Record Mapping - Herts & Middx Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Mapping 2020 - 2024

Butterfly mapping is an enjoyable form of recording. It should be done in fine, warm weather, and it gets you to different places you would never otherwise think of visiting, and gives you the best opportunity of making important discoveries in far-flung corners of the countryside.

In 2020, (the first year of our current mapping period) we had quite good coverage, considering the restrictions we were under. The new maps below shows the most under-recorded areas which we need to target across the whole year. We are now in the last year of the current mapping period and these squares need to take priority. A second map has been added to show how the dots relate to urban areas. There are no squares which have not been visited.

On the maps the red dots highlight the squares with fewer than 10 species being recorded, whereas the mauve dots indicate no more than 3 species being recorded. These squares seemed to be scattered across much of Hertfordshire; close to the River Thames in London and several are squares where only part of the 2km square is in our branch area.

Should you wish to target an area please contact Andrew Wood who can provide more details to help you search and ensure that effort is not duplicated.

HertsMiddx species map
HertsMiddx species map overlayed