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Latest Sightings for 2014

This page has been designed for mobile phone use and will be updated as regularly as possible. It will contain about thirty days of latest butterfly news. For all other links and information visit the main website at www.hertsmiddx-butterflies.org.uk

December 2014

Sunday 21st December 2014
A Brown Hairstreak egg hunt is being held on the 27th December at Walthamstow Marshes - full details on Cambs & Essex Branch website - Please let Rob Smith know if you want to come along.

A Small Tortoiseshell, very beautiful, came into our home in Bishops Stortford today. The kids opened the window, and an hour or two later, the butterfly was cavorting around the ceiling lamp. And it didn't want to leave - I did finally convince it to leave my finger and go outside! - Shoshana Hantman

Friday 19th December 2014
Friday 19th in front garden Bengeo - one red admiral - Steve Kiln

Saw a Red Admiral in the sunshine at Bow, East London - Roger Osborne (news via C & E Branch)

Thursday 18th December 2014
A dead Red Admiral on the pavement in North Watford at the junction of St Albans Road and Bushey Mill Lane, in 1-km grid square TQ 10 98. - Colin Everett

Monday 15th December 2014
I was surprised to see a Red Admiral fluttering around some new bike sheds at the University of Hertfordshire (AL10 9AB) on Monday 15th.. It was much smaller than other Red Admirals I have seen this year! Unfortunately it flew off before I had time to get a picture. - Daniel Cooper

Sunday 7th December 2014
While searching for firewood in my St Albans shed, I spotted 13 Small Tortoiseshells & 6 Peacocks all successfully hibernating. I also recorded one dead specimen of each species. There appeared to have been quite a few changing their positions since I last had a good look at them in August. Some of the Small Tortoiseshells have been in hibernation since the second week of July. Malcolm Hull

Saturday 6th December 2014
I've taken up your challenge of a Dec sighting, though I can't be sure on the precise ID! A large dark butterfly flew across in front of me this morning across a paddock at Nicholls Farm. It was either a Peacock or Red Admiral (I strongly suspect the former, but can't be 100% sure). Either way, I was surprised to see it with the frost on the ground, despite the sunshine. Peter Tallentire

November 2014

Sunday 30th November 2014
Interestingly we saw two small tortoiseshell in Ware on Saturday 29th, 1 flying around the Tesco's in the sun The second was whilst in our Wareside orchard, I fancy this one may have been disturbed from a big patch of flowering ivy which had become dislodged from a tree. - Phil Macmurdie

It's not over yet! A walk around my local patch at Stanwell Moor today (Sunday 30th) had no less than three Commas and six Red Admirals to offer. The Commas were happy basking in the sunshine, but some of the Red Admirals had found a large flowering mahonia and were happily nectaring.
This the latest in the year I have seen a butterfly anywhere in the UK - Dave Miller

Saturday 29th November 2014
I was pleasantly surprised to look out of my window earlier today (Saturday) and see a Peacock butterfly flying around my front garden at Nicholls Farm, Redbourn - Peter Tallentire

Today (Nov 29th) a Peacock was sunning itself at West End Essendon - Rupert Pyrah

Saw a Peacock Saturday 29th November 2014 at 13:46 hrs flying around a horse box at Vicarage Farm, Enfield - my latest record for this species! - Robert Callf

Thursday 27th November 2014
Saw a Red Admiral this afternoon Thursday 27th November 2014 on the sunny edge of Monken Hadley Common near the Games Road entrance at 12:23 hrs - flying and settling in branches, whilst trying to relocate a Yellow-browed Warbler which I had seen a few minutes before. - Robert Callf

Tuesday 25th November 2014
1 x small tortoiseshell and 1 x beautiful plume moth in our Bushey bathroom - David Gower

Tuesday 18th November 2014
Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards A few hours sunshine,no breeze and temperatures up to 14C made for good walking weather favourable to butterflies and I was duly rewarded with what was almost certainly a Red Admiral flying strongly across the open central part of the Marshalling Yards in front of me.I was unable to see it settle to get 100% certainty but given the time of year ,the colours briefly visible and local trends I'm happy enough with this identification to submit it here. - Pete Gore

Just one Red Admiral seen on Friday 14th November on a late-flowering ivy patch near me in Stanwell Moor. 14 degrees and sunny after torrential rain.
Dave Miller

Wednesday 12th November 2014
Forty Hall near the school, 2 White-letter Hairstreak eggs found on a small elm overhanging the river and bridge - Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear

Robin White reported having seen a Red Admiral along Leeging Beech Gutter near 'Three-bridges' at Trent Park on Monday 10th November 2014 at about 10:30 hrs. - Robert Callf

Monday 10th November 2014
I saw a Painted Lady butterfly today (Monday 10th) on the Hertfordshire Way between Reed and Royston (approx. TL367 387). It seemed to be in good condition: so much so that it flew away before I had time to photograph it! Late or what.... - Martin Johnson

While bird watching at Lemsford Springs I was surprised to see a Peacock (no, not the bird!) fly by - Robin Pearson

Eastcote garden, I saw a Red Admiral camouflaged on an apple tree branch this afternoon, only noticed it as it flashed its wings during a brief sunny spell. - Paul Busby

Sunday 9th November 2014
Still butterflies to report! A lovely sunny afternoon here in Stanwell Moor on Sunday 9th November, with temperatures of around 14 or so. A circuit of my local patch found Red Admirals on all three main stands of flowering ivy, varying from the very worn to the absolutely brand new. There was also a single Comma, and amazingly yet another Holly Blue. This was a male this time, found where I had only seen females a couple of weeks ago - there must be a few around altogether. Nine or ten butterflies of three species, including one you would not expect - not bad for mid-November.
Dave Miller

Panshanger Park this morning, 4 Red Admirals noted - Allan Burrows

We saw a red admiral in Gosmore this morning, the first butterfly I have seen for over a week. - Jenny Sherwen

Hounslow Heath/Marshalling Yards A very pleasant walk (apart from a few muddy patches) with sunshine throughout and no breeze at all which is unusual on this site at any time of year.Only one butterfly but since it is November who's complaining?! This was a Red Admiral in much the same spot on the Marshalling Yards that I saw the first one that started off my butterfly year back in February - Pete Gore

Friday 7th November 2014
I was surprised to see a Red Admiral this morning flying around in front of the Boots store in the Borehamwood shopping centre. I also had one fly up from the path in front of me at Tyttenhanger Gravel Pits yesterday morning - Terry Wood

Tuesday 4th November 2014
Robin White and myself saw a Red Admiral which settled along Merryhills Brook at Vicarage Farm, Enfield this afternoon Tuesday 4th November 2014 at 12:47 hrs. Robert Callf

A belated report from my local patch at Stanwell Moor from the glorious afternoon of 31st October when the temperature reached the dizzy heights of 23 degrees. Overall, I spotted at least a dozen Red Admirals, two Commas and two female Holly Blues in a fairly limited area. The second of the Blues was fresh, but had some wing crumpling.
Dave Miller

Saw 3 brimstones and a peacock near Preston, Herts on Friday 31st - Steve Kiln

Saturday 1st November 2014
2 Clouded Yellows in Panshanger Park, Hertford today - Allan Burrows

A Small, or possibly a Green-Veined White flew over my garden in Pinner this morning - Graham Elcombe

Encouraged by my sightings of Clouded Yellow last Monday I visited the Symondshyde Lane Site again today, 8+ individuals, including a mating pair and 2 separate females one of which was egg laying on what I believe was Birds-foot Trefoil or something very similar. Also a male Common Blue in good condition and a Painted Lady travelling fast across the site in a southerly direction. - Roger Millard

For all other links and information visit the main website at www.hertsmiddx-butterflies.org.uk