater Spotted Woodpecker, lovely morning - Paul Busby

Here are my sightings for today, 13th April: A lovely sunny day at Maple Cross today brought out many butterflies, including Brimstone, Small White, Comma, Orange-tip, Peacock, Red Admiral and Speckled Wood - Sharon Monahans

A couple of firsts of the year today. At around 1350 hours I saw a Small White at Six Hills Common then a few minutes later a mating pair of the same species on nettles by the public footpath parallel to Six Hills Way near the Leisure Park. By the A1 underpass at Norton Green a Green-veined White was seen just after 2 pm.. Earlier at Shackledell Grassland a female Brimstone appeared with the greenest undersides I have ever seen! - Peter Clarke

Butterflies I have seen today 13/04/16: 1 Brimstone - Walsworth Common, Hitchin TL19713023, 1 Brimstone - Whitney Drive, Stevenage TL23102603, 1 Peacock - Whitney Drive, Stevenage TL23102607, 1 Brimstone - road verge, Monkswood Way, Stevenage TL24282298, 1 Brimstone - Monks Wood, Stevenage approx TL247235 - David Inward

In my south Harpenden garden this morning, a male Brimstone and a very freshly emerged male Orange Tip (I think a home-grown one judging from the initial very weak flight and the fact that the end of my garden has become a haven for garlic mustard). Encouraged by the Orange Tip, I did the Nomansland Common/Bull Lane/Down Green Lane triangle on a warm and sunny afternoon. Alas, no pierids at all, apart from 9 sightings of male Brimstone (corresponding to at least 4 individuals), plus 3 Peacock and 1 Small Tortoiseshell. A very small, rather nondescript moth evaded all attempts to pin it down, but maybe one of those dreadful pugs - David Hunt

Some sightings for Wednesday 13th April 2016 - 1 Peacock edge of Moat Wood, Trent Park at 11:28 hrs, male Brimstone edge of Rough Lot, Trent Park at 11:31 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell edge of Water Garden, Trent Park at 11:45 hrs, 1 Peacock Williams Wood, Trent Park at 12:04 hrs, 1 male Orange Tip edge of Wiliams Wood, Trent Park at 12:10 hrs - my first sighting of the year, 1 Comma edge of Williams Wood, Trent Park at 12:10 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at South Lodge Farm, Enfield (TQ 299 966) at 12:31 hrs, also a possible Small White seen in flight at a distance, Parkside Farm, Enfield - Robert Callf.

Tuesday 12th April 2016
I saw 3 small tortoishell and 1 peacock at Thorley Wash. I also saw a Brimstone in Sawbridgeworth - Jenny Sherwen

Responding to the sunny intervals today on Harpenden Common and the adjacent St John's Wood were 2 male Brimstone, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Peacock - David Hunt

Sunny morning working by the River Pinn in Ickenham and the working party saw at least 2 male Brimstones and a Peacock in square TQ 07 86 and further upstream in square TQ 07 87, by the railway bridge and field saw another 2 male Brimstones, a Comma, a Small White, a Small Tortoiseshell and 2 male Orange Tip butterflies - Paul Busby

Regents Park this afternoon I saw 1 male Brimstone and 1 Small White - Chris Gleeson

Harrow Cemetery, 4 Peacock, 1 Brimstone - Shailesh Patel

A few sightings for Tuesday 12th April 2016 - 2 Small Tortoiseshell together (a courting couple) at Vicarage Farm at 11:39 hrs, 1 male Brimstone at Park Farm, Enfield at 12:33 hrs, 1 Peacock at Park Farm, Enfield at 12:34 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell near Dew Pond, Trent Park 13:28 hrs, 1 Peacock on sallow blossom at Dew Pond, Trent Park at 13:29 hrs, 1 Comma nectaring on sallow blossom at Dew Pond, Trent Park at 13:30 hrs, possible Large White seen distantly at Park Farm - Robert Callf

Monday 11th April 2016
1 Comma at Park Farm, Enfield on Monday 11th April 2016 at 12:55 hrs - Robert Callf

Butterfly I have seen today 11/04/16: 1 female brimstone - The Settlement, Nevells Road, Letchworth TL22013302. - David Inward

Sunday 10th April 2016
Male Brimstone, Brent Reservoir - Shailesh Patel

Butterflies I have seen today 10/04/16: 2 small tortoiseshell Purwell Meadows, Hitchin, 1 at TL200299, 1 at TL201298. - David Inward

Saturday 9th April 2016
One butterfly to report for Saturday 9th April 2016 - 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Holly Hill Farm, Enfield at 13:08 hrs. - Robert Callf

I saw 3 small tortoiseshells at Thorley Wash today - Jenny Sherwen

Friday 8th April 2016
Some butterfly sightings for Friday 8th April 2016 - 1 Peacock near Dew Pond, Trent Park at 12:55 hrs, 2 Small Tortoiseshell on sallow blossom at Dew Pond, Trent Park at 12:57 hrs, 1 Comma near Dew Pond, Trent Park at 12:58 hrs - Robert Callf

Just one Peacock today in mostly cloudy conditions,although this one was benefiting from a little sunshine on the Marshalling Yards - Pete Gore

Wednesday 6th April 2016
Yesterday I saw 2 small tortoiseshells at Amwell and 1 Brimstone near Lemsford village. Today I saw my first small white of the year at Amwell - Jenny Sherwen

A couple of sightings for Wednesday 6th April 2016 - 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 11:05 hrs and 1 Orange Underwing watched in flight and settled on Beech branch edge of Williams Wood, Trent Park (TQ 295 972) at around 13:35 hrs - observed through binoculars for several minutes down to less than 2 metres - confident that I have ruled out Light Orange Underwing. This moth was in pristine condition and obviously newly emerged. - Robert Callf

Tuesday 5th April 2016
At Waterford Heath south pit this afternoon: 8 peacocks, 1 brimstone, 1 small tortoiseshell and two commas, and my first orange tip on the north pit - Steve Kiln

I had a walk at Tyttenhanger gravel pits this afternoon and saw 2 Small Tortoiseshells, 1 Peacock, my first Comma of the year, and then a beautiful newly-emerged Orange Tip butterfly - Terry Wood

1 Brimstone, Bramfield, Hertford, TL2915 - Shailesh Patel

Rather less sunshine than I'd hoped and what little there was came at the beginning and end of my walk so butterflies were limited to Hounslow Heath, 1 each of the four hibernators with an additional Peacock seen on the way back home via St. Stephen's Road (roughly TW3 2BN). - Pete Gore

Saw a Small Tortoiseshell and a Peacock by the River Pinn in Ruislip (TQ 078 874) during a morning working party. Then on a lunchtime return walk from St Mary's Church, Harefield to Black Jacks Lock on the Grand Union Canal saw a number of butterflies in the sunshine. In the old Harefield Pit woodland saw a Comma, 2 male Brimstone and 3 Peacocks and a further Peacock and 3 Small Tortoiseshells on the nearby rough grassland overlooking the Colne Valley gravel lakes (TQ 04 89). Further along walk saw another 3 Small Tortoiseshells nectaring in the pasture field with buttercups and another 2 Small Tortoiseshells, a Peacock and a male Brimstone along the drive to the Old Orchard pub (TQ 04 90). Finally on way home, stopping at Queens Walk bridge over the Yeading Brook saw at least another 3 Small Tortoiseshells in a 10 minute break. (TQ 113 865) - Paul Busby

Some sightings for Tuesday 5th April 2016 - 1 Small Tortoiseshell, set-aside field near Dew Pond, Trent Park at 12:01 hrs, 1 Comma at 12:03 hrs and 1 Peacock at 12:06 hrs here also, 2 Comma in a clearing in Rough Lot, Trent Park at 12:55 hrs and 1 Peacock here also. 1 male Brimstone in Moat Wood, Trent Park at 13:07 hrs. 1 Small Tortoiseshell near Duncan's Wood at Park Farm 13:22 hrs. 1 Peacock at Park Farm, Enfield at 13:35 hrs, 1 Comma and 1 Peacock along Salmons Brook at Parkside Farm, Enfield at 14:00 hrs - Robert Callf

The following seen Ellenbrook Fields (Former Hatfield Aerodrome) 5-4-16, 1 x Brimstone, 1 Peacock - David Wheatcroft

On a sunny but breezy day, a solitary Small Tortoiseshell taking life easy on Harpenden Common - David Hunt

Monday 4th April 2016
A couple of butterflies to report for Monday 4th April 2016 - 1 Peacock by lower lake, Trent Park at 11:22 hrs and 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ2998) at 12:28 hrs - Robert Callf

A single Small Tortoiseshell flying along Yeading Brook, South Ruislip (TQ 108 862) at lunchtime before drizzle set in - Paul Busby

News from Saturday 2 April. Female Brimstone nectaring on Bluebells etc in my Hatfield garden. Bright male passing north up Green Lanes - John Moss

Sunday 3rd April 2016
Not so much sun today although noticeably warmer. Just 3 Peacocks, 2 on the Marshalling Yards, 1 on my Pevensey loop. - Pete Gore

Lunchtime visit to Church Hill Field opposite the ANZAC graveyard in Harefield ( TQ 05 89) and saw a Small White, a Comma and 3 Small Tortoiseshells. Then in field near Dews Farm Sandpits nature reserve (TQ 05 88) saw another Small Tortoisehell, but there were a lot less nettles along the field fence where tens of Small Tortoiseshells were seen in previous years. Then finally, at Pinn Meadows, south of the river (TQ 09 87) saw another 3 Small Tortoiseshells. - Paul Busby

First butterflies for my Hitchin garden Brimstone, 26/3/16 (two weeks later then last year), Comma 2/1/16 - Martin Banthorpe

Saturday 2nd April 2016
Mid day, map ref TL028055 Box Moor Trust Old Barn, 4 Small Tortoiseshells. 2.00 pm in my St Albans garden 2 Peacocks, 2 Brimstones and 2 Small Tortoiseshells enjoying the warm sunshine. - Mandy Floyd

Visited Oakhill Woods and Coppetts Wood and Glebelands Local Nature Reserves in Barnet today. Oakhill Woods: 2 brimstones. Coppett's Wood: 3 Commas, 3 Peacock 3 small tortoiseshell.
Comma Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/64663114@N03/26099211902/in/dateposted-public/
Glebelands: 4 Peacocks, 7 Commas, 1 Female Brimstone, 3 white butterflies one of which darker possibly a female orange tip.
Peacock Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/64663114@N03/25587178514/in/dateposted-public/
Every clearing in Glebelands had a comma in it, watched three spiralling around near one of the ponds. A great day butterfly watching - Miles Attenborough

A Brimstone male in my south Harpenden garden plus, on Nomansland Common, 5 sightings (minimum of 3 different insects) of male Brimstone and a Small Tortoiseshell. - David Hunt

Two Small Tortoiseshells seen today on a walk around Springwell Lake and Lock, Harefield (TQ 04 92), one on rough grassland meadow area near lake, the other basking on log in field next to Springwell Lane. - Paul Busby

1 Speckled Wood, 1 Brimstone and 2 Peacocks at St Lawrence Church, Ayot St Peter. - Aaron Clements-Partridge

Butterflies I have seen today 02/04/16: 1 male Brimstone - Woolgrove Road, Hitchin TL19843019, 1 small tortoiseshell - Willian Road by former Centre of the Arts TL19933008. - David Inward

Hounslow Heath/River Crane/Marshalling Yards/Pevensey. Warmer and sunnier so lots of butterflies including my first Small White of the year: Peacock: 4 Brimstone: 4 Comma: 3 Small White: 1 Tortoiseshell: 3 plus around half a dozen unidentified very likely to be more of the same - Pete Gore

Some sightings for Saturday 2nd April 2016 - 1 Peacock and 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Rectory Farm, Enfield; 1 Peacock and 1 male Brimstone at Strayfield Road, EN2 (TQ315989); 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 male Brimstone and 1 Peacock at Whitewebbs Farm (TL327003). - Robert Callf

St Albans - First hibernating butterflies emerged from my shed, although 80% are still fast asleep. 2 Peacocks and 2 Small Tortoiseshells enjoying themselves on the spring flowers in the garden. One Small Tortoiseshell flew straight to the pond, landed on some floating pondweed, up curled it's proboscis and drank for 5 minutes before heading off to feed on the nearest primroses. I guess it must be pretty thirsty after 9 months hibernation. Elsewhere in the city I saw a Brimstone and Small White. Bricket Wood Common - First transect of the year saw 8 Commas basking and jousting, one signalled its aggression by setting up a territory on my leg. 7 Peacocks and 2 male Brimstones, one nectaring on some remarkably early flowering bluebells - Malcolm Hull - Malcolm Hull

Along the river Stort this afternoon, in and around Rushy Mead nature reserve, 1 Comma and at least 1 Peacock. Queen bumblebees were scouting for nest sites and we also saw a rather confused bat flitting around in the afternoon sunshine. - Chris Gleeson

Friday 1st April 2016
News from the 30th March, two sightings of "new" Brimstones in Pinner area, one in our garden and one in the front garden of a vets surgery (awaiting an appointment?!) Tony and Gill Porter

Very similar to yesterday except that the butterfly on the Marshalling Yards was a Comma. - Pete Gore

March 2016

Thursday 31st March 2016
At last! first sightings today 31 March in my garden at in Hitchin - 2 pristine male Brimstones. A number of Brimstones seen at Oughtonhead Common last Thursday 24 March - Val Fullforth

On Hertford Heath today (31st) 3 peacocks and a Brimstone - Andy Brown

Ashwell today, 3 male Brimstone, 1 in Hodwell, 1 in Ashwell street and 1 in West End - Laurence Drummond

A brimstone in Sandridge at lunchtime today, checking over an ivy covered wall. - Tim Hill

We saw 1 brimstone (male) and 2 small tortoiseshells in Verulamium park today - Jenny Sherwen

Several Small Tortoiseshells to report - 1 at Enfield Grammar School Playing Fields, Enfield Town (TQ325968) on Wednesday 30th March 2016 at 15:27 hrs and 2 together at Vicarage Farm, Enfield on Thursday 31st March 2016 at 12:46 hrs. - Robert Callf

A lengthy walk, mostly in cloudy conditions - just one Small Tortoiseshell seen,on the Marshalling Yards. - Pete Gore

Butterfly I have seen today 31/03/16: 1, possibly 2, male Brimstone - St Faiths Close, Hitchin - David Inward

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