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Anyone can do this at any time. It can vary from just sending in details of butterflies you see to targeting particular areas and visiting this area on a semi regular basis in order to get a good picture of what is there. Please contact Andrew Wood (contact details on Committee page) if you would like more information on areas that need targeting.

In either case records are best submitted at the end of the autumn. The most convenient for us is in a spreadsheet containing the following columns:

Using this method makes data capture much easier and quicker and saves the possibility of transcription errors.

You could also try a Smartphone app called. iRecord Butterflies, it is completely free and is available for Apple and Android devices. iRecord Butterflies will guide you through the identification of any butterfly than you see in the UK. You can compare you own photo with those from the app's extensive image library, filter species by colour, pattern and size, and see distribution maps and identification tips for each butterfly species.

Once you've identified the butterfly, simply enter a few simple pieces of information, such as the number that you saw and a place name (important so that the sightings can be checked on maps) and submit. The app will automatically calculate where you are (using the GPS in the Smartphone) and provide a grid reference for your sighting.

All your records go into a holding area where they are verified by us before being added to the county and national databases.

If you do not computer access you can submit records on a record sheet.

Many recorders send in records to this website and all of these are added to our database provided that the report contains sufficient information (as above). However if you are collecting together many records over the year submitting in the forms above is very helpful to us.

All observations should be sent to

Alternatively post details to Andrew Wood, 93 Bengeo Street, Hertford, Herts, SG14 3EZ (Tel: 01992 503571)

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