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Butterfly Mapping 2015 - 2019

Butterfly mapping is probably the most enjoyable form of recording there is.

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Butterfly mapping is an enjoyable form of recording. It should be done in fine, warm weather, and it gets you to different places you would never otherwise think of visiting, and gives you the best opportunity of making important discoveries. site in far-flung corners of the countryside.

In 2017, we have several 2km or part 2km squares with no records since 2014. We would encourage as many recorders to visit these under-recorded areas of Hertfordshire and Middlesex this year.

Look at an Ordnance Survey map to see exactly what access is available in each square. The first reference e.g. TL1622 is the 1 Km square in the bottom left corner in the block of 4 that makes up a 2km square. The second reference e.g. TL12R is an alternative way of describing the square. Please let Andrew Wood (details on Committee page) if you will visit a specific square to avoid duplication of effort.

A part square is where some of this area is in an adjacent county, but the records are just as important, so don't stop at the county border (we will send the records on to the relevant branch)! The map also shows some grey circles without records where only a minute portion of the area is within our branch area - these are not shown in list below but could still be visited!

The squares are as follows - click on the link in the column to Streetmap, where the arrow will show the centre of the 2km square (you can visit the four 1km squares surrounding the arrow):

Click here to see where all the 2km squares are on Google Maps

2km square

Streetmap Link

General Location


SP8816 (SP81Y)


North of Long Marston (part square)

SP9814 (SP91X)


North of Little Gaddesden (part square)

TL0600 (TL00Q)


West of Hunton Bridge

TL0612 TL01R


South east of Flamstead

TL0814 (TL01X)


Between Flamstead and Kinsbourne Green

TL1006 (TL10D)



TL1418 (TL11P)


East of Peter's Green

TL1622 (TL12R)


South east of King's Walden

TL2406 (TL20N)



TL2606 (TL20T)



TL2238 (TL23J)


Caldecote (part square)

TL2436 (TL23N)


Newnham, west of Bygrave

TL3632 (TL33R)


South east of Buckland/north of Wyddial

TL3840 (TL34V)


East of Royston (part square)

TL4212 (TL41G)


South east of Hunsdon

One visit

TL4216 (TL41I)


Perry Green

TL4416 (TL41N)


Allen's Green

TL4418 (TL41P)


Green Tye

TL4620 (TL42Q)


West of and western Bishops Stortford

TQ2098 (TQ29E)


North east of Borehamwood

TQ3694 (TQ39S)


Ponders End/Lea Valley (part square)2 km

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