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Survey tips and notes - how to find elms, eggs, larvae, pupae and the adult White-letter Hairstreak

Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear of the Hertfordshire & Middlesex Branch have been looking for Purple Emperor for many years, and this work has focused their attention on assessing arboreal habitats and their associated species. They have found that many of the techniques that are so useful in surveying for Purple Emperor can also be used to find White-letter Hairstreak.

Martin Greenland of the Yorkshire Branch is an expert in finding White-letter Hairstreak eggs, larvae and pupae in the north of England.

In addition, the co-ordinators have tried to gather as much information from other recorders that have also spent a lot of time studying White-letter Hairstreak across the UK. We hope that these linked pages will be helpful.

Link sections on this page . . .
Survey tips - finding elm
Survey tips - finding eggs, larvae and pupae in Yorkshire (The story from Yorkshire - Martin Greenland)
Survey tips - adults
Issues with altitude - important guidance on surveying high altitude 10km squares
Hertfordshire recording notes 2006 (Liz Goodyear)
Middlesex, Hertfordshire and Essex recording notes (Andrew Middleton)
The West Country
The story from Carmarthenshire (Ian Morgan and Neil Matthew)
The story from North Wales (Helen Bantock)
The story from Suffolk and in particular Newmarket (Rob Parker and Sharon Hearle)
The story from Shropshire (Rob Thorne)
The story from Staffordshire and Shropshire (Gavin Woodman)
Essex recording notes in TQ59 (Colin Jupp)
The story from around Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire (Tom Dunbar)
References, resources and links including details of Martyn Davies' 1980s project and reports
Other notes and recollections of interest


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