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Sightings 2019

Welcome to the Hertfordshire & Middlesex Branch sightings page for butterfly and moth news from around the area

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Please email Peter Clarke (peter.clarke4@ntlworld.com) to send in your news.

Please include grid reference (6 digits preferred but 4 digits will do) or post code for your sightings. Grid reference can be obtained here. Most, if not all, sightings listed here with sufficient detail given, will be added to the branch database but see note below.

You can use the iRecord app to submit your records. Alternatively, you can enter your records using a spreadsheet which can be downloaded here for butterflies or moths. More details can be found on the General Recording page for butterflies and Moth pages for moths.

NOTE: To avoid any duplication, if you are submitting records to the Branch Recorder (Andrew Wood) and also have any of them listed on the sightings page please let Andrew know.

Photos are welcome and a selection will be posted on this webpage but please keep these to a reasonably small size. Provide a link if your photo is on an external application like Flickr. Alternatively post your photo on Facebook.

First sightings 2019
Camberwell Beauty9 Mar Large White21 Mar
Small White25 Feb Holly Blue27 Feb
Small Tortoiseshell14 Feb Painted Lady23-Feb
Comma28 Jan Brimstone14 Feb
Peacock8 Jan Red Admiral18 Jan
For more details see Branch first sightings page


Date Description Recorder
23 Mar 1 Peacock in flight at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 301 974) at 12:32 hrs and another at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 293 982) nectaring on blackthorn blossom at 13:19 hrs Robert Callf
23 Mar Harpenden Common: 2 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Comma David Hunt
23 Mar Brimstone and Peacock in my Harpenden garden Robin Pearson
22 Mar 1 Red-green Carpet (beautiful fresh individual) at ASDA Southgate - my first for the year Robert Callf
22 Mar St Albans - And they are off! First sign of butterflies leaving hibernation in my shed this week. Peacock numbers down from 3 to 2, Small Tortoiseshells from 13 to 9. One of the remaining Tortoiseshells in a completely different position, possibly having left the shed and then returned? The positions of the other 8 are unchanged Malcolm Hull
21 Mar A Peacock at Otterspool near Aldenham, grid ref TQ 1290 9909 Colin Everett
21 Mar Pleased to find a Small Copper larva survived the winter in my Stevenage garden Peter Clarke
21 Mar I saw a Large White near my house in Muswell Hill. It's the first white I have seen this year Dee Cullen
19 Mar This morning I saw 2 male Brimstones on my way back from Stevenage Old Town, one along Walkern Road, just before the cemetery and the other along the cycle path between Grace Way and Lonsdale Road, Stevenage on the climb up towards Hampson Park Don Gregory
19 Mar On the Ashridge side of Berkhamsted Common I observed a mating pair of Orange Underwing moths. Photographs and a film are on my Facebook page Colin Everett
19 Mar Whilst tidying up one of the borders in my Bishop's Stortford garden I found a Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing(?) caterpillar on the ground. (Photo on right - can anyone confirm or otherwise the id? Peter C.) Bob Clift
19 Mar At Whitewebbs Park (TQ 323 991) along Cuffley Brook this afternoon 12:20 - 12:22 hrs - 1 male Brimstone, 1 Peacock and 1 Comma Robert Callf
19 Mar 1 Brimstone - track to fishing pond off Salusbury Lane, Great Offley (TL141267) David Inward
19 Mar Brimstone in my Harpenden garden 11:30 am Robin Pearson
17 Mar 1 Oak Beauty at Grovebury Court, Southgate, N14 (TQ 295 950) in the evening - only my second record in the area after one at Dalrymple Close in March 2005 Robert Callf
17 Mar I found quite a few Purple Hairstreak eggs on Oak buds in Northaw Great Wood (TL2804). I saw adults last summer there while doing the WCBS count so figured it was worth having a look Dee Cullen
9 Mar A single pristine Comma around mid-day in our Pinner garden in bright but blustery conditions Tony Porter
9 Mar First time I have ever seen a Camberwell Beauty - at Winchmore Hill Station at 1205. (Filomena Jones reported a sighting at Finchley Central N3 in February - unsure of exact date. Could it be the same specimen being about 5 miles away? Peter C) Robert Bourton
9 Mar 1 Orange/Light Orange Underwing seen in flight at Oakwood Park (TQ 300 952) this afternoon at 14:35 hrs Robert Callf
2 Mar Just one Red Admiral at the weekend in Bushey. Spotted from the kitchen window at lunchtime! Rebecca Palmer
1 Mar St Albans Shed - Pleased to report that today's shed transect produced a full complement of 13 Small Tortoiseshells and 3 Peacocks. None have been seduced out of hibernation by the warm February weather. Judging by the miserable forecasts for the next two weeks, they have been wise to stay asleep indoors Malcolm Hull


Date Description Recorder
27 Feb A male Brimstone on the edge of Nettleden village in Herts (TL 021104) Paul Busby
27 Feb Had a surprise in Fir and Pond Wood - a Painted Lady by Turkey Brook John Rowley
27 Feb 1 Brimstone - east end of Ashbrook path by Brook View playground, Hitchin (TL203287), 1 Brimstone - Meadowbank, Hitchin (TL195299), 1 Dotted Border Moth (Agriopis marginaria) - porch, St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
27 Feb Peacock in Ruislip (TQ097867) Catherine Hookway
27 Feb Hounslow: Despite an absence of Brimstones, overall numbers similar to recent days including the first Peacocks of the year: Small Tortoiseshell: 3 Peacock: 2 Comma: 3. A welcome discovery for me was a large patch of flowering Violets amongst the trees on the edge of the Heath Peter Gore
27 Feb Between 14:00-15:30 Watford, R.Colne north of Link Road (TQ117 974) - 1 Comma (my earliest ever) 2 Small Tortoiseshell. Fishers Field NR 1 Small Tortoiseshell Bob Harris
27 Feb Single sightings of Brimstone, Comma, Holly Blue and Peacock in Abbots Langley at lunchtime Clive Burrows
26 Feb One half and walk from St Johns Wood, over Primrose Hill, through Regents Park, past the Physician Garden and new bug hotels on Euston road to Euston station, plenty of flowering plants but no butterflies seen in the glorious sunshine. Later in afternoon, did see a Small Tortoiseshell at Wood Farm, Stanmore Country Park (TQ 171933) Paul Busby
26 Feb Comma in Bayhurst Woods, Harefield (TQ063892) Catherine Hookway
26 Feb First Hertfordshire butterfly this year - Patmore Heath NR - one Brimstone Andy Brown
26 Feb A Peacock active in Hoddesdon Park Wood during the afternoon (TL 349 086) Colin Everett
26 Feb Two trips out locally to Stanwell Moor to make the most of the weather, and notched up two more species: Peacock and Red Admiral. Across the whole area covered, the day's totals were: Brimstone 10; Comma 5; Peacock 2; Red Admiral 2; Small Tortoiseshell 1. One of the Red Admirals was egg-laying close to the River Colne Dave Miller
26 Feb Hounslow: First Commas, one fluttering along the path in front of me parallel to the old golf course means each of our four squares has now had at least one butterfly recorded in it this year: Brimstone: 4 (still all male) Comma: 3 Peter Gore
26 Feb 1 Comma at Rough Lot, Trent Park (TQ 285 978) at 13:38 hrs - my first of the year, 1 Small Tortoiseshell along Leeging Beech Gutter at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 303 978) at 14:37 hrs, 1 male Brimstone along Leeging Beech Gutter at Vicarage Farm (TQ 305 976) at 14:43 hrs Robert Callf
26 Feb Comma in Westfield Road Hertford at 12.30 pm Steve Kiln
25 Feb Small Tortoiseshell in Bengeo garden Simon Knott
25 Feb 1 Brimstone - St Faiths Close Hitchin (TL198303), 5 Brimstone - Icknield Way west of Westmill Farm near Hitchin (TL1630), 2 Brimstone - Westmill Farm, near Hitchin (TL170309), 2 Brimstone - Burford Way/Westmill Lane junction, Hitchin (TL173305), 1 Brimstone - Milestone Road near Westmill Lane, Hitchin (TL175304) David Inward
25 Feb At Northwood HQ, Sandy Lane 1 x Brimstone this morning David Gower
25 Feb Brimstone at Waterfields Playground, Watford. Small Tortoiseshell and Red Admiral in Park Avenue, Bushey Rebecca Palmer
25 Feb Hounslow: More sunshine and more Brimstones. I've slightly reduced the number of actual sightings to allow for the possibility of highly active males (which they all are) getting counted twice so it's Brimstone: 7 Small Tortoiseshell: 1 Peter Gore
25 Feb Hertfordshire County Offices car park adjacent to Grand Union Canal at Apsley (TL066047) - 3 Brimstone Robert Harris
25 Feb A female Brimstone, a Comma and at least two Red Admiral and two Small Tortoiseshell seen at Alexandra Park (TQ302902) Gerry Rawcliffe
25 Feb One male Brimstone in my south Harpenden garden David Hunt
25 Feb Another wander round my local patch at Stanwell Moor a bit earlier in the day. Three Small Tortoiseshells, only one of which was one of those seen yesterday. Only a couple of Brimstones (delayed by the overnight low temperatures I suspect), but today's new arrival was a newly-emerged male Small White. This is the earliest I have seen one Dave Miller
24 Feb Brimstone in Ruislip (TQ097867) Catherine Hookway
24 Feb 1 Small Tortoiseshell basking in sun near The Bourne entrance to Grovelands Park at 13:28 - 13:30 hrs Robert Callf
24 Feb Four Brimstones sighted at Kew Gardens, three in flight and one nectaring on Crocus flowers Miles Attenborough
24 Feb 1 male Brimstone and 1 Peacock at Panshanger Park (near the Great Oak) this afternoon. 1 Comma at St. Leonards Garden, Bengeo Christoper Benton
24 Feb My first sightings this year as follows. In our Bushey garden 1 x Brimstone. At Fishers Field nature reserve 1 x Brimstone. Lastly at Water Lane, Watford 1 x Comma, 1 x Red Admiral David Gower
24 Feb Again, nine male Brimstone sightings in North Harpenden (5 in my garden). Also three Small Tortoiseshells Alan Jackson
24 Feb 1 Peacock - St Faiths Close Hitchin (TL198302), 1 Brimstone - St Faiths Close Hitchin (TL198303), 1 Brimstone - by playground Ransoms Recreation Ground Hitchin (TL189301), 4 Brimstone - Ransoms Recreation Ground/railway boundary fence Hitchin (TL190301), 1 Brimstone - Woolgrove Road Hitchin (TL192304) David Inward
24 Feb Folly Lane St Albans - My first sightings of Small Tortoiseshells in flight this year. I saw one courting couple, a third nectaring and a fourth sunbathing. At this site, the hibernators usually rely on Dandelions as their main nectar source after emergence. At present there's not a single Dandelion flowering on the whole site and very little alternative nectar sources, which is a source of concern. One male Brimstone also and reports of a female seen on the same site earlier. Worth mentioning also that I saw a Small White flying yesterday on a visit to South London - outside our Branch area, but worth keeping an eye out for an early emergence of white species over the coming week Malcolm Hull
24 Feb Brimstone at St Paul's Walden (TL192222) and at Rookery Wood, King's Walden (TL166232). Small Tortoiseshell at Chalkleys Wood, St Paul's Walden (TL185226) Martin Ketcher
24 Feb Was out in the early afternoon and though I saw half a dozen Brimstones, they had all disappeared by two o'clock. However, this was compensated by the presence of three Commas and three Small Tortoiseshells.
On top of this was the very unusual sighting of a Hummingbird Hawk-Moth. I see few of these here even in the summer, so one in February was a real surprise. I assume it to have been a migrant from southern Europe
Dave Miller
24 Feb Hounslow: Another sunny day with 3 male Brimstones and 2 Small Tortoiseshells spread out across the walk Peter Gore
24 Feb 4 Brimstones in my Great Ashby, Stevenage garden (2 singles and a pair, all males) Steven Lane
23 Feb Red Admiral near King's Walden (TL153247) Martin Ketcher
23 Feb After seeing nothing on my local patch at Stanwell Moor on all the previous sunny days recently, the hedgerows burst forth with Brimstones and in an hour or so around lunchtime I counted at least ten Dave Miller
23 Feb I had no fewer than nine male Brimstone sightings in Harpenden: five in my garden, one by the railway near the centre of town and three together at the top of our road. This is unprecedented in February in my experience in our locality Alan Jackson
23 Feb Had a nice Brimstone in my Bernards Heath garden Andrew Steele
23 Feb My first garden Brimstone in Barnet Michael Habben
23 Feb I have finally seen my first butterfly of 2019! Brimstone flying near the Link Road, then flew into a garden on Park Avenue, Bushey. We then saw it again on Mead Way Rebecca Palmer
23 Feb 1 Brimstone male - Sollershott East, Letchworth (TL218318), and probably the same one at Friends Meeting House, South View, Letchworth (TL218319). Sunny and warm David Inward
23 Feb At Radlett (TL157000): Brimstone, Peacock and Painted Lady (Captive release? Peter C) Mark Homan
23 Feb First identified butterfly of the year for me, a Small Tortoiseshell on the Marshalling Yards Peter Gore
23 Feb My first butterflies of the year: 2 male Brimstones in Roebuck Woodland, Stevenage, one of which I disturbed on ivy but it returned within 5 minutes to bask Peter Clarke
23 Feb 1 male Brimstone at Oakwood Park near Saxon Way, N14 entrance (TQ 297953) at 13:36 - my first February record of this species! Robert Callf
23 Feb Male Brimstone flew along Upper Marlborough Road in the centre of St Albans (TL150073) around noon David Utting
22 Feb Two male Brimstone near Baldock Railway Station (TL245342) Patricia Clegg
22 Feb 1 Red Admiral at Lavender Hill Cemetery, Enfield (TQ 319 981) settled on grave-stone & my left shoulder at 13:20 Robert Callf
22 Feb A male Brimstone flew across my Harpenden garden at 12:30 Robin Pearson
21 Feb Peacock at Letchworth Recycling Centre, Blackhorse Road (TL236338) Patricia Clegg
21 Feb Brimstone flying across the field at Redbourne (TL104131) at about 11:30 Andrew Riche
21 Feb 5 Small Tortoiseshells - 1 in New Road, Hertford, 2 in Ware Cemetery, 1 in Lower Bourne Gardens, Ware and 1 on the edge of St John's Wood near Rickneys Quarry Andrew Wood
20 Feb Red Admiral - Whomerley Wood, Stevenage (TL247235) Josh Kalms
20 Feb We returned to the meadows at Ickenham and managed to fill in a few more hedge line gaps across the site. The eggs are without doubt scattered across a large area and in total 16 Brown Hairstreak eggs were found. We found two stems of blackthorn that had two eggs close together but again some eggs were really high up with one being found at least 7 feet up in the blackthorn Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
17 Feb First butterfly predictably a Brimstone in our garden in Bengeo Steve Kiln
17 Feb A male Brimstone flying strongly at the west edge of Ashridge Park at 12:00 at (SP 9941 1170); later at 13:15 two male Brimstones flying simultaneously 500 metres away in a sheltered sunny area to the south of the park at (SP 9983 1145) Colin Everett
17 Feb Folly Lane, St Albans - Male Brimstone zoomed across my allotment at 11.30am this morning. My first UK sighting of a flying butterfly this year. Meanwhile on my shed transect all hibernators were still in residence at lunchtime today. A few of them have shown signs of life, shuffling into different positions Malcolm Hull
17 Feb A Red Admiral has been flitting around my Harpenden garden Robin Pearson
17 Feb A male Brimstone at Frithsden Copse, Berkhamsted (SP995101) at 1330 Mike Spittles
17 Feb Millhoppers Reserve - one male Brimstone flying near the Ceremonial Black Poplar tree in middle of the reserve at 11.18 this morning Chris Hilling
15 Feb A male Brimstone in our meadow adjacent to our home in Heronsgate Andrew Ross
15 Feb A Red Admiral flying at 11:00 in the small car park at Goose Green at Broxbourne Woods (TL347088) Colin Everett
15 Feb 1 Comma flying in Rothamsted woods (TL123132) at lunchtime Andrew Riche
14 Feb I have had my first butterfly sighting of the year! Small Tortoiseshell at Patmore heath (TL443258) enjoying the late winter (or early spring even...) sun Steven Werrell
14 Feb Saw a Small Tortoiseshell, just before 1300 in Maple Cross (TQ026923). It was sunning itself on a plant in someone's garden Paul Williams
14 Feb Male Brimstone in our sunny Harpenden garden: my first garden butterfly of the year and the earliest garden Brimstone for a decade (by 16 days) Alan Jackson
14 Feb My first butterfly of the year was seen at Benington Lordship (TL298238) - a Red Admiral on Snowdrops Richard Harrington
14 Feb 1 Peacock at Whitewebbs Park along Cuffley Brook (TQ 324 992) at 14:08 - 14:09 GMT this afternoon Robert Callf
14 Feb A lovely large Brimstone in flight across my garden in Croxley Green at 11.35 Val Edwards
14 Feb A male Brimstone flew across my Harpenden garden this morning Robin Pearson
13 Feb We returned to Horsenden Hill and were delighted to find a further Brown Hairstreak egg (over 5 feet up!) in a different 2km square plus several Blue-bordered Carpet moth eggs and a Purple Hairstreak egg on oak Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
13 Feb A work colleague reported a Red Admiral active at Sawtrees Farm near Thundridge, in or near grid square TL 3817 (either tetrad TL31 Y or Z) (Colin Everett)
13 Feb 1 Peacock seen in flight & settled near Ash Wood at Plumridge Farm, Enfield (TQ 283 985) this afternoon at 13:55 GMT - my first butterfly of the year! Robert Callf
12 Feb At Hillingdon Primary School I watched a Red Admiral fly across the playground in the sunshine then rise up over school towards the horse chestnut trees Jackie Gill
11 Feb Was very happy to see my first butterfly of the year, a Red Admiral at Hilfield Park Reservoir Dan Cooper
11 Feb Today's sunshine has brought out the first butterfly of the year for me and, I think, for Alexandra Park - a Red Admiral flying along the terrace in front of the main facade of the Palace at around 11am (TQ 302901) Gerry Rawcliffe


Date Description Recorder
30 Jan Andrew and I decided to return to Ickenham and visit the fields first to the south of the site. We started just before 9.30 and finished searching at 3.40 - so about 6 hours x 2 = 12 hours!
We first visited the field where Andrew found the 2 Brown Hairstreak eggs last summer and found 2 more but one was 5 feet up on a twig. Another egg later in the day was 6 feet up. We couldn't re-find the summer eggs and it looked like they might have been cut down as there was a lot of brash on the ground where the mower had been in quite close. Having found 2 eggs we didn't search too much of the blackthorn. We walked up the track and then found an egg in the corner but didn't find any more eggs along that particular hedge line. We crossed the fields and walked to the other side where there are some oaks. We found an egg in a small area of scrubbed up grassland close to the railway. We then retraced back to the main fields and followed the hedge line towards our other adult sightings last summer where we found a further 21 (twenty one) eggs. Making a total of 25 in total and 12 Blue-bordered Carpet moths and a cluster of 16-spot ladybirds. One twig had 2 eggs together - a first for us!
Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
30 Jan A Red Admiral at Lauderdale House, Highgate (TQ 287 872) Margaret Murray
28 Jan Comma seen on ground in Park Wood Ruislip (TQ 097890) Bob Holton
28 Jan Another Spring Usher in sunshine this afternoon - seen in flight and settled at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ2998) 13:47 hrs Robert Callf
22 Jan 1 Red Admiral feeding on Viburnum in the sunshine, this lunchtime in Harlington Andrew Wood
18 Jan In spite of the very cold morning I found one Red Admiral butterfly in my Chorleywood garden. It had its wings closed and was very chilly so I brought it indoors and within 10 minutes it had thawed out and alive enough to set free. It escaped over the rooftops hopefully to live another day Irene Oulsnam
16 Jan Neither Andrew or myself had ever visited Horsenden Hill so despite two egg searches there this year, we couldn't resist visiting. We didn't pick a very nice day and got pretty wet.
We parked opposite the Ballot Box Pub just before 11 and walked the fields close to the road - the blackthorn is seriously impressive and in some places very good but a lot had reddish stems. In our searches today we found 19 Blue-bordered Carpet eggs which always pleases us.
As it got damper and after about 2 ¼ hrs searching (x 2) we started walking towards the infamous Paradise Fields not far from the Canal walk, there was some 'black stemmed' blackthorn. The blackthorn was close to some oak and two slightly greenish Brown Hairstreak eggs were found close together on a single twig. No more eggs were found (nor BBC eggs) but it was getting even wetter and enthusiasm was waning. We did look at Paradise Fields but all the blackthorn was red stemmed. We got back to the car around 2.30
Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
14 Jan Male Spring Usher settled SW edge of Rough Lot, Trent Park this morning in sunshine - much darker individual than the one the other day Robert Callf
12 Jan Male Spring Usher at ASDA Southgate - the first moth I have seen here since new lights were installed in the autumn, also a Winter Moth at bus-stop shelter at Chase Road/Charter Way N14 a few days ago Robert Callf
8 Jan 1 Peacock flying and landing in a furled umbrella on a table outside the Platform public house, Letchworth TL217326 David Inward
3 Jan 3 Peacocks and 13 Small Tortoiseshells hibernating in my shed in St Albans this morning. Pleased to see they have come through the winter safely so far Malcolm Hull
1 Jan Two Brown Hairstreak eggs on blackthorn in Fryent Country Park. Also 11 Blue-bordered Carpet eggs Andrew Middleton
Small Tortoiseshell Harpenden Common 23 Mar

Small Tortoiseshell © David Hunt

Small Copper larva Stevenage 21 Mar

Small Copper larva © Peter Clarke

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing larva Bishop's Stortford 19 Mar

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing larva © Bob Clift

Purple Hairstreak egg Northaw Great Wood 18 Mar

Purple Hairstreak egg © Dee Cullen

Camberwell Beauty Winchmore Hill 9 Mar

Camberwell Beauty © Robert Bourton

Brimstone Abbots Langley 27 Feb

Brimstone © Clive Burrows 27 Feb

Peacock Stanwell Moor 26 Feb

Peacock © Dave Miller 26 Feb

Red Admiral egg Stanwell Moor 26 Feb

Red Admiral egg © Dave Miller 26 Feb

Small White Stanwell Moor 25 Feb

Small White © Dave Miller 25 Feb

Hummingbird Hawk-moth Stanwell Moor 24 Feb

Hummingbird Hawk-moth © Dave Miller 24 Feb

Comma Stanwell Moor 24 Feb

Comma © Dave Miller 24 Feb

Small Tortoiseshell Stanwell Moor 24 Feb

Small Tortoiseshell © Dave Miller 24 Feb

Brimstone Roebuck Woods 23 Feb

Brimstone © Peter Clarke 23 Feb

Small Tortoiseshell Patmore Heath 14 Feb

Small Tortoiseshell © Steven Werrell 14 Feb

Red Admiral Benington 14 Feb

Red Admiral © Richard Harrington 14 Feb

Purple Hairstreak egg Horsenden Hill_13 Feb

Purple Hairstreak egg © Andrew Middleton 13 Feb

Red Admiral Hilfield Park Reservoir 11 Feb

Red Admiral © Dan Cooper 11 Feb

Brown Hairstreak eggs Ickenham Marsh 30 Jan

Brown Hairstreak eggs © Andrew Middleton 30 Jan

Red Admiral Highgate 30 Jan

Red Admiral © Margaret Murray 30 Jan

Brown Hairstreak egg Horsenden Hill 16 Jan

Brown Hairstreak egg © Andrew Middleton 16 Jan

Peacock Letchworth 8 Jan

Peacock © David Inward 8 Jan

Peacocks hibernating St Albans 3 Jan

Peacocks hibernating © Malcolm Hull 3 Jan

Brown Hairstreak egg Fryent Country Park 1 Jan

Brown Hairstreak egg © Andrew Middleton 1 Jan

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