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Sightings 2019

Welcome to the Hertfordshire & Middlesex Branch sightings page for butterfly and moth news from around the area

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Please email Peter Clarke (peter.clarke4@ntlworld.com) to send in your news.

Please include grid reference (6 digits preferred but 4 digits will do) or post code for your sightings. Grid reference can be obtained here. Most, if not all, sightings listed here with sufficient detail given, will be added to the branch database but see note below.

You can use the iRecord app to submit your records. Alternatively, you can enter your records using a spreadsheet which can be downloaded here for butterflies or moths. More details can be found on the General Recording page for butterflies and Moth pages for moths.

NOTE: To avoid any duplication, if you are submitting records to the Branch Recorder (Andrew Wood) and also have any of them listed on the sightings page please let Andrew know.

Photos are welcome and a selection will be posted on this webpage but please keep these to a reasonably small size. Provide a link if your photo is on an external application like Flickr. Alternatively post your photo on Facebook.

First sightings 2019
Chalkhill Blue2-Jul   
Gatekeeper24-Jun Silver-washed Fritillary27-Jun
Purple Emperor22-Jun White Admiral23-Jun
Dark Green Fritillary16-Jun Essex Skipper17-Jun
Marbled White14-Jun Ringlet16-Jun
Small Skipper3-Jun White-letter Hairstreak8-Jun
Meadow Brown30 May Purple Hairstreak1-Jun
Common Blue1 May Large Skipper20 May
Small Blue30 Apr Brown Argus30 Apr
Grizzled Skipper21 Apr Dingy Skipper21 Apr
Small Copper20 Apr Green Hairstreak21 Apr
Green-veined White29 Mar Small Heath15 Apr
Orange-tip24 Mar Speckled Wood24 Mar
Camberwell Beauty9 Mar Large White21 Mar
Small White25 Feb Holly Blue27 Feb
Small Tortoiseshell14 Feb Painted Lady23-Feb
Comma28 Jan Brimstone14 Feb
Peacock8 Jan Red Admiral18 Jan
For more details see Branch first sightings page


Date Description Recorder
21 Jul Bengeo garden: Large White, Green-veined White 3, Speckled Wood 3, Ringlet 5+, Meadow Brown 10+, Gatekeeper 10+, Red Admiral, Peacock 7, Comma, Jersey Tiger, Box-tree Moth 2, Common Purple & Gold, Mother of Pearl 3, Rosy Tabby & Yellow Shell Simon Knott
21 Jul 1 Common Wave (Cabera exanthemata) moth - St Faiths Close, Hitchin. 1 Meadow Brown - Walsworth Common, Hitchin (TL192303). 3 Speckled Wood - path by railway, Walsworth Common, Hitchin (TL192304) David Inward
21 Jul Nicky line, Harpenden - guided walk led by Roger from the Friends of the Nicky line - Peacock, Red Admiral, Comma, Large, Small and Essex Skipper, Large, Small and Green-veined White, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Marbled White, Speckled Wood, Ringlet, 6-Spot Burnet, Shaded Broad-bar and Cinnabar caterpillars.
Roger showed us where the Friends had created scallops alongside the disused railway and seeded with Yellow Rattle to deter the grass. These areas were full of flowers and butterflies, despite the cloudy weather
Malcolm Hull
21 Jul Hounslow. Mostly cloudy conditions on a morning/early afternoon shortened walk: Gatekeeper: 71, Peacock: 35, Green-veined White: 7, Speckled Wood: 5, Meadow Brown: 41, Small White: 10, Small Copper: 2, Red Admiral: 2, Holly Blue: 1, Common Blue: 1, Ringlet: 1, Small Heath: 1, Brown Argus: 2 Peter Gore
21 Jul 1 Red Admiral, 1 Peacock, 1 female Large White nectaring on buddleia near Oakwood entrance, Trent Park 12:05 - 12:10 hrs, also here 2 V. zonaria Robert Callf
20 Jul Bowers Heath by Harpenden. Finally, after numerous attempts at the Heath, eventually found a Purple Emperor flying about the oak trees just south of common lane. Also 2 White-letter Hairstreaks north of common lane. 1 male Silver-washed Fritillary, a male Oak Egger east of Bower Heath lane Darin Stanley
20 Jul During a half hour visit to our allotment on Dark Lane, Cheshunt this morning to pick some lettuce and tie up the tomatoes, I saw one Comma, one Ringlet, two Gatekeepers and several Small Whites. Nice to see these flying between the morning showers Roger Newbold
20 Jul Hounslow. After overnight and morning rain the river was high and yesterday's empty ponds re-filled for now. In the intermittent sunshine butterflies were out in good numbers but with a definite late summer feeling around: Gatekeeper: 86, Meadow Brown: 59, Speckled Wood: 10, Green-veined White: 3, Red Admiral: 6, Peacock: 37, Holly Blue: 2, Large White: 3, Small White: 11, Brown Argus: 5, Small Skipper: 4, Small Heath: 2, Comma: 2, Small Copper: 1, Essex Skipper: 1 Peter Gore
20 Jul 1 Shuttle-shaped Dart Moth (Agrotis puta) and 1 Meadow Brown - St Faiths Close, Hitchin. 1 Comma - Walsworth Commmon, Hitchin (TL196302) David Inward
20 Jul Branch Event
Greenwood Park, Chiswell Green near St Albans - 7 new members attended our annual new members day. John Murray and Andrew Wood showed the contents of their moth traps, with a fine array of species on show (list to follow). Ian Small provided an introduction to the branch, Liz Goodyear gave tips on species identification and butterfly gardening, Andrew Wood provided a handy guide to butterfly recording and Malcolm Hull gave information on how to get involved with branch activities.
The afternoon butterfly walk visited the wildflower meadow and the recently constructed butterfly bank. Species recorded included Red Admiral, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell (caterpillar stage only), Peacock, Brown Argus, Small Copper, Large, Small and Essex Skippers, Large and Small Whites, Marbled White, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Ringlet, Holly Blue, 6-spot Burnet moth and Cinnabar (caterpillars). We were pleased to see hundreds of Kidney Vetch seedlings growing on the butterfly bank. The Birdsfoot Trefoil plants have been chewed by rabbits, but are regenerating from the existing rootballs
Malcolm Hull
Liz Goodyear
Andrew Wood
Ian Small
20 Jul I had my first Gatekeeper of the year on 24 June at Anthill Meadow, Alexandra Park Bob Watts
20 Jul 3 Peacock and 1 Red Admiral at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998), 1 Peacock and 1 Shaded Broad-bar (my first of the year) settled at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998), 1 Peacock at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097). 1 Comma at Boxer's Lake, Enfield at 13:41 hrs Robert Callf
19 Jul This morning, I saw a Jersey Tiger shortly after leaving Boston Manor tube station Michael Robinson
19 Jul St Albans Shed - 7 Small Tortoiseshells now hibernating in my shed up from 2 last week. Last year I had a total of 13 Small Tortoiseshells hibernating in the shed. On that basis, 50% of the population have already entered hibernation before the Big Butterfly Count has begun. This may explain the disappointingly low numbers of this species recorded on the Count Malcolm Hull
18 Jul Hounslow. After morning rain this was an afternoon walk: Gatekeeper: 97, Meadow Brown: 66, Peacock : 23, Speckled Wood: 11, Holly Blue: 2 Green-veined White: 7, Small White: 14, Ringlet: 5, Purple Hairstreak: 2, Small Heath: 5, Brown Argus: 2, Small Skipper: 5, Comma: 8, Marbled White: 2, Red Admiral: 1, Essex Skipper: 2, Common Blue: 1, Small Copper: 1 Peter Gore
18 Jul Town Park, Enfield (13:55 - 14:25 hrs) - 3 Gatekeeper and 1 male Small Skipper (remarkably fresh compared with others recently). A few large Cinnabar larvae on ragwort at Town Park, Enfield this afternoon Robert Callf
17 Jul Visited Merryhill fields, Bushey late afternoon despite very little sun. Recorded Gatekeeper x 179, Meadow Brown x 49, Marbled White x 5, Ringlet x 26, Comma x 1, Speckled Wood x 2, Small White x 1, Purple Hairstreak x 1. Moths were Mother of Pearl x 3, Small Scallop x 1, Shaded broad-bar x 15, Yellow Shell x 19 David Gower
17 Jul Symondshyde Great Wood. 19 Silver-washed Fritillary counted along full length of sunny glade this afternoon. Many more than on my last visit two weeks ago. Many Ringlets and also Comma 6, Peacock 3, Red Admiral 2, Brimstone 3, Small Skipper 4, Gatekeeper Trevor Chapman
17 Jul Hounslow. Gatekeeper: 104, Small White: 27, Meadow Brown: 81, Essex Skipper: 1, Ringlet: 6, Speckled Wood: 11, Peacock: 36, Holly Blue: 1, Purple Hairstreak: 1, Green-veined White: 5, Red Admiral: 5, Comma: 6, Brown Argus: 3, Marbled White: 3, Small Skipper: 5, Small Heath: 5, Large White: 2, Large Skipper: 1, Common Blue: 1 Peter Gore
17 Jul I had a walk through Hertford Heath (on the Goldington side of the road and saw the following: Speckled Wood 11, Large White 6, Green-veined White 4, Meadow Brown 10, Purple Hairstreak 6, Gatekeeper 6, Ringlet 5, Small Skipper 1, Large Skipper 1.
I then had an extended walk around Balls Wood: Comma 5, Skippers (large and small) 30, Gatekeeper 43, Ringlet 100+, Large White 18, Green-veined White 7, Meadow Brown 11, Peacock 47, Speckled Wood 11, Silver-washed Fritillary 6, White Admiral 2, Marbled White 6.
The Balls Wood figures this includes number from the new southern ride that was created the other year: Ringlet 15, Gatekeeper 8, Meadow Brown 3, Large White 2, Peaock 1
Andy Brown
17 Jul St Albans - Verulamium Park/King Harry Lane - 2 White-letter Hairstreaks, including one down low nectaring on Cow Parsley. Fresh emergences of Peacock, Brown Argus and Small Copper also noted. All the usual browns and whites, plus good numbers of Small Tortoiseshell plus Red Admiral, Comma and at least 16 Small/Essex Skippers.
Nomansland Common - my first Silver-washed Fritillary at this site. Two sightings of Purple Emperor flying along the top of the oak canopy at the high point - a meagre result from 3 hours. Since the species colonised this area a few years back, numbers spotted at this site and the adjoining Heartwood Forest have been comparable until this year. The rapid expansion of the Heartwood Purple Emperor numbers is probably linked to the abundance of Sallow on that site, there is very little at Nomansland. 6 Peacocks, 17 Purple Hairstreaks, 1 Small Heath, 6 Small Copper, 2 Red Admiral, 3 Comma, 1 Brown Argus, the usual Browns and whites, 36 Small/Essex Skippers, with positive ID for both. Good to see the site management works we agreed last year with CMS and Herts Moth Group have been implemented, with scrub encroaching on the heather area removed and a new clearing created in a dark part of the wood
Malcolm Hull
17 Jul 4 Peacock at Trent Park. 1 male Common Blue, 1 Brown Argus and 1 Small Copper at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) at 10:40 hrs, also here 1 Peacock, 2 Small Skipper and 1 Essex Skipper. Trent Park 'New Fields' (12:10 - 12:50 hrs) - 1 male Brimstone, 1 Essex Skipper, 2 Small Skipper, 5+ Six-spot Burnet, 2 Purple Hairstreak, 1 Small Copper Sect 5, 2 Peacock nectaring on thistles Sect 5 at 12:37 hrs and 1 Comma. 2 Box-tree Moth (1 Oakwood Station, 1 ASDA Southgate), 1 Peacock nectaring on thistles near Snakes Lane, Trent Park - making a total of 7 for Trent Park for this date, 1 Peacock at Oakwood Station at 14:17 hrs Robert Callf
17 Jul Some activity in our Bushey garden seeing Gatekeeper x 1, Comma x 1, Small White x 1, Peacock x 1, Small Tortoiseshell x 1 David Gower
16 Jul Bushey. Mead Way: Gatekeeper 3. Highwood Primary School: Meadow Brown 2, Small Skipper 1. Finch Lane allotments: Gatekeeper 10, Speckled Wood 1, Ringlet 1, Large White 2 Rebecca Palmer
16 Jul Box Tree moth invasion in St Albans - saw my first ever here two days ago, two in my garden this evening and now one in my kitchen. Been dreading this for a while, working on a plan to persuade my neighbours not to spray all their hedges. I'm worried spraying could have a major harmful impact on butterflies in my garden Malcolm Hull
16 Jul Purple Emperor and Silver-washed Fritillary at Patmore Heath Gavin Vicary
16 Jul Hounslow. Warm and Sunny from mid morning to early evening. No new species spotted but the first time we've had 20 species on a single walk here this year: Gatekeeper: 100, Meadow Brown: 112, Speckled Wood: 14, Small Skipper: 5, Red Admiral: 4, Peacock: 31, Purple Hairstreak: 1, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Holly Blue: 7, Comma: 4, Green-veined White: 2, Small White: 18, Large White: 1, Brimstone: 2, Brown Argus: 6, Small Heath: 3, Marbled White: 3, Ringlet: 4, Common Blue: 1, Small Copper: 3 Peter Gore
16 Jul Purple Emperor in conservatory at Westmill Mike Harding
16 Jul Bengeo garden: Silver-washed Fritillary, Small White, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood 2, Ringlet 5+, Meadow Brown 10+, Gatekeeper 10+, Marbled White, Red Admiral, Peacock 5, Comma 3, Mother of Pearl & Box-tree Moth 3 Simon Knott
16 Jul 1 Peacock nectaring on buddleia at Water Garden, Trent Park at 08:52 hrs, 2 Purple Hairstreak at Trent Park (1 near Water Garden, 1 edge of Rough Lot), 2 Peacock at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998), 1 Small Tortoiseshell nectaring on Bramble blossom at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 10:04 hrs, also here 3 Purple Hairstreak at 10:07 hrs, 1 Peacock nectaring on thistles at Parkside Farm,, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 10:25 hrs. 1 Painted Lady at Park Farm, Enfield this morning - very worn & tatty Robert Callf
15 Jul It turned out warm at lunchtime so I decided last minute to do my transects and WCBS at Great Northaw Wood. I was rewarded with sightings of several Silver-washed Fritillaries and finally got one to settle. I'm on the lookout for Dark Green Fritillaries there as the warden reckons she has seen them. The Ringlets and Meadow Browns are still in high numbers. There were more Purple Hairstreaks visible lower down. The Commas are also becoming regular again Dee Cullen
15 Jul I spent the afternoon at Hampstead Heath. The Purple Emperor duly appeared just after 13:00 and was seldom out of view for long after that, either perched or making a short or longer flight. At 16:15 and with the sun now fully out he became galvanised and a flurry of activity ensued. A second Purple Emperor suddenly appeared and a terrific clash and chase followed, with two minor ones thereafter. A couple of Red Admiral had been about earlier, avoiding the Emperor's attentions but now one of them began to seriously irritate the him and I watched as it was pursued furiously a number of times. Finally a particularly annoying Purple Hairstreak became locked in an in an interminable contest with our hero. Things wound down at 16:45 Frank Nugent
15 Jul Pinner garden: Small Tortoiseshell nectaring on marjoram. Gatekeeper also on Marjoram & Peacock in classic pose on Buddleia plus assorted whites in flight Tony & Gill Porter
15 Jul Hounslow. A day which turned out sunnier than forecast, plenty of butterflies around to take advantage of the conditions: Red Admiral: 9, Meadow Brown: 87, Peacock: 38, Speckled Wood: 10, Gatekeeper: 74, Purple Hairstreak: 6, Green-veined White: 6, Ringlet: 14, Small White: 19, Comma: 7, Small Skipper: 8, Brown Argus: 4, Holly Blue: 4, Common Blue: 1, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Essex Skipper: 2, Small Copper: 2, Marbled White: 2 Peter Gore
15 Jul Good species count in Bengeo garden: Smaller Skipper, Essex Skipper, Green-veined White 2, Speckled Wood 2, Ringlet 5+, Meadow Brown 10+, Gatekeeper 5+, Marbled White, Red Admiral 2, Peacock 3, Small Purple & Gold, Mother of Pearl, Small Magpie & Box-tree Moth Simon Knott
15 Jul Quick mid morning stop at A41 approach road to hotel at Bourne End (TL018046) and saw 4 Marbled Whites, a confirmed Essex and a Small Skipper, couple of Meadow Browns, a Gatekeeper and a Small White, as well as a few Shaded Broad-bar moths Paul Busby
15 Jul Purple Emperor in Essendon garden on 10 July Penny Figgis
15 Jul 1 Red Admiral at Duncan's Wood, Enfield Chase at 09:30 hrs Robert Callf
14 Jul In Town Park, Enfield (13:40 - 14:15 hrs) - 1 Comma, 2 Gatekeeper, 1 Marbled White, Green-veined White, Small White and Silver-washed Fritillary - my first for this site (TQ 325 960). 1 Small Magpie at ASDA Southgate Robert Callf
14 Jul Hounslow. An afternoon walk after early rain. Sightings declined in the early evening but still high overall: Holly Blue: 2, Small White: 8, Ringlet: 10, Meadow Brown: 96, Comma: 7, Peacock: 33, Large Skipper: 4, Red Admiral: 6, Green-veined White: 2, Speckled Wood: 5, Gatekeeper: 55, Essex Skipper: 3, Painted Lady: 2, Small Skipper: 20, Brown Argus: 2, Brimstone: 1, Marbled White: 2, Purple Hairstreak: 1 Peter Gore
14 Jul During a brief break in the cloud at 11.30am we had multiple sightings of at least two very lively Purple Emperors (one definitely a male) flying around an oak at the eastern tip of Pudler's Wood in Heartwood Forest Alan Jackson
13 Jul Branch Event
Heartwood Forest, near St Albans - Our moth trap event with the Woodland Trust was a great success, with 5 traps, 16 people attending and many thousands of moths trapped. John Murray has enlisted the help of Mark Sterling, who contributed two extra generators and considerable expertise to a highly enjoyable evening. Oak Eggar was the first substantial moth in the trap, with both males and a female seen during the evening. Thousands of micros including many grass veneer appeared along with more exotic large Elephant Hawk-moths, Drinker moths, Black Arches, Swallow-tailed, Brimstone, Ruby Tiger, Peach Blossom and many more - full list here
Even a Meadow Brown butterfly got in on the act. As we moved from trap to trap, we noticed differences in the range of species in the meadow and by the wood edge. Best results were from the traps most sheltered from the stiff breeze, though all yielded good results. Taking the traps down at around 1am, the air was thick with moths adding to many hundreds perched in and around the traps and sheets. A memorable evening, particularly special because of John's and Mark's amazing knowledge of all the names, including micros
Malcolm Hull
13 Jul Heartwood Forest, near St Albans - Inspired by yesterday's sightings of Purple Emperor by Andrew Steele and Mark Sterling, I headed up to Wells/Pudler's Wood at Heartwood. I didn't get home from last nights branch moth trap (see separate report) at the same location until 2am, so only arrived about 1pm. In three hours I had a total of 26 Purple Emperor sightings and from their behaviour I estimate there were at least 6 different individuals, quite likely more. Behaviours seen included males cruising round two different high points in the canopy, very rapid flight of a male apparently fleeing a clash, nectaring on lime tree blossom and flying into Sallows in The Magical Wood. Never seen so many before in Herts. It's only 3 years since David Hunt's first sighting at this site and more evidence that rewilding projects like Heartwood can create ideal habitat for this species.
Oak Eggar was much in evidence, zooming around at high speed, one even crashed into my face at full speed. Like me the Oak Eggars had been at the moth trap the night before, maybe the bright lights had affected its vision? Other species recorded on this trip included Burnet Companion, Both Narrow-bordered Five-spot & Six-spot Burnet, Cinnabar, Red Admiral, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Purple Hairstreak, Ringlet, Marbled White, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Large, Small & Green-veined Whites, Large, Small & Essex Skippers
Malcolm Hull
13 Jul My son and I were thrilled to see our first Comma at Finch Lane Allotments, Bushey. Also seen here: 6 Gatekeeper, 3 Meadow Brown and a Dark Arches moth Rebecca Palmer
13 Jul At Drop Lane, Bricket Wood this morning: Essex Skipper x 4, Small Skipper x 4, Marbled White x 1, Gatekeeper x 1. Onto Bricket Wood Common seeing Meadow Brown x 41, Ringlet x 52, White Admiral x 1, Brimstone x 1, Gatekeeper x 7, Marbled White x 25, Small Skipper x 3, Silver-washed Fritillary x 2, Small Heath x 1, Small White x 1, Purple Hairstreak x 9, a lot of activity low down on ferns. No Purple Emperors David Gower
13 Jul Hounslow. I started out early this morning to catch the sun but in truth it felt as though butterflies were determined to fly regardless of cloudy conditions in the early afternoon. After my comment yesterday it's apparent that Meadow Browns wish it to be known that they've certainly not passed their peak. My own highlight though was a fresh and beautiful female Small Copper, I hope the first of many. It's perhaps also worth highlighting that despite over 300 butterflies today not one of them was a Painted Lady. It will hardly be surprising if this absence doesn't last but after so many and so long I think worth the emphasis just in case it is the end of a memorable year here for them. Here's the full list: Gatekeeper: 62, Red Admiral: 10, Speckled Wood: 17, Meadow Brown: 111, Small White: 25, Purple Hairstreak: 1, Peacock: 26, Green-veined White: 9, Ringlet: 18, Small Skipper: 16, Marbled White: 3, Comma: 7, Holly Blue: 2, Small Heath: 3, Small Copper: 1, Brown Argus: 1, Essex Skipper: 3 Peter Gore
13 Jul 1 Scalloped Oak at Dalrymple Close, N14 and 1 Least Carpet at Chase Rd/Charter Way, N14 this morning. 1 Red Admiral near Hadley Rd/Vicarage Farm and 2 Red Admiral and 1 Comma at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) Robert Callf
12 Jul Hexton Chalk Pit (TL107299): Chalkhill Blue (3 males), Dark Green Fritillary (20+). It's early days still for the Chalkhills, but this looks like turning into a poor year for them at their North Herts. sites. On the other hand, Dark Green Fritillaries are having an exceptional year both here and on Therfield Heath. Other species seen: Small Skipper, Marbled White, Green-veined White, Meadow Brown, Ringlet and Gatekeeper Martin Johnson
12 Jul Hounslow. Peacock and Speckled Wood on the increase as Meadow Brown, Small Heath, Marbled White and Skippers decline from their peak. I've also had my annual encounter with a Brimstone on Perennial Sweet Pea, pretty much the same area as other years too. I could believe it was the same one if I didn't know better. This is the full list: Holly Blue: 3, Small White: 9, Gatekeeper: 21, Meadow Brown: 55, Speckled Wood: 10, Marbled White: 2, Purple Hairstreak; 2, Comma: 10, Peacock: 16, Ringlet: 8, Small Tortoiseshell: 5, Small Heath: 3, Painted Lady: 2, Red Admiral: 3, Essex Skipper: 6, Brimstone: 1, Small Skipper: 3, Large Skipper: 3 Peter Gore
12 Jul Saw my first Peacock of the new generation in field north of Wintergreen Wood (Knebworth transect) Peter Clarke
12 Jul Aldbury Nowers - 2 Dark Green Fritillaries and 2 Silver-washed Fritillaries. Absolute masses of Marbled Whites, they seem to be having a great year. Nearly as many Meadow Browns, but fewer Ringlets at this dry site. Gatekeeper numbers are still increasing and Small/Essex Skippers seem a bit better this year. Other species spotted: Red Admiral, Large Skipper, Painted Lady, Brimstone, Large and Green-veined Whites, Small Heath and Speckled Wood. Also my first 6 spot Burnet moths of the year.
Back in St Albans, the first two Small Tortoiseshells have entered into hibernation in my shed at some stage during the last week
Malcolm Hull
12 Jul Common Emerald at bus-stop shelter at Chase Rd/Charter Way, N14 this morning, 2 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097), 1 Red Admiral and 1 Essex Skipper at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) - my first of the year, 1 Comma near Obelisk, Trent Park Robert Callf
12 Jul 1x White-letter Hairsteak, Oakhill Park Golf Course, East Barnet ...2x Comma. Egg laying on Golden hop..East Barnet Kitt Jones
11 Jul Symondshyde Great Wood near St Albans - visited for an hour in warm overcast conditions late afternoon. 12 Silver-washed Fritillaries, including a courting couple. The female flew slowly and steadily along the ride, with the male following making graceful looping flights close to and around her. Ringlets were most numerous with 164 counted. Meadow Browns, Marbled Whites and Green-veined Whites in dozens with a few Purple Hairstreak, Peacock, Comma, Large Small and Essex Skipper, Large White and Speckled Wood Malcolm Hull
11 Jul At least 30 Meadow Brown, 3 Small/Essex Skipper, at least 15 Marbled White, 3 Large White, 1 Gatekeeper, 2 Green-veined White - Purwell Meadows east, Hitchin (TL2029). 1 Small/Essex Skipper, 22 Meadow Brown, 2 Large White, 1 Green-veined White - Purwell Meadows west, Hitchin (TL1929). 1 Meadow Brown - Walsworth Common, Hitchin (TL1930) David Inward
11 Jul Branch Event
Norton Green Common. Ten people turned up for this event in seemingly ideal weather (broken sunshine, warm and light winds) but we did not achieve the spectacular results of last year's event. Unfortunately, no Purple Emperors this time and far fewer Purple Hairstreaks. Species encountered: Small Skipper: 20+ (several were seen close up but none identified as Essex), Large Skipper: 10+, Large White: 2, Small White: 10+, Green-veined White: 1, Small Heath: 3, Ringlet: 100+, Meadow Brown: 100+, Gatekeeper: 10+, Marbled White: 50+, Silver-washed Fritillary: 10+, Red Admiral: 1, Painted Lady: 1, Comma: 5, Purple Hairstreak: 5. Moths include Hummingbird hawk-moth, Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet and several Cinnabars including some larvae on ragwort. At least one Ruddy Darter also flying. Did anyone take a photo of a Silver-washed? Peter C.
Peter Clarke
Bob Clift
11 Jul Hounslow. A brief early morning walk today: Meadow Brown: 11, Small White: 1, Green-veined White: 1 Purple Hairstreak: 2, Small Skipper: 1, Peacock: 1, Comma: 1, Gatekeeper: 1, Painted Lady: 1, Ringlet: 8 Peter Gore
11 Jul 1 Comma near Hadley Rd/Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 11:05 hrs, 1 Silver Y at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998), 1 Red Admiral at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 11:34 hrs, 3 Small Tortoiseshell together nectaring on thistles at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 11:57 hrs. 1 Least Carpet at Chase Rd near Charter Way, N14 this morning settled on car window Robert Callf
10 Jul Hounslow. Gatekeeper: 15, Speckled Wood: 7, Red Admiral: 6, Meadow Brown: 94, Ringlet: 15, White-letter Hairstreak: 2, Purple Hairstreak: 2, Comma: 5, Small Heath: 8, Small Skipper: 4, Essex Skipper: 2, Small White: 2, Peacock: 4, Large Skipper: 3, Marbled White: 4, Painted Lady: 1, Green-veined White: 4, Holly Blue: 2 Peter Gore
10 Jul 1 Least Carpet Moth Idaea rusticata - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
10 Jul 1 Small Tortoiseshell at South Lodge Farm, Enfield at 11:52 hrs, 1 Comma near Merryhills Brook/Trent Park at 12:05 hrs, 2 Small Tortoiseshell together nectaring on thistle near Shaw's Cottages, Trent Park at 12:16 hrs, 7 Small Tortoiseshell at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) nectaring on thistles & Bramble blossom, also here 1 Comma, 1 Red Admiral and 2 Purple Hairstreak. 1 Comma and 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Parkside Farm (TQ 2998) and 1 Peacock at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 301 982), 1 Red Admiral at Vicarage Farm near Hadley Rd, 1 Comma, 1 Painted Lady and 2 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) Robert Callf
10 Jul Led a walk at Broxbourne Woods west car park. Highlights were Purple Emperor in the main ride. two White Admirals in second part of the glade. Purple Hairstreak on bracken, at least 10 Silver-washed Fritillaries, many Gatekeepers, Essex, Large and Small Skippers, Ringlets, Meadow Browns, and 50 or more Marbled Whites and a Small heath, Painted Lady and 2 Red Admiral.
In Bencroft Wood White Admiral and Silver-washed Fritillary
Steve Kiln
10 Jul As usual the Gatekeepers have returned to my Muswell Hill garden just saw my first at 8am as I left the house. A nice start to the day Dee Cullen
9 Jul Hillbrow LGC - Meadow Browns x200+, Marbled White x200+, Small/Essex Skippers x100+(out of 8 photographs taken 2 were Essex, so a fair %), Ringlet x10+, Gatekeeper x10+, a few Large & Small Whites and Small Heath x2.
Norton to Baldock Rd. at approximately TL237344, Elms on the North side of the road; White-letter Hairstreak x4 at least, (two pairs in aerial battle), other sightings but more than likely were the same individuals
Roger Millard
9 Jul A visit in cloudy bright weather to Goldings just outside Hertford saw the following: Meadow Brown 158, Ringlet 1, Red Admiral 3, Small Tortoiseshell 27, Marbled White 18, Small White 1, Painted Lady 1, Large Skipper 3, Small Heath 2, Small Skipper 1. Just down the road in the small churchyard that is maintained for wildlife I recorded Ringlet 7, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Gatekeeper 1, Meadow Brown 9, Marbled White 1, Comma 1, Green-veined White 1, Large Skipper 1, Essex Skipper 2, Small Skipper 1, Common Blue 1 also a Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing moth sitting in the open Andrew Wood
9 Jul 1 Hummingbird Hawk-moth at Aldbury Nowers (SP 950 137) at 13:13 hrs Richard Callf
Robert Callf
9 Jul Hounslow. More Peacocks around today. All three Purple Hairstreaks were at eye or ground level in different parts of the site: Gatekeeper: 5, Large Skipper: 2, Meadow Brown: 88, Ringlet: 11, Comma: 9, Holly Blue: 1, Peacock: 4, Small White: 2, Small Heath: 6, Small Skipper: 2, Red Admiral: 5, Green-veined White: 2, Speckled Wood: 1, Common Blue: 1, Purple Hairstreak: 3, Marbled White: 2, Painted Lady: 1, Essex Skipper: 2 Peter Gore
8 Jul Went to Rickneys Quarry and saw 5 Brown Argus must be new brood Steve Kiln
8 Jul 1 Barred Grass-Veneer (Agriphila inquinatella) - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
8 Jul Hounslow. Meadow Brown: 99, Small White: 10, Ringlet: 14, Small Heath: 11, Red Admiral: 3, Speckled Wood: 5, Gatekeeper: 4, Small Tortoiseshell: 2, Small Skipper: 8, Essex Skipper: 4, Large Skipper: 5, Holly Blue: 2, Comma: 6, Marbled White: 4, Green-veined White: 2, Peacock: 3, Painted Lady: 1 Peter Gore
8 Jul 1 Comma and 1 Red Admiral at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998), also here 1 Silver Y near Hadley Rd, 1 Painted Lady near lower lake, Trent Park and 3 male Gatekeeper at Trent Park and another two at Vicarage Farm near Shaws Wood (TQ 2997). 1 male Common Blue at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) - my first of the summer brood and 2 Marbled White mating at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park Robert Callf
7 Jul Bushey. Holy Trinity Church: Red Admiral 1, Small Skipper 7; Mead Way: Marbled White 1, Meadow Brown 1, Marbled White 1, Red Admiral 1; Finch Lane allotments: Meadow Brown 1, Ringlet 4, Marbled White 1 Rebecca Palmer
7 Jul Went for look for White-letter Hairstreaks at Six Hills Common this morning (around 9 am), only had 15 minutes but very pleased to find a couple (one at eye-level and second one lower down, a few feet from the floor)! Tom Speller
7 Jul Hounslow. An afternoon walk after morning rain. Although the whole area was visited, trivial circumstances conspired against me, so the following is a far from complete list of everything flying: Speckled Wood: 2, Ringlet: 12, Meadow Brown: 34, Holly Blue: 1, Comma: 1, Red Admiral: 2, Small Heath: 1 Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Marbled White: 2, Gatekeeper: 1, Small White: 1, Comma: 1, plus plenty of unrecorded Skippers Peter Gore
7 Jul St Albans - Small Tortoiseshell and Comma both nectaring on the purple buddleia in my garden this afternoon. My first buddleia butterflies of the year! Malcolm Hull
7 Jul At 1:25 pm at Norton Green Common, I saw a Purple Emperor fly over one of the oaks on the SW edge of Watery Grove. This oak is behind the birch tree where a male was found during a field trip in 2016 Peter Clarke
7 Jul Branch Event
Bricket Wood Common, St Albans - Cloudy skies, 15 degrees, light drizzle and a dismal weather forecast all indicated this might not be a successful walk. Despite this 11 people showed up and their faith was rewarded. All three target species, White Admiral, Silver-washed Fritillary and Purple Emperor were recorded, albeit in low numbers. Purple Emperor stole the show, with both a male and a female found on the ground and photographed by all. Both came readily to my hand and the male sat there happily for 20 mins as we continued with our walk.
Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns and particularly Ringlets were all in good numbers, with a few Large, Small and Essex Skippers, Small and Green-veined Whites, Red Admiral, Comma and Gatekeeper also recorded. Purple Hairstreaks were active in the canopy and we also saw half a dozen flying low. After the walk ended Chris Newman and I saw a Small Heath, which has reappeared on the Common this Spring after an absence of several years. In Mutchetts Wood we saw many more Purple Hairstreaks and Chris caught two glimpses of Purple Emperor in flight through a gap in the canopy
Malcolm Hull
7 Jul Branch Event
A good walk across Hertford Heath and Balls Wood for today's Field Trip. We had excellent views of Small, Essex and Large Skippers, Large, Small and Green-veined Whites, Comma, Silver-washed Fritillary, Marbled White, Ringlet, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown and more fleetingly White Admiral. Particularly at the end there were many Purple Hairstreaks on oaks at the very edge of the Heath
Andrew Wood
6 Jul Branch Event
We were joined by three other people for the annual Purple Emperor assembly site visits. Unfortunately the weather changed overnight from lovely sunshine to wall to wall cloud at 1 o'clock when we started watching the woodland edge at Fir and Pond Wood. A few Purple Hairstreak were seen through binoculars but no Purple Emperors flew (which we half expected). We then went on to the assembly area at Northaw Great Wood. This is viewed from underneath so we were slightly more optimistic that one might fly. Despite cloud, it was warm (about 22 degrees) and not too windy. It wasn't long before a single Purple Emperor left its perch and flew over the oak but it took a while for it to return and make several flights; then perch in view of all those below. Leaving everyone very satisfied, however it got better when he was joined by a second Purple Emperor, and several chases and clashes were observed before the singleton took control of the oak tree and perched up, occasionally making a solitary flight to check its surroundings. Purple Hairstreak were also flying with one being chased by the Purple Emperor. So despite the cloud, a very successful visit despite the earlier disappointment at Fir & Pond Wood. However, everyone now knows where to look in future
Andrew Middleton
Liz Goodyear
6 Jul Hounslow. A morning walk catching early sunshine which soon departed, leading to reduced sightings. Inevitably after yesterday's comment, Red Admirals 'returned' today, including one individual that appeared from nowhere high on the front of my shirt as if to make some sort of sarcastic point. I can think of half a dozen species I'd be happy to have respond in similar fashion between now and the end of the season but in the meantime here are today's: Meadow Brown: 84, Small White: 11, Speckled Wood: 2, Purple Hairstreak: 4, White-letter Hairstreak: 1 Painted Lady: 2, Gatekeeper: 2, Large Skipper: 2, Ringlet: 30, Red Admiral: 3, Green-veined White: 4, Comma: 4, Small Heath: 10, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Small Skipper: 5, Essex Skipper: 3, Marbled White: 9, Common Blue: 1 Peter Gore
6 Jul 1 Red Admiral at Chase Green, Enfield Town (TQ 323 967) near War Memorial at 12:35 hrs Robert Callf
6 Jul Marbled White in Letchworth garden Deborah Parfitt
5 Jul I went for a wander down Watery Grove / Norton Green Common this morning. Pleased to see 1-2 Purple Hairstreaks at 3 spots, not bad considering around 6.15am - 7.30am! Best views were just outside the other end of Norton Green common in oaks at edge of Knebworth woods. Scanned tree tops for emperors but no sign Tom Speller
5 Jul 5 Silver-washed Fritillaries at Scales Park Woods (near Anstey) Martin Johnson
5 Jul Purple Emperor by Well Wood, Heartwood Forest Martin Webb
5 Jul Ringlet in Muswell Hill garden at nearly 9:00pm Dee Cullen
5 Jul Hounslow. Perhaps the most surprising thing today on a rather cloudy afternoon was the absence of Red Admiral - 8 yesterday so maybe another migrant finding us wanting although there always seems like plenty of nettles to me. Here's the day's full list: Meadow Brown: 115, Ringlet: 18, Small Heath: 13, Green-veined White: 6, Speckled Wood: 3, White-letter Hairstreak: 2, Purple Hairstreak: 3, Comma: 6, Marbled White: 9, Small Skipper: 7, Gatekeeper: 2, Painted Lady: 4, Small White: 9, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Essex Skipper: 6, Large Skipper: 4, Common Blue: 2, Brown Argus: 1, Holly Blue: 1 Peter Gore
5 Jul At least 1 Large White - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
5 Jul 4 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097). At Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) - 1 Purple Hairstreak, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Marbled White and a male Gatekeeper near Hadley Rd - my first of the year. 2 male Gatekeeper at Trent Park (1 near Oakwood entrance, 1 Sect 5 'New Fields'), 1 Comma near Oakwood entrance, Trent Park. 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Southgate Chase Allotments at 13:45 hrs. 1 Meal Moth Pyralis farinalis at ASDA Southgate Robert Callf
5 Jul In and around Norton Green, my first Gatekeeper of the year, along with 2 Comma, 150 Meadow Brown, 3 Green-veined White, 5 Large Skipper, 40 Marbled White, 70 Ringlet, 20 Small White, 3 Painted Lady, 2 Red Admiral, 4 Silver-washed Fritillary, 1 Purple Hairstreak, 2+ Small Skipper, 2 Large White, 5 Small Heath and 4 Small Tortoiseshell. No Purple Emperors or White Admirals Peter Clarke
5 Jul My first Gatekeeper of the season at Waterford Heath south Steve Kiln
4 Jul Walking the Bricket Wood Common Butterfly Transect in the afternoon, I saw what looked like a female Silver-washed Fritillary, except it looked grey-brown rather than orangey-brown. I spent almost half an hour trying to get a decent wing-open photo, with limited success. When I got round to checking whether my photos showed SWF markings, I found that it is a recognized variant, the valezina form. Walking home 2½ hours after I first spotted her, she was still in the same area, probably egg-laying on an ash tree, between the footpath and an overgrown section of the 'Gas Ride' Chris Newman
4 Jul 4 Silver-washed Fritillaries by wood, Ellenbrook Fields Martin Webb
4 Jul While walking across Bunkers Park, had amazing numbers of Marbled Whites and Meadow Browns, nectaring on Knapweeds and Bramble. Also small numbers of Ringlet and Essex Skipper Clive Burrows
4 Jul On my transect had 1 Purple Emperor in usual area by the pond by Wells Wood and Purple Hairstreak in the same area at Heartwood Forest Andrew Steele
4 Jul Went to Broxbourne Woods this morning, saw Hummingbird Hawk-moth on top path feeding on Self Heal. Lots of Purple Hairstreaks, Silver-washed Fritillary, Marbled Whites. Then late afternoon saw another Purple Emperor at Turnford, this time by the causeway which leads to the bridge over the Lea Canal. It was trying to take moisture from a stick which was in the water Kevin Standbridge
4 Jul Bowers Heath near Harpenden - 1 Humming Hawk-Moth & 4 Purple Hairstreaks late afternoon. Weedy field, Batford - 3 White-letter Hairstreaks late afternoon Darin Stanley
4 Jul In the Broxbourne Woods complex from roughly 10.00-13.30. At the first site I visited (Broxbourne Woods, West car park) I had a pristine male Purple Emperor at 10.25am at approx TL326072. It was flying at roughly knee height initially but soon climbed and disappeared through a sallow. I suspect that it might have been on the ground just prior to me noticing it. No more sightings in approx the next hour. I next visited Wormley Wood S end and also Bencroft Wood but no further encounters. Just one White Admiral surprised me. By contrast Silver-washed Fritillaries were out in good numbers but not really nectaring a great deal Andy Culshaw
4 Jul 31 Meadow Brown, 85 Marbled White, 7 Small/Essex Skipper, 1 probable Common Blue, 1 Large White - meadow and plantation east of Greenway north of Willian Road, near Hitchin (TL2030) (whole field probably has at least double these numbers). 5 Large White - field off Queenswood Drive, Hitchin (TL2030). 1 Large White - north of Sainsburys, Hitchin (TL186295). 1 Red Admiral, 1 Large White - St Faiths Close, Hitchin (TL198303) David Inward
4 Jul Hounslow. Brimstone and Peacock back with us here today on a very warm sunny afternoon: Red Admiral: 8, Painted Lady: 2, Meadow Brown: 102, Ringlet: 27, Brimstone: 1, Small Heath: 29, Comma: 8, Purple Hairstreak: 2, Small White: 7, Green-veined White: 3, Holly Blue: 3, Marbled White: 12, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Large Skipper: 6, Small Skipper: 7, Essex Skipper: 4, Common Blue: 1, Gatekeeper: 2, Peacock: 2 Peter Gore
4 Jul Some Highlights from a visit to Therfield Heath (west of the Sporting Club) this morning: Chalkhill Blue (6 males, all but one on Church Hill), Essex Skipper (1+), Small Skipper (20+), Brown Argus (2; one worn, one apparently fresh: very early 2nd generation??), Small Tortoiseshell (2+), Gatekeeper (5), Dark Green Fritillary (40+). Numbers of Dark Green Fritillary continue to grow year on year - given that possibly all the butterflies I saw were males, I estimate that there could be over 200 individuals of this very attractive butterfly present on The Heath now and they are also spreading out into the nearby farmland. All 25 of our resident species are now (or have been) on the wing this year. There are still hundreds of Meadow Browns and Marbled Whites flying, too Martin Johnson
4 Jul 3 Green-veined White settled on field margin at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) before 08:00 hrs, also here 1 Painted Lady, 1 Red-belted Clearwing on concrete path at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 293 982) at 08:05 BST - my first record of a Clearwing sp in the Enfield area, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Hadley Rd/Park Farm at 08:23 hrs, 1 Comma edge of Moat Wood, Trent Park Robert Callf
3 Jul On pulling ragwort with other CMS volunteers on Croxley Common Moor, I saw a Hummingbird hawk-moth Chris Newman
3 Jul Purple Emperor seen at Stanmore Country Park (TQ1792) John Winter
3 Jul Bowers Heath near Harpenden - Another year and another Emperor. 1 female Purple Emperor around the same oak tree as every year. Seen between 10.30 to 11.00 Darin Stanley
3 Jul At Northwood HQ, Sandy Lane found Painted Lady x 2, Meadow Brown x 2, Large White x 1.
Later on at Fishers Field nature reserve Meadow Brown x 28, Marbled White x 33, Ringlet x 9, Small Skipper x 17, Essex Skipper x 8, Small Tortoiseshell x 1, Purple Hairstreak x 15.
In Bushey garden Cinnabar moth x 1
David Gower
3 Jul One male Purple Emperor holding territory, chasing Wood pigeons at Thorley Lane east Bishop's Stortford, in the gap I found last year Laurence Drummond
3 Jul I have had a couple of excursions to Cassiobury Park and Whippindell Woods this week in preparation for Sundays butterfly walk to see what's on the wing. White Admiral are on the wing and once more 'Camilla Oak' seems to be a favourite spot for White Admiral as seen on last years walk, numbers of Silver-washed Fritillary are on the increase and on Saturday the first White-Letter Hairstreak was seen. Weather permitting we shall go and look for these species on Sunday. If favourable there is a good chance of seeing White Admiral low down among the oaks and brambles. Also by Sunday Purple Hairstreak should also be on the wing. In the park I saw all three golden Skippers today, ( one confirmed sighting of the Essex Skipper ) Marbled Whites and lots of Ringlets and Meadow Browns. Sadly the walk does clash with other walks but if you are in the area and like to check out Whippendell Woods for butterflies then please join us at 2pm Sunday Peter Fewell
3 Jul I set off around my usual route at Stanwell Moor at around nine this morning, and set about one of my periodic counts of what was flying: Meadow Brown 83, Small/Essex Skipper 44, Small White 27, Small Heath 21, Red Admiral 10, Comma 8, Green-veined White 4, Small Tortoiseshell 4, Common Blue 4, Large Skipper 3, Large White 2, Ringlet 1, Marbled White 1, Painted Lady 1, Brown Argus 1, Holly Blue 1, Brimstone 1, Gatekeeper 1.
The total of 19 species is the highest I have ever recorded here in one day, and remarkably Speckled Wood is not on the list. The Gatekeeper was my first of the year here; The Brimstone was a new season individual; Two of the Common Blues were new second brood examples, as was the Holly Blue. Finding a single Ringlet among all those Meadow Browns wasn't easy, but I have a record of it! Both Small and Essex Skippers were definitely present. From sampling those I saw I would estimate roughly a 3:2 ratio in favour of Small over Essex
Dave Miller
3 Jul Small Tortoiseshell aberration at Ellenbrook fields, between Hatfield and St Albans (TL 194086) Sheila Whittingham
3 Jul 1 Marbled White, 1 Comma, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Small White - Ashbrook hamlet (TL2027). 3 Meadow Brown, 1 Large White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Ringlet - path on west side of Ash Brook stream (TL2028). 1 Small/Essex Skipper, 3 Ringlet, 1 Meadow Brown - path on south side of Ippolytts Brook, east end (TL2028). 1 Ringlet, 6 Meadow Brown, 1 Cinnabar moth - path on south side of Ippolytts Brook, west end (TL1928) David Inward
3 Jul Hounslow. Comma: 9, Small Heath: 23, Meadow Brown: 105, Red Admiral: 8, Large Skipper: 5, Ringlet: 31, Small Tortoiseshell: 2, Essex Skipper: 1, Small White: 13, Small Skipper: 3, Speckled Wood: 1, Holly Blue: 2, Marbled White: 6, Painted Lady: 2, Purple Hairstreak: 4. Skippers, especially Small/Essex, very under-counted. Whites not so bad despite 2 species apparently missing today Peter Gore
3 Jul 2 Painted Lady at Trent Park, 1 Comma edge of Moat Wood, Trent Park, 2 Comma at Park Farm/Hadley Rd, 1 Painted Lady at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998), 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Park Farm, 1 female White-letter Hairstreak settled low down in Wych Elm at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 14:09 hrs - my first of the year, 2 Small Tortoiseshell together at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 300 983). 2 Comma, 1 Purple Hairstreak, 3 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Peacock at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) Robert Callf
3 Jul At Bishops Wood Country Park (near Rickmansworth) I saw 7 Silver-washed Fritillary, 30+ Meadow Brown, 8 Marbled Whites, 3 Small Skipper, 4 Ringlet, 1 White Admiral and 1 male Purple Emperor, perched on a leaf, looking very battered, with part of its wing missing Carole Holton
2 Jul First Gatekeeper of the year at Gutteridge Wood, but unusually just a single Speckled Wood despite an hours walk through Gutteridge/Cutthroat Wood, Hillingdon. Plenty of meadow butterflies at Cutthroat Wood with 10+ Ringlet, 10+ Meadow Brown, 5+ Small Skipper, as well as 2 Commas, Large Skipper and 2 Cinnabar moths. At Minet Country Park, 10's of Marbled Whites and Small Skippers, big improvement on last couple of years Paul Busby
2 Jul A Marbled White on Hemp Agrimony, in Watford garden. These have been absent here for four years. Also Meadow Brown and Small Elephant Hawk-moth feeding on Lavender in garden Paul Williams
2 Jul 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Rectory Farm, Enfield (TQ 308 984) at 12:10 hrs, 1 Green-veined White, 2 Comma and 1 Painted Lady at Flash Lane Aqueduct (TQ 322 992), 1 Painted Lady at Whitewebbs Park near King & Tinker PH, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Guy Lodge Farm, Enfield (TQ 330 999) at 14:13 hrs, 1 Comma near Archers Wood near Forty Hill (TQ 333 992), 1 Comma at Maiden's Bridge, Bull's Cross (TQ 342 987) at 15:14 hrs and 1 Red Admiral nearby at 15:17 hrs. 1 Red Admiral at Church Street, Enfield Town near St Paul's Centre Robert Callf
2 Jul Hounslow. The first Gatekeeper of the year today. Ringlet numbers are steadily increasing as are Skippers but I'm not making a very good job of recording the latter I fear. Whites also visibly on the increase and not fully recorded but not so numerous : Ringlet: 29, Marbled White: 5, Meadow Brown: 115, Small Heath: 32, Painted Lady: 5, Speckled Wood: 2, Purple Hairstreak: 4, Comma: 6, Small Skipper: 11, Small White: 5, Gatekeeper: 1, Red Admiral: 3, Essex Skipper: 1, Green-veined White: 2, Large White: 1, Large Skipper: 1, Holly Blue: 1 Peter Gore
2 Jul At Highwood Primary School, Bushey: 1 Painted Lady. Finch Lane allotments: 15 Meadow Brown and 1 Marbled White Rebecca Palmer
2 Jul On a birding walk round the main pit at Tyttenhanger GPs (TL195052) I also recorded: 140 Marbled Whites, 300+ Meadow Browns (not counted but I estimated that there were at least twice as many as Marbled Whites), 6 Ringlet, 3 Comma, 2 Small Heath, 2 Small Skipper, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Painted Lady, 2 Small White David Booth
2 Jul On a visit to Church Hill, Therfield Heath (TL346404) this morning, I saw not only many Dark Green Fritillaries (mostly males zipping around without settling, but also one female that settled obligingly for a photo), Marbled White, Small Heath and Meadow Brown, but also my first two Chalk Hill Blues. I also saw my first Gatekeeper of the year Gerry Rawcliffe
2 Jul We saw a Purple Emperor in Turnford, Cheshunt, a male at approx 11.45am just before the Railway bridge from Turnford car park. This is the first time we have seen one there Kevin & Sandra
2 Jul Newly emerged Gatekeeper ab. excessa this morning in Hertford - see John Harris' twitter account John Harris
1 Jul Church Hill, Therfield, 10:00 - 12:30: 15 Dark Green Fritillary, 10 Small Heath, 3 Painted Lady, 2 Red Admiral, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Comma, 50+ Meadow Brown & 50+ Marbled White.
Rifle Range, Therfield, 13:00-13:45: 1 Gatekeeper, 5 Dark Green Fritillary, 5 Small Heath, 50+ Meadow Brown & 50+ Marbled White
James Fowler
1 Jul At 4.45AM. I was walking down my Watford garden to go into the house, to make my second mug of tea. I was half way through emptying my moth trap. I disturbed a low down female Purple Hairstreak. It alighted on an Alder Buckthorn bush and stayed long enough for a photograph. Unfortunately it was windy and so the photo isn't brilliant. Our garden is surrounded by Oaks Paul Williams
1 Jul Saw my first Silver-washed Fritillaries (3) in 4 years at Bayfordbury (TL3110) while walking a transect. Also saw Small Skipper (4), Large Skipper (5), Large White (2), Small White (1), Brown Argus (1), Common Blue (1), Red Admiral (3), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Comma (2), Speckled Wood (3), Marbled White (24), Meadow Brown (91) and Ringlet (58) Ian Flack
1 Jul Painted Lady (added to Migrant watch), 2 Small White and 2 Meadow Brown at Broomfield Park new Wetland (TQ3092). Afternoon walk from Hampstead Garden Suburb to Spaniards Inn, saw Small White at Lyttleton Playing Field (TQ 2688), Hampstead Heath extension (TQ 2587) saw 20+ Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, 5+ Large Skippers and 2+ Ringlets, whilst on the Hampstead Heath ridge path (TQ 2687) saw another 5+ Meadow Brown and a Small White but no SWF or PE Paul Busby
1 Jul Saw my first Purple Emperors high up, two flitting between an Oak and an Ash at the known spot near the entrance driveway at Northaw Wood at around 5.30 - thanks Andrew Middleton for the help re location. I deliberately did my transects late here in the hope I'd see them and Purple Hairstreaks. I also saw six or so of them, again, high on the oaks. A purple day! Dee Cullen
1 Jul Hounslow. Started early so mostly a morning walk with slightly lower numbers resulting. Although numbers are not huge, confirmation from another local that Marbled White may be having its best year here and it has certainly spread from what used to seem to be its Marshalling Yards base to more or less everywhere across the site.: Meadow Brown: 83, Purple Hairstreak: 3, Ringlet: 17, Small White: 5, Large Skipper: 4, Small Skipper: 10, Small Heath: 22, Green-veined White: 2, Speckled Wood: 1, Comma: 6, Marbled White: 4, Red Admiral: 2, Small Tortoiseshell: 2, Painted Lady: 2, Common Blue: 1, Brown Argus: 1 Peter Gore
1 Jul At Vicarage Farm - 4 Comma including two together at Allotments, 5 Small Tortoiseshell including two together nectaring on Bramble, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Large White, 1 Small White and 1 Marbled White. 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998), also here 1 Marbled White and a batch of Peacock caterpillars. At Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) - 2 Painted Lady, 1 Comma, 1 Red Admiral and 1 Small Tortoiseshell. At Trent Park - 2 Comma (1 edge of Moat Wood, 1 near Merryhills Brook) Robert Callf


Date Description Recorder
30 Jun At Monken Hadley Common - 1 Large White, 1 Red Admiral, 2 Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet settled for positive id, 2 Painted Lady. 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Covert Way LNR. 1 Comma near Oakwood entrance, Trent Park at 15:08 hrs. 1 Gold Triangle at ASDA Southgate - my first of the year Robert Callf
30 Jun Walked through Tunnel Gardens around 11.00am: 5 Large Skipper, 2 Small Skipper, 6 Meadow Brown, 4 Ringlets, 3 white butterflies in flight one of which seemed like a Marbled White.
4.15 to 4.45 paid my first visit to Balls Wood after a cycle ride from Bayford Station only had time to walk down the main ride to the first intersection then left a bit to a sunny patch of brambles. 7 Large Skippers, 2 Comma, 2 White Admiral in flight but did not settle, 3 white butterflies in flight, numerous Meadow Brown and Ringlet including one that posed nicely for me.
18.00 returned to Tunnel gardens to see if I could find my suspected Marbled White and was excited to find a female settled on the thistles in one of the areas we have cleared of bramble, the first time I have ever seen one here. I had been meaning to go and look at Alexandra Palace after there was a report of one there. Tunnel Gardens, is not far along the main line from Ally Pally. I am hoping that as it was a female it might have laid eggs in the new meadow areas. I also saw a male Essex Skipper, a Cinnabar moth (the first I have seen here), 4 Large Skippers, 5 Meadow Browns, 1 Speckled Wood and four Ringlet
Miles Attenborough
30 Jun Ten minute early morning walk at Church End, Markyate (TL061169) and saw a Ringlet and Meadow Brown, as well as a Painted Lady (sighting added to Migrant Watch). Late afternoon watched 3 White-letter Hairstreaks clashing along the Elm hedge in Minet Country Park, Hayes Paul Busby
30 Jun My first Purple Hairstreak of the year in Watery Grove Peter Clarke
30 Jun 1 Small White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell - Walsworth Common (TL1930). 2 Red Admiral - Ransoms Recreation Ground west (TL189301). 1 Small White, 1 Meadow Brown, 1 Comma - Ransoms Recreation Ground north (TL1930). All in Hitchin David Inward
30 Jun Hounslow. Ringlet: 14, Small White: 3, Meadow Brown: 117, Speckled Wood: 1, Brown Argus: 1, Marbled White: 9, Comma: 7, Small Heath: 24, Small Skipper: 4, Common Blue: 2, Large Skipper: 8, Painted Lady: 4, Small Tortoiseshell: 3, Red Admiral: 1 Green-veined White: 1, Essex Skipper: 2, Purple Hairstreak: 5 Peter Gore
30 Jun Our sightings today at Purple Emperor assembly areas. All along the Herts/Middx corridor (Barnet/Enfield). Nothing Whitewebbs and Trent Park and one male at Totteridge after a 30 minute wait Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
30 Jun Heartwood Forest - after the butterfly walk I visited the Valley Field to check on the progress of the Kidney Vetch planted in 2017 as part of the Herts & Middx Small Blue Project. Pleased to report several thousand flowering plants, growing in areas with little grass and plenty of bare soil, so they should be able to self seed successfully. Additional butterfly species seen Small Blue, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell Malcolm Hull
30 Jun Branch Event
Heartwood Forest, Sandridge near St Albans - a rather overcast morning for the family butterfly walk. Marbled Whites and Meadow Browns were in their hundreds, also good numbers of Ringlet and Small Heath. Small Skippers were less common - we checked at least 6 and all were Small. Other species in low numbers - Painted Lady, Large Skipper, Large White, Common Blue, Small Tortoiseshell and a possible Small Blue plus Cinnabar Moth
Malcolm Hull
Andrew Steele
30 Jun At Bencroft Wood spotted Speckled Wood x 2, Ringlet x 5, Red Admiral x 2, Meadow Brown x 1. Onto Broxbourne Wood seeing White Admiral x 1, Ringlet x 78, Speckled Wood x 1, Meadow Brown x 39, Silver-washed Fritillary x 9, Comma x 2, Painted Lady x 2, Large Skipper x 8, Marbled White x 33, Purple Hairstreak x 2, Small Skipper x 2, Large White x 1, Red Admiral x 3, Small Heath x 1 David Gower
29 Jun 1 Small Tortoiseshell nectaring on buddleia at Dalrymple Close, N14 at 16:46 hrs Robert Callf
29 Jun Branch Event
Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, Mile End - A Big City Butterflies Event consisting of an overnight moth trap, two butterfly walks and the branch information stall at this excellent inner London site. Butterflies spotted included Silver-washed Fritillary, Red Admiral, Comma, Brimstone, Holly Blue, Small Skipper, Large Skipper, Small White, Large White, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown and day-flying moths Cinnabar and Burnet Companion. A selection of the contents of the overnight moth trap were on display, with the Box Tree Moth receiving much attention
Malcolm Hull
May Webber
29 Jun Bricket Wood Common (10:45-13:15): 2 White Admiral, 1 Silver-washed Fritillary, 6 Large Skipper, 6 Marbled White, 2 Painted Lady, 2 Small Heath, 2 Comma, 1m Brimstone, 1 Large White, 10+ Speckled Wood, numerous Meadow Brown & Ringlet and 1 Cinnabar Moth Bob Harris
29 Jun The area of rough ground on the opposite side of Napsbury Lane to the golf course was almost butterfly-free when I visited this afternoon, between 1pm and 1.30pm in 31C of heat, apart from a couple of distant whites and at least 3 battling Purple Hairstreak over one of the many oaks (TL161055).
A brief visit to Symondshyde Great Wood between 3.30 and 4pm, on the footpath starting near Symondshyde Farm (TL197112) produced numerous Meadow Browns, 2 distant whites, at least 3 Large Skippers, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, and a brief inspection from 1 Silver-washed Fritillary
Peter Waldron
29 Jun 1 Painted Lady - Cambridge Road, Hitchin (TL199301). 1 Painted Lady - Broadway Gardens, Letchworth (TL216323) David Inward
29 Jun Hounslow. Meadow Brown: 101, Painted Lady: 7, Ringlet: 11, Small Heath: 33, Speckled Wood: 1, Large White: 1, Comma: 8, Red Admiral: 5, Purple Hairstreak: 2, Marbled White: 4, Small Skipper: 7, Small White: 4, Holly Blue: 1, Common Blue: 3, Large Skipper: 1 Peter Gore
29 Jun Visited Hexton Chalkpit from 8.45 to 10.30, lots of Dark Green Fritillaries, males were patrolling low over the grass seeking out females, spotted two copulating pairs and at least another 6 individuals. Lots of Marbled Whites and Meadow Browns and fewer Small Heath and Ringlets. I did not attempt to count them. Went on to Sharpenhoe Clappers over the border where I saw more of the same plus a Red Admiral but headed home early as heat was too intense. Visited Tunnel gardens at 19.00 after the worst of heat died down, 4 Large Skippers, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 male Small Skipper, 3 Meadow Browns, 2 Ringlets Miles Attenborough
29 Jun At around 8:30 am, 5+ White-letter Hairstreak at varying levels on the eastern side of the elms at Six Hills Common plus Holly Blue, Marbled White, Red Admiral and 4 Meadow Brown. In and around Norton Green, saw my first Silver-washed Fritillary of the year gliding through a sunny gap in Pigeonswick Wood. Other species: 100+ Meadow Brown, 5 Small White, 1 Large White, 1 Comma, 17 Ringlet, 6 Marbled White, 4 Large Skipper, 5 Small Heath, 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Common Blue, 5 Painted Lady and 1 Red Admiral Peter Clarke
29 Jun This morning at Broxbourne Wood glade by west park there were 3 Silver-washed Fritillary and 15 Marbled Whites, Small Skipper and Large Skipper. Unfortunately at just the wrong time the wild flower patch next to the car park has been cut down. Yesterday in Bencroft Wood there was a Silver-washed Fritillary and in the field behind 40 or more Marbled Whites Steve Kiln
29 Jun At Symondshyde Great Wood, two Silver-washed Fritillary this morning, one under power lines half way down and one by entrance. Very overgrown - need the power company to clear under the lines again. No White Admirals Robin Smith
29 Jun Roxeth Recreation Ground (TQ144859) - 50+ Meadow Brown, 2 Large Skipper, 1 Burnet Companion Michael Robinson
28 Jun Bricket Wood Common (10:30-14:00): 4 Large Skipper, 13 Marbled White, 1 Painted Lady, 4 Small Heath, 2 Red Admiral, 3 Brimstone, 2 Large White, 2 Speckled Wood, numerous Meadow Brown & Ringlet and 4 Cinnabar Moth Bob Harris
28 Jun Found a Meadow Brown ab. anticrassipuncta at Trimms Green during WCBS survey on 27 June - see photo on right Bob Clift
28 Jun Bramfield Park Wood this morning: White Admiral=3, Red Admiral=4, Silver-washed Fritillary=4, Speckled Wood=3, Large White=2, Comma=1, Painted Lady=4 (one seen laying eggs on common thistle).
Bramfield Wood this afternoon: Comma=2, White Admiral=6, Painted Lady=7, Red Admiral=8, Small Tortoiseshell=2, Brown Argus=1, Speckled Wood=3
Christopher Benton
28 Jun 40 Meadow Brown, 44 Marbled White, 2 Small/Essex Skipper, 1 Comma, 1 Ringlet, 1 Cinnabar moth - path around edge of L-shaped abandoned field opposite Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, Cambridge Road (TL2031 but centre of field is TL20743114). Entire field probably contained hundreds of butterflies mainly Meadow Browns and Marbled Whites. 1 Brimstone - Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living (TL208309) David Inward
28 Jun Hounslow. Whilst unsuccessfully watching the Elms for some time for one Hairstreak I managed to spot the other, i.e. Purple Hairstreak more or less at my feet, the first so far this year at that level.It looked quite a worn specimen so I suspect there's been rather more going on up in the Oaks nearby than I've detected to date (which is very little). Here are the full sightings: Small Heath: 41, Comma: 8, Meadow Brown: 100, Purple Hairstreak: 1, Red Admiral: 8, Painted Lady: 2, Small White: 5, Ringlet: 10, Small Skipper: 5, Common Blue: 4, Green-veined White: 3, Small Tortoiseshell: 2, Speckled Wood: 2, Holly Blue: 1, Brown Argus: 1, Essex Skipper: 1, Marbled White: 1, Large Skipper: 6, Large White: 1 Peter Gore
28 Jun Weedy field, Batford - 3 White-letter Hairstreaks, Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns, 2 Small Heath Darin Stanley
28 Jun Wheathampstead LNR: 3 Red Admiral, 2 Comma, 8 Marbled White, 4 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Large Skipper, 20+ Meadow Brown, 6 Ringlet, 1 Large White, 1 Cinnabar moth Robin Pearson
28 Jun 1 Box Moth at Allotments, Vicarage Farm this morning - an early date for this species? At Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) - 4 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Painted Lady and 1 Comma. At Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) - 3 Painted Lady and 2 Red Admiral. At Trent Park - 1 Marbled White at 'Old Golf Course', 1 Red Admiral edge of Moat Wood, 1 Comma edge of Icehouse Wood. 1 Marbled White at Vicarage Farm, Enfield near Shaws Wood (TQ 2997) Robert Callf
27 Jun Cycled through Alexandra Park at 18.30 on my way home from work saw one Small Tortoiseshell and one Comma fighting over territory. Then cycled through Tunnel Gardens shortly after and saw two Red Admirals fighting over a sunny glade, two Specked Wood, two Painted Ladies, one beautifully fresh Comma and two Large Skippers. The Large Skipper, Comma and a Painted Lady were battling over a prime bit of sunny territory Miles Attenborough
27 Jun Therfield Heath (east side): I counted around 500 butterflies in a two hour visit, although three species dominated: Small Skipper (3), Large Skipper (7), Small White (3), Brown Argus (1), Common Blue (4), Red Admiral (4), Painted Lady (10), Comma (1), Dark Green Fritillary (8+), Speckled Wood (2), Marbled White (137), Meadow Brown (214), Small Heath (111), Ringlet (8). White-letter Hairstreaks were active at two nearby colonies Martin Johnson
27 Jun Male Brimstone and Holly Blue in my Harpenden garden Robin Pearson
27 Jun 12 Meadow Brown, 8 Marbled White, 1 Small/Essex Skipper, 1 Mother Shipton moth, 1 Cinnabar moth - Alleyfield burial ground south, Ickleford (TL181319). 7 Meadow Brown, 4 Marbled White - Alleyfield burial ground north, Ickleford (TL181320). 1 Small White - Walsworth Common, Hitchin (TL197302). 1 Meadow Brown - Willian Road, Hitchin (TL199300) David Inward
27 Jun Bricket Wood Common (11:15-14:45) - 1 Purple Hairstreak (by pond), 6 Painted Lady, 1 Red Admiral, 12 Large Skipper, 3 Small Heath, 13 Ringlet, 5 Marbled White, 4m3f Brimstone, 3 Large White, 1 Green-veined White, 15+ Speckled Wood and numerous Meadow Browns.
No sign again of any White Admirals or S-W Fritillaries despite extensive search mainly of the "pipeline" track area
Bob Harris
27 Jun A late afternoon visit to Oxhey woods today. Northern section spotted Meadow Brown x 4, Comma x 1, Red Admiral x 1. Central section Red Admiral x 1. Lastly in Southern section Painted Lady x 1, Red Admiral x 1 David Gower
27 Jun Some butterflies at Broxbourne woods this afternoon. Red Admiral=5, Painted Lady=6, Marbled White=10+, White Admiral=2, Speckled Wood=4, Silver-washed Fritillary=2 Christoper Benton
27 Jun My first Silver-washed Fritillary this afternoon at a private site I have access to north of Hertford. Also found a Holly Blue at Rickneys Quarry egg laying on Goats Rue. Two White Admirals on my Balls Wood Transect. A back garden first this afternoon in Hertford was Marbled White Andrew Wood
27 Jun Hounslow. I'm wondering if we'll have any Painted Ladies at all here by the end of the week. We're feeling rather rejected! Fresh Brown Argus today after tatty ones earlier in the week. Small Heath doing very well, Ringlets poor thus far. I'm under-counting Skippers and Whites but even if every individual glimpsed was included their numbers would still be low. Peacocks are around in one sense - I keep meeting their caterpillars wandering along the paths : Red Admiral: 6, Comma: 12, Painted Lady: 5, Ringlet: 3, Small Heath: 40, White-letter Hairstreak: 1, Purple Hairstreak: 3, Meadow Brown: 97, Large Skipper: 7, Marbled White: 1 Small Skipper: 7 Small Tortoiseshell: 4 Brown Argus: 3 Large White: 4 Speckled Wood: 2 Essex Skipper: 2 Common Blue: 1 Small White: 2 Peter Gore
27 Jun Roughly 12.30 to 15.00 at Bricket Wood Common this afternoon with a clear sky and 20C+ produced large numbers of Meadow Brown, 20+ Ringlet, several Speckled Wood and Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Brimstone, 4+ Large Skipper, 3 Painted Lady, 9+ Marbled White, and 2 Red Admiral. Walked the Gas Ride end twice end to end but no Hairstreaks or Fritillaries yet, and only 1 White Admiral - in Mutchetts Wood along the footpath running adjacent to the east side of the railway Peter Waldron
27 Jun Bricketwood - 1 White Admiral (north part of wood) Darin Stanley
27 Jun At Trent Park (12:40 - 14:00 hrs) - 2 Red Admiral, 5 Large Skipper, 7 Ringlet, 21 Small Heath, 14 Marbled White, 1 Small Copper (worn - first brood), a batch of Cinnabar caterpillars feeding on ragwort, 1 Painted Lady, 3 Comma including two together edge of Church Wood. 1 Brimstone Moth at Oakwood Station Robert Callf
26 Jun Batford - 1 Painted Lady in garden. Cooter End Lane near Harpenden - 1 Painted Lady Darin Stanley
26 Jun Cloudy day at Hexton chalk pit NR. Still plenty of butterflies about. Dozens of Marbled Whites, Painted Lady=3, Small Heath=20+, Meadow Brown=20+, Dark Green Fritillary=2 Christopher Benton
26 Jun Hounslow. Although there was far more sunshine and earlier than forecast numbers didn't match yesterday's despite a fresh Green-veined White and several Holly Blues : Small Tortoiseshell: 8, Painted Lady: 24, Ringlet: 6, Meadow Brown: 84, Small Heath: 27, Red Admiral: 5, Green-veined White: 1, Comma: 7, Holly Blue: 3, Small Skipper: 7, Large Skipper: 2, Common Blue: 6, Brown Argus: 1, Marbled White: 2, Large White: 1, Small White: 1 Peter Gore
26 Jun At Monken Hadley Common (13:45 - 15:00 hrs) - 8 Ringlet, female Holly Blue, 6 Large Skipper, 1 Blackneck (TQ 269 972) - my first record of this local moth species, 1 Yellow Shell, 1 Burnet Companion, 16 Marbled White, 4 Small Skipper, 3 Painted Lady and 1 Purple Hairstreak. At Covert Way LNR - 2 Ringlet, 1 Marbled White and 1 Large Skipper.
At Trent Park (15:00 - 15:45 hrs) - 5 Painted Lady, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and 3 Red Admiral. 1 Red Admiral at Bramley Parade, N14
Robert Callf
25 Jun Weedy field, Batford - 3 Painted Ladies, 1 White-letter Hairstreak, 1 Marbled White, numerous Meadow Browns Darin Stanley
25 Jun I went out at Stanwell Moor again in broadly similar weather (cloudy, humid, very warm), and saw the following: Meadow Brown 66, Painted Lady 29, Small Heath 18, Common Blue 12, Red Admiral 8, Large White 5, Small Tortoiseshell 4, Large Skipper 3, Brown Argus 3, Holly Blue 3, Small Copper 1, Small Skipper 1, Comma 1, Marbled White 1
There is obviously a big migration of Painted Ladies underway, but I reckon a few Red Admirals and Large Whites have come over with them! The Small Skipper is the first here this year, and one of the Brown Argus looked like a brand new butterfly, maybe a second brood. The Comma was a summer form f. hutchinsoni
Dave Miller
25 Jun A soaking wet afternoon at Balls Wood NR after torrential rain at dawn. Red Admiral=2, Painted Lady=3, White Admiral=2 (interacting above the brambles by the viewing platform), Holly Blue=1. Plus Meadow Browns, Ringlets and Large Skippers Christopher Benton
25 Jun Hounslow. After the morning rain had cleared this was another exhausting walk in very humid conditions with ever increasing numbers of butterflies. The most surprising sight, the last of 201 butterflies seen and identified, was a Marbled White at the junction of Argyle Road and The Avenue, the most urban setting I've ever seen this butterfly in - it may have travelled along the nearby railway. Here's what I did record: Small Heath: 21, Meadow Brown: 91, Ringlet: 6, Painted Lady: 50, Small Skipper: 4, Red Admiral: 4, White-letter Hairstreak: 1, Large Skipper: 2, Small White: 2, Comma: 4, Small Tortoiseshell: 5, Essex Skipper: 3, Speckled Wood: 1, Common Blue: 3, Marbled White: 4 Peter Gore
25 Jun Branch Event
Despite a dreadful forecast and overnight rain, the walk was extremely successful. We were joined by Dick, one of the Chorleywood transect walkers and three other members. Dick took us around the butterfly transect, which we helped him complete!!! Although cloudy the temperature was high and the grassland species were very active. In total we saw 1 Small Skipper, 1 Large Skipper, 4 Small Copper, 1 Brown Argus, 7 Common Blue including females trying to lay eggs on bedstraw, 10 Painted Lady, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Speckled Wood, 34 Marbled White, 161 Meadow Brown, 1 Small Heath, 1 Ringlet, 1 Silver Y and both a Cinnabar moth and caterpillars. Also seen through binoculars was a White-letter Hairstreak over some elm, ash and sycamore in a brief sunny moment
Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
25 Jun At Broomfield Park, Palmers Green, N13 (TQ 302 929) this afternoon (13:10 - 14:10 hrs) - 1 Red Admiral, 3+ Painted Lady, 3 Large Skipper including one female and 5 Meadow Brown Robert Callf
24 Jun Despite a very overcast day with a few light rain showers there were plenty of butterflies in the woods around Bramfield. Most of the afternoon was spent in Bramfield woods where the following were seen. Red Admiral=4, Speckled Wood=4, Comma=1, Brown Argus=1, Painted Lady=8, White Admiral=1, Hummingbird Hawk-moth=1, Marbled White=2. Plus lots of Meadow Browns and Large Skippers.
Quick walk through Bramfield Park Wood at 5pm found: Red Admiral=2, White Admiral=1 (very active individual along the path appeared to be drinking from the damp mud), Speckled Wood=1. And lots more Meadow Browns
Christopher Benton
24 Jun At Beechcroft Road, Bushey (TQ120 958) 1 x Painted Lady spotted David Gower
24 Jun Bushey. Highwood Primary School, 2 Marbled White and 1 Small Tortoiseshell. Meadway, 1 Holly Blue. Scottswood Close, 1 Painted Lady Rebecca Palmer
24 Jun 10 Meadow Brown, 1 Marbled White, 1 Yellow Shell Moth - Field NW of Priory School, Hitchin (TL1730) David Inward
24 Jun At Boston Manor Park I saw 3 Painted Ladies at TQ169782. I saw 2 more at TQ168779 along with a Comma and 6 Meadow Brown (a pair of which were mating) Michael Robinson
24 Jun I may not be alone in reporting multiple sightings of Painted Lady butterflies. I saw 14 on my transect in Alexandra Park (TQ 300 889). Another in a local garden, Muswell Hill, North London.
Pleased to see a lone Ringlet on one of my transect walks at Great Northaw Wood (TL 281 039).
Dee Cullen
24 Jun 2 Painted Lady seen at 14:10 outside my flat in North Watford Bob Harris
24 Jun This morning 2 Painted Lady, 2 Red Admiral, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Meadow Brown, 1 Holly Blue and a Hummingbird Hawk-moth in my Ware garden Liz Goodyear
24 Jun After several early morning visits to Six Hills Common in the last week in search for close-up views of White-letter Hairstreaks it finally came good today with a specimen on elm about a foot above my head. Later, a pale-looking Burnet Companion was found in the field south of Watery Grove Peter Clarke
24 Jun Hounslow. A morning walk which began well with a White-letter Hairstreak seen on the Elms at the rear of Richmond Council's Hounslow Heath Open Space. The Elms here are suffering a little this year so as this is still the only group I know of in this tetrad I was pleased to see evidence that the colony is still with us. Much later a Marbled White on the opposite side of the trees was also very pleasing.In between came an Essex Skipper the first of its kind identified this year. Only the more or less guaranteed Gatekeeper to come of the established breeding butterflies here that I'm familiar with. Considering the destruction of the butterfly haven on the Marshalling Yards and the fires elsewhere we should probably consider ourselves lucky but of course sightings are well down generally. Here are today's and a simple game of spot the elephant: White-letter Hairstreak: 1, Painted Lady: 72, Meadow Brown: 78, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Small Skipper: 4, Small Heath: 8, Red Admiral: 1, Essex Skipper: 1, Marbled White: 4, Small White: 2, Ringlet: 2. The weather was cloudy again with occasional spots of rain Peter Gore
24 Jun In Pymmes Park, Edmonton (TQ 336 929) from 12:30 - 13:40 hrs - 6+ Painted Lady including one nectaring on thistles, 5 Large Skipper including one female, 10+ Meadow Brown including a pair mating, 2 male Common Blue, 5 Small Skipper, 2 Comma together. 1 Painted Lady at Dalrymple Close, N14 at 17:10 hrs and Treble Brown Spot and Small Blood-vein after dark Robert Callf
24 Jun It was very warm and humid this morning at Stanwell Moor, but cloudy with odd spots of rain. Nevertheless, I saw nearly 100 butterflies in around 90 minutes, included no fewer than 16 Painted Ladies. There has clearly been an influx arriving with the humid airflow from the Continent.
The other standout sighting was of a Marbled White. This is only the second one I've seen here in over ten years of observation, and this time I managed to get a photo!
Finally, amongst a very small handful left of the first brood Brown Argus was this male with very much reduced underside spotting. I would like to have seen this one new!
Dave Miller
23 Jun At least 31 Meadow Brown, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Marbled White, 1 Common Blue - Purwell Meadows east, Hitchin (TL2029), 7 Meadow Brown - Purwell Meadows north, Hitchin (TL199300), 7 Meadow Brown, 1 Common Blue - Purwell Meadows west, Hitchin (TL1929) David Inward
23 Jun Hounslow. The number shown for Painted Ladies seen today is likely a significant undercount of the reality. I initially started out trying to avoid adding extra ones, assuming a lively single individual, then saw two together and thought that explained what I was seeing, then saw multiple numbers in several different places. At one point I was ignoring some to check out a Skipper which definitely had novelty value! More seemed to be arriving as I was returning across the heath so I'll be intrigued to see how many are still around tomorrow. The weather was rather gloomy so numbers of all species a pleasant surprise in the circumstances. Here are the full details: Comma: 8, Common Blue: 1, Large Skipper: 3, Red Admiral: 5, Small White: 3, Painted Lady: 18, Meadow Brown: 51, Small Heath: 5, Small Tortoiseshell: 2, Small Skipper: 6, plus one Box Tree and two Cinnabar moths Peter Gore
23 Jun A quick trip 09.30-10.30 to HMWT Balls Wood, Hertford this morning, 4 White Admiral, also Meadow Browns, Ringlet and Large Skippers Laurence Drummond
23 Jun A Dark Green Fritillary posed for a photo on some Viper's Bugloss on Therfield Heath this morning. I also noticed about 10 Marbled Whites and one Painted Lady Phil Barron
23 Jun Enjoyed a walk around Stapleford (based on the "Pub Walks in Hertfordshire" book). Over about 3 miles we saw over 100 Meadow Browns, 3 Common Blues, 1 Small Skipper, 1 Red Admiral, 1 Small White (and 3 other unidentified whites). The highlights were about 30 Meadow Browns nectaring on wild privet by the river and a colony of Peacock caterpillars Roger Newbold
23 Jun 1 Dwarf Cream Wave at Dalrymple Close, N14 this morning. Sightings in Oakwood Park (07:00 - 09:20 hrs) - 2 Painted Lady, 1 Cinnabar, female Large Skipper, male Small Skipper and 4 Marbled White Robert Callf
23 Jun 2 Marbled Whites on the meadow at Goldings, Waterford, this morning. At the corner near St Michael and all Angels church Christopher Benton
22 Jun Had a great morning out at Benfleet Downs in Essex photographing White Letter Hairstreaks one of my favourite butterfly sites. This evening I visited Tunnel Gardens in Bounds Green and was pleased to find two Red Admirals fighting each other for a sunny glade, two male Large Skippers, a Painted Lady and one Speckled Wood. I had been beginning to worry about the general absence of butterflies in Tunnel Gardens over the last week or so Miles Attenborough
22 Jun Purple Emperor seen at Totteridge Tony Clancy
22 Jun During a walk from Harlow to Ware to successfully fill in some gaps on the Meadow Brown map I found 4 fresh White-letter Hairstreaks nectaring on bramble along the track called Wood Lane, east of Ware. Otherwise a few Painted Lady, Red Admiral, up to 10 Small Tortoiseshells on one Privet hedge near Hunsdon. Other species seen were Holly Blue, Speckled Wood, Small White and Green-veined White Andrew Wood
22 Jun My firsts of the year at Alexandra Park. Marbled Whites into double figures, and also a few Ringlets in the anthill butterfly meadow area (TQ 299 899).
Small Skippers in the Meadow East of the Butterfly Meadow (TQ 299 900) and to the West of the Cricket pitch by the ditch (TQ 301 900).
I also found Peacock Caterpillars on nettles on the path leading to the conservation area by the wooden bridge (TQ 303 903)
Dee Cullen
22 Jun 1 Painted Lady, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Meadow Brown - Knights Templar School nature reserve west, Baldock (TL239331) David Inward
22 Jun At least 3 White-letter Hairstreaks (2 flitting in the elm canopy) were active by 8:15 am at Six Hills Common. Later in Knebworth Park by Cowley's Corner Wood I saw my first Painted Ladies (2) and Ringlets (5) of the year Peter Clarke
22 Jun Hounslow. Mid morning to mid afternoon and mostly sunny with over a 100 sightings for the first time this year, including the first Ringlets: Small Tortoiseshell: 2, Small Heath: 9, Speckled Wood: 1, White-letter Hairstreak: 1, Comma: 5, Purple Hairstreak: 1, Meadow Brown: 55, Large Skipper: 1, Small Skipper: 13, Red Admiral: 5, Small White: 2, Common Blue: 1, Marbled White: 2, Painted Lady: 1, Brown Argus: 4, Ringlet: 2 Peter Gore
22 Jun 3+ Small Tortoiseshell including two together at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097), also here 3 Cinnabar, 11 Small Heath, 8 male Large Skipper, 1 Red Admiral, 1 male Small Skipper and 1 Mother Shipton. At Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) - 1 male Large Skipper, 1 female Common Blue, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Red Admiral and 1 Comma Robert Callf
21 Jun 15 Meadow Brown, 2 Small Heath and 1 Red Admiral seen whilst strolling around Broxbourne Woods. Weather fairly warm and a mixture of sunshine and cloud Roger Newbold
21 Jun I did my transects in Broxbourne Woods. In the field behind Bencroft Wood, I saw 3 Marbled Whites, 15 Small Heath, 4 Common Blues and 4 Large Skippers and two Painted Ladies.
In Broxbourne Woods near west car park, I had a Ringlet and a Marbled White as well as Small Heath, Large Skipper and Meadow Brown. I also had a Ringlet yesterday on Hertford Heath
Steve Kiln
21 Jun Weedy field, Batford - 3 White-Letter Hairstreak in elms at SW corner of field (TL15161495), usual spot (first this year). 1 Painted Lady. Numerous Meadow Browns. Several Small Heaths at top of field Darin Stanley
21 Jun High cloud, intermittent sunshine. Bricket Wood (10:45-12:45) - 3 Ringlet, 2 Marbled White (both my first of the year), 25+ Meadow Brown, 1f Brimstone, 1 Small Heath, 4 Large White, 4 Speckled Wood
Moor Mill Pits, Frogmore (13:00-14:30) - 20+ Marbled White, 40+ Meadow Brown, 6 Small Heath, 4 Speckled Wood, 2 Red Admiral, 1 Holly Blue
Bob Harris
21 Jun Hounslow. Morning sunshine and suddenly a lot more butterflies: Small Tortoiseshell: 9, White-letter Hairstreak : 1, Meadow Brown: 41, Red Admiral: 6, Large White: 1, Speckled Wood: 4, Small Heath: 12, Small White: 2, Comma: 1, Small Skipper: 4, Common Blue: 3, Brown Argus: 1, Large Skipper: 1, Painted Lady: 1 and 4 Cinnabar moths Peter Gore
21 Jun At Trent Park 'New Fields'(13:25 - 14:25 hrs) - 1 Comma near Triangular Wood at 13:33 hrs, 6 Large Skipper including one female, 23 Small Heath, 1 Small Copper, 1 Ringlet, male Brimstone edge of Triangular Wood at 13:42 hrs and again near Church Wood at 14:12 hrs, 7 Small Skipper including at least one female, 1 Cinnabar, female Common Blue Sect 5 at 14:05 hrs, 1 Chimney Sweeper Sect 4, 4 Marbled White and 1 Painted Lady nectaring on Bramble blossom near Sports Field at 14:22 hrs. In Oakwood Park (16:30 - 17:10 hrs) - All E of 10 km line - 2 male Large Skipper, 1 Painted Lady, 1 Small Heath, 2 Burnet Companion, 2 Marbled White, 1 Orange Conch Commophila aeneana, 1 male Common Blue and 8 Small Skipper. 1 Dark Arches at Bramley Parade, Oakwood, N14 Robert Callf
21 Jun In my Hitchin garden: 08.30 am Painted Lady on valerian in front - also flew across road to grass edge to pavement - Temp.12 deg. (seen after 3 years absence)
09.30 am Speckled Wood alongside Beech Hedge, Holly bush in rear - a recently emerged specimen - quite large
10.35 am Painted Lady flying around honeysuckle and floribunda roses in rear - temp 15 deg
Val Fullforth
20 Jun 2 Cinnabar moth, 3 Marbled White, 1 Small Skipper, 3 Meadow Brown - Meadow, Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, Letchworth (TL2030) David Inward
20 Jun 1 Small Blood-vein at Dalrymple Close, N14 at 00:20 hrs - my first of the year. 1 Least Carpet at bus-stop shelter at Enfield Rd/Cotswold Way, EN2 (TQ 305 967) this morning. 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm (TQ 30 97), also here 1 Brown Argus, 1 Painted Lady at Hog Hill (TQ 305 973) at 12:15 hrs and another Adonis' Ladybird (my second in as many days!), 1 Comma nectaring on Bramble blossom near Hadley Rd/Vicarage Farm (TQ 302 980) at 12:43 hrs and 1 Small White here also, 1 Painted Lady flew N over lower lake, Trent Park at 14:03 hrs, 1 male Large Skipper edge of Williams Wood near Dew Pond at Trent Park at 14:17 hrs and 2 Ringlet edge of Williams Wood/Trent Park, 2 Brown Argus and 7 Small Heath at Vicarage Farm near Shaws Wood (TQ 29 97). At Oakwood Station: 1 Dark Arches, 1 Riband Wave and 1 Least Carpet. At ASDA Southgate: 1 Blood-vein and 2 Small Dusty Wave Robert Callf
20 Jun Hounslow. Too much cloud around but this was perhaps helpful in keeping a Small Skipper resting for long enough for me to get my first positive identification of the species this year. Minutes later a Large Skipper also obliged, a single glance being enough to confirm this only very slightly out of the expected sequence in the end. Here's the full list: Meadow Brown: 7, Holly Blue: 1, Speckled Wood: 1, Red Admiral: 2, Comma: 1, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Small White: 1, Small Skipper: 2, Large Skipper: 1, Small Heath: 3, Painted Lady: 1. and one Cinnabar moth Peter Gore
20 Jun At Wheathampstead LNR (TL173133) I saw several Meadow Browns, a Small Tortoiseshell and a Marbled White Robin Pearson
19 Jun 1 Heart and Dart Agrotis exclamationis moth found apparently dead - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
19 Jun Humid, cloudy day until rain but saw my first Marbled White, as well as 15+ Meadow Brown, a Common Blue, a Large Skipper and 3 Cinnabar moths at Gutteridge Wood Pond Meadow (TQ093841) Paul Busby
19 Jun In Pymmes Park, Edmonton (TQ 336 929) this afternoon - 3 Meadow Brown, 1 male Large Skipper, 1 Yellow Shell and an Adonis' Ladybird Robert Callf
19 Jun This morning I saw my first ever Marbled White at Alexandra Palace (TQ299899) on the Anthill Meadow. Good numbers of Meadow Brown and Large Skipper were also on the wing. Small Tortoiseshell, Small Heath, Common Blue and Speckled Wood were also seen Gerry Rawcliffe
19 Jun St Albans - Small Tortoiseshell sunbathing in my garden at lunchtime. It's now 6 days since I saw the first new brood individual in the garden. None going into hibernation yet, but this could start to happen before the end of the month. A good time to clear cobwebs away from their favoured hibernation spots. Also a female Meadow Brown, a species that doesn't usually find my garden until late summer. But this year I have left most of the lawn uncut and I suspect it's the long grass which attracted it in Malcolm Hull
18 Jun Unclassified aberration of a Small Tortoiseshell at Bengeo. Blue spots on the forewing costal margin close to the thorax (see photo on right) Andrew Wood
18 Jun 8 species recorded on Southern Country Park transect including 20 Marbled White and a Painted Lady Bob Clift
18 Jun My first Marbled White of the year in the field south of Norton Green Common. Also about 30 Meadow Brown, 13 Large Skipper and a Small Heath Peter Clarke
18 Jun Morning conservation event with Friends Group along River Pinn, Woodville Gardens, Ruislip (TQ08 87) and members saw 2+ Large Skippers, 10+ Meadow Browns, Comma & Straw Dot, Yellow Shell, Silver Ground Carpet moths along the meadows whilst removing invasive plants from river Paul Busby
18 Jun Hounslow. I managed to complete the outward journey this morning before the rain forced a quicker return. Sightings quite good in the circumstances: Small Heath: 3, Speckled Wood: 2, White-letter Hairstreak: 3, Meadow Brown: 3, Small Tortoiseshell: 3 Peter Gore
17 Jun Stocking Wood (13:00-14:30): No sign of either Hairstreak in their favoured locations yet. 1 Large White, 1 Small White, 1 Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, c.15 Meadow Brown, 1 Small Heath, 1 Essex Skipper, 1 Large Skipper Mike Harris
17 Jun A short walk on Therfield Heath (east of the clubhouse) revealed the following species: Large Skipper (1), Large White (1), Brown Argus (4), Common Blue (4), Marbled White (11), Meadow Brown (67), Small Heath (31). I couldn't find any Dark Green Fritillaries, but several Cinnabar moths were also seen Martin Johnson
17 Jun 1 Red Admiral, 1 Small White, 1 Brimstone - path by River Oughton, near Westmill Farm, Hitchin (TL170306), 3 Brimstone, 3 Speckled Wood - path by River Oughton, Oughtonhead Common, Hitchin (TL1630) David Inward
17 Jun Saw a White-letter Hairstreak high up in Elm canopy on Minet Country Park transect route, then at about 4pm, saw another relatively small specimen perched at head height on an Elm sapling, WLH's seen at both these locations last year (TQ 11 79). Other off transect records included a Common Blue, Brown Argus and Yellow Shell, Burnet Companion and Cinnabar moths Paul Busby
17 Jun Hounslow. With 15 species identified and at least one more flying, today's walk was a welcome change from recent weeks. The Elms were in full sun and I was not surprised to spot my first White-Letter Hairstreaks of the year. Not quite as easy to see a single Purple Hairstreak above perhaps the 27th Oak I peered at but later 2 Marbled Whites were seen in an area badly burnt last year were I feared they might have perished so particularly pleasing. My only frustration was failing to fully confirm Small Skipper. It was certainly bright orange and small but it decided to skip as I closed in on its antennae. A further sighting of another orange butterfly was less clear and I choose to think of it as a possible so far elusive Large Skipper but neither of these are included in the following list: White-letter Hairstreak: 3, Red Admiral: 2, Purple Hairstreak: 1, Comma: 1, Meadow Brown: 11, Small Heath: 10, Speckled Wood: 3, Brimstone: 1, Common Blue: 2, Marbled White: 2, Brown Argus: 1, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Small White: 1, Large White: 1, Painted Lady: 1 Peter Gore
17 Jun At Trent Park - 1 Cinnabar near Oakwood entrance, 4 Common Blue 3 males & 1 female 'New Fields', also here 9 Small Heath and 1 male Small Skipper
At Monken Hadley Common - 4 Speckled Wood, 1 Holly Blue, 1 male Large Skipper (TQ 269 971), 1 male Small Skipper (TQ 269 972) and 4 Small Heath (TQ 267 973). 1 Small Tortoiseshell nectaring on Bramble blossom at Covert Way LNR (TQ 265 973) at 14:20 hrs. 1 Chimney Sweeper near Cockfosters entrance, Trent Park (TQ 280 967) and 1 Least Carpet at Oakwood Station - my first of the year
Robert Callf
16 Jun A fast-flying Dark Green Fritillary near the Therfield Heath car park (TL336400) Paddy Grove
16 Jun 1 male Large Skipper at Whitewebbs Park at 12:45 hrs, 1 Mother Shipton at Whitewebbs Farm, Enfield (TL 330 000), 2 Large Skipper female and male at Whitewebbs Farm, Enfield (TL 330 000) and 2 Cinnabar here also, 2 Brown Argus at Sloemans Farm, Enfield Robert Callf
16 Jun New Mill Meadow, Tring - a brief walk this lunchtime produced my first Ringlet of the year. Also present despite blustery conditions were 27 Meadow Brown, 4 Common Blue, 1 Brown Argus and a Yellow Shell Moth Chris Hilling
16 Jun A few sightings whilst river sampling. Two Meadow Browns, Pinn Meadow, Ruislip (TQ 092 880), a Large White in Hillingdon by flowering bramble (TQ 086 843), Speckled Wood, 4 Meadow Brown, Silver Y and Burnet Companion moth in clearing in Cutthroat Wood, Hillingdon (TQ 08 84) and then Ickenham Fields by mainline rail (TQ 075 870), 10+ Meadow Browns and surprisingly my first Large Skipper of the year Paul Busby
16 Jun The Orchards, Sawbridgeworth (16:00-17:00): 1M Holly Blue, 3 Meadow Brown, 2 Ringlet Mike Harris
16 Jun Hillfield Park Reservoir, Aldenham - 3 Red Admiral, 15 Large Skipper, 6 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock, 2 Comma, 2 Common Blue, 1 Small Copper, 15 Meadow Brown Malcolm Hull
15 Jun A breezy but warmer and drier than recent days, saw 10+ Meadow Brown at Roxbourne Rough, Eastcote (TQ 120 876), then a Red Admiral at Broomfield Park, Palmers Green (TQ 304 928) and finally late afternoon saw another 20+ Meadow Brown, a Common Blue and a Burnet Companion moth at Wood Farm section of Stanmore Country Park (TQ 17 93) Paul Busby
15 Jun At my allotment in Muswell Hill (TQ 2890) I saw two Lime Hawk-moths on a Cherry tree, they were in no hurry. It is now raining, one wonders if they've moved Dee Cullen
15 Jun 1 Small Dusty Wave Idaea seriata moth - St Faiths Close, Hitchin (TL198303). Possibly the same individual as that seen on 29 May at almost same location David Inward
15 Jun My first White-letter Hairstreak of the year - at Six Hills Common in the canopy in the middle 'gap' at 9:40 am. While walking my Knebworth transects I again found several Chimney Sweeper moths at the same spot but this time I managed a decent photo! At Norton Green Common by which time it had completely clouded over I saw a Large Skipper posing nicely Peter Clarke
15 Jun Hounslow. A little morning sunshine although rain on the return journey led me to shorten the walk, the day's highlight was probably a Red Admiral on the Pevensey loop: Speckled Wood: 3, Meadow Brown: 4, Red Admiral: 1 Peter Gore
15 Jun 1 Red Admiral near Shaws Wood, Trent Park (TQ 297 970) at 14:56 hrs and 1 Common Carpet edge of Williams Wood near Dew Pond, Trent Park (TQ 294 973) Robert Callf
14 Jun Nice Painted Lady sunning itself in Hitchin garden this afternoon Martin Banthorpe
14 Jun 3 Marbled Whites and 8 Red Admirals reported on the Chorleywood Common transect Philip Gibbs
14 Jun 1 Red Admiral near Warbler Hide at Rye Meads RSPB this afternoon at 14:25 hrs Robert Callf
14 Jun A Hummingbird hawk-moth feeding on Red Valerian in my Stevenage garden this afternoon Peter Clarke
14 Jun In my garden in Flaunden (TL00A) this afternoon. Painted Lady, Red Admiral. Both butterflies looking freshly arrived or emerged Jill Saunders
14 Jun Chiswell Green - Gardens of the Rose - A Painted Lady on the public footpath this morning. Quite faded, it flew in short energetic bursts of flight along the nettles and thistles bordering the field in overcast conditions. Nearby a Red Admiral, 2 very fresh Large Skippers, 4 Meadow Browns, 1 fresh Small Tortoiseshell, Large Yellow Underwing and a Cinnabar moth. This pm in the HMWT Wildlife garden, St Albans, a fresh Painted Lady. WATCH OUT for more migrating Painted Ladies in the next few days Malcolm Hull
11 Jun Branch Event
Hillbrow LGC - Small Blue Walk. In spite of the overcast conditions with continuous light rain three people turned up, as they had come from some distance and expressed a wish to have a good look at the site we decided to proceed. At 11.10 we set off in rain, I had earlier found a roosting Small Blue which was relocated and observed up close. We later found a second roosting Small Blue and some Bee Orchids were photographed. We left the site at approximately 12.15 surprisingly satisfied, it was still raining!
Roger Millard
11 Jun Hounslow. Not much to report after yesterday's rain (some paddling necessary today) but I did manage to spot a Speckled Wood on the Heath and a lively Small Heath amongst the grass on the meadow side of the Pevensey loops. I confirmed my suspicions that the Richmond side of the Crane although accessible by the new bridge from Hounslow is not really suitable for a butterfly-seeking walk after rainfall. It was an enjoyable test of my geriatric long-jumping skills nevertheless and I did complete it without mishap Peter Gore
11 Jun 1 Speckled Wood near Shaws Wood at Trent Park at 11:58 hrs, 1 male Common Blue near Ride Wood, Trent Park, 2 Small Heath at Trent Park, 1 male Large Skipper along Leeging Beech Gutter at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) at 13:52 hrs, also here 1 male Brown Argus and 1 Small Heath, 3 Small Tortoiseshell around 'Barracks' Vicarage Farm (TQ 3097). 3 Mother Shipton nectaring on Giant Hogweed along Leeging Beech Gutter at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) at 13:50 hrs, 1 Yellow Shell at Vicarage Farm (TQ 3097) - my first of the year. 1 Garden Carpet at ASDA Southgate Robert Callf
10 Jun 1 Small Magpie Moth Anania hortulata - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
9 Jun Whilst at Phasels Wood Scout campsite, saw 8 Meadow Brown and 6 Common Blue in the wildflower rich meadow adjacent to site car park (TL052042) Paul Busby
9 Jun Hillbrow, Letchworth G C - Small Blue x30+ (including mating pair), Common Blue 5m, Large Skipper x4, Large White x3, Small White x2 and Meadow Brown x50+. Day-flying moths included, Burnet Companion, Mother Shipton, Latticed Heath, Yellow Shell and Cinnabar Roger Millard
9 Jun Branch Event
Heartwood Forest, Sandridge, St Albans - 12 people joined Andrew Steele for the first Woodland Trust/Butterfly Conservation trip round this site looking for Small Blue. We had a good showing of day flying moths, enjoying the cool and sometimes overcast weather conditions. Burnet Companion, Mother Shipton, Latticed Heath, Yellow Shell, Cinnabar and Shaded Broad-Bar. Small Heath, Meadow Brown and Common Blue were the most common butterfly species with dozens of each seen.
Small Blues were also out in force, with a total of 16 recorded, mostly in the Valley Field alongside Wells/Puddler Wood, parts of which were seeded with Kidney Vetch in 2017. Other butterflies spotted were Small Tortoiseshell, Brimstone, Brown Argus, Speckled Wood, Large Skipper, Large White and Small Copper. Small Blues have been consistently recorded on this site in low numbers for the last five years. Today's total is the highest that has been recorded at this site by some margin
Malcolm Hull
Andrew Steele
9 Jun Late morning visit to site off Hillbrow eventually proved successful. Had to wait 20 minutes for my first Small Blue here and then counted about ten more in less than half an hour on the bottom half of the slope. 30+ Meadow Brown, 2 Small Heath, a Small White and Large White plus Mother Shipton and Burnet Companion also seen Peter Clarke
9 Jun 1 Holly Blue - Triangle Community Gardens, Hitchin (TL19023021) David Inward
9 Jun Hounslow. Mid morning to mid afternoon with a mix of cloud and sunshine: Brown Argus: 3, Meadow Brown: 3, Speckled Wood: 3, Common Blue: 2, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Small Heath: 5 and two Cinnabar moths Peter Gore
8 Jun White-letter Hairstreak in Durant's Park, Enfield Andrew Middleton
8 Jun 2 Burnet Companion, 1 Mother Shipton and 1 Meadow Brown at Oakwood Park (13:10 - 13:50 hrs) and 4 Speckled Wood and 1 Holly Blue at Boxer's Lake, Enfield (14:00 - 14:20 hrs) Robert Callf
7 Jun Not much flying today. A Cinnabar moth had wisely decided to take shelter from the rain inside my greenhouse Malcolm Hull
6 Jun I walked through Tunnel Gardens this evening at 6.00pm and was excited to find four Common Blue butterflies in the new meadow area we cleared last year, the first I have seen in the 12 years since we moved here. The birds-foot trefoil I seeded last year appears to have paid off. Two females and two males so hopefully more later in the year. Also one rather faded Holly Blue Miles Attenborough
6 Jun Therfield Heath (East side - Old Rifle Range): Large Skipper (1), Brimstone (5), Small/Green-veined White (11), Brown Argus (6, including a 'white spot' variant), Common Blue (11), Speckled Wood (1), Meadow Brown (6), Small Heath (28). Also 2+ Burnet Companion moths and a Broad-bodied Chaser dragonfly. Numbers of all species seem to be somewhat lower than at this time last year, perhaps at least partly due to the current virtual drought conditions in this area Martin Johnson
6 Jun Went to Broxbourne wood this morning, windy, sunny and cloudy, warm. Saw 2 Meadow Browns, my first for the year. Also lots of Speckled Yellow moths Kevin Standbridge
6 Jun Small Blue. Doing my survey of Kidney Vetch sites around the Baldock bypass today I finally, after many years, found one at the base of the shallow cutting where the B197 and the A505 diverge south east of Letchworth, just north of the drainage pond. Despite searching all the nearby areas I found no further examples, although the weather was alternating rapidly between sunny and dull and always breezy. This is 2km from the Hillbrow site. At Hillbrow the weather was similarly variable but I did see a number, the Kidney Vetch has spread in some areas and is holding its own despite scrub encroachment which I am assured will be dealt with this autumn. The set-aside field corner nearby has only a small amount of Kidney Vetch but, sheltered by a hedge and in a brief warm spell I counted 8 individuals, the most I've recorded at that site Andrew Wood
6 Jun Hounslow. A little surprised by how few butterflies I saw today, perhaps just a more noticeable 'gap' than last year: Holly Blue: 5, Peacock: 1, Speckled Wood: 1, Small Copper: 1, Small Heath: 1, Red Admiral: 1, Brown Argus: 1 Peter Gore
6 Jun A Painted Lady at Norton Green Common Sharon Chesterman
6 Jun At Rye Meads RSPB - 2 Red Admiral, 2 Brimstone male and female, Holly Blue, Speckled Wood Robert Callf
6 Jun I had a new visitor to my allotment in Muswell Hill (TQ282902) a lone Cinnabar Moth. My first ever sighting at that site. It explored my plot before settling for a while on the Beetroot Dee Cullen
5 Jun Hounslow. Another walk with very little sun getting through the clouds, I was pleased to see a lively fresh-looking Small Tortoiseshell on the heath towards the end of my walk.: Holly Blue: 1, Common Blue: 2, Small Heath: 3, Meadow Brown: 2, Brown Argus: 2, Small Tortoiseshell: 1 Peter Gore
5 Jun 1 Small Dusty Wave at bus-stop shelter at Chase Road/Charter Way, N14 and 1 male Common Swift at Bramley Parade, N14 (TQ 295 961). Found a beautifully fresh male Lime Hawk-moth at Oakwood Station near one of the lights (TQ 293 959) - the first live one that I have found, also 1 Treble-Brown Spot at bus-stop shelter at Enfield Road near Jolly Farmers PH. 10 Meadow Brown and 4 Small Heath at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) this afternoon and 1 Burnet Companion at Parkside Farm/Res., Enfield (TQ 2998) Robert Callf
5 Jun I had my first of year Large Skipper on the Anthill Meadow and first of year Meadow Brown on the main Meadow at Alexandra Palace Park (TQ299899) this morning. Also seen were Small Heath, Small Copper and Common Blue Gerry Rawcliffe
5 Jun At the Finch Lane Allotments: 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Small Copper and 4 Cinnabar moths Rebecca Palmer
5 Jun While walking the Knebworth transect I found 12 Chimney Sweeper moths at the same spot as last year in Knebworth Park (TL224211) Peter Clarke
3 Jun An unusual female Common Blue seen at Stanwell Moor on 28 May - see photo Dave Miller
3 Jun Saw a Small Skipper on Halsey Field Chris Ridley
3 Jun On unmanaged land (former quarry) between two arms of the M25 near Langleybury (Watford) (TQ0799): 17+ Small Heath, 3 Brown Argus, probably 3 Meadow Brown, male Brimstone, 1 Treble Bar (ID confirmed through photo of moth at rest), 13+ Cinnabar, 2 Mother Shipton, and 1 Yellow Shell. Elsewhere nearby a Red Admiral by the canal near Charlotte's Vale (TQ 088 981), and a Pale Prominent in one of two lit subways at Hunton Bridge (TQ 086 995) in which there were a total of 5 Common Swift Colin Everett
3 Jun Exciting to see a Hummingbird Hawk moth on Valerian mid afternoon in Kings Langley (TL069033) Elizabeth Debenham
3 Jun Hounslow. Just a few in rather cloudy conditions: Speckled Wood: 1, Common Blue: 5, Small Copper: 1, Brown Argus: 3, Small Heath: 1 Peter Gore
3 Jun Visited Woodcock Hill Cemetary, Rickmansworth briefly. Noticed 1 x Brown Argus and Cinnabar moths x 2 (TQ058 931) David Gower
3 Jun A good day at Rickneys - saw 3 Meadow Browns, first of the year. Many Small Heaths and 6 Common Blue
At Waterford Heath south - 8 Small Heath and a Holly Blue
In Broxbourne Woods saw first Large Skipper, in the glade and also Meadow Browns, 5 Small Heath and 5 Common Blue. Meadow Brown also in Bencroft Wood 3 and in field behind 5, in field behind additionally Small Heath 12 and six Common Blue. But many moths: Latticed Heath 6, Mother Shipton 4 and Burnet Companion 5
Steve Kiln
3 Jun A few firsts for me at a couple of my sites.
Half a dozen active Yellow-barred Longhorn Moths at Northaw Great Wood; first couple of Meadow Browns there also.
First Brown Argus of the year at Alexandra Park, by the NW corner of the cricket pitch
Dee Cullen
3 Jun At Trent Park - 5 Speckled Wood, 11 Small Heath 'New Fields', 5 Small Copper, 4 Common Blue - 3 males, 1 female at 'New Fields', 2 Large Skipper Sect 5 'New Fields' - my first of the year, and 4 male Meadow Brown here. 36 Chimney Sweeper at 'New Fields' Trent Park - a good count, also here 4 Cinnabar, 4 Alabonia geofrella near Church Wood (TQ 286 966), 1 Mother Shipton and 1 Buff-tip at Cedar House Financial Services, Bramley Parade, N14 (TQ 295 961). 3 Small Heath at Trent Park (1 near Water Garden, 2 'Old Golf Course'), 1 male Common Blue at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 14:46 hrs - my first of the summer brood, 3 Speckled Wood (1 near Shaws Wood, Trent Park, 2 at Park Farm, Enfield), 6 male Meadow Brown at Parkside Farm/Res., Enfield (TQ 2998), 5 Small Heath at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097), also here 1 male Common Blue, 1 Holly Blue at Enfield Rd/Jolly Farmers PH at 16:15 hrs Robert Callf
2 Jun 4 Speckled Wood at Monken Hadley Common including three together at TQ 276 968 and 1 near Beech Hill Lake and another at Covert Way LNR, 1 female Common Blue at TQ 268 973 at 14:16 hrs Robert Callf
2 Jun Hounslow. Despite less sunshine much the same number of sightings today as yesterday with a modest highlight my first Meadow Brown of the year, two days earlier than last year's. Relatively small numbers but Brown Argus manages to top the list for sightings. They seem to have spread across the area and can be seen almost anywhere apart from the shady woodland stretches and the streets from home to the Heath. Speckled Wood: 7, Red Admiral: 1, Brown Argus: 9, Common Blue: 6, Small Copper: 2, Peacock: 1, Small White: 2, Brimstone: 2, Small Heath: 6, Holly Blue: 2, Meadow Brown: 1 Peter Gore
1 Jun Found a Purple Hairstreak at Tyttenhanger Gravel Pits by one of the old oak trees (TL191047) Andrew Steele
1 Jun Found 12 species on the Bishop's Stortford Country Park transect including my first Meadow Brown of the year. Watched a female Brimstone ovipositing on Alder Buckthorn whilst photographing Brimstone larvae on same plant - see photo Bob Clift
1 Jun I saw a Meadow Brown when walking the Bricket Wood Common transect. I was surprised my first sighting was a female; I'd expected the males to be out ready to approach the virgin females as soon as they emerged Chris Newton
1 Jun Holly Blue x 2 and Cinnabar moth x 1 in Bushey garden David Gower
1 Jun 4 Speckled Wood, 1 Brown Argus, 2 Orange-tip, 1 Green-veined White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Silver-ground Carpet Moth (Xanthorhoe montanata) - Purwell Ninesprings HMWT nature reserve, Hitchin TL2029 David Inward
1 Jun St Albans - Spotted a female Brimstone flying along my street. She turned into my garden and headed straight for the Purging Buckthorn which she appeared to have detected from a distance of about 40 ft. Over the next 6 minutes she laid about 10 eggs, in each case selecting the newest tenderest growth. She explored several other bushes in the garden, but finding they were not Buckthorn then flew off. About an hour later she returned, still looking for suitable bushes, but she laid no more eggs on my Buckthorn. While searching for suitable laying locations she flew right round the bush, through it and underneath the leafy parts. The laying sites were all well separated, no two eggs laid together or even close to each other. All egg-laying sites were 6-12 ft above ground level - there were no lower leaves. I planted this bush over 15 years ago and never seen so many eggs laid on it. I pruned it quite heavily last November, which has produced a lot more new shoots than usual, which the butterfly seemed to like. I'd noticed the same with the Alder Buckthorn on my Allotment - a good winter pruning encourages more new shoots and Brimstone eggs. The female looked in pristine condition: considering she must have emerged from pupation last July that's quite impressive, not sure any other UK butterflies live for 11 months and still look good Malcolm Hull
1 Jun Hounslow. A lot of sunshine to start a new month but mostly 'old' butterflies with the possible exception of a bright, fresh-looking Comma to which I tried to get closer only to find myself sitting down abruptly amidst the Brambles and Nettles I was pushing through. They were evidently on a fairly steep decline. On these occasions it's the standing up again which can be most painful. Still, I managed it and the Comma was still fluttering around provocatively several feet in front of me. With the river just ahead I chose to remain unprovoked so I can only say it was probably a fresh new specimen. Here are the full sightings all less arduously seen and including a good day for Cinnabars; I don't pay proper attention to moths but one excuse so far this year has been that there are precious few to see anyway: Holly Blue: 4, Speckled Wood: 8, Brown Argus: 6, Green-veined White: 1, Brimstone: 4, Small Copper: 1, Small White: 1, Comma: 1, Common Blue: 10, Small Heath: 6, and seven Cinnabar moths Peter Gore
1 Jun Aldbury Nowers: 1 Green Hairstreak, 7 Small Heath, 3 Brimstone, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Common Blue, 2 Speckled Wood, 3 Orange-tip, 3 Meadow Brown and 1 Grizzled Skipper. Also 1 Burnet Companion Shailesh Patel
1 Jun In Oakwood Park this afternoon (12:45 - 14:10 hrs) - 1 Holly Blue, 2 Small Copper (male W of 10 km line, female E of 10 km line), 6+ Common Blue, 1 male Meadow Brown E of 10 km line - my first of the year. 2 Mother Shipton, 10 Burnet Companion (most E of 10 km line), 6 Orange Conch - Commophila aeneana - 1 W of 10 km line and 5 E of 10 km line - my first of the year, 1 Cinnabar E of 10 km line, 1 Pyrausta aurata at Conservation Pond W of 10 km line. 1 Riband Wave at ASDA Southgate Robert Callf


Date Description Recorder
31 May I saw a Meadow Brown on Chorleywood Common as part of our weekly transect survey. I saw it up close. Apparently this is very early for Hertfordshire. Certainly I haven't seen one thus early before. There may have also been a second but it wouldn't open its wings and I was not sure. But one was definite Philip Gibbs
31 May 1 Brimstone male - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
31 May 7 Brown Argus at Whitewebbs Farm, Enfield (TL 330 000), also here 2 Holly Blue and 1 Small Copper, 2 Brown Argus at Sloemans Farm, Enfield (TL 325 004). 1 Alabonia geofrella at Hilly Fields Park, Enfield (TQ 320 984) at 13:25 hrs, 3 Mother Shipton and 2 Cinnabar at Whitewebbs Farm, Enfield (TL 330 000) this afternoon Robert Callf
30 May Found a Light Brown Apple Moth Epiphyas postvittana (8-10mm) on my back lawn in Stevenage - a first! Peter Clarke
30 May A male Meadow Brown on Bricket Wood Common (TL 1307 0071) (my first ever May record for the species). Nearby a Small Copper at Garston Park LNR (TL 1223 0046) where sorrel is common on the hillside, and a Light Emerald moth in the lit subway (TL 124 006) between the two sites Colin Everett
30 May Hounslow. More sunshine than forecast encouraged butterflies to fly, including several more whites than I managed to identify. Here are the details: Common Blue: 4, Brown Argus: 4, Small White: 1, Holly Blue: 3, Small Heath: 1, Peacock: 1 and a Cinnabar moth Peter Gore
30 May At Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) (11:20 - 12:15 hrs) - 1 Green-veined White, 6 Small Heath, 1 Red Admiral near Allotments and 1 Burnet Companion. At Boxer's Lake, Enfield - 4 Speckled Wood, 3 Holly Blue and 1 Red Admiral. At Oakwood Park (13:35 - 14:35 hrs) - 10 Common Blue, 2 Burnet Companion E of 10 km line, 3 Mother Shipton E of 10 km line, 2 Holly Blue and 1 Speckled Wood Robert Callf
30 May Plenty in flight on my transect at Alexandra Park despite a strong breeze. Of note was a Burnet Companion new sighting for me at the park. By NW corner of cricket pitch (TQ300899) Dee Cullen
29 May This morning I was given escorted access by Network Rail to one of the Hertford area's Grizzled Skipper populations. Weather conditions were very unfavourable as there was sufficient sun to get a Grizzled to come off roost but not enough to make them fly actively. The visit was also quite late in the season? The Grizzled Skippers were simply basking on stones or soil - all very camouflaged! Only four were seen in total, three by the trackman Martin! Also seen were 1 Holly Blue, at least 14 Cinnabar, 2 Treble-bar moths, 2 Yellow Shell moths, 9 Small Heath, 6 Brown Argus, 1 Orange-tip and 1 Small Copper.
Last week Sharon Hearle reported seeing three Four-spotted Moths close to the Hertfordshire border and more sightings have since been reported in Cambridgeshire. Today I visited the site found by Sharon last week, close to the A505 - it is simply a recently dug ditch beside a minor road, which has ample food plant (field bindweed) and a brilliant nectar source of wild flowers. In total I recorded twelve of the moths - one was probably the most co-operative I have ever encountered. The weather conditions were very poor but they were still flying. I checked several other areas but by early afternoon the weather was getting worse so I can't say whether they weren't present or just not flying! Everyone interested in looking for this moth, needs to start looking now!
Liz Goodyear
29 May 1 Small Dusty Wave moth (Idaea seriata) - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
29 May A few moths at Gordon Hill Station, Enfield this morning - 1 Treble Brown-spot, 1 Yellow-barred Brindle, 1 Light Emerald and 1 Bee Moth Robert Callf
28 May In Northaw Great Wood - 1 Alabonia geofrella, 1+ Yellow-barred Long-horn, 1 Small Copper, 4+ Speckled Yellow and 3 Speckled Wood. In Town Park, Enfield (TQ 325 961) this afternoon - 1 Green-veined White, 2 male Common Blue and 1 Cinnabar Robert Callf
27 May 1 Holly Blue at Chase Road/Charter Way, N14 at 11:54 hrs, 11 Small Heath at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097), also here 1 Mother Shipton and 1 Small Copper near Hadley Road at 12:39 hrs, 1 Cinnabar at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park, also here 3 Small Heath, 3 Mother Shipton, male Common Blue and 1 Small Copper; 1 Speckled Wood E edge of Icehouse Wood, 1 Green-veined White at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) at 14:29 hrs Robert Callf
27 May At Finch Lane allotments (TQ133959): 1 Speckled Wood and 1 Small Copper Rebecca Palmer
27 May I was at Hillbrow, Letchworth (TL 205 320) at around 4pm & am dead chuffed (life tick!) to have found a number of Small Blues (despite it being windy and not that sunny). I think I saw about 10 males that seemed to have found a bit of shelter from the wind (near a hedge towards the railway line). I noted some Kidney Vetch in the field, (not very much) & the butterflies were not particularly near to it Phil Barron
26 May 6 Small Heath and 1 Small White at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097), 2 Small Copper, male Orange-tip, 1 Peacock and 1 Mother Shipton at Parkside Farm/Res., Enfield (TQ 2998), 1 Alabonia geofrella at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) at 12:06 hrs - my first of the year Robert Callf
26 May Branch Event
Greenwood Park, Chiswell Green - 30 people attended the launch of our new butterfly bank. After a short presentation, we walked across the park to the chalk bank site. Kidney Vetch seeds have been sown across nearly half the area and some Birdsfoot Trefoil planted. More planned on Friday, call me on 07768 154324 if you are free to help. The weather was overcast, but we saw a fresh Brown Argus, a female Orange-tip, Small Tortoiseshell caterpillars, Mother Shipton and Muslin moths. Earlier at the footpath off Chiswell Green Lane I saw a roosting Small Blue
Malcolm Hull
25 May Islip Manor meadows (TQ119 844) - 4 Small Copper, 3 Common Blue, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Small Heath, and 6 Burnet Companion Paul Lane
25 May Heartwood Forest. Over 30 Small Heath, 2 Brown Argus, 1 Small Copper, 1 Small Blue. Only one Small Blue, in spite of spending time near the kidney vetch. Also 3 Orange-tips, 2 Peacocks, 2 Small Tortoiseshells, "several" Common Blues, Brimstones Martin Webb
25 May Hounslow. Sunshine and cloud and the following seen: Holly Blue: 7, Speckled Wood: 6, Small White: 4, Peacock: 4, Common Blue: 4, Small Copper: 1, Small Heath: 5, Green Hairstreak: 1, Brown Argus: 2, Orange-tip: 1 and two Cinnabar moths Peter Gore
25 May Morning visit to Frogmore Gravel Pit yielded 3 Grizzled Skipper, a male Brimstone, a Green-veined White, 3 Brown Argus, 7 Common Blue, 4 Small White and 12 Cinnabar moths. Several blue damselflies present Peter Clarke
25 May 3 Small Heath at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) this morning, also here 1 female Brown Argus along Leeging Beech Gutter at 10:13 hrs, male Orange-tip at Vicarage Farm (TQ 3097) and Parkside Farm, Enfield, 1 Peacock at Parkside Farm (TQ 2998) at 10:38 hrs, 1 Small Copper near Ride Wood, Trent Park at 12:17 hrs, 1 Mother Shipton at Vicarage Farm (TQ 3097) and 1 Silver Y at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998). 1 Cinnabar at Trent Park this afternoon. 1 Holly Blue at Oakwood Station at 15:43 hrs Robert Callf
25 May My first Painted Lady of the year was on the Anthill Meadow at Alexandra Palace Park (TQ299899) this morning. Also seen were Red Admiral, Holly Blue, Common Blue, Small White, Speckled Wood, Small Copper and Brimstone. A local school hatched and released Painted Ladies late last week, so I think there is a reasonable chance that this morning's record is not a genuinely wild butterfly Gerry Rawcliffe
24 May Hillbrow, Letchworth G C - 13.15 to 14.30: Small Copper x1, Brimstone x3m & 1fm, Holly Blue x3, Brown Argus x1, Common Blue 6m, Peacock x1 (well worn) and Small Blue x8 (looked like all males) Roger Millard
24 May 4 Small Heath at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097), also here 1 Peacock at 14:15 hrs, 1 male Orange-tip, 4 male Common Blue and 2 Mother Shipton and another Mother Shipton along Hadley Road (TQ 302 980), 5 Common Blue at Parkside Farm/Res., Enfield (TQ 2998). 1 Common Marbled Carpet at ASDA Southgate - my first of the year Robert Callf
23 May A Green Hairstreak reported from my parent's neighbour in their Highgate garden (Andrew Nield)
23 May Holly Blues in my St Albans garden, where it is a truly resident species. They spent most of the day flying round, nectaring and sunbathing. I saw one egg laying on the flower buds on the holly tree and disturbed another this evening which was roosting in the winter honeysuckle bush. A few weeks ago they were sunning themselves on the ivy hedge after hatching out from there. No other butterflies here today, but beautiful fresh female Broad-bodied Chaser hatched out of the pond Malcolm Hull
23 May Hounslow. Green Hairstreaks continuing to be spotted in small numbers well away from their usual local sites. Today's two included one settled on a bare patch of ground where it was very conspicuous, seeming more typical of a Small Copper or a Small Heath. Here are the full details: Holly Blue: 7, Green Hairstreak: 2, Speckled Wood: 7, Common Blue: 7, Small Heath: 6, Brimstone: 3, Brown Argus: 3, Peacock: 2, Small Copper: 3, Orange-tip: 1, two Cinnabar moths and one Mother Shipton Peter Gore
23 May 2 Small Dusty Wave at bus-stop shelter at Chase Road/Charter Way, N14 this morning, 1 Small Heath near Shaws Wood at Vicarage Farm (TQ 2997) at 07:55 hrs, 4 Brown Argus near Merryhills Brook at Vicarage Farm (TQ 2997) - 3 males and 1 female between 07:56 - 08:05 hrs, also here 3 Mother Shipton Robert Callf
22 May Relatively low number of butterflies in the breezy sunshine but 13 species recorded whilst on transect walks in Hillingdon, including atypical Small Heath at Lake Farm, Hayes. Off transect records at Minet Country Park (TQ 109799) yielded a further 2 Small Heaths, a Brown Argus, male Common Blue, male Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, whilst by the Cycle Track (TQ 111803) saw a male Orange-tip, a Green-veined White and a Small White Paul Busby
22 May Hounslow. Similar in most respects to yesterday: Holly Blue: 6, Brimstone: 8, Peacock: 8, Speckled Wood: 2, Orange-tip: 3, Green Hairstreak: 2, Common Blue: 4, Small White: 2, Brown Argus: 1, Small Heath: 5, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Small Copper: 1 and 3 Cinnabar moths Peter Gore
22 May At Rickneys Quarry this afternoon Brown Argus 11, Common Blue 7, 1 Small Heath and 1 Grizzled Skipper and 2 Orange-tip. In field behind Bencroft Wood 9 Small Heath and 3 Small Copper and 2 Latticed Heath moths Steve Kiln
22 May Small Heath are out in good numbers this afternoon at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) - counted 19 here and another 1 near Merryhills Brook at Vicarage Farm (TQ 2997), 2 Brown Argus at Vicarage Farm (TQ 3097) at 13:55 hrs and another (female) near Merryhills Brook (TQ 2997) at 14:16 hrs, also at least 2 Mother Shipton at Vicarage Farm (TQ 3097). 1 late instar Oak Eggar caterpillar near Merryhills Brook at Trent Park and 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) at 16:09 hrs Robert Callf
21 May The local U3A Nature Study group came to visit Halsey Field, Hemel Hempstead and with quite a few sharp eyes were able to spot: 4 Green Hairstreak, at least 5 Holly Blue, over 20 Brimstone, 1 Orange-tip, and 1 Large Skipper.
I also saw a Mother Shipton moth on the top field of the site on my way home
Chris Ridley
21 May A couple of Holly Blues seen at the Community Wetland Planting Day at Broomfield Park, Palmers Green, Enfield Paul Busby
21 May Hillbrow, Letchworth G C, 11.45 to 14.00 - Orange-tip x2m, Holly Blue x9, Brown Argus x7, Common Blue x5m, Brimstone x2m & 6fm and Small Blue x1. Despite four recent visits this is the first Small Blue I have seen on this site, however another visitor I met said he had seen one earlier today on another part of the site Roger Millard
21 May I have seen only one Large White this year but I was amazed to find 3 clusters of yellow eggs 1-2 metres high on railings (facing east) surrounding a kissing gate by the Aston End Brook, south-east of Ridlins Wood, Stevenage. Are they really Large White eggs? I can't think what else they can be but I am happy to be corrected! The eggs have rounded peaks so not Large White! Peter Clarke
21 May Hounslow. Mostly sunny with a good selection of butterflies although Whites seem to be fairly poor at present: Holly Blue: 12, Peacock: 4, Speckled Wood: 4, Green-veined White: 1, Orange-tip: 3, Common Blue: 3, Small Copper: 4, Brown Argus: 4, Small Heath: 4, Small White: 1, Green Hairstreak: 3, Brimstone: 1 Peter Gore
21 May At Grovelands Park, Southgate (11:40 - 14:10 hrs) - 7 Holly Blue, 3 Small Copper, 1 male Brown Argus near Bowling Green (TQ 307 946) at 12:45 hrs, 1 Burnet Companion, 1 Silver Y, 1 Red Admiral near The Bourne entrance at 14:06 hrs - my first of the late spring/early summer, 1 Speckled Wood Robert Callf
20 May While out on my local patch at Stanwell Moor, I found my first Large Skipper of 2019 Dave Miller
20 May A single Speckled Wood in Cutthroat Wood, Hillingdon, looking back over the last couple of years, I am seeing less Speckled Woods this Spring at the usual woodland sites in Hillingdon, hopefully it will improve Paul Busby
20 May 1 Holly Blue - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
20 May Hounslow. After a blank day yesterday a little more sun today and the following were seen: Holly Blue: 5, Orange-tip: 6, Peacock: 7, Speckled Wood: 2, Brimstone: 1, Common Blue: 1, Small Copper: 1 Peter Gore
20 May 6 Speckled Wood near New Cottage Farm (TL 272 002), 1 male Orange-tip at Pond Wood at 11:08 hrs and also 1 Peacock here at 11:46 hrs, 1 female Small Copper egg-laying in meadow at Fir & Pond Woods at 11:50 hrs, 2 Green-veined White at Fir & Pond Woods near Pond at 11:59 hrs and 3 Speckled Wood at Fir & Pond Woods. 2 Orange-tip male and female near New Cottage Farm Robert Callf
19 May 2 Small Copper at 'New Fields' Trent Park, also here 2 Cinnabar and 3 Mother Shipton, 2 Orange-tip male and female and female Small Copper near Beech Hill Lake, Monken Hadley Common (TQ 269 971) at 12:58 hrs, 1 female Small Copper at Covert Way LNR (TQ 265 973) at 13:12 hrs, 1 Green-veined White at Monken Hadley Common (TQ 274 967) at 15:15 hrs, and 1 Large White and 1 Speckled Wood near Cockfosters entrance, Trent Park at 15:23 hrs Robert Callf
19 May Branch Event
We were joined by David Kirk, chairman of the Box Moor Trust and three other branch members for the walk around the lovely Bovingdon Brickworks managed by the Box Moor Trust. Overnight rain meant everything was a bit damp, and despite the forecast saying there would be some sunshine on arrival there was not. However, this proved a great bonus as it meant the resident Dingy Skippers were still roosting and a pre-walk search located several for everyone to see and take photos. A total of 6 were found in the meadow adjacent to the car park. As we set off it became apparent that the sun was trying to shine, which it did relatively weakly for the remainder of the walk. This meant that the Dingy Skippers were beginning to come off their overnight roosting seed heads but were as a result not flying very strongly or simply basking on the bare ground. A further 9 were found including a pair having quite a battle in the bottom of one of the pits. Also recorded were 3 Brown Argus, 3 Orange-tip, 2 Common Blue, and 2 Cinnabar moths. It was lovely to hear a cuckoo calling nearby and one more distant. Although the butterfly count was quite poor, everyone went home quite content with what they had seen.
Earlier we had made a visit to the A41 Bourne End slip road but were unsuccessful in finding any roosting Small Blue, however we did see 2 roosting Brown Argus and 2 Small Yellow Underwings. The Kidney Vetch though appears to be doing very well although not in flower yet
Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
19 May Visited Coppetts Wood in Barnet between 9.45 and 10.30 in rather overcast conditions, only sighting were two Speckled Wood and 1 Holly Blue.
Walked along Tunnel Gardens from 11.00 till 1.00 photographing the flowers, some well camouflaged dock bugs on dock leaves and in the process I saw 5 Holly Blues, 3 Speckled Wood, three Green-veined White and was lucky enough to find a male Orange-tip who posed nicely on wild carrot and garlic mustard
Miles Attenborough
19 May Small Tortoiseshell caterpillars spotted on the nettles on my St Albans Allotment. Most were in a series of clusters, with a few larger individuals beginning to disperse. Attempted a count, which was not easy and got to 300 individuals, which is more than I see at this spot most years. See video on Malcolm's twitter Malcolm Hull
18 May Off transect records for Minet Country Park, Hayes (TQ109800) - male Common Blue, Brown Argus, two female and one male Orange-tip and a Holly Blue Paul Busby
18 May 1 Small White near Allotments at Vicarage Farm, Enfield at 12:21 hrs, 2 Mother Shipton and 1 Common Carpet at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) - the latter a first for the year, 1 Green-veined White at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998), also here 1 female Orange-tip and 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Silver Y at Parkside Farm - my first for the year, 1 Speckled Wood at Park Farm, Enfield, also here 1 Peacock and 1 Green-veined White, 1 Small Copper near Ride Wood, Trent Park at 14:37 hrs, 4 Brown Argus, 1 Small Copper and 5 Small Heath at Vicarage Farm, Enfield near Shaws Wood (TQ 2997) Robert Callf
17 May Of interest the micro moth that we couldn't identify on our visit to Hexton on 15 May proved to be a serious rarity, thanks to Ben Sale for confirming its identity. It was Anania fuscalis. See Ben's moth blog for records in 2015 and 2017 Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
16 May I visited the northern part of Bedfont Lakes Country Park, and saw the following: Holly Blue 8, Brown Argus 6, Green-veined White 3, Common Blue 3, Green Hairstreak 3, Brimstone 2, Peacock 2, Orange-tip 2, Small Heath 1, Speckled Wood 1.
The Green Hairstreaks were widely separated, with the one shown in the photo being within sight of the visitor centre. The Common Blues included a beautiful blue female, more silver than blue
Dave Miller
16 May This afternoon we were walking round the Halsey Field in Gadebridge, Hemel Hempstead (TL042088) with some friends, when we had a really good view of a Green Hairstreak fluttering around, then landing on a Dogwood bush near the southern perimeter fence. Sightings of a Green Hairstreak were made this time last year on the site, so it looks very possible that the species is now breeding on the field. I didn't manage to get a good photo of the hairstreak as it was high in the bush, but I did manage a somewhat out of focus photo of the Small Yellow Underwing which I saw on Sunday 12th May at the bottom of the slope on Halsey field, as I was walking the transect Christine Ridley
16 May 1 Holly Blue female - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
16 May Hounslow. Cloud and breeziness reduced numbers a little but still plenty to see: Peacock: 5, Speckled Wood: 2, Green-veined White: 3, Common Blue: 1, Large White: 1, Orange-tip: 3, Holly Blue: 5, Small Heath: 4, Brimstone: 3, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Brown Argus: 2, Small Copper: 1 Peter Gore
16 May 1 Holly Blue at Enfield Chase Station (TQ 321 966) at 11:21 hrs, 1 Holly Blue at Whitewebbs Park (TQ 321 998) at 12:54 hrs, 3 Speckled Wood at Whitewebbs Park (TQ 329 997), 1 Speckled Wood, 1 male Brimstone and 1 male Orange-tip at Archers Wood, Enfield (TQ 333 992), 1 female Holly Blue at Forty Hall CP, Enfield (TQ 336 991) at 14:35 hrs, 1 female Orange-tip and 1 Speckled Wood at Forty Hall CP (TQ 337 984). 1 Small Dusty Wave at Gordon Hill Station this morning - my first of the year Robert Callf
16 May The first Common Blue of the year - a female - was in the north west corner of the cricket pitches at Alexandra Palace (TQ300899) this morning, along with Brown Argus and Small Copper. Elsewhere on the Palace there were Brimstone, Holly Blue, Small White, Orange-tip and Peacock Gerry Rawcliffe
15 May At Water Lane , Watford found Orange-tip x 4, Brimstone x 2, Common Blue x 1, Common Carpet moth x 1. At Fishers Field afterwards seeing Brimstone x 3, Peacock x 2, Holly Blue x 1, Common Blue x 1 David Gower
15 May We went north and first visited Hexton Chalk Pit, arriving mid-morning so with the glorious sunshine everything was seriously on the wing! Immediately a small pyralid moth got our interest but we have yet to identify it. As we walked through the pit, it became obvious that there were serious numbers of Dingy Skipper flying - in some places one per square metre! It was impossible to get an accurate count but we reckon a minimum of 50 were seen. As we walked through the pit, we encountered a Green Hairstreak on the ground and then watching the various sycamore trees at the top end of the site we watched numerous duels and chases and at times they were interacting with the Holly Blue in the same area. Again they were hard to count but we think we probably saw about 9. Also seen during our visit were a single Small Heath, several Brimstones and on the adjacent field an Orange-tip. Day-flying moths included Small Purple Barred, Small Yellow Underwing, Pyrausta nigrata and aurata, and Burnet Companion.
We then went to Hillbrow at Letchworth but no Small Blue were encountered despite the Kidney Vetch appearing to be doing very well although nowhere near flowering. The majority of butterflies seen were either Orange-tip or Brimstones but we did see 2 Brown Argus as well as Holly Blues. Day-flying moths included Latticed Heath, Burnet Companion, Mother Shipton (photo), Cinnabar and Small Yellow Underwing.
Finally we visited a field opposite the entrance to the Wilbury Hill Carpark. Here butterflies were far more numerous with Brown Argus, Small Heath, Small Copper, Brimstones and Orange-tips flying. Day-flying moths included Latticed Heath and Small Yellow Underwing
Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
15 May 1 Brimstone male, 1 Holly Blue, 1 Orange-tip male - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
15 May Oakwood Park (15:20 - 16:00 hrs) - 1 male Brimstone, 3 Holly Blue and 1 Small Copper and 10+ Mother Shipton were very active & restless. 1 Small White and 1 Holly Blue at Prince George Ave., N14 (TQ 299 956) at 16:05 hrs and 1 Peacock settled at Boxer's Lake, Enfield at 16:15 hrs Robert Callf
15 May Hounslow. Two Small Heaths completed our local list of spring butterfly species (17) on another sunny day. One other highlight and one oddity: a Green Hairstreak on one of the burnt areas moved purposefully from one little patch of regenerating Bramble to another.I didn't manage to spot any eggs or actual laying but it did look as though that was what the butterfly had in mind. What two butterflies seen shortly after had in mind was something else altogether, a Small Tortoiseshell and a Peacock spent quite a bit of time together in a manner most unlike these two species. Although never actually mating, at one point they were both on my left foot -a double first for my left foot there and a little later the presumed male Small Tortoiseshell was resting at right angles on the closed wings of the Peacock. I left them to it, whatever 'it' was! Here are the full details of sightings: Holly Blue: 9, Speckled Wood: 1, Green-veined White: 2, Small Copper: 5, Brimstone: 5, Common Blue: 1, Comma: 1, Red Admiral: 1, Orange-tip: 9, Peacock: 5, Green Hairstreak: 2, Small Heath: 2, Brown Argus: 1, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Large White: 1 Peter Gore
14 May Seen in Bushey garden: Holly Blue x 5, Peacock x 1, Comma x 1 David Gower
14 May This afternoon in my St Albans garden - Orange-tip, Green-veined White, Brimstone, Holly Blue, Mint moth and longhorn moth Malcolm Hull
14 May A probable Large Tortoiseshell or Scarce Tortoiseshell just N of Bovingdon at lunchtime. I flushed the butterfly next to a footpath and was struck by its size (similar to Painted Lady) and colour (pale orange-brown); when I very briefly glimpsed the markings it was obviously a tortoiseshell but the flight was very different - strong with frequent glides, like a large fritillary. It was also very skittish and I could not relocate it once it had flown off into an adjacent field. The location was the footpath between Duckhall Farm and Bourne End Lane near the karting track, where the path changes from a NE to NNW direction and a grassy field opens out on the east side, about 20 metres N of the end of the hedgerow, at grid reference TL 01418 04468. I'd welcome any attempts by other observers to re-find it. Nearby there was a Small Copper at the entrance to Little Hay Golf Course (TL 0192 0465) Colin Everett
14 May Alexandra Palace's (TQ303898) first Brown Argus of the year was found in the south east corner of the park, somewhat away from where it was expected! Also Small Copper, Orange-tip, Brimstone, Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Peacock, Small White and Green-veined White seen but surprisingly no Small Heath which have been a feature in recent days Gerry Rawcliffe
14 May 1 Brimstone - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
14 May Hounslow. A very good sunny walk with four species seen for the first time this year. Most welcome was Green Hairstreak which had been worryingly elusive after last year's fires on the Heath and the destruction of much of its Marshalling Yards habitat. Here are the full details: Holly Blue: 11, Red Admiral: 1 (first after possible February sighting not listed), Orange-tip: 6, Peacock: 9, Green-veined White: 5, Green Hairstreak: 4, Common Blue: 1 (first), Small Copper: 1, Brimstone: 8, Small White: 3, Small Tortoiseshell: 1, Brown Argus: 1 (1st) , Speckled Wood: 1 and a Cinnabar moth Peter Gore
14 May 1 Holly Blue at Bramley Parade, N14 at 11:29 hrs, 1 Green-veined White near Oakwood entrance, Trent Park at 11:34 hrs, 3 Small Copper (2 males, 1 female) at 'New Fields' Trent Park, 1 male Orange-tip Sect 4 'New Fields' Trent Park at 12:12 hrs, 1 Holly Blue near Sports Field, Trent Park at 12:30 hrs. 1 male Orange-tip and 1 Holly Blue at Westpole Ave., EN4, 1 male Orange-tip and 1 Holly Blue at Oakwood entrance, Trent Park, 3 Small Tortoiseshell (2 at Vicarage Farm - TQ 3097, 1 at Parkside Farm - TQ 2998), 2 Orange-tip male and female at Vicarage Farm (TQ 3097), 2 Peacock (1 at Vicarage Farm, 1 at Parkside Farm), 1 Speckled Wood, female Small Copper and 1 Holly Blue at Vicarage Farm. Female Muslin Moth seen in flight at Bramley Parade, Oakwood (TQ 295961) at 11:29 hrs (my first of the year) and 1 Small Yellow Underwing near Triangular Wood, Trent Park at 11:42 hrs Robert Callf
13 May A late afternoon visit to Merryhill fields, Bushey seeing Peacock x 3, Brimstone x 5 (all male), Orange-tip x 1. In Bushey garden Holly Blue x 1 David Gower
13 May 1 Holly Blue, 1 Orange-tip - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
13 May Fishers Field NR, Bushey: 3 Brimstone and 1 Peacock. Radlett Road fields: 1 Orange-tip. Link Road, Watford: 1 Brimstone. North Bushey Play Park: 4 Brimstone and 1 Holly Blue Rebecca Palmer
13 May Therfield Heath (east of the clubhouse): signs that the butterflies in the area are finally showing signs of activity! Sightings: Brimstone (11, mainly females), Large White (1), Orange-tip (9, mainly females), Small Copper (1), Holly Blue (4), Peacock (1), Speckled Wood (1), Small Heath (13) Martin Johnson
13 May 1 Holly Blue at Library Green, Enfield Town (TQ 324965) at 11:12 hrs, 1 female Green-veined White at Town Park, Enfield (TQ 325960) at 11:35 hrs, 2 female Holly Blue at Carr's Basin, Town Park, 1 Holly Blue at Holly Walk, EN2 (TQ 324968) at 11:53 hrs, 1 female Holly Blue at River View, EN2 (TQ 323967) at 12:06 hrs. 1 male Brimstone at Southgate Chase Allotments (TQ 294 945) at 14:20 hrs Robert Callf
12 May 1 Holly Blue at Dalrymple Close, N14 at 11:37 hrs, 1 Holly Blue at Enfield Road, EN2 at 11:47 hrs, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Holly Blue at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097), 1 female Small Copper at Parkside Farm/Res, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 12:36 hrs, also 1 Small Tortoiseshell here at 12:40 hrs, 1 Peacock at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 12:52 hrs, 1 male Holly Blue settled on ground near Duncan's Wood, Enfield Chase at 13:02 hrs, also 1 Peacock here at 13:03 hrs. 1 Peacock at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park at 13:44 hrs, also 1 Small Heath here at 13:50 hrs, 4 Small Copper at Trent Park (3 at 'Old Golf Course' and 1 by lower lake), 2 Small Yellow Underwing together at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park at 13:59 hrs - my first of the year, 1 Cinnabar near Ride Wood, Trent Park at 14:08 hrs - my first of the year, 1 Speckled Wood by lower lake, Trent Park at 14:12 hrs, 4 male Orange-tip at Trent Park (1 edge of Moat Wood,1 at Water Garden, 1 near Dew Pond, 1 edge of Williams Wood), 1 male Green-veined White edge of Williams Wood, Trent Park at 14:30 hrs, 1 Small Copper at Vicarage Farm, Enfield near Shaws Wood (TQ 2997) at 14:35 hrs and 3 Small Heath here Robert Callf
12 May I took a late afternoon walk, along the footpath by the boundary fence of the Rose Gardens and Butterfly World, to look for roosting Small Blues, it was still very warm and I wasn't disappointed. I saw 5 Small Blues, 4 Peacock, 5 Orange-tip and a Brimstone (TL124042) Mandy Floyd
12 May Visited Fishers Field Nature Reserve. Sightings were 4 x Brimstone, 2 x Orange-tip, 2 x Green-veined White, 2 x Common Blue, 1 x Speckled Wood. In Bushey garden 1 x Common Blue David Gower
12 May Ver valley walk heading north from St Albans - Gorhamburt Plantation - Red Admiral, Holly Blue, Speckled Wood, Orange-tip, Green-veined White.
Redbournbury Water Meadows - Peacocks, Orange-tips, Brimstones, Green-veined Whites and my first UK Common Blue of the year, strangely attracted to a dandelion seedhead
Malcolm Hull
12 May 2 Holly Blue - Meadowbank, Hitchin (TL195299), 1 Orange-tip male - Walsworth Common, Hitchin (TL196301) David Inward
12 May Hounslow. Mostly cloudy with many of these sightings along roadsides: Holly Blue: 9, Orange-tip: 3, Green-veined White: 2, Brimstone: 1, Peacock: 5, Small Tortoiseshell: 1 Peter Gore
12 May Pleased to see a Speckled Yellow Moth at Northaw Great Wood, a first there for me Dee Cullen
12 May This morning's field trip at Waterford Heath in fine weather realised 5 Grizzled Skippers on the south and one on the north Heath. Also seen were Brown Argus, Small Copper, Brimstone, Large White, Orange-tip, Peacock and Green-veined White plus Cinnabar, Pyrausta aurata and Treble-Bar moths Andrew Wood
12 May Visited Coppets Wood and neighbouring green space between 9.30 and 10.30 pleased to find a Small Copper which I later saw find a mate and copulate (TQ 274914), a very short courtship. Also 3 male Orange-tips, 3 female Orange-tips, 2 Holly Blue and 2 Green-veined White. Mostly along the lane with the Thames Water main TQ 276913.
Walked up and down Tunnel Gardens in New Southgate from 11.00 to 11.30 and saw 5 Holly Blues and a female Brimstone which was nectaring on dandelion and ragged robin flowers in the patch of meadow I seeded last year (TQ 293914)
Miles Attenborough
11 May Spring Meadow Farm, White Hill Lane, Whelpley Hill, near Bovingdon - 4 Dingy Skippers in this 8 acre wildflower meadow, created from a former potato field. The Dingy Skippers were in two courting couples, which spent ages flying close together twiddling round each other. Luckily one eventually landed for a photo. Also in the meadow were Orange-tips, Green-veined Whites, Peacocks, a Brimstone and a Small Tortoiseshell. Lindsay McRae also saw a Small Copper.
This farm straddles the Herts/Bucks border and while the buildings are all in Bucks, the 8 acre wildflower meadow is all in Herts. Note it is a private site, the landowner will allow access by prior arrangement, contact me for details.
A41 Bourne End junction - stopped at this Small Blue site on the way home, but no sign that they have yet emerged at this location
Malcolm Hull
11 May 1 Holly Blue, 1 Green-veined White - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
11 May 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ2998) at 11:24 hrs and 1 female Small White here at 11:33 hrs, 1 Speckled Wood at Park Farm, Enfield, 3 Speckled Wood together at Ash Wood, Enfield Chase at 12:15 hrs, 2 male Orange-tip at Trent Park, 1 male Green-veined White near Williams Wood, Trent Park at 13:40 hrs, 1 Speckled Wood at Shaws Wood, Trent Park at 13:43 hrs, 3 Mother Shipton at 'Old Golf Course' Trent Park - my first of the year Robert Callf
10 May Hounslow. Mostly cloudy with relatively few sightings: Holly Blue: 7, Brimstone: 3, Orange-tip: 3, Green-veined White: 6, Small White: 3, Large White: 1, Peacock: 3, Small Copper: 1, Speckled Wood: 1 Peter Gore
10 May A couple of Red Admirals, and it occurred to me I haven't seen many this year. Also saw a Small Copper, Brimstones, a Green-veined White and many Small Whites, and Speckled Woods on my new transect walk in Alexandra Park Dee Cullen
9 May 1 male Orange-tip at Parkside Farm/Res., Enfield (TQ2998) at 11:25 hrs and 1 Speckled Wood at Ash Wood, Enfield Chase Robert Callf
8 May This was our first opportunity to look for Grizzled Skippers and the 'damp' weather didn't deter us, even the thunder and lightning didn't stop us although a very soggy notebook was a bit of a nuisance.
We started at Frogmore just after 10.30, it was raining and the temperature didn't go much above 10 °C. In total we found exactly 10 roosting Grizzled Skipper distributed throughout the site. We believe 7 were male and 3 female with a choice of seed head being Perforate St. John's Wort (3), Knapweed (4), Bramble (2) and one unidentified stem! We looked at the hawthorn and flowering Forget-me-not but there really was too much to check. No eggs were found but with the wet weather and rain drops looking like eggs it wasn't the right day to start looking. Also found roosting were 8 Brown Argus, 1 Small Copper and 1 Toadflax Brocade moth. We finished just after 12.30.
We then went to Rickneys Quarry and started walking around the site at 1.20 and although there were moments of brightness which made at least one Grizzled Skipper open its wings, the majority of the afternoon was spent walking around in the rain. Just at the end the sun came out and some of the Grizzled Skippers became active but we couldn't count these. We left around 4.30 just before a torrential downpour. Totals here were 12 Grizzled Skipper, with we believe 7 males and 3 females and the remainder not confirmed. Here the seed-heads being used were Carline Thistle (4), Bramble (4), Perforate St. John's Wort (3) and one further individual on the move. Also recorded were 6 Cinnabar Moths, 1 Latticed Heath moth, 2 Small Copper and 21 Brown Argus. Also noted was a Pyrausta species of moth. We did not record any roosting Small Heath which we expected to do.
We also looked at one of our favourite elm trees with really low easy to check branches. On inspection and only during a matter of minutes and below head-height we counted at least 13 White-letter Hairstreak caterpillars, all now on the leaves and only one more mature with one also we thought was predated. There were several other caterpillars and a lot of larval damage on the elm. We hope to identify the caterpillars in due course
Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
7 May Results from my transect at St Julian's Meadow (TL139052). It warmed up nicely around 1.00 pm for some lovely sightings of Small Copper 5, Holly Blue 2, Orange-tip 5, Speckled Wood 3, Green-veined White 2 Mandy Floyd
7 May 2 Speckled Wood together at Shaws Wood, Trent Park at 14:39 hrs, 1 Peacock near Williams Wood, Trent Park at 14:42 hrs, 1 Small White near Water Garden, Trent Park at 14:55 hrs, 2 Speckled Wood together at Ash Wood, Enfield Chase, also here 1 Green-veined White and 1 Peacock Robert Callf
7 May 1 Brimstone male - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
7 May On south heath (Waterford Heath), this afternoon. One Grizzled Skipper, 1 Brown Argus, a Holly Blue, Comma and two Cinnabar moths. On north heath 2 Brown Argus and Orange-tip & Brimstone.
On Rickneys Quarry. 5 Brown Argus, a Grizzled Skipper and two Treble-bar moths
Steve Kiln
7 May I visited Frogmore Pit in the early sunshine and found 2 Grizzled Skippers, 3 Brown Argus, 4 Orange-tips, I each of Peacock, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell and Small Copper. Also 3 Cinnabar moths Andrew Wood
6 May 1 Brimstone Moth at bus-stop shelter at Chase Road/Charter Way, N14 and another at ASDA Southgate - my first of the year Robert Callf
5 May Early this morning there were 1 roosting and 2 flying Grizzled Skippers on the east bank at Waterford Heath south pit, also 1 Small Copper and 2 Cinnabar moths all active Andrew Wood
4 May Despite a very chilly breeze there were still 2 Grizzled Skippers flying at Waterford Heath NR this morning. South pit by the sandy slopes on the Vicarage Lane side Chris Benton
4 May 1 Green-veined White near Merryhills Brook at Trent Park at 11:35 hrs, 1 Speckled Wood at Shaws Wood, Trent Park at 11:42 hrs, 1 male Orange-tip at Rough Lot, Trent Park at 12:09 hrs and 2 Speckled Wood at Ash Wood, Enfield Chase Robert Callf
3 May 1 male Orange-tip and 1 Peacock at Trent Park 'Old Golf Course' at 15:05 hrs Robert Callf
2 May Weedy field, Batford (TL1514) - 1 Small Heath Darin Stanley
2 May Following the Brown Argus sightings on 1st, my walk at Stanwell Moor turned up a mating pair - they certainly didn't waste any time! I also recorded my first Small Heath of 2019.
Total sightings: Holly Blue 13; Orange-tip 10; Green-veined White 5; Small Copper 3; Brown Argus 2; Small Heath 1; Small White 1; Speckled Wood 1; Peacock 1; Brimstone 1
Dave Miller
2 May 1 male Orange-tip at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ2998) at 13:06 hrs, 1 Green-veined White at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ2998) at 13:09 hrs, 1 male Orange-tip at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ2998) at 13:13 hrs, 1 Speckled Wood at Park Farm, Enfield at 13:15 hrs Robert Callf
2 May Morning sunshine along the River Pinn, Ickenham (TQ 072 868) but saw at least 3 Small Whites, 3 Holly Blues, male Orange-tip and 2 Speckled Woods. Cloudier afternoon but saw another Speckled Wood at Highgrove Wood, Eastcote (TQ 104 880) Paul Busby
1 May This morning, I visited Bedfont Lakes Country Park. I started at the southern, less well-known section, and in within a few yards of entering the main part of the park I had seen my first Green Hairstreak down on the grass. By the time I left, I had seen seven altogether: four in this area, one close to the railway, and two more on the far side of the lake. They must be spread across the whole site. Also seen: Holly Blues (9), Speckled Woods (8), and Peacocks (2).
There being no link between the two sections, I drove round to the northern part of the park, and found two more Green Hairstreaks close to the railway. The sun was getting very hazy, and the only other sightings were: Holly Blue (1), Peacock (2), and Green-veined White (4).
Returning home, with the sunshine getting stronger again, I walked my usual circuit at Stanwell Moor. Holly Blues were everywhere, as they have been for a while now - 23 seen. There were also Orange-tips (8), Brimstones (4), Peacocks (2), Green-veined White (7), and Small White (1). I also found a shiny new Small Copper (my second here this year), and more of a surprise, a new male Brown Argus. This was my first of the year anywhere
Dave Miller
1 May Weedy field, Batford (TL1514) - 1 Small Heath, 1 Common Blue Darin Stanley
1 May A warm but cloudy day with few butterflies on the wing, saw two male Orange-tips in the woodland edge field adjacent to Mad Bess Woods, Ruislip ( TQ 082 891) Paul Busby
1 May 4 Speckled Wood and 1 female Orange-tip at Lavender Hill Cemetery (TQ318981), 1 Peacock at Hilly Fields Park (TQ321983) at 11:32 hrs, 2 Orange-tip male and female and 1 Peacock at Whitewebbs Park (TQ325991), 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock and 2 male Orange-tip at Sloemans Farm, Enfield (TL324003), 1 male Orange-tip and 1 Speckled Wood near Archers Wood near Forty Hall (TQ333992) and 1 Speckled Wood at Forty Hall CP (TQ337989). 1 male Orange-tip at Whitewebbs Farm, Enfield at 14:41 hrs Robert Callf
1 May Alexandra Palace's (TQ302902) first Small Heath of the year was seen this morning in the northwest corner of the cricket pitches. Also seen Holly Blue, Green-veined White, Large White, Small White, male and female Orange-tip, Speckled Wood and two Small Copper on Butterfly Meadow. But no Brimstone Gerry Rawcliffe


Date Description Recorder
30 Apr Waterford Heath(South) 10.30 to 12.00am - Orange-tip x4m/1fm; Holly Blue x1 and Brown Argus x1 Roger Millard
30 Apr First Green-veined Whites (4) of the year at Bayfordbury (TL3110), along with Orange-tips (10+), Small Tortoiseshells (5), Speckled Woods (4), Peacocks (5), Brimstones (3) and Commas (3) Ian Flack
30 Apr One Grizzled Skipper and two Small Coppers at Rickneys Quarry Steve Kiln
30 Apr I spotted a Small Copper (I never see many of them) at the corner of a wood east of Newton Wood (TL 232224) Phil Barron
30 Apr Warm spring sunshine, attended morning working party for the new meadow/pond area adjacent to Elephant Park, Hillingdon (TQ 083845) and saw a male Brimstone, two Peacocks, Holly Blue, Speckled Wood, Green-veined White and Small White. Afternoon river sampling on River Pinn, Ickenham and saw a pair of Brimstones, male Orange-tip, two Holly Blues and at least one Green-veined White. At Ruislip High School car park (TQ 101861) saw another male Orange-tip and a number of unidentified Whites and finally late afternoon stroll along nettle bordered London Loop path by Plough Lane, Harefield (TQ 051917) and saw two separate pairs of Small Tortoiseshells on Nettles Paul Busby
30 Apr Mid afternoon transect, Thorley Wash. Pleased to see Small Tortoiseshell numbers reaching double figures for third week running (11, 12, 11,). Not many other butterflies about, mating pair of Small Whites. Storm Hannah appears to have halved the number of Orange-tips here Len Crouch
30 Apr Early afternoon stroll around the former Rose Gardens, Chiswell Green St Albans - Small Blue, Green Hairstreak, Brimstones, Orange-tips, Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells, Speckled Woods, Holly Blue, Common Carpet and a possible Green-veined White.
Can't recall an earlier date for Small Blue in Herts and I've not heard of any sighting of Green Hairstreak in St Albans in any previous year
Malcolm Hull
Phil Sterling
Mandy Floyd
30 Apr 1 male Orange-tip at Link Road, Watford, 1 Holly Blue at Bushey Mill Lane, Bushey and 4 Orange-tip at Finch Lane Allotments including a male and female dancing together Rebecca Palmer
30 Apr Hounslow. A mostly sunny early afternoon walk, Holly Blue sightings still increasing as I reached home: Holly Blue: 22, Green-veined White: 5, Peacock: 9, Orange-tip: 12, Speckled Wood: 1, Small White: 4, Comma: 1, Brimstone: 8 and one Cinnabar moth Peter Gore
30 Apr 1 Grizzled Skipper at Waterford Heath - North pit by railway line Chris Benton
30 Apr 1 male Orange-tip at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) at 10:21 hrs, 'small swarm' of Adela reaumurella at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) late morning, 1 male Orange-tip at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 11:10 and 1 Speckled Wood here, 1 male Orange-tip and 1 male Green-veined White edge of Duncan's Wood, Enfield Chase (TQ 287984) at 11:28 hrs, 1 male Orange-tip edge of Ash Wood, Enfield Chase (TQ 297968) at 11:43 hrs, 1 male Orange-tip edge of Rough Lot, Trent Park at 12:26 hrs, 1 male Orange-tip and 1 Speckled Wood by lower lake, Trent Park, 1 male Orange-tip at Water Garden, Trent Park, 1 male Orange-tip near Dew Pond, Trent Park at 13:01 hrs, 2 male Small Copper chasing near Shaws Wood at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 297971) at 13:10 hrs, also here 1 male Brimstone and 1 female Orange-tip, 1 male Orange-tip near Merryhills Brook at Vicarage Farm (TQ 297 968) at 13:19 hrs, 2 male Orange-tip together at South Lodge Farm (TQ 298 964) at 13:36 hrs. 1 Holly Blue at Chase Side, N14 (TQ295943) at 17:24 hrs and another at Southgate Chase Allotments (TQ294945) at 17:39 hrs Robert Callf
29 Apr 1 Speckled Wood near Merryhills Brook at Vicarage Farm (TQ 297968) at 12:26 hrs. 2 male Holly Blue at Ivy Road Recreation Ground (TQ 296946) at 17:10 hrs Robert Callf
28 Apr 1 Speckled Wood nectaring on dandelion at Parkside Farm (TQ 2998) at 15:36 hrs Robert Callf
26 Apr Alexandra Park (TQ 302901) this afternoon - 2 Holly Blue, 1 Small Copper, male Orange-tip, 1 Small White and 3 Speckled Wood. Whilst waiting for the train at Enfield Chase Station - 1 male Orange-tip at 11:51 hrs Robert Callf
26 Apr Hounslow. Pleasantly surprised by both the numbers and the variety of butterflies seen on this morning/early afternoon walk with a mix of cloud and sunshine: Speckled Wood: 6 Orange-tip: 7 Holly Blue: 10 Comma: 2 Peacock: 3 Small White: 3 Green-veined White: 1 Large White: 1 (1st.) Brimstone: 1 Small Tortoiseshell: 2 Small Copper: 1 and a Cinnabar (probably the same one seen yesterday) Peter Gore
25 Apr We saw a Painted Lady in Pear Wood, Stanmore. It was nectaring on a Bluebell. It looked very fresh. Do they overwinter now or has there been an influx? (Just a handful of records so far - Peter C.) John Hollingdale
Margaret Huitson
25 Apr Hounslow. This afternoon a slightly better walk for sunshine although I suspect too breezy for most butterflies. Two firsts: a Small Copper and a Cinnabar moth, as briefly startling as always. Full list: Holly Blue: 3 Speckled Wood: 3 Comma: 1 Small Copper: 1 Orange-tip: 2 and one Cinnabar moth Peter Gore
25 Apr 1 male Orange-tip near Ride Wood, Trent Park at 12:39 hrs and 1 Speckled Wood by lower lake at 12:41 hrs, 1 male Large White at Vicarage Farm near Shaws Wood at 13:05 hrs, 1 male Orange-tip at South Lodge Farm, Enfield at 13:22 hrs Robert Callf
24 Apr 1 Orange-tip male - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
24 Apr A couple of firsts for me, saw Dingy Skippers (5) and visited Hexton Chalk Pit. It was dull with a few sunny spells and even a shower. I also saw Brimstones, Orange-tips, Holly Blues, Speckled Woods and a Green-veined White. No Green Hairstreaks, I looked thoroughly Dee Cullen
24 Apr Hounslow. This morning I allowed a Holly Blue in my garden to persuade me to set out on my walk but as it turned out it was unreliable: just one more Holly Blue above the Holly hedge at the end Of St. Stephens Road (TW3 2BW) was all I saw until a Speckled Wood on the heath just before returning to leave for home Peter Gore
24 Apr 1 female Orange-tip at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 08:48 hrs, 2 Speckled Wood together edge of Ash Wood, Enfield Chase (TQ 284983) at 09:06 hrs. 1 Peacock at Park Farm, Enfield at 08:40 hrs. 2 Adela reaumurella - male and female at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) after 08:30 hrs Robert Callf
23 Apr 2 Holly Blue at Mead Way, Bushey. 1 Brimstone and 1 Holly Blue at Mill Way, Bushey. 2 Brimstone and 1 Orange-tip at North Bushey Play Park Rebecca Palmer
23 Apr 1 Brimstone - Parliament Square, Westminster (TQ301796) David Inward
23 Apr Two Grizzled Skippers on Waterford Heath one in the middle on ground ivy the other bottom of bank on south pit. a Cinnebar moth at Rickneys Quarry Steve Kiln
23 Apr Hounslow. Mostly cloudy but numbers identified quite high after all the Easter sunshine: Holly Blue: 14 Orange-tip: 11 Speckled Wood: 8 Peacock: 14 Brimstone: 8 Small White: 2 Green-veined White: 2 Comma: 1 Small Tortoiseshell: 2 Painted Lady: 1 (1st) Peter Gore
23 Apr 1 Peacock and 1 Speckled Wood near Williams Wood, Trent Park at 10:09 - 10:10 hrs, 2 Orange-tip - male and female courting near Merryhills Brook at Trent Park (TQ 297968) at 10:20 hrs. At Trent Park - 2 male Orange-tip near Oakwood entrance and 3 Speckled Wood. 1 male Holly Blue settled on ivy at Oakwood Station at 13:27 hrs Robert Callf
22 Apr 1 male Orange-tip at Hadley Road/Vicarage Farm, 1 Peacock at Parkside Farm, Enfield, 1 male Orange-tip at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 10:19 hrs, 1 Speckled Wood and 1 female Orange-tip at Ferny Hill, Enfield (TQ 284981), 2 female Brimstone together near Ride Wood, Trent Park at 11:32 hrs, including one apparently egg-laying, 1 Speckled Wood at South Lodge Farm, Enfield at 12:26 hrs and 1 male Orange-tip here at 12:27 hrs. 1 Double-striped Pug and 1 Yellow-barred Brindle at ASDA Southgate were both new for the year Robert Callf
22 Apr 1 Orange-tip male - Walsworth Common, Hitchin (TL196301), 1 Holly Blue - Meadowbank, Hitchin (TL195299) David Inward
22 Apr I stumbled across Ian Small at around 1.30 pm, who tipped me off that he'd just come from nearby Hexton Chalkpit where 7 Green Hairstreaks were flying earlier (see his report). Anyhow, shortly after arrival at Hexton Chalkpit (TL107299) at 2.15 I saw 4 fresh Green Hairstreak males perching and defending territory along the eastern rim of the southern pit, and in the south pit were 2 fresh Dingy Skippers (plus 2 Holly Blues, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and several Brimstones). I didn't have time to explore the northern pit properly, but didn't see any more Green Hairstreaks or Dingy Skippers Andrew Neild
22 Apr At Hexton Chalkpit (TL107299) I saw 7 Green Hairstreaks and 8 Dingy Skippers. Holly Blues and Brimstones were also numerous, plus a couple each of Orange-tips and Speckled Woods Ian Small
22 Apr 2 Small Copper in field behind Bencroft Wood this afternoon Steve Kiln
21 Apr At Mead Way, Bushey 3 Orange-tip and 3 Holly Blue. 1 Orange-tip at Orphanage Road, Watford. 2 Orange-tip and 1 Holly Blue at Kenilworth Drive, Croxley Rebecca Palmer
21 Apr 1 female Large White at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097), also here 2 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Peacock. 1 male Brimstone, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock along Salmons Brook at Parkside Farm, Enfield, also 1 male Brimstone at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) at 15:01 hrs Robert Callf
21 Apr 5 Speckled Wood and 2 Holly Blue on a walk through Tunnel Gardens near Bounds Green at 11.00 (TQ 294 913). Three Holly Blue in my garden Bounds Green, London N11.
Spent an hour at Coppets Wood from 16.30 to 16.30 where 2 Peacocks, 2 Commas, 5 Green-veined White, 4 Holly Blue, 5 Speckled Wood and 5 male Orange-tips, Green-veined Whites and Holly Blues nectaring on Hawthorn Flowers. (most sightings around TQ 275 914)
Miles Attenborough
21 Apr I visited Waterford Heath and at (TL317149) saw a Grizzled Skipper - it didn't settle, but passed close enough to me in its usual low rapid flight to be unmistakable. Just close by was a Painted Lady, which I saw settled for a few moments before it flew off. Several Orange-tips were flitting around, plus the occasional Peacock and Brimstone Ian Small
21 Apr 1 Holly Blue, 1 Orange-tip male - St Faiths Close, Hitchin. 3 Holly Blue, 1 Brimstone, 2 Orange-tip male and 1 Speckled Wood - Walsworth Common, Hitchin (TL1930) David Inward
21 Apr In our Watford garden, Brimstone laying eggs for at least ten minutes on Alder Buckthorn, that is just breaking into leaf. This was apart from a short break where she had a dance with a male Orange-tip Paul Williams
21 Apr I picked a good day for my first visit this year to Aldbury Nowers...10 species in total... many Brimstone and Orange-tip. Plus Peacock, Red Admiral, Comma, Holly Blue. Also 4 Small Copper, 4 Green Hairstreak, Grizzled Skipper and Dingy Skipper. All topped off with a beautiful carpet of Bluebells in the wood Chris Hilling
20 Apr In my Flaunden garden: A faded Painted Lady, several Orange-tips, 4 Holly Blue, Brimstone, Speckled Wood and Green-veined White Jill Saunders
20 Apr Orange-tip past central Watford church car park. Outside the Finch Lane allotments, 4 Orange-tip, 2 Holly Blue and 1 Peacock. At the Finch Lane allotments, 1 Large White, 2 Speckled Wood, 1 Peacock, 1 Small White, 1 Brimstone and 1 Orange-tip. On Meadway, 3 Peacock Rebecca Palmer
20 Apr Up to 5 Orange-tip (all male), 1 Brimstone (male) 1+ Peacock, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Jersey Farm Woodland Park this afternoon (TL1608).
2 male and 2 female Orange-tip in our St Albans garden and along the hedgerows near Lancaster Road (plus 1 Holly Blue and 1 male Brimstone)
David Utting
20 Apr 1 Holly Blue - St Faiths Close, Hitchin, 1 Small Tortoiseshell and Orange-tip male - Walsworth Common, Hitchin (TL195303) David Inward
20 Apr Was unable to find my target species (Grizzled Skipper) at the Frogmore Gravel Pit but I saw my first Small Copper of the year on a bank on the western side. Other butterflies: 2 Brimstone, 8 Orange-tip, 3 Small White, 2 Green-veined White and 2 Peacock Peter Clarke
20 Apr 1 Peacock at Vicarage Farm, Enfieeld (TQ 3097) at 09:33 hrs, 2 Peacock at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) at 10:17 hrs and 1 male Orange-tip here at 10:20 hrs, 3 Speckled Wood at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) also here 2 Peacock and 3 male Orange-tip and 1 Peacock near Duncan's Wood, Enfield Chase, 1 Peacock near Little Beechill Wood and 2 male Orange-tip here, 4 Small Tortoiseshell at Holly Hill Farm, Enfield (TQ 290996) including two together, at least 2 male Orange-tip at Holly Hill Farm and 1 Green-veined White, 1 male Orange-tip at Windrush, Enfield (TQ 288996) at 12:02 hrs Robert Callf
20 Apr Following hot on the heels of the butterflies emergence of Orange-tips over the last week, the warm weather has brought out the first Small Coppers of the year for Alexandra Palace Park (TQ302902). At least two seen, one on the Butterfly Meadow and the other in the corner of the cricket pitches Gerry Rawcliffe
19 Apr 1+ Peacock at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 3097) , also here 2 male Orange-tip and male Brimstone. At Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 2998) - 3 Peacock and 1 Comma near Pump House (TQ 3098) Robert Callf
19 Apr I was distracted while packing away the shopping by a Speckled Wood and a Holly Blue, both around ivy on the perimeter of St Albans Sainsbury's car park this afternoon (TL146062) David Utting
19 Apr Frogmore Gravel Pits (13:30-14:45) - 11 male Orange-tip, 2 Brimstone, 2 Green-veined White, 1 Small White, 2 Peacock, 7 Speckled Wood Bob Harris
19 Apr A Speckled Wood female on Harpenden Common this afternoon David Hunt
19 Apr Gorgeous day! I did my WCBS at Northaw Great Wood and to my surprise saw 4 Small Heaths, during my walk. The most prolific species were Peacocks and Orange-tips Dee Cullen
18 Apr 2+ Holly Blues and 1+ male Brimstone in our St Albans garden David Utting
18 Apr This afternoon (15:50 - 17:20 hrs) - 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 5 Peacock, 1 Comma and 1 Speckled Wood at Vicarage Farm and 1 Peacock and 1 Speckled Wood at Parkside Farm, Enfield Robert Callf
18 Apr Hounslow. Warmer and more butterflies: Holly Blue: 8 Brimstone: 5 Peacock: 16 Small Tortoiseshell : 5 Speckled Wood: 2 Orange-tip: 4 Small White: 3 Comma: 3 Peter Gore
18 Apr A couple of Speckled Woods, a Brimstone and an Orange-tip in my garden in Stocking Pelham Andy Brown
17 Apr Near Aldbury (SP 960135) a male Orange-tip; at Frithsden Beeches a male Orange-tip, 3 Peacocks and 3 male Brimstones (all in SP 9910) plus 2 male Brimstones at TL 000104; in Great Frithsden Copse a Speckled Wood (TL 005099), a Peacock (TL 007 100) and a male Orange-tip (TL 009097) Colin Everett
17 Apr My Letchworth G C garden, female Brimstones active in my garden, one must have laid close to 20 eggs on an Alder Buckthorn shrub Roger Millard
17 Apr A male Brimstone seen flying along slip road to A40 going westwards (TQ 106 843) whilst driving to complete Hillingdon transects where a total of 9 species were flying in the warm sunshine but yet to see Red Admiral or Large White Paul Busby
17 Apr Hounslow. Sunny on the outward journey, cloudier coming back. Peacocks continuing to be easily the most numerous sightings: Holly Blue: 5 Peacock: 17 Speckled Wood: 3 Green-veined White: 1 Brimstone: 4 Orange-tip: 4 Small Tortoiseshell: 2 Comma: 1 Peter Gore
17 Apr 2 Small White at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 30 97) at 10:47 hrs and 1 Small Tortoiseshell here at 11:12 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 297 982) at 11:45 hrs and 1 Peacock here at 11:56 hrs, 1 male Brimstone at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 29 98) at 12:03 hrs and 2 Speckled Wood here, 4 Peacock and 4 Small Tortoiseshell at Park Farm near Duncan's Wood (TQ 286 985), 1 female Large White edge of Ash Wood at 12:48 hrs, 1 male Brimstone near Obelisk at Trent Park (TQ 285 980) at 13:13 hrs, 1 male Orange-tip edge of Moat Wood, Trent Park and 2 Peacock here also, 1 male Brimstone and 1 Speckled Wood at Water Garden, Trent Park at 13:42 hrs, 1 Peacock at Water Garden, Trent Park at 13:44 hrs, 1 male Orange-tip at Icehouse Wood, Trent Park (TQ 293 975) at 13:49 hrs, 1 Peacock near Williams Wood, Trent Park at 13:56 hrs Robert Callf
17 Apr At Kensington Gardens (TQ259 801), I saw dozens of Small Whites, a couple of Green-veined Whites and a couple of Peacocks, all near the sunken garden. The Peacocks were nectaring on black tulips entering right into the open flower, not something I'd seen before. The Small Whites were engaged in courtship behaviour Dee Cullen
16 Apr At Chipperfield (TL 045024) a Holly Blue, a Speckled Wood and a Peacock, all at the same spot on a path. Along a footpath near Woodman's Farm (also Chipperfield) (TL 034012) two Peacocks and a Small Tortoiseshell. Elsewhere nearby a Small Tortoiseshell by nettles near Middle Farm (Kings Langley) (TL 073014), a Peacock south of Kings Langley (TL 065021) and a Peacock at Chipperfield Common (TL 041013) Colin Everett
16 Apr 1 Large White at Park Farm near Ash Wood, Enfield Chase (TQ 284983) at 13:08 hrs Robert Callf
15 Apr 4 Small Tortoiseshell, Tottenham Marshes (TQ355911) Quentin Given
15 Apr At Alpine Meadow (HMWT NR) near Berkhamsted (SP 9810) at lunchtime a Green-veined White, a Speckled Wood, at least three Brimstones (including my first female of the year, almost two months after the first males) and a Small Tortoiseshell, with another Small Tortoiseshell and a Peacock along a nearby footpath in the same square. At Northchurch Common in the morning Small Tortoiseshell (SP 971103) Colin Everett
15 Apr In spite of the cold wind there were quite a few butterflies around. We were down on Halsey Field (TL042088) doing a few jobs and saw a Peacock on a Dandelion, a Green veined White which flew low down in the grass, and a Comma also low in the grass.
In our garden in Hemel Hempstead we saw a Holly Blue, an Orange-tip and a Brimstone (Now recorded on the garden butterfly survey website)
Chris Ridley
15 Apr A very surprising sighting - a Small Heath at Fox Covert (near Therfield Heath) (TL331395). Also single Orange-tip (male), Green-veined White, 2 Commas and 3 Peacocks nearby at TL333395. I have never seen a Small Heath in April before Ian Small
15 Apr Hounslow: A pleasant sunny afternoon. Increasing numbers of unidentified white butterflies but amongst those identified were my first Green-veined Whites of the year: Holly Blue: 3 Peacock: 10 Small Tortoiseshell: 1 Brimstone: 3 Small White: 2 Comma: 2 Green-veined White: 2 Peter Gore
15 Apr Prior to a site inspection of the new Broomfield Park Wetland, Palmers Green, Enfield (TQ 303 926), I saw a Small White, Peacock and Holly Blue in the Park, despite the blustery, but sunny and warmer conditions Paul Busby
15 Apr At the Fishers Field Nature Reserve, 1 Small White, 1 male Brimstone, 3 Peacock, 1 Holly Blue and 1 Small Tortoiseshell Rebecca Palmer
15 Apr 1 Peacock near Williams Wood, Trent Park at 11:32 hrs Robert Callf
15 Apr 5 species in the Harpenden garden: Peacock, Small White, Brimstone, Orange-tip and Comma Robin Pearson
14 Apr Speckled Wood, Walthamstow Reservoirs (TQ349885) Quentin Given
13 Apr Despite the cool weather, I saw a Speckled Wood at grass level during a sunny spell, whilst river sampling this afternoon along the Yeading Brook, South Ruislip (TQ 105 860) Paul Busby
12 Apr A Speckled Wood in Whippendell Wood near Watford (TQ 080 973) Colin Everett
11 Apr 1 Brimstone - St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
11 Apr A male Orange-tip in Garston Park LNR near Watford (TL 121 005) where also 2 Commas, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Peacock. Nearby at Bricket Wood Common a Comma and 4 Peacocks (TL 131 008 and adjacent), with another Peacock and a male Brimstone at the edge of Mutchetts Wood (TL 127 006). In the lighted subway between the two sites a Lunar Marbled Brown and a Twin-spotted Quaker at rest (TL 124 006) Colin Everett
11 Apr Visited Woodberry Wetlands (TQ 328 879) this afternoon - 2 Small Tortoiseshell together at 13:19 and 1 Peacock at 13:51 hrs Robert Callf
10 Apr A male Brimstone in Croxley garden J Palmer
10 Apr A Speckled Wood at Ashridge (SP 974126); also a male Brimstone (SP 971123) and Peacocks as follows: 1 at SP 969121, 1 at SP 968132 Colin Everett
10 Apr My first Orange-tips (2) this year, at the Amwell NR Chris Holtby
10 Apr At 2.10 at Little Tring, two male Orange-tips flying together Rikki Harrington
10 Apr 1 male Small White at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 306 972) at 11:59 hrs, 1 male Orange-tip along Hadley Road/Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 302 980) at 12:20 hrs - my first of the year, 1 male Speckled Wood at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 293 982) at 12:55 hrs, 8 Small Tortoiseshell at Park Farm, Enfield near Duncan's Wood (TQ 286 984) including a 'cluster' of four together on nettles and two flying over at the same time at 13:19 hrs and a further two others, 1 Peacock at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 28 98) at 13:22 hrs, 1 male Brimstone near Water Garden, Trent Park at 14:01 hrs, 1 Peacock edge of Water Garden, Trent Park at 14:09 hrs, 2 Peacock together edge of Williams Wood, Trent Park (TQ 295 972) at 14:25 hrs, 1 Peacock and 1 Small Tortoiseshell S edge of Williams Wood, Trent Park (TQ 299 973) between 14:35 - 14:37 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 308 971) at 14:51 hrs Robert Callf
5 Apr 4 Small Tortoiseshell at Park Farm, Enfield near Duncan's Wood (TQ 286 985) between 14:20 - 14:25 hrs, 2 Peacock at Trent Park (1 at 'Old Golf Course' 1 at Williams Wood) Robert Callf
5 Apr Harpenden Common on a breezy, hazy sun afternoon: 2 Comma; 1 Small Tortoiseshell David Hunt
3 Apr On what proved to be a far nicer day than forecast we took a wander around Therfield Heath and then walked south along the Icknield Way to Therfield Village and then back via the road and Church Hill. Along the Icknield Way, we saw three Small Tortoiseshell and whilst searching some elm, found a hatched White-letter Hairstreak egg. Further checking the actual elm seed, we located some feeding damage and found a minute larva (believed to be a 2nd instar). Just outside Therfield Village checking some roadside elm we found two further hatched eggs Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
1 Apr At Highwood Primary School, a Small White Rebecca Palmer
1 Apr Long Deans Nature Reserve, Nash Mills, (TL075050): Peacocks four 1 mating couple; Orange-tip Ian Sims
1 Apr Male Orange-tips on Berkhamsted Common as follows: one at 14:50 hours (TL001092), possibly the same one 250 metres away five minutes later (TL003092), and one at the south end at 15:20 hours (TL005086). A Speckled Wood on Berkhamsted Common at 12:50 hours (SP991108). Also in grid square (SP9910) at the same site: two or three male Brimstones, a Peacock and an Orange Underwing sp (probably parthenias) basking on the ground Colin Everett
1 Apr Hounslow: Sunny but a little cooler than Saturday so smaller numbers much as expected: Peacock: 6 Comma: 3 Orange-tip: 2 Small White: 1 Small Tortoiseshell: 3 Peter Gore
1 Apr Quick lunchtime visit to Highgrove Wood, Eastcote and saw 2 Peacocks and a Speckled Wood. Lovely Spring afternoon and I saw 9 species on my Belmont Railway transect in Harrow, including my first Green-veined White of the year Paul Busby
1 Apr 2 Peacock at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 30 97) at 12:12 hrs, 1 Comma and 1 Peacock along Salmons Brook at Parkside Farm, Enfield (TQ 29 98) and 1 Speckled Wood near Parkside Res (TQ 29 98) at 12:48 hrs, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Holly Hill Farm, Enfield (TL 290 001) at 13:45 hrs, 1 Peacock along Coopers Lane Road (TL 283 008) at 13:58 hrs and a courting couple near Fir & Pond Woods NR (TL 280 008) at 14:16 - 14:18 hrs, 3+ Peacock at Fir & Pond Woods NR and 1 Red Admiral NW corner of Fir Wood (TL 275 012) at 15:25 hrs Robert Callf
1 Apr Harpenden Common: 8 Small Tortoiseshell, including a mating pair; 3 Peacock, 2 of which were in courtship and 1 nectaring on Prunus flowers David Hunt
1 Apr Male Orange-tip in my Harpenden garden, takes year tally up to 7 Robin Pearson


Date Description Recorder
31 Mar 1 Speckled Wood (my first March record for a number of years) and 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Parkside Farm, Enfield along Salmons Brook (TQ 299 984) at 15:33 hrs Robert Callf
31 Mar Wareside (TL396156): Brimstone 2; Peacock 3 Phil MacMurdie
31 Mar Two Small Tortoiseshells and a Peacock at Garston Park LNR near Watford (TL122005) Colin Everett
30 Mar Wareside (TL396156): Brimstone 5; Small Tortoiseshell 3; Peacock 3; Orange-tip 2; Small White 1; Comma 1 Phil MacMurdie
30 Mar A Holly Blue at Garton near Watford (TL118007) Colin Everett
30 Mar Hounslow: Not quite as much sun as yesterday and slightly fewer butterflies although whites, identified and otherwise, are noticeably increasing: Holly Blue: 1 Peacock: 11 Small White: 3 Brimstone: 1 Small Tortoiseshell: 2 Comma: 1 Peter Gore
30 Mar 1 Brimstone - Icknield Wood, Norton Common, Letchworth (TL216330), 1 Brimstone - Rail Station forecourt, Letchworth (TL216327) David Inward
30 Mar Finch Lane allotments: 6 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Brimstone and a Peacock sitting on a dandelion spotted by my son Rebecca Palmer
30 Mar 1 female Brimstone in flight & settled at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 302 974) at 12:30 hrs, 1 Peacock and 1 Small Tortoiseshell S edge of Williams Wood, Trent Park (TQ 299 973) at 12:35 hrs, 1 Comma near Water Garden, Trent Park at 13:03 hrs, 1 Peacock by lower lake, Trent Park at 13:06 hrs, 3 Peacock at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 29 98) and 2 Small Tortoiseshell here also, 1 Peacock at Parkside Farm, Enfield along Salmons Brook (TQ 29 98) and 1 Small Tortoiseshell here also, 1 Small Tortoiseshell at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 30 97) at 15:30 hrs Robert Callf
30 Mar Seen in my Bushey front garden Orange-tip x 1, Brimstone x 1, both males David Gower
29 Mar Green-veined White seen at the Brompton Cemetery (TQ256780) Tim Freed
29 Mar Two separate male Orange-tips: one at Aldbury Nowers (SP 957 135) and one at Berkhamsted Common (TL 005 093). For comparison, back in 1995 a male I saw on 3rd April was the earliest ever for the county in what was then a remarkably early spring; multiple March sightings (as this year) would have been unthinkable even a few years ago. Also today, male Brimstones as follows: five+ at Aldbury Nowers in grid square SP 95 13; two together on Northchurch Common (SP 981 098) where one at the site car park (SP 978 102); one at The Meads in Northchurch (SP 976 987); two at Alpine Meadow HMWT NR (SP 990 103); and one at Berkhamsted Common (TL 009 092). Peacocks as follows: one at Aldbury Nowers (SP 959 135); one near Alpine Meadow (SP 983 102); and two at Berkhamsted Common (TL 012 090) Colin Everett
29 Mar 1 Brimstone, 1 unidentified smallish white - St Faiths Close Hitchin David Inward
29 Mar Hounslow: The butterflies began with a Holly Blue in my garden - first of the year for the species and the garden - and continued with two more year firsts amongst others: Holly Blue: 3 Comma: 6 Peacock: 6 Brimstone: 2 Orange-tip: 2 Speckled Wood: 2 (first) Small White: 1 (first). Three unidentified whites also seen, the Brimstones were again males Peter Gore
29 Mar Male and female Brimstone in my Harpenden garden Robin Pearson
29 Mar 1 Peacock near Oakwood entrance, Trent Park (TQ 292 961) at 11:48 hrs, 1 Peacock Sect 1, Trent Park at 11:54 hrs, 1 Peacock 'New Fields' Trent Park 12:02 hrs, 1 Peacock and 1 Comma near Triangular Wood, Trent Park (TQ 288 965) at 12:05 hrs, 1 Peacock Sect 6, Trent Park 12:14 hrs, 1 male Brimstone at Games Road, Cockfosters (TQ 278 967) at 12:30 hrs, 1 Peacock at Beech Hill Lake (Jack's Lake) (TQ 271 969) at 12:47 hrs, 1 Peacock at Covert Way LNR (TQ 265 973) at 13:03 hrs. At Monken Hadley Common (TQ 26 97): 2 Small Tortoiseshell together on patch of nettles at 13:20 hrs and 1 Peacock here also, 3 Comma at 13:25 hrs and 1 Peacock here also, 1 male Brimstone at 13:33 hrs, 2 Comma together clashing at 14:15 hrs and 1 Peacock (TQ 253 974) at 13:44 hrs. 1 male Brimstone near Jack's Lake at 14:24 hrs, 1 male Brimstone at Cockfosters Sports Ground at 14:51 hrs Robert Callf
29 Mar St Albans - 80% of the Small Tortoiseshells which were hibernating in my shed have now left. 67% of the Peacocks are now in hibernation. One of the ST's had not gone far and was found flying around inside my car parked close by. Another was found dead, shrouded in spiders web. Later in Greenwood Park there were many Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells and Brimstone in flight. Finalised arrangements for the construction of the chalk bank, hopefully we will see Small Blues in this location within a few years Malcolm Hull
28 Mar At Northaw Great Wood this afternoon - 2 Orange/Light Orange Undwering including one disturbed from the ground at 13:11 hrs and another in flight at 13:45 hrs, 3 Peacock and 1 Comma. Male Brimstone seen from train window just N of Crews Hill Station (TL308004) at 12:05 hrs Robert Callf
28 Mar Comma, Brimstone (2) Peacock and Holly Blue in my Harpenden garden, taking my yearly garden count to six Robin Pearson
26 Mar Five species again round and about Stanwell Moor, but a different selection from the eight seen altogether this year: Brimstone 3, Peacock 4, Comma 2, Holly Blue 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1 Dave Miller
26 Mar A Comma at Northchurch Common (SP 9733 1005) Colin Everett
26 Mar Saw my first 2 Speckled Woods this season, as well as 2 Peacocks during a late morning Great British Clean Up at Lake Farm Country Park, Hayes (TQ0980) Paul Busby
25 Mar Two Peacocks together in Heath Wood near Watford (TQ 0792 9916) and one Peacock at nearby Brickfield Spring (TQ 0748 9960) Colin Everett
25 Mar A male Orange-tip in my Rickmansworth garden Anna Marett
25 Mar Hounslow: Smaller numbers today with the male Brimstones vanished again, perhaps on a quest for the still missing females. 5 Peacocks and 1 Comma were the only sightings Peter Gore
25 Mar I walked my WCBS in Northaw Great Wood early afternoon and saw three Commas. Two were scuffling high up and eventually landed to sunbathe. The third in a different area was basking in a sunny spot Dee Cullen
25 Mar On another tour of my local patch at Stanwell Moor at near enough the same time as on the 24th and in similar conditions, my first two sightings were of new species for the year. First came a Holly Blue flying around ivy near the River Colne, followed immediately by an Orange-tip sunning itself near the river bank. This was disturbed by a Red Admiral, which then basked on the bridge over the river. Overall, in addition I saw another Holly Blue, plus four Small Tortoiseshells and eight Peacocks, including a pair courting high up in a flowering prunus Dave Miller
25 Mar 1 Small Tortoiseshell resting on stinging nettles by the Colne Rebecca Palmer
25 Mar At Trent Park - 2 Peacock (1 edge of Moat Wood, 1 'Old Golf Course') and 1 Comma edge of Moat Wood Robert Callf
24 Mar Saw a Comma on a walk at Cottonmill, St Albans (TL155065) at 13:45 Samantha Rolfe
24 Mar I saw a Camberwell Beauty in Muswell Hill, London N10. It landed on my friend's back so I was able to look at it for a couple of minutes before it flew away. What a beautiful butterfly! (Very close to the other 2 sightings in north London. Peter C) Jean Burrow
24 Mar Observations in Stevenage: Chells Manor (TL 273 250) - two male, one female Brimstone, and a Comma. Anderson Road (TL 266 249) - one Speckled Wood. My garden - one male Orange-tip Phil Bishop
24 Mar I went for a walk across Marshalls Heath and along the Lea Valley Walk, and saw 7 Brimstone, 1 Orange-tip, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Peacock and 1 Speckled Wood. The Orange-tip and Speckled Wood are both earliest ever here by some weeks John Murray
24 Mar In brilliant sunshine and around 14 degrees at Stanwell Moor, I saw 11 Brimstones, 7 Peacocks, 5 Commas, 5 Small Tortoiseshells and 2 Small Whites Dave Miller
24 Mar In Bengeo garden: Brimstone male, Comma, Holly Blue & Peacock Simon Knott
24 Mar Brimstones common on the Ashridge Estate today, with 1-km grid square totals as follows (but probably some duplication of wandering individuals): 4 in SP 9612 (including 2 simultaneously); 3 in SP 9712; 1 in SP 9711 and 1 in SP 9611. All were males and were seen between 10:20 and 14:20 hours Colin Everett
24 Mar A warmer than forecast, sunny Spring day and decided to visit Hillingdon transects, where I saw 20+ butterflies, Peacocks accounted for half of them with some Small Tortoiseshells, Commas, male Brimstones and my first Holly Blue of the year in the small copse at Lake Farm Country Park. I think it shows the value of starting the transect early if conditions are within limits Paul Busby
24 Mar 1 Brimstone - Meadowbank, Hitchin (TL196300), 1 Brimstone - Railway Station, Hitchin (TL194297) (possibly the same individual) David Inward
24 Mar An early afternoon walk in Fairlands Valley Park and the surrounding woods resulted in 36 butterflies: 11 Brimstone, 15 Peacock, 6 Comma, 2 Small Tortoiseshell and 2 Small White. The Peacocks and Small Whites were my firsts of the year Peter Clarke
24 Mar Hounslow: Ideal spring weather for butterflies so not surprising to find numbers of sightings well into double figures. These included our first Orange-tip of the year, one day earlier than 2017's early sighting. Here are the details: Brimstone: 8 Comma: 4 Peacock: 6 Orange-tip: 1 Small Tortoiseshell: 1. All the Brimstones above were males Peter Gore
24 Mar 1 male Brimstone near Hadley Road at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 30 97) at 11:51 hrs, 1 Peacock edge of Duncan's Wood, Enfield Chase (TQ 287 985) at 12:38 hrs, 1 Peacock at Plumridge Farm, Enfield near Ash Wood (TQ 283 985) and another nearby at Park Farm, Enfield, 1 male Brimstone edge of Moat Wood, Trent Park (TQ 287 978) at 13:17 hrs and 1 Peacock here also, 2 Comma together edge of Ride Wood, Trent Park (TQ 289 976) at 13:26 hrs Robert Callf
24 Mar Harpenden Common: Brimstone (5 sightings of at least 4 males); 1 Peacock David Hunt
24 Mar Photo taken of Peacock in my Harpenden garden Robin Pearson
23 Mar I managed a quick look at my local patch (Stanwell Moor) and spotted a Brimstone and four Peacocks Dave Miller
23 Mar 1 Peacock in flight at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 301 974) at 12:32 hrs and another at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ 293 982) nectaring on blackthorn blossom at 13:19 hrs. 1 Common Quaker at ASDA Southgate (my first of the year) Robert Callf
23 Mar Harpenden Common: 2 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 Comma David Hunt
23 Mar Brimstone and Peacock in my Harpenden garden Robin Pearson
22 Mar 1 Red-green Carpet (beautiful fresh individual) at ASDA Southgate - my first for the year Robert Callf
22 Mar St Albans - And they are off! First sign of butterflies leaving hibernation in my shed this week. Peacock numbers down from 3 to 2, Small Tortoiseshells from 13 to 9. One of the remaining Tortoiseshells in a completely different position, possibly having left the shed and then returned? The positions of the other 8 are unchanged Malcolm Hull
21 Mar A Peacock at Otterspool near Aldenham, grid ref TQ 1290 9909 Colin Everett
21 Mar Pleased to find a Small Copper larva survived the winter in my Stevenage garden Peter Clarke
21 Mar I saw a Large White near my house in Muswell Hill. It's the first white I have seen this year Dee Cullen
19 Mar This morning I saw 2 male Brimstones on my way back from Stevenage Old Town, one along Walkern Road, just before the cemetery and the other along the cycle path between Grace Way and Lonsdale Road, Stevenage on the climb up towards Hampson Park Don Gregory
19 Mar On the Ashridge side of Berkhamsted Common I observed a mating pair of Orange Underwing moths. Photographs and a film are on my Facebook page Colin Everett
19 Mar Whilst tidying up one of the borders in my Bishop's Stortford garden I found a Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing(?) caterpillar on the ground. (Photo on right - can anyone confirm or otherwise the id? Peter C.) Bob Clift
19 Mar At Whitewebbs Park (TQ 323 991) along Cuffley Brook this afternoon 12:20 - 12:22 hrs - 1 male Brimstone, 1 Peacock and 1 Comma Robert Callf
19 Mar 1 Brimstone - track to fishing pond off Salusbury Lane, Great Offley (TL141267) David Inward
19 Mar Brimstone in my Harpenden garden 11:30 am Robin Pearson
17 Mar 1 Oak Beauty at Grovebury Court, Southgate, N14 (TQ 295 950) in the evening - only my second record in the area after one at Dalrymple Close in March 2005 Robert Callf
17 Mar I found quite a few Purple Hairstreak eggs on Oak buds in Northaw Great Wood (TL2804). I saw adults last summer there while doing the WCBS count so figured it was worth having a look Dee Cullen
9 Mar A single pristine Comma around mid-day in our Pinner garden in bright but blustery conditions Tony Porter
9 Mar First time I have ever seen a Camberwell Beauty - at Winchmore Hill Station at 1205. (Filomena Jones reported a sighting at Finchley Central N3 in February - unsure of exact date. Could it be the same specimen being about 5 miles away? Peter C) Robert Bourton
9 Mar 1 Orange/Light Orange Underwing seen in flight at Oakwood Park (TQ 300 952) this afternoon at 14:35 hrs Robert Callf
2 Mar Just one Red Admiral at the weekend in Bushey. Spotted from the kitchen window at lunchtime! Rebecca Palmer
1 Mar St Albans Shed - Pleased to report that today's shed transect produced a full complement of 13 Small Tortoiseshells and 3 Peacocks. None have been seduced out of hibernation by the warm February weather. Judging by the miserable forecasts for the next two weeks, they have been wise to stay asleep indoors Malcolm Hull


Date Description Recorder
27 Feb A male Brimstone on the edge of Nettleden village in Herts (TL 021104) Paul Busby
27 Feb Had a surprise in Fir and Pond Wood - a Painted Lady by Turkey Brook John Rowley
27 Feb 1 Brimstone - east end of Ashbrook path by Brook View playground, Hitchin (TL203287), 1 Brimstone - Meadowbank, Hitchin (TL195299), 1 Dotted Border Moth (Agriopis marginaria) - porch, St Faiths Close, Hitchin David Inward
27 Feb Peacock in Ruislip (TQ097867) Catherine Hookway
27 Feb Hounslow: Despite an absence of Brimstones, overall numbers similar to recent days including the first Peacocks of the year: Small Tortoiseshell: 3 Peacock: 2 Comma: 3. A welcome discovery for me was a large patch of flowering Violets amongst the trees on the edge of the Heath Peter Gore
27 Feb Between 14:00-15:30 Watford, R.Colne north of Link Road (TQ117 974) - 1 Comma (my earliest ever) 2 Small Tortoiseshell. Fishers Field NR 1 Small Tortoiseshell Bob Harris
27 Feb Single sightings of Brimstone, Comma, Holly Blue and Peacock in Abbots Langley at lunchtime Clive Burrows
26 Feb One half and walk from St Johns Wood, over Primrose Hill, through Regents Park, past the Physician Garden and new bug hotels on Euston road to Euston station, plenty of flowering plants but no butterflies seen in the glorious sunshine. Later in afternoon, did see a Small Tortoiseshell at Wood Farm, Stanmore Country Park (TQ 171933) Paul Busby
26 Feb Comma in Bayhurst Woods, Harefield (TQ063892) Catherine Hookway
26 Feb First Hertfordshire butterfly this year - Patmore Heath NR - one Brimstone Andy Brown
26 Feb A Peacock active in Hoddesdon Park Wood during the afternoon (TL 349 086) Colin Everett
26 Feb Two trips out locally to Stanwell Moor to make the most of the weather, and notched up two more species: Peacock and Red Admiral. Across the whole area covered, the day's totals were: Brimstone 10; Comma 5; Peacock 2; Red Admiral 2; Small Tortoiseshell 1. One of the Red Admirals was egg-laying close to the River Colne Dave Miller
26 Feb Hounslow: First Commas, one fluttering along the path in front of me parallel to the old golf course means each of our four squares has now had at least one butterfly recorded in it this year: Brimstone: 4 (still all male) Comma: 3 Peter Gore
26 Feb 1 Comma at Rough Lot, Trent Park (TQ 285 978) at 13:38 hrs - my first of the year, 1 Small Tortoiseshell along Leeging Beech Gutter at Vicarage Farm, Enfield (TQ 303 978) at 14:37 hrs, 1 male Brimstone along Leeging Beech Gutter at Vicarage Farm (TQ 305 976) at 14:43 hrs Robert Callf
26 Feb Comma in Westfield Road Hertford at 12.30 pm Steve Kiln
25 Feb Small Tortoiseshell in Bengeo garden Simon Knott
25 Feb 1 Brimstone - St Faiths Close Hitchin (TL198303), 5 Brimstone - Icknield Way west of Westmill Farm near Hitchin (TL1630), 2 Brimstone - Westmill Farm, near Hitchin (TL170309), 2 Brimstone - Burford Way/Westmill Lane junction, Hitchin (TL173305), 1 Brimstone - Milestone Road near Westmill Lane, Hitchin (TL175304) David Inward
25 Feb At Northwood HQ, Sandy Lane 1 x Brimstone this morning David Gower
25 Feb Brimstone at Waterfields Playground, Watford. Small Tortoiseshell and Red Admiral in Park Avenue, Bushey Rebecca Palmer
25 Feb Hounslow: More sunshine and more Brimstones. I've slightly reduced the number of actual sightings to allow for the possibility of highly active males (which they all are) getting counted twice so it's Brimstone: 7 Small Tortoiseshell: 1 Peter Gore
25 Feb Hertfordshire County Offices car park adjacent to Grand Union Canal at Apsley (TL066047) - 3 Brimstone Robert Harris
25 Feb A female Brimstone, a Comma and at least two Red Admiral and two Small Tortoiseshell seen at Alexandra Park (TQ302902) Gerry Rawcliffe
25 Feb One male Brimstone in my south Harpenden garden David Hunt
25 Feb Another wander round my local patch at Stanwell Moor a bit earlier in the day. Three Small Tortoiseshells, only one of which was one of those seen yesterday. Only a couple of Brimstones (delayed by the overnight low temperatures I suspect), but today's new arrival was a newly-emerged male Small White. This is the earliest I have seen one Dave Miller
24 Feb Brimstone in Ruislip (TQ097867) Catherine Hookway
24 Feb 1 Small Tortoiseshell basking in sun near The Bourne entrance to Grovelands Park at 13:28 - 13:30 hrs Robert Callf
24 Feb Four Brimstones sighted at Kew Gardens, three in flight and one nectaring on Crocus flowers Miles Attenborough
24 Feb 1 male Brimstone and 1 Peacock at Panshanger Park (near the Great Oak) this afternoon. 1 Comma at St. Leonards Garden, Bengeo Christoper Benton
24 Feb My first sightings this year as follows. In our Bushey garden 1 x Brimstone. At Fishers Field nature reserve 1 x Brimstone. Lastly at Water Lane, Watford 1 x Comma, 1 x Red Admiral David Gower
24 Feb Again, nine male Brimstone sightings in North Harpenden (5 in my garden). Also three Small Tortoiseshells Alan Jackson
24 Feb 1 Peacock - St Faiths Close Hitchin (TL198302), 1 Brimstone - St Faiths Close Hitchin (TL198303), 1 Brimstone - by playground Ransoms Recreation Ground Hitchin (TL189301), 4 Brimstone - Ransoms Recreation Ground/railway boundary fence Hitchin (TL190301), 1 Brimstone - Woolgrove Road Hitchin (TL192304) David Inward
24 Feb Folly Lane St Albans - My first sightings of Small Tortoiseshells in flight this year. I saw one courting couple, a third nectaring and a fourth sunbathing. At this site, the hibernators usually rely on Dandelions as their main nectar source after emergence. At present there's not a single Dandelion flowering on the whole site and very little alternative nectar sources, which is a source of concern. One male Brimstone also and reports of a female seen on the same site earlier. Worth mentioning also that I saw a Small White flying yesterday on a visit to South London - outside our Branch area, but worth keeping an eye out for an early emergence of white species over the coming week Malcolm Hull
24 Feb Brimstone at St Paul's Walden (TL192222) and at Rookery Wood, King's Walden (TL166232). Small Tortoiseshell at Chalkleys Wood, St Paul's Walden (TL185226) Martin Ketcher
24 Feb Was out in the early afternoon and though I saw half a dozen Brimstones, they had all disappeared by two o'clock. However, this was compensated by the presence of three Commas and three Small Tortoiseshells.
On top of this was the very unusual sighting of a Hummingbird Hawk-Moth. I see few of these here even in the summer, so one in February was a real surprise. I assume it to have been a migrant from southern Europe
Dave Miller
24 Feb Hounslow: Another sunny day with 3 male Brimstones and 2 Small Tortoiseshells spread out across the walk Peter Gore
24 Feb 4 Brimstones in my Great Ashby, Stevenage garden (2 singles and a pair, all males) Steven Lane
23 Feb Red Admiral near King's Walden (TL153247) Martin Ketcher
23 Feb After seeing nothing on my local patch at Stanwell Moor on all the previous sunny days recently, the hedgerows burst forth with Brimstones and in an hour or so around lunchtime I counted at least ten Dave Miller
23 Feb I had no fewer than nine male Brimstone sightings in Harpenden: five in my garden, one by the railway near the centre of town and three together at the top of our road. This is unprecedented in February in my experience in our locality Alan Jackson
23 Feb Had a nice Brimstone in my Bernards Heath garden Andrew Steele
23 Feb My first garden Brimstone in Barnet Michael Habben
23 Feb I have finally seen my first butterfly of 2019! Brimstone flying near the Link Road, then flew into a garden on Park Avenue, Bushey. We then saw it again on Mead Way Rebecca Palmer
23 Feb 1 Brimstone male - Sollershott East, Letchworth (TL218318), and probably the same one at Friends Meeting House, South View, Letchworth (TL218319). Sunny and warm David Inward
23 Feb At Radlett (TL157000): Brimstone, Peacock and Painted Lady (Captive release? Peter C) Mark Homan
23 Feb First identified butterfly of the year for me, a Small Tortoiseshell on the Marshalling Yards Peter Gore
23 Feb My first butterflies of the year: 2 male Brimstones in Roebuck Woodland, Stevenage, one of which I disturbed on ivy but it returned within 5 minutes to bask Peter Clarke
23 Feb 1 male Brimstone at Oakwood Park near Saxon Way, N14 entrance (TQ 297953) at 13:36 - my first February record of this species! Robert Callf
23 Feb Male Brimstone flew along Upper Marlborough Road in the centre of St Albans (TL150073) around noon David Utting
22 Feb Two male Brimstone near Baldock Railway Station (TL245342) Patricia Clegg
22 Feb 1 Red Admiral at Lavender Hill Cemetery, Enfield (TQ 319 981) settled on grave-stone & my left shoulder at 13:20 Robert Callf
22 Feb A male Brimstone flew across my Harpenden garden at 12:30 Robin Pearson
21 Feb Peacock at Letchworth Recycling Centre, Blackhorse Road (TL236338) Patricia Clegg
21 Feb Brimstone flying across the field at Redbourne (TL104131) at about 11:30 Andrew Riche
21 Feb 5 Small Tortoiseshells - 1 in New Road, Hertford, 2 in Ware Cemetery, 1 in Lower Bourne Gardens, Ware and 1 on the edge of St John's Wood near Rickneys Quarry Andrew Wood
20 Feb Red Admiral - Whomerley Wood, Stevenage (TL247235) Josh Kalms
20 Feb We returned to the meadows at Ickenham and managed to fill in a few more hedge line gaps across the site. The eggs are without doubt scattered across a large area and in total 16 Brown Hairstreak eggs were found. We found two stems of blackthorn that had two eggs close together but again some eggs were really high up with one being found at least 7 feet up in the blackthorn Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
17 Feb First butterfly predictably a Brimstone in our garden in Bengeo Steve Kiln
17 Feb A male Brimstone flying strongly at the west edge of Ashridge Park at 12:00 at (SP 9941 1170); later at 13:15 two male Brimstones flying simultaneously 500 metres away in a sheltered sunny area to the south of the park at (SP 9983 1145) Colin Everett
17 Feb Folly Lane, St Albans - Male Brimstone zoomed across my allotment at 11.30am this morning. My first UK sighting of a flying butterfly this year. Meanwhile on my shed transect all hibernators were still in residence at lunchtime today. A few of them have shown signs of life, shuffling into different positions Malcolm Hull
17 Feb A Red Admiral has been flitting around my Harpenden garden Robin Pearson
17 Feb A male Brimstone at Frithsden Copse, Berkhamsted (SP995101) at 1330 Mike Spittles
17 Feb Millhoppers Reserve - one male Brimstone flying near the Ceremonial Black Poplar tree in middle of the reserve at 11.18 this morning Chris Hilling
15 Feb A male Brimstone in our meadow adjacent to our home in Heronsgate Andrew Ross
15 Feb A Red Admiral flying at 11:00 in the small car park at Goose Green at Broxbourne Woods (TL347088) Colin Everett
15 Feb 1 Comma flying in Rothamsted woods (TL123132) at lunchtime Andrew Riche
14 Feb I have had my first butterfly sighting of the year! Small Tortoiseshell at Patmore heath (TL443258) enjoying the late winter (or early spring even...) sun Steven Werrell
14 Feb Saw a Small Tortoiseshell, just before 1300 in Maple Cross (TQ026923). It was sunning itself on a plant in someone's garden Paul Williams
14 Feb Male Brimstone in our sunny Harpenden garden: my first garden butterfly of the year and the earliest garden Brimstone for a decade (by 16 days) Alan Jackson
14 Feb My first butterfly of the year was seen at Benington Lordship (TL298238) - a Red Admiral on Snowdrops Richard Harrington
14 Feb 1 Peacock at Whitewebbs Park along Cuffley Brook (TQ 324 992) at 14:08 - 14:09 GMT this afternoon Robert Callf
14 Feb A lovely large Brimstone in flight across my garden in Croxley Green at 11.35 Val Edwards
14 Feb A male Brimstone flew across my Harpenden garden this morning Robin Pearson
13 Feb We returned to Horsenden Hill and were delighted to find a further Brown Hairstreak egg (over 5 feet up!) in a different 2km square plus several Blue-bordered Carpet moth eggs and a Purple Hairstreak egg on oak Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
13 Feb A work colleague reported a Red Admiral active at Sawtrees Farm near Thundridge, in or near grid square TL 3817 (either tetrad TL31 Y or Z) (Colin Everett)
13 Feb 1 Peacock seen in flight & settled near Ash Wood at Plumridge Farm, Enfield (TQ 283 985) this afternoon at 13:55 GMT - my first butterfly of the year! Robert Callf
12 Feb At Hillingdon Primary School I watched a Red Admiral fly across the playground in the sunshine then rise up over school towards the horse chestnut trees Jackie Gill
11 Feb Was very happy to see my first butterfly of the year, a Red Admiral at Hilfield Park Reservoir Dan Cooper
11 Feb Today's sunshine has brought out the first butterfly of the year for me and, I think, for Alexandra Park - a Red Admiral flying along the terrace in front of the main facade of the Palace at around 11am (TQ 302901) Gerry Rawcliffe


Date Description Recorder
30 Jan Andrew and I decided to return to Ickenham and visit the fields first to the south of the site. We started just before 9.30 and finished searching at 3.40 - so about 6 hours x 2 = 12 hours!
We first visited the field where Andrew found the 2 Brown Hairstreak eggs last summer and found 2 more but one was 5 feet up on a twig. Another egg later in the day was 6 feet up. We couldn't re-find the summer eggs and it looked like they might have been cut down as there was a lot of brash on the ground where the mower had been in quite close. Having found 2 eggs we didn't search too much of the blackthorn. We walked up the track and then found an egg in the corner but didn't find any more eggs along that particular hedge line. We crossed the fields and walked to the other side where there are some oaks. We found an egg in a small area of scrubbed up grassland close to the railway. We then retraced back to the main fields and followed the hedge line towards our other adult sightings last summer where we found a further 21 (twenty one) eggs. Making a total of 25 in total and 12 Blue-bordered Carpet moths and a cluster of 16-spot ladybirds. One twig had 2 eggs together - a first for us!
Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
30 Jan A Red Admiral at Lauderdale House, Highgate (TQ 287 872) Margaret Murray
28 Jan Comma seen on ground in Park Wood Ruislip (TQ 097890) Bob Holton
28 Jan Another Spring Usher in sunshine this afternoon - seen in flight and settled at Park Farm, Enfield (TQ2998) 13:47 hrs Robert Callf
22 Jan 1 Red Admiral feeding on Viburnum in the sunshine, this lunchtime in Harlington Andrew Wood
18 Jan In spite of the very cold morning I found one Red Admiral butterfly in my Chorleywood garden. It had its wings closed and was very chilly so I brought it indoors and within 10 minutes it had thawed out and alive enough to set free. It escaped over the rooftops hopefully to live another day Irene Oulsnam
16 Jan Neither Andrew or myself had ever visited Horsenden Hill so despite two egg searches there this year, we couldn't resist visiting. We didn't pick a very nice day and got pretty wet.
We parked opposite the Ballot Box Pub just before 11 and walked the fields close to the road - the blackthorn is seriously impressive and in some places very good but a lot had reddish stems. In our searches today we found 19 Blue-bordered Carpet eggs which always pleases us.
As it got damper and after about 2 ¼ hrs searching (x 2) we started walking towards the infamous Paradise Fields not far from the Canal walk, there was some 'black stemmed' blackthorn. The blackthorn was close to some oak and two slightly greenish Brown Hairstreak eggs were found close together on a single twig. No more eggs were found (nor BBC eggs) but it was getting even wetter and enthusiasm was waning. We did look at Paradise Fields but all the blackthorn was red stemmed. We got back to the car around 2.30
Liz Goodyear
Andrew Middleton
14 Jan Male Spring Usher settled SW edge of Rough Lot, Trent Park this morning in sunshine - much darker individual than the one the other day Robert Callf
12 Jan Male Spring Usher at ASDA Southgate - the first moth I have seen here since new lights were installed in the autumn, also a Winter Moth at bus-stop shelter at Chase Road/Charter Way N14 a few days ago Robert Callf
8 Jan 1 Peacock flying and landing in a furled umbrella on a table outside the Platform public house, Letchworth TL217326 David Inward
3 Jan 3 Peacocks and 13 Small Tortoiseshells hibernating in my shed in St Albans this morning. Pleased to see they have come through the winter safely so far Malcolm Hull
1 Jan Two Brown Hairstreak eggs on blackthorn in Fryent Country Park. Also 11 Blue-bordered Carpet eggs Andrew Middleton
Common Wave Hitchin 21 Jul

Common Wave © David Inward 21 Jul

Shuttle-Shaped Dart Hitchin 20 Jul

Shuttle-Shaped Dart © David Inward 20 Jul

Small Tortoiseshell St Albans Jul

Small Tortoiseshell © Malcolm Hull 19 Jul

Small Copper Nomansland Common 17 Jul

Small Copper © Malcolm Hull 17 Jul

Purple Hairstreak Nomansland Common 17 Jul

Purple Hairstreak © Malcolm Hull 17 Jul

Box Tree moth St.Albans 16 Jul

Box Tree moth © Malcolm Hull 16 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary Patmore Heath 16 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary © Gavin Vicary 16 Jul

Purple Emperor Westmill 16 Jul

Purple Emperor © Mike Harding 16 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary Bengeo 16 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary © Simon Knott 16 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary Northaw Great Wood 15 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary © Dee Cullen 15 Jul

Peacock Wintergreen Wood 12 Jul

Peacock © Peter Clarke 12 Jul

Gatekeeper Aldbury Nowers 12 Jul

Gatekeeper © Malcolm Hull 12 Jul

Marbled White Symondshyde 11 Jul

Marbled White © Malcolm Hull 11 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary Symondshyde 11 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary © Malcolm Hull 11 Jul

Gatekeeper Norton Green Common 11 Jul

Gatekeeper © Bob Clift 11 Jul

Large White Norton Green Common 11 Jul

Large White © Bob Clift 11 Jul

Ringlet Norton Green Common 11 Jul

Ringlet © Bob Clift 11 Jul

Cinnabar Norton Green Common 11 Jul

Cinnabar © Bob Clift 11 Jul

Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet Norton Green Common 11 Jul

Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet © Peter Clarke 11 Jul

Least Carpet Hitchin 10 Jul

Least Carpet © David Inward 10 Jul

Gatekeeper MuswellHill 10 Jul

Gatekeeper © Dee Cullen 10 Jul

Essex Skipper Hillbrow 9 Jul

Essex Skipper © Roger Millard 9 Jul

Essex Skipper Waterford Church 9 Jul

Essex Skipper © Andrew Wood 9 Jul

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Waterford Church 9 Jul

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing © Andrew Wood 9 Jul

White-letter Hairstreak Six Hills Common 7 Jul

White-letter Hairstreak © Tom Speller 7 Jul

Purple Emperor Bricket Wood Common7 Jul

Purple Emperor © Malcolm Hull 7 Jul

Purple Emperor Bricket Wood Common7 Jul

Purple Emperor © Malcolm Hull 7 Jul

Purple Emperor Bricket Wood Common7 Jul

Purple Emperor © Malcolm Hull 7 Jul

Ringlet Bricket Wood Common7 Jul

Ringlet © Malcolm Hull 7 Jul

Small Skipper Bricket Wood Common7 Jul

Small Skipper © Malcolm Hull 7 Jul

Purple Hairstreak Norton Green Common 5 Jul

Purple Hairstreak © Tom Speller 5 Jul

Purple Emperor Heartwood Forest 5 Jul

Purple Emperor © Martin Webb 5 Jul

Ringlet Muswell Hill 5 Jul

Ringlet © Dee Cullen 5 Jul

Gatekeeper Cannocks Wood 5 Jul

Gatekeeper © Peter Clarke 5 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary valezina% Bricket Wood Common 4 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary valezina © Chris Newman 4 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary valezina% Bricket Wood Common 4 Jul

Silver-washed Fritillary valezina © Chris Newman 4 Jul

Chalkhill Blue Therfield Heath 4 Jul

Chalkhill Blue © Martin Johnson 4 Jul

Small Tortoiseshell ab Ellenbrook Fields 3 Jul

Small Tortoiseshell ab © Sheila Whittingham 3 Jul

Ringlet Ashbrook 3 Jul

Ringlet © David Inward 3 Jul

Marbled White Watford 2 Jul

Marbled White © Paul Williams 2 Jul

Chalkhill Blue Therfield Heath 2 Jul

Chalkhill Blue © Gerry Rawcliffe 2 Jul

Dark Green Fritillary Therfield Heath 2 Jul

Dark Green Fritillary © Gerry Rawcliffe 2 Jul

Purple Emperor Turnford 2 Jul

Purple Emperor © Sandra Standbridge 2 Jul

Purple Hairstreak Watford 1 Jul

Purple Hairstreak © Paul Williams 1 Jul

Ringlet Balls Wood 30 Jun

Ringlet © Miles Attenborough 30 Jun

Small Blue Heartwood 30 Jun

Small Blue © Malcolm Hull 30 Jun

Red Admiral Heartwood 30 Jun

Red Admiral © Malcolm Hull 30 Jun

Small Skipper Tunnel Gardens 29 Jun

Small Skipper © Miles Attenborough 29 Jun

White Admiral Bricket Wood Common 29 Jun

White Admiral © Bob Harris 29 Jun

Dark Green Fritillary pair Hexton Chalk Pit 29 Jun

Dark Green Fritillary pair © Miles Attenborough 29 Jun

Small Tortoiseshell Wheathampstead 28 Jun

Small Tortoiseshell © Robin Pearson 28 Jun

Silver-washed Fritillary Bramfield Wood 28 Jun

Silver-washed Fritillary © Chris Benton 28 Jun

White Admiral Bramfield Wood 28 Jun

White Admiral © Chris Benton 28 Jun

Comma Letchworth 28 Jun

Comma © David Inward 28 Jun

Marbled White Letchworth 28 Jun

Marbled White © David Inward 28 Jun

Meadow Brown ab Trimms Green 27 Jun

Meadow Brown ab. © Bob Clift 27 Jun

Silver-washed Fritillary Broxbourne Woods 27 Jun

Silver-washed Fritillary © Chris Benton 27 Jun

White Admiral Broxbourne Woods 27 Jun

White Admiral © Chris Benton 27 Jun

Silver-washed Fritillary Hertford 27 Jun

Silver-washed Fritillary © Andrew Wood 27 Jun

Holly Blue Rickneys Quarry 27 Jun

Holly Blue © Andrew Wood 27 Jun

Dark Green Fritillary Hexton Chalk Pit 26 Jun

Dark Green Fritillary © Chris Benton 26 Jun

Marbled White Stanwell Moor 25 Jun

Marbled White © Dave Miller 25 Jun

Painted Lady Stanwell Moor 25 Jun

Painted Lady © Dave Miller 25 Jun

Brown Argus Stanwell Moor 25 Jun

Brown Argus © Dave Miller 25 Jun

White Admiral Balls Wood 25 Jun

White Admiral © Chris Benton 25 Jun

Painted Lady Alexandra Park 24 Jun

Painted Lady © Dee Cullen 24 Jun

Ringlet Northaw Great Wood 24 Jun

Ringlet © Dee Cullen 24 Jun

Painted Lady Watford 24 Jun

Painted Lady © Bob Harris 24 Jun

White-letter Hairstreak Six Hills Common 24 Jun

White-letter Hairstreak © Peter Clarke 24 Jun

Burnet Companion ab Watery Grove 24 Jun

Burnet Companion ab? © Peter Clarke 24 Jun

Painted Ladies Stanwell Moor 24 Jun

Painted Ladies © Dave Miller 24 Jun

Dark Green Fritillary Therfield Heath 23 Jun

Dark Green Fritillary © Phil Barron 23 Jun

Marbled White Waterford 23 Jun

Marbled White © Chris Benton 23 Jun

Red Admiral Tunnel Gardens 22 Jun

Red Admiral © Miles Attenborough 22 Jun

Marbled White Alexandra Park 22 Jun

Marbled White © Dee Cullen 22 Jun

Peacock larvae Alexandra Park 22 Jun

Peacock larvae © Dee Cullen 22 Jun

Painted Lady Baldock 22 Jun

Painted Lady © David Inward 22 Jun

Painted Lady Cowleys Corner Wood 22 Jun

Painted Lady © Peter Clarke 22 Jun

Ringlet Cowleys Corner Wood 22 Jun

Ringlet © Peter Clarke 22 Jun

Marbled White Letchworth 20 Jun

Marbled White © David Inward 20 Jun

Small Skipper Letchworth 20 Jun

Small Skipper © David Inward 20 Jun

Marbled White Alexandra Palace 19 Jun

Marbled White © Gerry Rawcliffe 19 Jun

Small Tortoiseshell St Albans 19 Jun

Small Tortoiseshell © Malcolm Hull 19 Jun

Small Tortoiseshell aberration Bengeo 18 Jun

Small Tortoiseshell aberration © Andrew Wood 18 Jun

Marbled White Southern Country Park 18 Jun

Marbled White © Bob Clift 18 Jun

Painted Lady Southern Country Park 18 Jun

Painted Lady © Bob Clift 18 Jun

Large Skipper Watery Grove 18 Jun

Large Skipper © Peter Clarke 18 Jun

Lime Hawk-moth pair Muswell Hill 15 Jun

Lime Hawk-moth pair © Dee Cullen 15 Jun

Large Skipper Norton Green Common 15 Jun

Large Skipper © Peter Clarke 15 Jun

Chimney Sweeper Knebworth Park 15 Jun

Chimney Sweeper © Peter Clarke 15 Jun

Small Magpie Moth Hitchin 10 Jun

Small Magpie Moth © David Inward 10 Jun

Small Blues Hillbrow 9 Jun

Small Blue pair © Roger Millard 9 Jun

Small Blue Heartwood 9 Jun

Small Blue © Malcolm Hull 9 Jun

Small Blue Hillbrow 9 Jun

Small Blue © Peter Clarke 9 Jun

Small Blue Hillbrow 9 Jun

Small Blue © Peter Clarke 9 Jun

Cinnabar St Albans 7 Jun

Cinnabar © Malcolm Hull 7 Jun

Common Blue(m) Tunnel Gardens 6 Jun

Common Blue(m) © Miles Attenborough 6 Jun

Common Blue(f) Tunnel Gardens 6 Jun

Common Blue(f) © Miles Attenborough 6 Jun

Painted Lady Norton Green 6 Jun

Painted Lady © Sharon Chesterman 6 Jun

Cinnabar Muswell Hill 6 Jun

Cinnabar © Dee Cullen 6 Jun

Large Skipper Alexandra Palace 5 Jun

Large Skipper © Gerry Rawcliffe 5 Jun

Meadow Brown Alexandra Palace 5 Jun

Meadow Brown © Gerry Rawcliffe 5 Jun

Common Blue Stanwell Moor 28 May

Common Blue © Dave Miller 28 May

Yellow-barred Longhorn Northaw Great Wood 3 Jun

Yellow-barred Longhorn © Dee Cullen 3 Jun

Brimstone ovipositing Bishop's Stortford 1 Jun

Brimstone ovipositing © Bob Clift 1 Jun

Meadow Brown Bricket Wood Common 1 Jun

Meadow Brown © Chris Newton 1 Jun

Silver-ground Carpet Purwell Ninesprings 1 Jun

Silver-ground Carpet © David Inward 1 Jun

Holly Blue egg-laying Aldbury Nowers 1 Jun

Holly Blue egg-laying © Shailesh Patel 1 Jun

Light Brown Apple Moth Stevenage 30 May

Light Brown Apple Moth © Peter Clarke 30 May

Meadow Brown Bricket Wood Common 30 May

Meadow Brown © Colin Everett 30 May

Four-spotted Moth Herts border 29 May

Four-spotted moth © Liz Goodyear 29 May

Small Dusty Wave Hitchin 29 May

Small Dusty Wave © David Inward 29 May

Small Blue Hillbrow 27 May

Small Blue © Phil Barron 27 May

Small Blue Hillbrow 27 May

Small Blue © Phil Barron 27 May

Small Blue Chiswell Green 26 May

Small Blue © Malcolm Hull 26 May

Painted Lady Alexandra Palace 25 May

Painted Lady © Gerry Rawcliffe 25 May

Small Blue Hillbrow 21 May

Small Blue © Roger Millard 21 May

Large White eggs Stevenage 21 May

Large White? eggs © Peter Clarke 21 May

Large Skipper Stanwell Moor 20 May

Large Skipper © Dave Miller 20 May

Dingy Skipper Bovingdon 19 May

Dingy Skipper © Liz Goodyear 19 May

Speckled Wood Coppetts Wood 19 May

Speckled Wood © Miles Attenborough 19 May

Small Tortoiseshell larvae St Albans 19 May

Small Tortoiseshell larvae © Malcolm Hull 19 May

Common Blue Bedfont Lakes 16 May

Common Blue © Dave Miller 16 May

Green Hairstreak Bedfont Lakes 16 May

Green Hairstreak © Dave Miller 16 May

Anania fuscalis HextonCP 15 May

Anania fuscalis © Andrew Middleton 15 May

Holly Blue Hitchin 16 May

Holly Blue © David Inward 16 May

Common Blue Alexandra Palace 16 May

Common Blue © Gerry Rawcliffe 16 May

Mother Shipton Hillbrow 15 May

Mother Shipton © Liz Goodyear 15 May

Small Yellow Underwing Halsey Field 12 May

Small Yellow Underwing © Chris Ridley 12 May

Common Blue Redbournbury 12 May

Common Blue © Malcolm Hull 12 May

Orange-tip Coppets Wood 12 May

Orange-tip © Miles Attenborough 12 May

Small Copper Coppets Wood 12 May

Small Copper © Miles Attenborough 12 May

Dingy Skipper Whelpley Hill 11 May

Dingy Skipper © Malcolm Hull 11 May

Small Copper Alexandra Park 10 May

Small Copper © Dee Cullen 10 May

Red Admiral Alexandra Park 10 May

Red Admiral © Dee Cullen 10 May

White-letter Hairstreak larva Rickneys 8 May

White-letter Hairstreak larva © Andrew Middleton 8 May

Grizzled Skipper Frogmore GP 7 May

Grizzled Skipper © Andrew Wood 7 May

Small Copper Frogmore GP 7 May

Small Copper © Andrew Wood 7 May

Brown Argus Frogmore GP 7 May

Brown Argus © Andrew Wood 7 May

Brown Argus pair Stanwell Moor 2 May

Brown Argus pair © Dave Miller 2 May

Holly Blue Stanwell Moor 2 May

Holly Blue © Dave Miller 2 May

Orange-tip Stanwell Moor 2 May

Orange-tip © Dave Miller 2 May

Small Copper Stanwell Moor 2 May

Small Copper © Dave Miller 2 May

Small Heath Stanwell Moor 2 May

Small Heath © Dave Miller 2 May

Green Hairstreak Bedfont Lakes Country Park 1 May

Green Hairstreak © Dave Miller 1 May

Brown Argus Stanwell Moor 1 May

Brown Argus © Dave Miller 1 May

Small Heath Alexandra Palace 1 May

Small Heath © Gerry Rawcliffe 1 May

Brown Argus Waterford Heath 30 Apr

Brown Argus © Roger Millard 30 Apr

Small Blue Chiswell Green 30 Apr

Small Blue © Malcolm Hull 30 Apr

Green Hairstreak Chiswell Green 30 Apr

Green Hairstreak © Malcolm Hull 30 Apr

Grizzled Skipper Waterford Heath 30 Apr

Grizzled Skipper © Chris Benton 30 Apr

Dingy Skipper Hexton CP 24 Apr

Dingy Skipper © Dee Cullen 24 Apr

Green Hairstreak Hexton CP 22 Apr

Green Hairstreak © Andrew Neild 22 Apr

Dingy Skipper Hexton CP 22 Apr

Dingy Skipper © Andrew Neild 22 Apr

Peacock Coppets Wood 21 Apr

Peacock © Miles Attenborough 21 Apr

Green-veined White Coppets Wood 21 Apr

Green-veined White © Miles Attenborough 21 Apr

Brimstone egg Watford 21 Apr

Brimstone egg © Paul Williams 21 Apr

Small Copper Aldbury Nowers 21 Apr

Small Copper © Chris Hilling 21 Apr

Small Copper Alexandra Park 20 Apr

Small Copper © Gerry Rawcliffe 20 Apr

Speckled Wood Harpenden Common 19 Apr

Speckled Wood © David Hunt 19 Apr

Brimstone egg-laying Letchworth 17 Apr

Brimstone egg-laying © Roger Millard 17 Apr

Small Heath Fox Covert 15 Apr

Small Heath © Ian Small 15 Apr

Comma Harpenden 15 Apr

Comma © Robin Pearson 15 Apr

Orange-tips Amwell 10 Apr

Orange-tips © Chris Holtby 10 Apr

White-letter Hairstreak larva Therfield 3 Apr

White-letter Hairstreak larva © Andrew Middleton 3 Apr

Peacocks Harpenden Common 1 Apr

Peacocks © David Hunt

Holly Blue Stanwell Moor 25 Mar

Holly Blue © Dave Miller 25 Mar

Orange-tip Stanwell Moor 25 Mar

Orange-tip © Dave Miller 25 Mar

Orange-tip Stevenage 24 Mar

Orange-tip © Phil Bishop 24 Mar

Brimstone Stanwell Moor 24 Mar

Brimstone © Dave Miller 24 Mar

Small Tortoiseshell Stanwell Moor 24 Mar

Small Tortoiseshell © Dave Miller 24 Mar

Comma Bengeo 24 Mar

Comma © Simon Knott 24 Mar

Peacock Harpenden 24 Mar

Peacock © Robin Pearson 24 Mar

Small Tortoiseshell Harpenden Common 23 Mar

Small Tortoiseshell © David Hunt 23 Mar

Small Copper larva Stevenage 21 Mar

Small Copper larva © Peter Clarke 21 Mar

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing larva Bishop's Stortford 19 Mar

Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing larva © Bob Clift 19 Mar

Purple Hairstreak egg Northaw Great Wood 18 Mar

Purple Hairstreak egg © Dee Cullen 18 Mar

Camberwell Beauty Winchmore Hill 9 Mar

Camberwell Beauty © Robert Bourton 9 Mar

Brimstone Abbots Langley 27 Feb

Brimstone © Clive Burrows 27 Feb

Peacock Stanwell Moor 26 Feb

Peacock © Dave Miller 26 Feb

Red Admiral egg Stanwell Moor 26 Feb

Red Admiral egg © Dave Miller 26 Feb

Small White Stanwell Moor 25 Feb

Small White © Dave Miller 25 Feb

Hummingbird Hawk-moth Stanwell Moor 24 Feb

Hummingbird Hawk-moth © Dave Miller 24 Feb

Comma Stanwell Moor 24 Feb

Comma © Dave Miller 24 Feb

Small Tortoiseshell Stanwell Moor 24 Feb

Small Tortoiseshell © Dave Miller 24 Feb

Brimstone Roebuck Woods 23 Feb

Brimstone © Peter Clarke 23 Feb

Small Tortoiseshell Patmore Heath 14 Feb

Small Tortoiseshell © Steven Werrell 14 Feb

Red Admiral Benington 14 Feb

Red Admiral © Richard Harrington 14 Feb

Purple Hairstreak egg Horsenden Hill_13 Feb

Purple Hairstreak egg © Andrew Middleton 13 Feb

Red Admiral Hilfield Park Reservoir 11 Feb

Red Admiral © Dan Cooper 11 Feb

Brown Hairstreak eggs Ickenham Marsh 30 Jan

Brown Hairstreak eggs © Andrew Middleton 30 Jan

Red Admiral Highgate 30 Jan

Red Admiral © Margaret Murray 30 Jan

Brown Hairstreak egg Horsenden Hill 16 Jan

Brown Hairstreak egg © Andrew Middleton 16 Jan

Peacock Letchworth 8 Jan

Peacock © David Inward 8 Jan

Peacocks hibernating St Albans 3 Jan

Peacocks hibernating © Malcolm Hull 3 Jan

Brown Hairstreak egg Fryent Country Park 1 Jan

Brown Hairstreak egg © Andrew Middleton 1 Jan

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