Branch Annual Report - Herts & Middx Butterfly Conservation

Branch Butterfly Report

Changes to the Branch Annual Report since 2010
The Branch has been publishing a report of the state of butterflies in our area since John Murray produced the first report in 1995. From 1996 until 2009 we have had a professionally printed glossy report produced by John and Rob Souter up to 1999 and since 2000 by John and Andrew Wood. John's pioneering work and the continued editions have set a benchmark for branch annual reports and for ensuring that we make known the current state of butterflies in our area. However, the costs of producing a report in this format came to point where the committee felt it was necessary to make changes. This coincided with a new 5 year recording period 2010-2014 making it appropriate to review the format.

The State of the UK's Butterflies Report 2015 for the recording period 2010-2014 can be downloaded here.

The Atlas of UK Butterflies 2010-2014 can be downloaded here

The Branch Annual Report for 1996 to 2009 contains the most up to date information on the distribution of butterflies in Hertfordshire and Middlesex, based on survey work during that period. The report includes butterfly species reports, tetrad maps, transect results and phenology tables. There are two pages of colour photographs in the centre spread and black and white photographs of most butterfly species recorded in the branch area.

Unfortunately, all these printed reports are unavailable

The Branch Annual Report from 2013 to the current issue can be obtained from Andrew Wood - see committee page for contact details. The 2017 Branch Butterfly Report costs £3 plus £1 postage and packing. Previous issues are free.

Data that was previously included in reports such as the detailed analysis of transects was published separately (up to 2014) and is available to view on the branch transects page