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Random 1km Square details

100km grid squares - letter codes


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10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
NT02 NT0221 Removed from project
NT06 NT0268 Removed from project
NT09 NT0592 Removed from project
NT11 NT1013 Removed from project
NT31 NT3810 Removed from project
NT40 NT4504 Removed from project
NT63 NT6735 Roadside Wych elm Spring 2008 No grid available but suitable elm has been marked with orange spray Rural Richard Buckland Article in East Scotland Branch newsletter No 16 (Spring 2008) encouraging branch members to look for white-letter.
'As stated in the article, hedges which are exclusively elm will be marked with orange paint this autumn. Sitting here in Edinburgh, I cannot say if the junction you mention has any elm, but it is highly likely, as the B6404 goes through both of these 1k squares, an there is elm all the way along it. But I was going to mark out the stretches where the hedge is exclusively elm, to help people find elm in winter.'
NT71 NT7314 Removed from project
NT83 NT8633 (images available) 13.03.09 and 23.04.09 Egg at 10km level (2018), elm NT865327 at 2km level Rural Jill Mills and Ken Haydock Feb 18, Barry and Barbara Prater Although never removed from project, assumed outside of the range of the species until February 2018 when Ken & Jill visited the 10km for the first time and found an egg near Cornhill on Tweed on the English side. Previously they had found eggs including a hatched egg from the 2016/2017 season in the adjacent 10km square NT84 the first confirmed eggs in Scotland. 25.07.09: NT83 (NT861327) - again, nothing, although several Elms had significant leaf damage
11.07.09: I'd earlier located Elms in the adjacent 1km square. Along the B6351 there are many small-medium Elms interspersed with Ash, Oak, Sycamore, Hawthorn, Cherry, etc., either side of NT861327 for about 200m. Some leaf damage noted on some of the Elms. Because many of the accompanying trees are mature they create a sheltered, almost woodland environment and would be ideal for the butterfly. And the number of Elms represnt a good corridor for spread.
23.04.09: None seen at 1km. However, a few small Elms in field hedge in adjacent 1km square (NT8744). Also many Elms along B6351 in same tetrad (NT865327) - some photos of these are attached. Worth a good check later.
13.03.09: I went to look at the 1km squares NU0435 and NT8633. No Elms spotted I'm afraid. My plan is to re-visit them in a month or so, once any Elms have flowers/seeds and to extend my search to 2km and 10km as needed.
NT86 NT8265 Several elms
(images available)
14.06.08 NT8265 Rural Barry & Barbara Prater 27.07.09: My original target square - nothing.
11.07.09: No leaf damage evident on the one large Elm, but the small ones did have some; too windy to expect the butterflies to move much though. I will return here later.
April 09: We looked around NT 8265 and found some promising Elms, readily accessible for viewing, close to the A1. Some had a little leaf damage, but I don't know what caused it, but the best tree appeared to have almost perfect leaves. We will return in a few weeks time.
NT94 NT9544 Small/medium elms on roadside along wood edge 16.06.07 NT950441 Rural Martin Greenland No sign of eggs, pupae or suitable feeding damage
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
NU03 NU0435 13.03.09 and 23.04.09 NU019360 and NU010396 Rural Barry and Barbara Prater 11.07.09: NU0435 (Northumberland), Looked at Elms found previously at the 10km level. Two near Hetton North farm (NU019360) don't get much sun and are rather exposed, especially when the wind blows. Another good Elm, but isolated on the roadside at NU019366, proved negative too. Just outside this square there is a line of mature trees, including several reasonable and sheltered Elms, running east-west and so getting good sun (NT994394). This would be a good place for a colony to start up and possibly expand. I was briefly excited by what turned out to be a Small Copper fluttering around and settling on leaves. 23.04.09: No elm at 1km. Probably none at tetrad level. However, some in 10km square at NU019360 and NU010396 (this one a good size). Area doesn't look very promising though.
23.04.09: No elm at 1km. Probably none at tetrad level. However, some in 10km square at NU019360 and NU010396 (this one a good size). Area doesn't look very promising though.
13.03.09: I went to look at the 1km squares NU0435 and NT8633. No Elms spotted I'm afraid. My plan is to re-visit them in a month or so, once any Elms have flowers/seeds and to extend my search to 2km and 10km as needed.
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
NX29 NX2593 Removed from project
NX38 NX3587 Removed from project
NX56 NX5766 Removed from project
NX67 NX6775 Removed from project
NX77 NX7072 Removed from project
NX99 NX9893 Removed from project
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
NY01 NY0112 No elm seen at target level, but elms at entrance to industrial estate at 10km level
(images available)
08.02.09 & 09.02.09 NY013101 Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Driving through Egremont a nice row of assumed planted elm at entrance to Bridge End Industrial Estate was found(also riverside elm in adjacent 10km square). Sampled but no eggs found. Drove around target 2km but no elm visible and also stopped at Longlands Lake. Although presumed to be beyond range of species the Industrial Estate Elms need to be monitored. Elm was seen in adjacent 10km to south (NY00) but probably absent from SD19 thus cutting elm link to the south?
NY02 NY0121 Elm at 10km level including an avenue of elm trees
(images available)
09.02.09 NY008221
NY063216 (old tree)
NY092247 (avenue of trees)
Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Much of 10km square is exposed industrialised moorland and target is on this edge. A nice bank of elm was found just outside 2km. On the east side of the 10km square, a very old tree was seen at Wrights Green and on the road into Pardshaw, an avenue of fairly exposed elm trees were found. There was at least 8 healthy trees and evidence more trees had died. No eggs were found. Although presumed to be beyond range of species all these elms need to be monitored.
NY07 NY0178 Removed from project
NY13 NY1034 Little elm noted
(images available)
08.02.09 and 09.02.09 Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove through 10km on two occasions, and apart from one small tree at Isel, no elm was noted. Provisionally assumed that this 10km square can not support white-letter hairstreak.
NY25 NY2958 Roadside trees
(images available)
09.02.09 NY232585 Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Although presumed to be beyond range of species all these elms need to be monitored. Target very low, estuary edge marsh. Drove around 10km and into adjacent 10km square. Roadside elm found at NY224625 (NY26) and NY232585
NY28 NY2387 Removed from project
NY42 NY4224 Elm at 10km level
(images available)
08.02.09 NY480283 and NY489282 Rural - High Altitude guidelines apply Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear High Altitude guidelines apply, target 505m (Low Mell Fell) but 2km level down to 200m. Drove through Penrith and along A66, elm seen in adjacent 10km and then immediately into 10km before first roundabout. Came off A66 and went into Stainton and several elm trees noted. Sampled for eggs but not found. (All these sites were at low points in the 10km). Although presumed to be beyond range of species these elms need further monitoring.
NY45 NY4459 Elm in wood edge at 2km level
(images available)
2 (2016) NY4656 Adults at 10km level, NY455596 elm at 2km level Rural Adults July 2016, elm at 2km level 09.02.09 Ken Haydock and Jill Mills (2016), Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear At the end of the project presumed to be beyond range of species but suggested all these elms need to be monitored. Visited by Jill Mills and Ken Haydock when 2 adults seen flitting and perching near top of Elm between 11-10am to 11-30am. The site was along the River Eden. A small quantity of elm found in a wood edge at 2km level. Single tree seen roadside at 1km level and more elm seen at 10km level in particular along B6263 between Wetheral and A69. Long length of elm also at 10km in layby which crosses the 10km at NY5058
NY56 NY5260 Roadside elm at 10km level
(images available)
1 (2015) 3 (2015) NY539610 and NY537610 Rural August 2015 Eggs and Adults at 10km level, elm at 10km level 09.02.09 Ken Haydock and Jill Mills (2015), Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear At the end of the project presumed to be beyond range of species but suggested all these elms need to be monitored. Visited by Jill Mills and Ken Haydock when 1 adult was seen at one location and freshly laid eggs and a second location near the River Irthing which flows into the River Eden. Visted in 2009 and roadside elm and elm behind a house appropriately named Elm Cottage!
NY59 NY5898 Removed from project
NY61 NY6215 Little elm present NY6819 Rural village/moorland 03.11.09 Andrew Middleton & Liz Goodyear Presumed outside known range of butterfly. No elm found at 1km and unlikely on moorland sections, little elm found elsewhere. Rivers systems not connected to known colonies e.g. (Tyne valley). Majority of 10km square over c200m lowest point 130m - High Altitude guidelines apply
NY65 NY6050 Rural / High Altitude This 10km has not been visited but is in river valley of South Tyne. Originally presumed outside range of butterfly but in view of findings in NY75 (Allen Valley) has been reinstated as deserving continued monitoring. Majority of 10km square over 200m, although altitude range of South Tyne is between 130m & 230m - High Altitude guidelines apply
NY73 NY7831 Removed from project, as 10km square over 400m and presumed beyond range of species
NY74 NY7348 Some elm above river valley NY714481 Rural /High Altitude 03.11.09 & 04.11.09 Andrew Middleton & Liz Goodyear Elm found beside river valley of South Tyne, sample taken negative. Originally presumed outside range of butterfly but in view of findings in NY75 (Allen Valley) has been reinstated as deserving continued monitoring. Majority of 10km square over 250m, lowest point is 230m on River Tyne - High Altitude guidelines apply
NY91 NY9118 Not visited. Removed from project, as majority of 10km square over 300m and presumed beyond range of species, lowest point is 200m on River Balder, which connects to River Tees.
NY96 NY9266 Roadside elm
(images available)
1 at 1km and 1 10km level 27.07.09 fresh egg at 1km level, 10.02.09 egg at 10km level
22.04.08 elm at 1km level
NY963639 egg at 10km level
NY926663 fresh egg at 1km level and NY928665 elm at 1km level
Rural village Barry and Jean Robinson, Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 27.07.09: Had stopped at elm late afternoon of 25.07.09 but no activity, so returned early morning but too cool so sampled elm on field edge and a fresh egg was found on a growth joint.
10.02.09: More elm found at 1km level but no eggs found, so drove around 10km square and found a nice length of elm alongside A695. After some searching 2 old hatched eggs found on leaf scar and growth joint
22.04.09: Wych elm found at the 1km level 1 x 10m in height, 3 x 4m in height. No ova visible
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
NZ07 NZ0476 Elm present at 10km level and at 1km level (image available) 04.11.09 hatched egg at 10km level also
26.07.09 and 27.07.09 also 10.02.09 and 13.06.07
NZ037706 hatched egg at 10km level
Elm: NZ042761 at 1km level
NZ075783, NZ091711, NZ097702, NZ028715 and NZ030739 at 10km level
Rural Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 04.11.09 Continued searching 10km square for any elm not seen on previous visits and found 3 trees on wood edge, sampling found hatched egg on 2nd year growth joint!
26.07.09: Visited 10km on two occasions but never in perfect weather conditions, rain, heavy cloud and wind with just brief moments of sunshine and no activity. However, several new areas of elm were found including 2 large trees at NZ091711. Several areas of elm sampled but no eggs. There are several areas of good elm throughout sections of 10km square and with a past record in 1999 this 10km remains on our priority list of potential sites.
10.02.09: Visited target and surprised to see some elm at 1km level, sampled but no eggs found. Site is very exposed and it is felt unable to support white-letter hairstreak. Drove around 10km located Martin's elm and some more but tall elm where the only sighting from this 10km is noted.
13.06.07: Didn't visit target square, but plenty of suitable roadside elm at stated grid reference. No sign of eggs or pupae or likely feeding damage
NZ09 NZ0795 Plenty of wych elm along Forest Burn, mostly fairly small. Tree concerned was in sheltered woodland edge, larger and seeding 1 14.06.07 NZ095988 Rural Martin Greenland Possibly a new 10km square for the species (also recorded eggshells in NZ08, NZ18 & NU00 - possibly a new 100km square?)
NZ11 NZ1315 Elm found at 1km level (image available) 2 11.02.09 egg
09.07.08 elm
NZ138158 Rural Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 11.02.09: Following Martin's description walked along Teesdale Path and found several elms including one medium tree and found 2 eggs (1 base of bud on tip and 1 egg on growth joint). 09.07.08: Plenty of fairly young elm along the Teesdale Way footpath from Winston bridge NZ 142163 and running right through the 1km square. In tetrad, bridge at Ovington NZ 132147 looks down on a canopy of elm. Nothing seen - probably too early. But plenty to check in the future. I would expect the species to occur somwhere in the river valley in the 1km square - only problem is locating it!
NZ24 NZ2946 2 riverside trees (image available) 1 11.02.09 egg
04.04.08 elm
NZ298469 Rural (riverside woodland) Barry and Jean Robinson, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 11.02.09: Following Barry & Jean's directions, elms were found throughout hillside leading down to the Wear. Small tree found close to river and sampled for eggs - 1 egg found growth joint old leaf scar.
04.04.08: 2 specimens 1 - 20 metres, growing in bankside overhanging the river Wear which was 3m below. Only able to examine the last 1m of one branch. No ova. 2. Damaged specimen- growing point had been cut off at some time in the past- resulting in side branches increased growth. About 4m tall. Examined the last metre of more than 10 branches. No ova.
NZ31 NZ3610 NZ3610 Hedgerow elm (image available) 1 11.02.09 egg
25.04.08 elm
NZ364115 at 2km level
NZ360122 at 10km level
Rural Barry and Jean Robinson, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 11.02.09: First found some 10km elm at the back of Teeside airport and an egg found, then found elm identified by Barry & Jean and an egg was found on the lower leaf scar on main stem just below growth joint.
25.04.08: None found at 1km level. Several English Elm of 3m to 4m height found suckering from stumps in hedge. No eggs seen
NZ34 NZ3746 8+ mature Wych Elm and roadside planted elm at 10km level (image available) 1 11.02.09 egg
10.04.08 elm
NZ351470 egg
NZ394469 elm
Suburban (church yard and roadside)
(target rural)
Barry and Jean Robinson, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 11.02.09: Found the elm identified by Barry and Jean but despite large quantity all out of reach. More elm including several planted trees found to west of target and after considerable searching a single egg was found concealed under a bud. 10.04.08: No Elm at 1K or 2K level 8 mature Wych Elm at in adjacent 2km at 10km level: 2 apparently dead. 1 x 30m, 4 x 20m, 1 x 12m. No ova seen
NZ70 NZ7006 NZ7006 Elm found on edge of 10km but then almost absent until a single tree in garden at 2km level (image available) 1 possible 25.07.09 hatched egg and 20.05.08 elm NZ701079 elm and NZ784055 hatched egg Rural village Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 25.07.09: First watched and sampled elm close to Limber Hill Wood, no activity, so continued driving through 10km square keeping as close to the river as possible. More elm was found close to river near Glaisdale Station, elm was sampled and a hatched egg found on growth joint. At 3.30 a hairstreak was seen in the crown of an elm tree very briefly, it was later realised that Purple are not present in this part of Yorkshire? Continued to drive through 10km and realised that elm was no longer present and by the time the 2km level was reached, presumed that the 2km elm is too isolated to support wlh. The 10km record was in the same 2km square as the 2005 record but not at the same location.
20.05.08: No elm seen in 1km. Single wych elm in tetrad in garden in Ainthorpe (photo). Also some 2m English elm in hedgerow (discounted) Unable to examine, but thought unlikely to carry species due to probable isolation. Closest record of wlh in 10km square is currently NZ797048 in 2005
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SD19 SD1891 No elm noted - no photos available 08.02.09 Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove south along A595 but no elm noted. Did not visit target in the Ulpha area, due to poor weather conditions and narrow roads. Elm could be present? Provisionally assumed that this 10km square can not support white-letter hairstreak.
SD51 SD5410 4 elm trees at 2km level, also roadside elm at 2km level, motorway elm at 10km level and 3 large trees beside narrow lane leading to M6.
(images available)
several at 3 locations at 10km level 1 01.08.09 adults at 10km level, 28.07.09 egg at 10km level, 30.06.09, 07.07.07 and 07.02.09 also 08.03.09 SD553129, SD5145 and SD591163 adults at 10km, SD573185 egg at 10km level, SD548115 and SD558100 at 2km level, and SD545125 at 10km level Rural Jill Mills and Ken Haydock
Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton
01.08.09: We went to an area right in the centre of SD51 which we hadn't explored before (for some reason), called Park Hall at Charnock Richard just above the service area on the M6. This is a hotel complex surrounded by trees. Sure enough we found a likely looking elm and after waiting and watching, a WLHS was spotted high in the canopy at 1 20pm. Later we went to more elms seen at SD591163 near the river bridge at Chorley and at 5.40 in the sun we saw 3 individuals flitting round one of the elms. After that sighting, we visited the 3 elms you found at Coppull down the lane opposite the rugby ground and after only a few minutes 1 individual gave good views as it flew from the elm over the lane and back again. Absolutely fantastic! JM/KH
28.07.09: Came into 10km square from north and started driving towards Chorley but whilst driving through Astley, saw numerous roadside elms and since it was raining decided to sample for eggs, 1 fresh egg was found on a new growth joint.

30.06.09: watched M6 in sub optimum conditions, with no activity
08.03.09 Revisited 10km square and took route to M6 where elm had been seen whilst driving through. Small lane produced three large trees, no eggs found but must be revisited during flight period. 07.02.09: Visited SD51 and found little elm at 10km but drove through tetrad and found some large roadside elms just into the 2km square by a hotel/house.
07.07.07: 4 elms found equally spaced along trimmed hawthorn hedgerow. Heighest tree 7 metres approx.Other 3 trees 5 metres approx. No sign of elm at 1km level but present at 2km - no adults seen but weather dire at moment (Lancashire )
SD64 SD6640 SD6640 Small Wych elms found at 2km/more elm at 10km level including one large field edge tree
Link to Rob Foster's blog site with photos of elm found in SD64
(images available)
1 12.02.09 egg
30.07.07 elm
SD644434 eggs 10km level
SD659399 elm at 2km level
Rural/Conifer Plantation/Fell edge Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton, Rob Foster 12.02.09: Drove around 10km square and found elms located by Rob. Driving down a narrow lane, looked back to see a large, well budded and easily accessible tree. Sampled for eggs and 2 found.
30.07.07Click here for details of the elm found in this 10km square by Rob Foster
SD70 SD7507 Small amount of elm found at 2km, also roadside elm, and more at 10km
(images available)
3 adults at 10km level 1 empty case at 10km level 3 eggs at 2km level, 1 hatched at 10km level 30.06.09 empty pupal case and hatched egg
07.02.09 and 08.03.09
SD745064 eggs at 2km level, SD747066 at 2km level
and SD738067 at 10km level. SD707090 empty pupal case and hatched egg
Urban green space Jill Mills and Ken Haydock, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 08.11.09: Following on from our first ever WLHS egg spotting on Friday and really hooked as you said, we went to the target square at the cemetary in Farnworth and WOW...FOUND EGGS at 74543 06461. Can't believe it!
11.07.09: Bolton SD 70...!!! Hooray!!! Visited this morning and...after 30 mins we saw 3 individuals flying above the tree across the road from Queen's park. One was spotted first perched on a leaf high in the canopy and then it flitted upwards and was joined by the other two. That was at 9 45am.
30.06.09: Weather conditions now poor, and drove into Bolton along A673, the road is lined with massive elms which fizzle out as you reach SD51. However, more elm found around Queens Park, found a empty pupal case and hatched egg, which meant they were flying!
08.03.09: Revisited 2km and found some roadside elm along 666 next to convenient layby. No eggs nor at cemetary unfortunately. 07.02.09: Walked around Moses Gate Country Park but no elm found, but some elm found on edge of local cemetary by public footpath. Just outside 2km, row of elm seen at back of builders yard. General elm levels in 10km square appeared very low
SD76 SD7763 A few small wych elms in small woodland, bank of elm and single tree all at 10km level
(images available)
03.11.09, 12.02.09 and 14.03.07 SD785631, SD732677 and SD790660 Rural upland altitude - 210m(target 1km moorland so high altitude guidelines apply) Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Presumed outside known range of the butterfly but worth continued monitoring
03.11.09: revisited but no improvement on previous visit. There are records in adjacent 10km square but the habitat quality changes although northern section of 10km forms part of Wenning valley.
12.02.09: Drove through 10km square coming in along B6480, and targetted the lowest points. Single elm found at Clapham station (SD732677) and a bank of elm on the edge of a cliff face (B6480 to Settle). Both sampled but no eggs found but worth monitoring during flight period.
14.03.07: No elm found in SD7763; tetrad not fully searched. A few small wych elms in small woodland at SD 785631. No eggs found
SD77 SD7874 SD7874 4 small roadside wych elms in hamlet 14.03.07 SD784756 rural upland hamlet - altitude 280m. High altitude guidelines apply Martin Greenland No elm seen in SD7874. No eggs found (presumed outside known range of the species).
Lowest point 140m on River Doe at Ingleton on the west side of the 10km square but altitude rapidly increases.
SD84 SD8342 Wych elm in woodland
image available
1 18.08.08 SD830495 Rural Martin Greenland Good quantity of wych elm in woodland bordering Stock Beck at road bridge. (10km record: didn't visit the 1km square or tetrad at all) Egg on branch accessed from bridge (tree photographed). First success in 3 visits to site over 3 different years. Probably the furthest up Ribbledale (to check)
SD96 SD9166 SD9066 A mature slender elm about 40 ft high in good health and two others: one with some die-back and one dead but with shrubby sucker growth beginning at base. Elm also present at 10km level
Link to Rob Foster's blog site with photos of elm found in SD96
27.07.07 SD903663 [elm at 350m] Moorland - SD9166 is a moorland square (High altitude guidelines apply) Rob Foster Provisional white-letter not found - see notes below
25.08.08: Further to Rob Foster's notes from 2007, I don't expect this square to yield wlh. I did check elms on 22/08/08 at Grassington SD998638 and Kirkby Malham (just in SD86) to no avail. There are no records this far up the rivers Aire or Wharfe - closest is Skipton 5 miles away. Martin
27.07.07: Click here for details of the elm found in this 10km square by Rob Foster
SD99 SD9895 Elm present at 10km level
Link to Rob Foster's blog site with photos of elm found in SD99
27.07.09, 11.02.09 and 25.07.07 SD9895 is a moorland square (High altitude guidelines apply) Moorland Rob Foster, Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 27.07.09: We had visited northern side of 10km but returned to look at the southern edge in view of the sighting in SE08, several elm trees were seen including a very large tree near Worton. Unfortunately it was very breezy and no sheltered elm was found. 10km needs continued monitoring
25.07.07: Presumed outside known range of the butterfly but worth continued monitoring
Click here for details of the elm found in this 10km square by Rob Foster
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SE08 SE0486 present at 10km level 1 27.07.09 and 2005/2006 SE084889 adult at 10km level, SE077890 SE0486 is a moorland square (High altitude guidelines apply) Martin Greenland, Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 27.07.09: Had looked at elm in the winter but no eggs, so drove back through 10km square from the Wensley side along A684, it was very breezy and we found some elm in a cutting with a possiblity to park close by! Through binoculars Andrew was able to see a white-letter flying over the elm which was confirmed by Liz.
2007: Elm present at 10km level. "SE08 is an interesting square: apart from being unable to rerecord a 1997 sighting at Aysgarth Falls, I've searched elms along the road between West Witton and Wensley (effectively what the revised method asks for) in 2005 & 2006 without success. But it's not far to my closest wlh record at Spennithorne Wood last year - so I wouldn't be surprised if they turn up in SE08 soon." - Martin Greenland
SE12 SE1825 Few small wych elms in dismantled railway cutting plus smooth leaved 1 03.04.07 [egg] and 24.07.07 [hatched] SE187256 Urban Martin Greenland No adults seen in c45 minutes searching. Did find this year's egg (photographed) so they have bred. In cutting of dismantled railway in small town of Cleckheaton
SE14 SE1041 Single small but flowering wych elm on roadside field boundary (grazing) on steep valley side 1 hatched 10.04.07 SE104418 Rural - altitude 185m Martin Greenland Didn't find any other elm in the 1km square. Given the location, presumably laid by a female from down in the valley; e.g. larva found on wych elm at SE 100409 (altitude 84m).
SE17 SE1872 SE1872 Single small wych elm on field boundary 1 24.02.07 SE199736 Rural/Moorland edge Martin Greenland Egg found on this elm in target tetrad. No elm found in SE1872. The target square was actually moorland - but the very edge of the Pennines. The elm was lower down next to pasture, near a stream and conifer plantation. I only passed the one elm tree.
SE23 SE2031 Two small wych elms 1 hatched 03.04.07 SE206312 Rural: mostly horse grazing Martin Greenland Two small wych elms beside small stream running through farmland and next to some kind of extraction/landfill site. No elm found in nearby wood (oak/birch)
SE32 SE3921 3 wych elms 1 hatched 03.04.07 [egg]
24.07.07 [no adults]
SE396215 Rural hamlet Martin Greenland No activity in 30 minutes; checked possible nectar sources. Checked a few branches (most inaccessible) but found no eggs Bordering country lane with houses and farmland
SE36 SE3863 Wych elm 1 16.01.07 SE389633 Rural Martin Greenland Egg on wych elm: on farmland alongside ditch on field boundary
SE48 SE4080 Wych elm 2> 16.01.07 SE406807 Rural Martin Greenland Eggs on wych elm: on farmland on dismantled railway line
SE55 SE5451 Single medium-small wych elm and several elms of another species in byway hedgerow (images available) 1 hatched 10.04.07 SE548516 Rural Martin Greenland Single medium-small wych elm and several elms of another species in byway hedgerow bordering active landfill site. Further hatched egg on branches fallen from wych elm further along hedgerow at SE 548520.
SE60 SE6706 2 small wych elms in mature hedgerow alongside byway 1 07.02.07 SE670063
Rural Martin Greenland 1 egg found
SE66 SE6462 SE6462 Wych Elm (16.01.07 visit)
3 small elms found (20.04.07 visit), two of them with a few seed clusters, in copse by River Foss
1 intact 26.06.07 2> at 2km level 16.01.07 & 20.04.07 Eggs/pupa - SE645638 at 2km level
Elm - SE648622 at 1km level
Rural Martin Greenland Eggs on wych elm: on farmland in field boundary next to byway. 26.06.07: No adult activity, even in one prolonged sunny interval. But found intact pupa. Incomplete visit made to SE6462: no elm seen. 2nd visit in April - no eggs found: probably because these are just a few, isolated, young trees
SE73 SE7237 Only Smooth-leaved (I think) elm found - plenty of small trees in hedgerows and copses. Coming into flower! (images available) 3 [10km level] 30.01.07
06.07.07 [adults at 10km]
SE730353 (10km level)
Rural and golf course Martin Greenland No eggs found - most branches inaccessible. Adults seen at 10km level
SE81 SE8211 Wych and English in woodland and hedgerow situation 1 + 2 hatched from 2006 23.10.07 SE870167 [egg] Rural (target 2km: cultivated fen, with canal, railway and a power station) Martin Greenland No elm found in target tetrad; some dead elms with low regrowth just to the north. Wych and English elm distributed through Burton Wood and hedgerow running east. Egg at SE870167; eggshells (from 2006 eggs) at SE866162 & 870167
SE89 SE8895 Roadside elm at 10km level 3 25.07.09 adults and 20.05.08 elm SE850907 Rural Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 25.07.09: Drove in from south and found Martin's elm, had to wait a few minutes for sun to shine but almost immediately AM picked up white-letter activity around sycamore and 3 white-letters seen in about 20mins. 20.05.09: Tetrad is conifer plantation (Langdale Forest) - unlikely to contain elm and not visited! 6+ wych elms (one seeding profusely) either side of A169 at layby SE850907. Have tried several times to find wlh on these trees and in 10km square generally, without success.
SE93 SE9534 2 very small (just flowering) wych elms 1 hatched 03.03.07 SE957342 Rural Martin Greenland 2 very small (just flowering) wych elms in roadside group of trees in farmland
SE95 SE9151 SE9250 Single medium roadside wych elm 2 hatched 03.03.07 SE925515 Rural Martin Greenland Unable to find any elm in monad SE9151 or in tetrad - intensive farming, with highly-trimmed hedges
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
TA06 TA0060 TA0060 Several small/medium wych elms in small wood 1 hatched 03.03.07 TA014618 Rural Martin Greenland situated in farmland, some dying, others healthy, no elm found in TA0060.
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SH55 SH5757 Roadside elm
(images available)
02.08.08 and April 2008 SH545566 Rural (target 1km is in mountains so high altitude guidelines apply) Helen Bantock and Andrew Middleton January 2010: Reinstated in view of recent egg finds in north Wales, although it was felt there is no suitable elm at 10km.
02.08.08: searched all roads and walked 2km area - well-wooded valley to NW but alder and hazel etc - one small roadside elm, previously located by Helen checked for eggs, - negative. Hillside woods may hold some wych elm.
April 2008: Before setting out, Andrew had suggested that the Afon (river) Gwyrfai might be the place to look in SH55. The chosen monad was at the summit of a mountain and I did not climb it! It was raining as I made my way and the mountain views dramatic. As I passed the lake at the start of the Afon Gwyrfai, I decided to stop and explore a bit by foot, having glimpsed a likely tree as I tried to make sure I didnt have any head long collisions on the narrow, winding road. This was a Wych Elm at an altitude of 120m. Further along the road, a mile or so away, I parked again and before exploring further spoke to a farmer's wife who was waiting for a bus. She said that there used to be a lot of elms in the forest at the back of her farm, but Dutch Elm disease had affected them and they had been felled and used to keep the family warm one winter! Further exploration of the river side was not fruitful, but I feel a return visit in better weather could just find more elm. Clearly, if elm was fairly abundant in the past, there is a hope that the White letter Hairstreak is still present.
SH61 SH6317 9 roadside elms found at 1km level  - elm also found at 10km level. (images available) 4/5 at 10km level (confirmed in 2008) 06.05.07 [elm at 1km level]
16.07.07 and 14.07.08 [adults at 10km level]
SH633171 [1km level]
SH611163 [adults at 10km level]
Rural [1km level]
Seaside Town [10km level]
Helen Bantock 14.07.08: After regular visits, adults seen through telescope and confirmed!
19.07.07: no sightings at 1 or 2km level. 16.07.07: It was dull and cloudy first thing and sporadic sun appeared around 9.30am.I went first to the elms in the SH61 monad outside Barmouth.Although sunny,and temps up to 16 degrees ,it was still windy and I just wonder if this site is not sheltered enough.I saw nothing between 10 and 10.45am. Further up the road there is a big dead elm and lots of new growth, but all under a canopy of other trees. So I returned through Barmouth and looked at the elms by the road at SH611163, just outside the tetrad. I arrived just on 11 am, and the sun was intermittent, but quite strong.In 20 minutes, I had four or five sightings of dark butterflies at the top of a big lime which overlooks the elms . There is another lime behind it and a sycamore and ash but no oak nearby. The butterflies had the typical hairstreak fidgety flight, but I saw no spiralling. I watched one disappear into the leaves of a branch below the crown of the tree and re-emerge briefly, but then it all went quiet and nothing more happened in the next 45 minutes.
06.05.07: I went back to Barmouth, as when I drove to Harlech 10 days ago, I thought I saw elms by the road where I hadn't seen them before, but I was too tired to stop . In fact, there are at least 9 elms in SH6317! And to think I parked in the lay by where I found them when I walked all over the monad at the beginning of April. I cant think why I didn't see them before, but just shows you have to go back to check. The wind had blown a lot of seed heads down, many of which had feeding damage. However, I couldn't see any WLH larvae or eggs using binos and only the very lowest branches were accessible. Previously, elms found in three other one km squares: SH6918, SH6717 and SH6516. No eggs seen. But only the elm in SH6918 was reachable and this revealed a larva of, as yet, unknown species but not WLH.
SH62 SH6429 Elm found at 10km level. Four big elms in flower plus more spindly growth of four or five boles -looked like suckers. Also in flower (images available) 1 July 2009 adults at 10km level on several dates
31.03.07 and 01.08.08 elm
SH606226 Rural, on the edge of a wood and along a river valley (target 1km is in mountains so high altitude guidelines apply) Helen Bantock and Andrew Middleton August 2009: The river Ysgethin flows down from the Rhinogs to the sea at Talybont. Within SH6022 there is elm along the road leading to Pont Fadog and two big elms about 50 metres lower down the river growing on the south side of the river bank.The elms are hard to view because of the steepness of the river bank and the large ash trees surrounding them. Beech and some oaks are also present, but the oaks are mostly lower down the river and there is a Purple Hairsteak territory in SH5921, about 100 metres up from the bridge at Talybont. The best viewing area was visited three times between 13.7.08 and 25.07.09. On 18.07.09, viewing was between 12.15 and 2pm.It was cloudy with some bursts of sun and the temps was 18deg C.A dark butterfly was seen flying from one ot the three tallest ash trees on the south side of the river towards the elms, but because of the topography the elm was not visible .Even with a telescope, the butterfly was too distant to identify its markings. On 25.07.09 viewing was between 10.15 and 11.30am. It was sunny but with occasional clouding over and the temps 20 deg C. Between 10.45 and 11.15am there were three sightings of dark butterflies crossing towards the elm from the same ash as on the 18.07.09. In view of the timing and the fact that the butterflies were seen in the same place, I believe they were White letter Hairstreaks. Purple hairstreaks are usually sedentary during the day and those I have seen along this river are active from 5-6pm and have only been seen by me at the oaks near the bridge , which is at least a kilometre and a half away from Pont Fadog. 01.08.08: (also 3 Aug 08 in poorish weather) Poor weather - visited c5 elms at top of valley; viewing difficult but WLH possible. Purple hairstreaks flying well 5pm but managed to leave binoculars behind.
31.03.07: The selected monad for SH62 is SH6429 and this is in a high, treeless area, as is the tetrad. Searches in SH6128 have been negative. Four big elms in flower-look to be at least 80 years old. A few yards away, down the bank, there was some more spindly growth of four or five boles -looked like suckers. These were also in flower. Altitude: 168metres
SH65 SH6653 Roadside elm
(images available)
April 2008 SH652522 Rural (target 1km is in mountains so high altitude guidelines apply) Helen Bantock and Andrew Middleton 02.08.08: poor weather; large elm plus 2-3 smaller elms; weather unsuitable for observations although 3 purple hairstreaks on elm was a new 10km record. Egg search negative but large canopy out of reach. Generally low levels of elm encountered along valley roads.
April 2008: My first visit concentrated on that grid reference and I walked all along the river, but could find no trace of any elm. I had to drive on elsewhere that day and as I drove up the steep mountain roads, I thought I glimpsed some elm, but there was nowhere to stop. A few days later, I returned and was able to confirm the elm sighting at SH652522. There were several trees on either side of the road growing by a narrow river on a steep hillside (altitude 137metres). I could see no fruits, but the leaves and tree trunk were typical of Wych Elm. Interestingly, this one km square is only a kilometre down the road from the selected monad ( where I looked without success). However, because the monad is in tetrad 65R and the one where I found the elm is in tetrad 65L, the elm will count as being at the 10km level.
SH70 SH7300 Single healthy elm along hedge
(images available)
13.08.07 and 04.08.08 SH742004 Mountain/Moorland Andrew Middleton 04.08.08: weather poor, egg search negative, but tree fairly large and healthy
13.08.07: Searched the tetrad and monad for elms from the road without luck. Driving across the 10km, it is dominate by mountain and moor, with no obvious presence of elm. The monad itself is low-lying, mostly below 10m and could do with a walking search because there may be some elm at 1 or 2km level. One prospective target was a single large healthy elm along a flailed elm hedge at SH742004, 200m outside the monad. Flailed elm hedge also noted at SH767027.
SH85 SH8053 Elm found in target square
(images available)
1 at 10km level 01.11.09, 09.02.08 and 09.03.09 SH800589 egg at 10km level, SH8053 - various locations Rural - all elm found at less that 150m Gavin Woodman, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 01.11.09: Having realised that there was an old record in SH75, returned to search for eggs, and found some elm just metres into the 10km square, 2 eggs were found. An egg was also found in SH75.
09.03.09: Looked at target and found elm to be at quite low levels and unlikely to support wlh? Little elm noted at 10km level 09.02.08: Elms found in target square - 1km level:
2x medium size elm trees at SH805537, 1x small size elm tree at SH804537, 1x large size elm tree at SH807538
2km level: several small elms along A5 SH8153
10km level: a few small elms seen along the A5 through the 10km square , but none that looked worth investigating. Did not look for eggs. In target square large elm only one in sunny location
SH87 SH8678 Large elm at 1km level, parkland elms at 2km level, roadside elm at 10km level
(images available)
1 1+ 09.03.09 SH861782 elm at 1km level, SH872781 adult at 2km level, SH869779 & SH801753 eggs at 10km level Target suburban Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton, also Jan Miller 09.03.09: Drove up through 10km from south, sampled some roadside elm and found a hatched egg at very tip. Found a huge elm at 1km level in grounds of N Wales Police headquarters which must be watched in the flight period. Took a walk alongside Fairy Glen Riverside walk and some elm found just outside 1km level at 10km and a hatched egg was found . Whilst driving out of target found Wynn Gardens which is full of elm (including some hybrid 'camperdown' elms). Later realised that this was the park where Jan Miller showed Prince Edward a nectaring white-letter last summer so adult found at 2km level!
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SJ00 SJ0201 (image available) 1 possible 2 fresh 22.07.09 eggs at 10km level
13.08.07 elm
SJ090013 eggs at 10km level, SJ040013 elm Moorland/rural
Altitude of target square: 300m-350m (borderline H/A)
Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 22.07.09: Drove in from west and decided to look at the southern section of the 10km square along B4389 where elm in adjacent 10km square had been seen on previous visit. After going through New Mills decided to follow river and found a large elm by a stream and buildings, then returned down lane to where a good length of elm had been seen but it was overcast and rain threatened. In a brief moment of brightness a possible white-letter was seen to flick around crown of an elm but later 2 fresh eggs were found on some sampled elm. One on the very tip on a leaf scar (leaf lost) and one on the axil of a side shoot.
13.08.07: Drove the roads in 1km and 2km (all over 250m) - no elm seen as per through the SW quarter of this 10km. However, 30m of short Wych-elm at SJ040013 worth a look in the flight season, c20m outside tetrad at 230m altitude. Also small scraps of elm at SJ045016, and one moderate elm at SJ047012. Small elm also SJ091012 altitude 160m. The adjacent 10km to the east, SJ10, begins to hold more elms, just outside the 10km along the B4389, eg several large elms SJ102050, and one very large elm at SJ 109073. So there should be some good elms to be found somewhere in the east or NE of SJ00 10km target square.
SJ04 SJ0347 Elms found at 1 and 2km level
(images available)
2 at 10km level 30.07.09 adults at 10km level, 26.01.08 and 09.03.09 SJ073433 adults at 10km level, SJ0347 Various locations Rural
Altitude: target elms are between 220m and 230m contour lines
Gavin Woodman, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 30.07.09: Had to wait 36 hours for the sun to shine on the elm in Corwen and at 10.15 AM saw through binoculars 2 adults clashing and perched on sheltered elm, confirmed by LG, 30.07.09
09.03.09: Found elm at Corwen identified by Gavin, and felt that this elm had the greatest potential. No eggs found but many trees are tall and out of reach - this site should be visited first before searching at 1 or 2km level.
26.01.08: 1km level: Elms found in target square: 1x small Elm at 220m and 230m contour lines SJ035474, 2x small Elms at Bodynlliw SJ035475, 1x large Elm by footpath at SJ036476 2km level: 10x small to medium size Elm trees along the banks of the River Alwen at SJ023468 (200m) 10km level: Long bank of tall Elms trees at Corwen SJ073434 (148m). Checked for eggs on low branches of the smaller elms in target square none found.
SJ16 SJ1469 SJ1468 Roadside elm
(habitat images available)
1 17.05.08 and 10.03.09 SJ154697, SJ153694 elm at 2km level
SJ136600 egg at 10km level
Rural Helen Bantock, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 10.03.09: This was probably one of our hardest targets, knowing that there were several recent records we couldn't give up! Found several areas of elm at 2km level but much out of reach and what was sampled did not have any eggs. This target should still be watched for adults though. Drove south west through 10km and noted many areas of quality roadside elm, but again much out of reach. Eventually only metres inside the 10km level a row of accessible elm was found and an egg was found at last.
17.05.08: Plenty of Elm in the hedgerow along the B5429. And a big elm just above a small woodland glade that runs by the river near Pen y felin, in the 2 km square at SJ15442 69788 at 160m (according to my GPS). I just could not get to the small patch of woodland within the one Km square.
SJ31 SJ3919 Elm found at 1km level
(images available)
4 at 2km level 07.11.07 elm
26.07.08 adults
SJ3919 various sites elm
SJ392185 adults and 2km level
Rural Gavin Woodman 26.07.08: Before 10.00 had spotted 4 adults perched on high leaves, along the row of elms, later on watched spiralling pairs
elm: 1km level - Walked around the 1km square much of the elm trees are dead but still a lot of cut hedgerow with six months growth. Decided best change was to look at large bank of elms at SJ392185
2km level - SJ392185 Great Ness, Shropshire. Road cutting with 20+ large elms on each side of the road, all looked healthy.
07.11.07: Shrugg's Coppice mature elm hedgerow uncut 50m long SJ391198 South/West facing edge of plantation. Shrugg's Coppice small elms in conifer plantation SJ392199. Medium size elm tree SJ393197. Medium size elm trees in uncut hedgerow SJ397191. 2km level uncut elm hedgerow SJ389197. No eggs found on lower branches.
SJ40 SJ4004 Elm found at several locations at 1km level
(images available)
Larva: 2007
Elm: 24.11.07
SJ409045 larva
Elm found throughout SJ4004
Rural John Davis: larva
Gavin Woodman: elm
22.01.08: John Davis. It was SJ409045 though we were seeing feeding damage on leaves all along the path through the wood and back down north side of the hill.
24.11.07: Gavin Woodman. Elms found at 1km level Earl's Hill, Pontesbury, Shropshire. Medium size elm trees SJ405047 edge of deciduous woodland. Medium and small size elm trees in deciduous woodland SJ405044. Small and medium size elm trees in scrub area on the slopes of Earl's Hill SJ406043. many other elms of all sizes in uncut hedgerows around the base of Earl's Hill and mixed in with deciduous woodland, to many to list all appear to be in good health.
2km level: Elm trees and uncut hedgerows around the base of Pontesford Hill SJ409057. Large elm tree at SJ405052 - No eggs found, most to tall to look for eggs.
Rob Thorne volunteered to do winter egg search
SJ45 SJ4558 Elm trees found in target square
(images available)
1 14.12.07 and 10.03.09 SJ4458 Rural Gavin Woodman, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 10.03.09: Found the elm located by Gavin, but much out of reach, eventually found an old unhatched egg and a hatched egg in the V of two twigs.
14.12.07: Drive / track leading from Milton Green to Calveley Hall, 300m long 10m wide strip of wood by the side of the track from SJ459587 to SJ456587 more tham 50 large and medium size elm trees mixed with other deciduous trees At 10km level, elm hedgerow in Milton Green an two medium size elm trees SJ461587. Before I arrived at the target square SJ4558, I had nearly driven the length of the 10km square and from were I had parked walked several miles with my dog along minor roads, footpaths and bridle paths without seeing any elm trees in the hedgerows or woods, until I arrived at Milton Green and the target square, the track runs from East to West so the strip of wood should be in the sun for most of the day. I am not sure which type of elm they are, I don't think they are Wych Elm as the bark and shape is different to what I see on my own patch. The quantity of trees may be large but it could be a bit isolated, but you can park at the start of the track so it should be an easy location to check in the summer.
No eggs found on the few low branches that were in reach
SJ49 SJ4891 Roadside elm trees at 2km level
image available
1 07.02.09 SJ495903 Suburban Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Drove around target and found some roadside elm including single tree, which was sampled and an egg was found on the 1 yr old growth joint.
SJ64 SJ6140 SJ6040 Four large leaved elms in cut hedgerow
(habitat images available)
2 12.07.07 SJ601412 Rural Gavin Woodman 2 adults observed after moving position when sun came out No elm trees found in target square SJ6140, just 50m section of hedgerow cut 6 months ago. Several large uncut small leaved elm hedgerows found at 2km level farmer gave permission to check no adults seen (sun did not come out). Found four large leaved elms in cut hedgerow at grid reference SJ601412, elms had been allowed to grow (small 12ft)sun came out for five mins 2 adults seen (Staffordshire/Cheshire border).
SJ67 SJ6071 Elm found at 1km level
(images available) . Also several areas of good roadside elm.
2 29.06.09 adult, 30.06.09 adult, 28.12.07 and 15.10.08 also 09.03.09 SJ606718 at 1km level, SJ629714 and SJ603766 adults at 10km level Suburban Gavin Woodman and Martin Greenland, LG/AM 30.06.09: Watched 1km elm in good conditions but no activity. However, previous evening located a single perched adult on ash (close to elm) along dual carriage in adjacent 2km square. Seen through binoculars, it was still in situ the next morning. Also found an adult at SJ603766 on superb length of quality elm beside A49. Should be present at 1km level. 09.03.09: No luck with elm at 1 level but they should hold wlh. More elm visible behind known tree by railway. 15.10.08: Wych elms at railway bridge in Sandiway (Smithy Lane) 606718 for SJ6071 looked promising, but nothing found
28.12.07: 1km level: llm trees found in target square. Small section of uncut hedgrow, one medium size Elm tree and other smaller size Elms at SJ606713 Large Elm tree along Smithy Lane by the railway bridge SJ606718 Medium size Elm tree in garden hedge SJ605717
2km level: Other Elm trees at several location along the A556 through the 2km square. Did not look for eggs
SJ68 SJ6781 10 large trees
(images available)
1 30.06.09 adult at 2km level, 28.12.07 and 15.10.08 also 08.03.09 SJ673817 elm at 1km level, SJ672808 adult at 2km level Rural Gavin Woodman and Martin Greenland, also LG/AM 30.06.09: Parked in main carpark with some elm opposite. Just started walking towards the elm found by GW, when a butterfly flew in with smaller butterfly following. Could see the butterfly walking on leaf (in sillouette) and then the antennae, confirming wlh. Took GPS reading and only after we had left site, realised missed the 1km level by 150m!
08.03.09: No luck with elm at 1 or 2km level nor at 10km level beside M6! 15.10.08: Wych elms at 673809 perhaps looked promising, but no eggs found. NB. We were requested (politely) to contact the Estate office for permission to survey there in future.
28.12.07: 1km level: Elm trees found in target square and uncut Elm Hedgrow 100m long with 20 grown to medium size at SJ677819 10 large Elm trees at SJ673817!
2km level: 3x medium size Elm trees at SJ664813, 4x medium size Elm trees at SJ668811, 2x small size Elm trees at SJ673809
10km level: 3x medium size Elm trees SJ653839. Did not look for eggs
SJ70 SJ7402 "The quantity of elms at 1km level SJ7402 is the largest concentration of hedgerow elms I have seen so far, even though most appear to be regularly cut, the plants that make up the hedge are very old. I have not checked if there is any previous records for this 10km location but I am very confident that WLH will be found at 1km level here. I was taken by surprise by the quantity of elms."
(images available)
2 adults at 10km level 1 hatched at 1km level 30.07.09 adults at 10km level, 02.03.09 egg at 1km level
27.10.07 and 02.08.08
SJ738061 adults at 10km level, SJ744027 elm and SJ742022 hatched egg at 1km level Rural Gavin Woodman, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 30.07.09: 10am, several medium size Wych Elms sheltered by Ash trees at The Hem, near Shifnal Shropshire, observed from high bank overlooking one elm tree clashes seen and perched adults observed when perched after clashing, total two adults.
02.03.09: Found Gavin's elm including nice large tree away from path, sampled some pathside elm and found a hatched egg on 1 yr growth joint.
02.08.08: Looked for adults at target square SJ7402, some good sunny spells but strong wind. Looked at elms at 1, 2 and 10km level no adults seen, although I did find some other large elm trees in a hedge just outside the 2km.
27.10.07: Hedgerows throughout target square have long stretches of small leaved and large leaved elms, all but one small section of small leaved elm (SJ744027) had been recently cut. Three large leaved elm trees small/medium size at SJ742022 and a large bank of small leaved elms at the same location, many different sizes including large dead skeletons. Medium sized large leaved elms also found at 2km level SJ752033 and at 10km level SJ7507 Looked for eggs at 1km level on some of the large leaved trees and in hedgerows none found - Shropshire)
SJ72 SJ7623 A group of six large elms by the bridlepath, and another group and a single tree some distance from public access viewed through binoculars
(habitat images available)
2+1 1 09.06.07 [elm]
01.07.07 [adults]
12.08.07 [egg]
SJ762235 Rural Gavin Woodman [elm and adults]
Vince Smith [elm and egg]
01.07.07: 12.00 noon, Sunny spells, very windy: adults (2) flying above elm (Group of medium sized elms in sunny sheltered location between larger trees). Maximum of two adults seen flying at any one time above the elm. Also other elms in target square in exposed positions and only one adult seen on elm leaf in upper branches at SJ764230 - Gavin Woodman
12.08.07: found a row of 4 elm trees right at the southern edge of the square at the end of a hedgerow, the rest of which, going south, had been grubbed out. No sign of any die back yet but they were at that height (perhaps 18-20 feet) where maybe you can expect to see it soon. Primarily arable (barley) around about, with some mature oaks and ash in the hedges. No sign of any butterflies (late in season and less than ideal conditions) but found an egg at low level on a girdle scar - Vince Smith [Staffordshire]
SJ77 SJ7877 Elm found at 2km level and 10km level beside road
(images available)
24.12.07 (elm) and 08.03.09 (egg) SJ790763 and SJ792761 at 2km level (egg at SJ789762 approx), egg at 10km level at SJ758730 Rural Gavin Woodman, LG & AM 08.03.09: First looked for elm at 10km level, with some success and a hatched egg on 2 yr growth joint found on side shoot. Identified Gavin's elm beside A537, and found an old hatched egg on side shoot. 24.12.07: No Elm found in target square but elm trees found at 2km level: Section of uncut hedgrow with two medium size elm trees at SJ790763, Three medium size elm trees at SJ792761
10km level: Elm trees found just outside 2km square at SJ798758 and SJ794783, Elm trees also at Allostock SJ7471, Long mature Elm hedgrow at SJ7673. No eggs found
SJ85 SJ8253 Elm found in target 1km and roadside elm at 2km level
(images available)
15.12.07 elm at 1km level 08.03.09 egg at 2km level SJ8253 at 1km level (elm) and SJ829521 at 2km level (egg) Urban and rural Gavin Woodman, LG & AM 08.03.09: Not possible to search 1km elm found by Gavin adequately so found some 2km elm, 1 hatched egg on 2yr growth and 1 egg in axil of side shoot. Elm at 1km should hold wlh. 15.12.07: Elm at 1km level: Elm trees found in target square at SJ826531 group of three large elms and 4 small elms on embankment on the other side of the road. And SJ821534 medium size elm tree in hedgerow and small elms in hedgerow that has not been cut for 2-3years
2km level: Other elms found just outside target square; 2 medium size elm trees in garden hedge at SJ826528; 2 large elms on embankment at SJ826529; 1 very large elm in garden hedge SJ825529; 1 medium size elm in hedgerow at SJ817529; 1 large elm in hedgerow at SJ819535. Half the target square is urban housing and the other half is farm land. Looked for eggs on the embankment none found - Staffordshire
SJ92 SJ9229 SJ9228 7 small/medium trees at 2km level
(habitat images available)
3 [10km level] 15.06.07 [elm]
07.07.07 & 14.07.07 [no adults]
SJ9228 [2km level elm]
SJ911291 [10km level adults]
Dual carriageway cutting [10km level]
Gavin Woodman 07.07.07: 10.30 in sunny conditions, three seen spiralling up wards above three roadside elm trees. None seen on elms at 2km level, all trees in shade when visited. Could not stay to observe elms at SJ9228 farm yard because of pigs with young in field were footpath goes would not tolerate my presence. Revisited 14.07.07 still no adults despite slightly better viewing conditions and finding some more good elm! Three 1km locations in SJ92 recorded last year.
15.06.07: At target location SJ9229 no Elm trees found, just one small section of cut hedgerow. Seven small/medium size elm trees found at SJ9228,two in a farm yard one with several large dead branches, the others around the edge of a small wood. (Staffordshire)
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SK00 SK0603 Some elm found at 1km level, more elm at 10km level
(images available)
3 31.12.07 and 17.03.09 SK065033 at 2km level, SK016098 egg at 10km level, large park tree at SK061090 Surburban Gavin Woodman, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 17.03.09: First looked at target on 2nd March and found most of elm at 2km level was dead. Searched around Brown Hills and some elm found but no eggs. Several areas of elm along A5 were checked but nothing. So returned on 17th, coming into 10km from north and almost immediately a large elm was seen behind some warehouses. The elm was accessible and there was a large collapsed branch where three eggs were f ound, 2 on one tip and another on side tip. Driving through 10km we saw a large elm in a park at SK061090 which must be watched during the flight period.
. 31.12.07: 1km level: Some Elms in hedgrow along A452 at SK065033
2km level: large bank of Elms at SK074036, most of the larger Elm are dead, uncut elm hedgerow at SK073027, medium size elm tree and several short sections of uncut Elm hedgrow at SK070024. A lot of dead Elm trees at 2km level
10km level: Sections of uncut elm hedgrow at SK069047, SK066049, SK070046, SK073043, SK057043 - Along the A5 at SK0007. Did not look for eggs
SK05 SK0456 No elm at 1km level, several trees found at 10km level especially in the Hamps valley
(images available)
1 22.12.07 target visit 17.03.09 egg at 10km level SK095584 egg at 10km level (at 200m) Rural(target 1km is mostly over 300m throughout - high altitude guidelines apply). Gavin Woodman, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 17.03.09: Realised that most of target at 1 & 2km level is high altitude so concentrated on the lowest points along the River Hamps. Found a cluster of elms at Ecton and a hatched egg was found.
22.12.07: No Elm found in 1km target square SK0456. Walked along both footpaths through target, visibility was poor and could only see a short distance. Didn't check the 2km square because of heavy rain. 10km level: Small quantity of Elm trees found at Onecote, Small tree SK048553, Small tree SK051553, Small trees SK046557. Did not look for eggs
SK07 SK0577 Plenty of wych elm of all sizes both sides of A6 in Buxton south of Wye Bridge at 10km level.
Wych elms about 20-25 ft high at 10km level
(images available)
Link to Rob Foster's blog site with photos of elm found in SK07
11 29.06.07
31.07.07 [adults confirmed at 10km level]
SK045783 [elm]
SK064734 [adults]
Urban town 290m. Peak District (target 1km is over 400m throughout - high altitude guidelines apply). Rob Foster & Martin Greenland 31.07.07: Elms and first butterflies located by Rob Foster: these were hairstreaks high in canopy of ash / sycamore; looked like white-letter (dark with occasional sheen, rather than grey) but both elm and oak nearby. Moved into adjacent park, where MG found initially 3 white-letters at lower level canopy in full sun. Later two females seen crawling and flitting around just above head height. Total individuals recorded: 11. (From behaviour observed, wondered if emergence was later at this location) "We saw today (31-7-07) in Buxton along Bakewell Road and in the park which runs alongside it (SK065 735), bordering the Wye below the Wye Bridge Inn. The valley there is thick with elms, many of them 40 or 50ft high. Initially, the wlh we spotted were along the road, but too high in the canopy to be distinguished from purple hairstreaks. Later, however, in the park, we saw males spinning and females egg-laying close enough to see the w markings on their wings. Altogether we saw more than 10 wlh (we counted 11). This makes the status of SK07 "wlh in 10 km square" and since I was unable to find any viable elms in the tetrad, I expect this will be the highest status this square will achieve." - Rob Foster 29.06.07: I found elm in the the target km square, but only two spindly seedlings barely 6 ft tall SK050 779 300m in a copse by Pye Greave Farm (I wonder if these should count since they are probably incapable of supporting WLH) I found no elm in the remains of the tetrad. I was not able to search all of it, but much of it is moorland and devoid of trees and most of the trees in the lower fields and stream beds are scrutinisable with binoculars from a footpath running past Allstone Lee Farm. They seem to be mainly ash, alder and hawthorn. Elms seem absent, which is especially curious since wych elms line the stream beds only a little downstream. I identified no WLH caterpillars pupae or butterflies (30-6-07). The weather was cold, mostly overcast and generally unfavourable for butterfly sightings.. At 10km level, the closest elms to the 1km square are in the bed of the Pyegreave Brook and by Rye Flatt Cottage SK 045 783 unfortunately some 300 metres outside the tetrad. These are wych elms about 20-25 ft high, mostly overshadowed by taller trees. Some can be accessed from a field behind. This side is a south-facing and in a sheltered position which looks quite promising. Binoculars showed what might have been a pupa on one high branch. Click here for details of the elm found in the 10km square by Rob Foster
SK13 SK1433 (images available)
Images of elms found in SK1433
unconfirmed 1 14.07.07 [elm] 10.03.09 eggs SJ145330 at 1km level, SJ157334 at 2km level Rural Rob Foster, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 10.03.09: It wasn't planned to visit SK13 on this visit but due to delays on the M6, diverted our journey home via the A50 which passed directly through the target! First found the elm found by Rob but felt not sufficient to sample so looked at the 2km level, where a very small tree produced five hatched eggs including four in one joint. Returned to look at 1km level and just inside target by just metres found a single tree beside the old road, where a hatched egg was found. 14.07.07: Had a brief look at the target km square SK14 33. Flacketts Lane Farm falls more or less in the middle. Flacketts Lane itself runs more or less north-south across the square, another rural lane runs diagonally across the NE corner and the A50 runs E-W across the bottom ot the square. Most of my observations were made from the lanes. Elm occurs commonly in the hedgerows of the area, noteably, thickly in those outside Flacketts Lane Farm. Perversely, other than that, within the square, elm occurs as only as occasional bushes within the hedgerows, whereas just outside the square it often constitutes the complete hedge. Hedges like this can be found along the lane which runs NW- SE notably close to Oaks Green (in the tetrad) and Smithy Holding (not in the tetrad, but in the 10km square). The elm is mostly large-leaved and presumably wych elm, although there is also elm with smaller leaves in the hedgerows near Smithy Holding. The hedgerows are evidently regularly trimmed. No small elms or trees of any sort have been allowed to develop along their lengths (although there are tall ash trees in the fields behind them that might be attractive to WLH). Nevertheless, I found some small elm trees in the km square, for instance in the under-story of Merefield Gorse, a wood in the NW corner. In particular, I found a small elm (about 20 ft) oposite Flackett Lane Farm. It is over topped by a tall oak. In the late evening sunshine, as I was about to leave, I noticed that there were insects that looked like moths or butterflies zig-zagging around the top of this tree. However I was unable to convince myself that they were WLH; they seemed too small.
SK18 SK1283 Wych Elm
Link to Rob Foster's blog site with photos of elm found in SK18 ~ Martin Greenland's photo
3+ at SK148828 (190m) 1 at SK164834 1 at SK148828 18.05.07 Elm found by Rob Foster
30.05.07 - Pupa found by Martin Greenland
11.7.07 - adults and hatched egg
Pupa found at SK164834 [170m]
Adults/hatched egg at SK148828 (190 m)
Peak District (target 1km is over 400m throughout - high altitude guidelines apply). Rob Foster - elm & adults
Martin Greenland - hatched egg, pupa and adults all at 10km level
11.07.07: Went out with Martin Greenland today looking at elms which had been found so far in SK18. Weather very windy and overcast, but nevertheless, in a brief sunny spell, saw WLH butterflies (3+) on large elm by Castleton Brook SK148 828 (190 m) see www.whiteletter.multiply.com in photo album SK14 82 Castleton Brook. Martin also found egg case on same tree. Searched trees in target km square and tetrad, but no luck. So the status of the square remains unchanged ie "LWT found in 10km square" as it was following Martin's finding of pupa near Hope in June.
18.05.07: My first thoughts were that the site would be too exposed for elm, but I noticed on www.naturenet.net/derbys.html that the NT Winnats and Mam Tor reserve of the High Peak Estate has wych elm noted as present on the reserve. Indeed I have just briefly visited the area and can see a few imature elms at the lower edge of the car park and a 2 stunted mature ones on the path from the car park up towards Mam Tor. This has been confirmed by the National Trust "Elms are present as you say in/near the car park, also there are a few above the car park, other side of the road onto Rushup edge, and at the foot of Mam Tor ( bottom turning area of the old road ) around and above the entrance to Odin Mine, and I think there may be the odd one near to Mam Farm. Odin Mine--- be a bit careful around there, there are some steep drops into the gorge and the odd old mineshaft, good idea to let a friend know that you are back safe."
Elm visited by Martin Greenland "Plenty of wych elm (a few with seed) in woodland around Mam Tor car park. No signs found - elm would be suitable in a less exposed situation."
SK20 SK2108 Several areas of hedgerow elm but 'hammered' at 1km level, large tree at 2km level
(images available)
1 July 2007 and 17.03.09 SK2108 at 1km level, SK212092 egg at 2km level Rural Mike Smith, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 17.03.09: A lot of records are known at 10km level, so it was important to get close to the target but based on reports there was no elm. Driving from the Tamworth direction, we saw a giant elm by the Wiggington PH which we intended to return to. Saw all the hammered (neat) hedges at 1km level and continued driving through the 2km level before turning back. To our amazement beside the road was very large elm and to our surprise we found an egg on the sampled elm. There was a lot of elm available for eggs! July 2007: There are six or 8 sets of suckering elm growth at SK211089, a short track off Portway Lane which leads to a railway bridge. The suckers are in the hedgerow either side of an old dead tree - presumably the original elm. Unfortunately the hedge is overgrown and hawthorns some 25 ft high dominate the hedgeline and the elms are no more than 7 ft high. I doubt they will be able to grow to flowering height. No butterflies seen. At SK219087 the field hedge consists almost exclusively of elm over a length of some 40 metres but it has been flail trimmed, probably 18 months or so ago, and none is more that about 8 ft high - no sign of flowers or butterflies and no sign of the holes and 'ladders' in the leaves that indicate the larvae have been chomping away. This is a characteristic feature in my local WLH patch where I can report three WLH seen yesterday (Staffordshire)
SK22 SK2121 Elm confirmed at 1km level
(images available)
3 adults at 2km level 12.07.08 adults
30.12.07 elm
SK207209 adults but several locations Rural Gavin Woodman 1km Level: Elm trees found in target square 12.07.08: The Elms trees recorded at 1km level are now dead or in the latter stages of DED. Adults found at 2km level SK207209 on Elm tree previously reported, that was also showing signs of DED. Two perched adults on low branches (photographed) and a third flying near top of tree. Total 3 (perched adults did not move even after 10minutes of sun) Another massive elm tree found and photographed at SK2021
30.12.07: Large Elm tree at SK213217, 3x medium size Elm trees in hedgrow at SK210219, Large Elm tree at SK216211
2km level: Large Elm tree at SK207209, Large Elm trees in hedgrow from SK208210 to SK206216 by bridleway, Elm trees along road at SK207216
10km level: Long bank of large Elm trees at SK206228, Many large Elms at SK203267, Large Elms at SK208249. Many dead Elm trees at 1km and 2km level
Did not look for eggs
SK38 SK3481 Wych elm 1 14.01.07 SK342819 Residential & Suburban Martin Greenland 1 egg in 1km square
SK50 SK5809 Elm regeneration in roadside copse, no seeds observed also elm in cemetary
(images available)
02.05.07 and 27.10.08, 17.03.09 SK581094 and SK585095 Rural Matthew Billings, Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 17.03.09: Found both areas of elm, and first looked at cemetary elm which as Martin said had great potential but no eggs. Walked to Matthew's elm and was able to sample a small section and after some searching found a hatched egg.
27.10.08: Apart from Matthew's roadside copse, there is also elm in the cemetery SK585095, no eggs found at either location but both have potential - Martin
I live in Leicester so I decided to have a look at the nearest square to me in your survey, SK5809. I did find some Elm regeneration in a roadside copse so I will return at the end of June/July to have a look for the butterflies.
SK57 SK5874 Wych elm Preparing to pupate 15.05.07 SK541783 Rural Martin Greenland Target 1km square is on private estate. Followed Robin Hood Way through tetrad SK5874 (2km level limited access): no elm found (managed forest of mainly conifers, oak & sweet chestnut). Larvae on wych elm in 10km square at SK541783 (preparing to pupate!) and not far away at SK604726
SK58 SK5880 Two small/medium wych elms, both flowering. 1 hatched egg 27.04.07 SK585803 Surburban (Worksop) Martin Greenland Eggshell found on one of the trees - elms in front gardens adjacent to playing field
SK63 SK6638 SK6638 No elm at 1km found (limited access), mature smooth-leaved elm at 2km level
(images available)
Medium wych and smooth-leaved elms outside North View Care Home, Wolds Hill, Cotgrave (10km square)
1 at 10km level 15.07.08 adult
18.03.08 elm
SK650341 adult at 10km level
Suburban Martin Greenland 15.07.08: Nothing seen 0940-1020 & 1115-1125 in the previously-located elm in tetrad at Upper Saxondale (breezy with sunny intervals). Single adult at Cotgrave seen perching and flying in wych elm canopy.
18.03.08: No elm seen along road that cuts through the corner of the 1km square. Mature smooth-leaved elm in tetrad at Upper Saxondale. No eggs found on the reachable branches. Needs checking in flight season.
SK75 SK7258 SK7258 Group of small English elm at 2km level, condition poor 1 egg at 10km level 11.12.07 11.12.07 SK721592 elm at 2km level
SK752590 egg at 10km level
Rural Martin Greenland No elm found in 1km square (searched, with permission, the track through Mather & Park Spring Woods & the hedgerows between). Within tetrad, group of small English elm at NW edge of Coppice/Mather Wood SK721592; not entirely healthy. Other dead elms in general area. Egg found on wych elm in 10km square at SK752590
SK79 SK7392 Wych elm regrowth from dying tree by canal bridge 3 07.02.07 SK738920 Rural Martin Greenland 3 eggs found
SK80 SK8207 Roadside and hedgerow elm (wych + other elm) (images available) 1 hatched Rural 11.07.07 SK822070 Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Drove into 1km and immediately found roadside elm with elm in hedgerows, selected a branch of wych elm and hatched egg found. Weather cloudy
SK84 SK8641 SK8640 Small/medium smooth-leaved and wych elms in hedgerow along Foston Road, Allington - not far outside the tetrad at 10km level
Small quantity of elm at 1km level but more elm found at 2km level.
(images available)
2 at 10km level 15.07.08 adults
18.03.08 elm
SK 857406 adults at 10km level
SK869412 (1km level)
SK868408 (2km level)
Rural Martin Greenland 15.07.08: two adults clashing in canopy of an ash. Nothing seen 1150-1250 in sunny intervals along the hedgeline (most trees diseased) or at the copse previously located in SK 8640 - species unlikely to be present. The presence of wych elm where the 2 adults were seen is significant (this is believed to be the first known record from this 10km since 1907).
18.03.08: Public Footpath only cuts across the corner of the 1km square, but a few small, exposed elms at SK869412. Better prospects in the tetrad: copse of smooth-leaved at SK868408, hedgerow alongside footpath of mostly healthy smooth-leaved and dying English elm from SK862406. No eggs found (most of copse out of reach). Needs searching during the flight season.
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
TF00 TF0807 Plenty of roadside elm
(images available)
1 11.07.07 [elm]
16.07.07 [adult]
TF087079 Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 16.07.07: Returned on the assumption that the minute the sun came out so would wlh! Took nearly an hour to get one sighting of a probable female. Hard work.
11.07.07: Drove into target and found elm along roadside including convenient laybys. Weather cloudy but checked for eggs etc, nothing found but needs further visits in sunny conditions.
TF04 TF0943 Clusters of medium-sized elm along Cliff Beck. Not all healthy. Light seed production. (Image available) 1 04.05.07 TF092430 Rural Martin Greenland Single larva on seed bearing tree
TF10 TF1700 3 planted elms at 1km level in industrial area. Elm also at 2km level, roadside
Images available
1 01.07.09 adult at 1km level, 27.10.08 egg at 2km level
24.07.08 no activity
04.11.07 elm
TF178001 at 1km, TF162007 at 2km level Industrial/Urban at 1km level, surburban at 2km level Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 01.07.09 adult seen at 1km level.
27.10.08: egg found at 2km level at back of Sainsburys - Martin
24.07.08: Watched both 1 and 2km elm for some time in good sunny conditions, mid afternoon - no activity but should be present?
04.11.07: Drove around 2km level, mostly planted trees but found some elm on Bretton Way and particular on Flaxland, opposite back entrance to Sainsburys. Road goes through a remnant scrappy bit of wood where elm was still present. Drove to 1km with little optimism. Most of the target was modern housing with modern planted trees, and an industrial estate. Driving through industrial estate, looked to one side and to my amazement saw three planted elm trees only to realise they were right opposite Peterborough Prison by the visitor reception!
TF16 TF1061 elm at 1km and 2km level
(habitat images of elm found)
1 at 2km level 3.11.08 and 04.04.08 TF117608 egg at 2km level
TF109618 elm at 1km
Rural Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 3.11.08: Most of target is part of an old 2nd World War airfield and the roads are old runways! Plenty of permissive paths have been set up and going down one at 2km level we found an elm wood and an egg on base of bud of very new growth. Elm was found in the understorey of a wood at 1km level
04.04.08: Drove around tetrad (public roads only): no elm seen. Not a promising area.
TF18 TF1782 TF1682 Small/medium wych elms in woodland at 2km level - no image
(habitat images of elm found)
1 27.08.07 [elm]
17.10.07 [egg]
TF173828 at 1km level
TF175835 at 2km level, also at 10km level
Rural Martin Greenland 17.10.07: Return visit, egg found on recently cut material at base of tree (useful technique whenever pruning has taken place). Also eggshell from 2006 on largest of a number of isolated roadside wych elms in 10km square at TF180895
27.08.07: Only elm in 1km square observed from public road small dying trees and trimmed hedgerow of English elm. Small/medium wych elms in woodland in tetrad. No signs found (woodland elms impossible to search).
TF29 TF2491 4 small wych elms (one dead) at roadside (photographed). No live elm found in tetrad (3 large dead trees visible across field, probably elms, but no suckers visible) limited access throughout. (habitat images of 10km elm available) 1 17.10.07 TF238982 at 10km level Rural Martin Greenland No live elm found in tetrad (3 large dead trees visible across field, probably elms, but no suckers visible). Map indicates limited access
TF32 TF3122 TF3022 Isolated single small elm on field boundary (no hedgerow) at 2km level, single tree in Holbeach (park) now felled! Bank of wood edge elm near Holbeach at 10km level (images available) Numerous dates including 04.05.07 [elm at 2km level]
16.07.07 [elm at 10km level] ]
TF306226 [elm at 2km level]
[10km level Holbeach now felled]
TF397259 [10km level elm] ]
Rural/Lincolnshire fenland Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton [elm at 10km level] The adjacent 10km squares around TF32 have also been surveyed for elm and eggs by both AM/LG and Martin Greenland with no success.
09.12.09: One final attempt at finding eggs failed.
01.07.09: No activity at 10km level visited by MG in end June and LG/AM on 1.7.09.
03.11.08: Returned to sample elm and found that Holbeach Park elm had been felled, just some remnant sucker growth by walk. However, elm found at TF397259 extends along hedge into adjacent 10km square giving a good length of healthy elm, elm sampled but no eggs.
16.07.07: Found elm at 2km level but levels of elm in landscape so low, continued driving through 10km square. Found a single elm tree in a Holbeach park and watched in good sunshine for 20mins no sightings. Continued driving and found some good wood edge elm just inside 10km square and watched for 30mins. Through binoculars a very quick flight was observed that looked like wlh but no further sightings. Can not be confirmed until further sighting made - this fenland area has no wlh records so important that another sighting is made and as a result of negative egg searches presumed not to have been white-letter!
04.05.07: No elm found at 1km level. At 2km level, no eggs/larvae found on sample of accessible branches
TF36 TF3864 TF3864 Roadside elm
(habitat images of elm found)
1 at 10km level 08.07.09, 03.11.08, 04.04.08 and 29.07.08 TF337624 adult at 10km level, TF392645 and TF392641 Rural Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 08.07.09: Thwarted by cloud again at 2km level, but earlier in sunshine, 1 adult was seen at 10km level on planted elms.
01.07.09: No activity at 2km or 10km level.
03.11.08: No elm found at 1km level, but more elm found close to 6th form college at 2km level. All elm sampled for eggs but nothing found!
29.07.08: Previously-located elms on the south side of the A16 now dying, leaving only one good-sized tree on the north Nothing seen in warm but breezy conditions
04.04.08: No elm found in 1km square. Medium smooth-leaved elms (flowering) both sides of A16 at TF392645 (tetrad). Not all accessible, but no eggs found; worth a look in the flight season.
TF71 TF7818 Medium wych elm plentiful along road bordering West Acre gardens (Image available) 1 hatched egg 04.05.07 TF789182 Rural Martin Greenland 1 hatched egg found
TF83 TF8432 Medium tree in tall hedgerow along bridleway (2km level)(Image available) Good hedgerow elm at 10km level 4 at 10km level 06.05.07 (2km) & 04.05.07 (1km)
05.07.07 adults
TF840330 (2km level elm)
TF859351 (10km adults)
Rural/old airfield Martin Greenland [05.05.07]
Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton [05.07.07]
Section of clipped hedge - unsuitable at 1km level. At 2km level, no eggs/larvae found on sample of accessible branches (Image available). Visited 05.07.07 and found good hedgerow elm 1.5km outside 2km level and watched in sunshine - immediate adult activity including clash of 3.  Drove to identified elm and watched  for 20 mins in sun - no activity, felt to be unpromising as so little elm in landscape. Part of square ex Sculthorpe Airfield
TF92 TF9426 TF9426 Roadside elm at 10km level where hatched egg found
Tall hedgerow elms and two trees (with seed) along first part of Westwood Lane, Great Ryburgh and in first hedgerow on the left (TF9527) & a few small/medium elms bordering field and residential plot (TF9427) Good hedgerow elm found at (TF947279) - should be present. Good wood edge elm at 10km level found - hairstreak seen briefly over ash but purple also present
1 hatched egg at 10km level 01.04.08 01.04.08 hatched egg [LG/AM]
06.05.07 [MG]
05.07.07 & 18.07.07 [LG/AM]
TF910261 hatched egg at 10km level
TF944268 at 1km level, TF942271 & TF953273 at 2km level. Also TF947279
TF960262 at 10km level
Rural/rural village Martin Greenland [06.05.07]
Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton [05.07.07 & 01.04.08]
01.04.08 Returned to TF92 and drove into 10km square from west along different route, found a section of good roadside elm and sampled for eggs, 1 hatched egg found. Visited 2km target and sample elm but no eggs found.
06.05.07: Section of clipped hedge as field boundary. Unsuitable. Appeared to be no further public access to TF9426 (1km level). At 2km level, no eggs/larvae found on sample of accessible branches but well worth returning during flight period (TF953273). Visited 05.07.07 and watched several areas of elm along Westwood Lane, no activity.  Drove along byway towards Highfield Farm and found nice healthy hedgerow, confirmed by farmer as best in area. Permission given to park in small field entrance by elm. Farmer may look - very interested!
18.07.07: Returned late afternoon and drove up through 10km square. Just outside 2km, along byway found several large elms alongside woodedge. Watched edge for some time but late afternoon and most elm in shade or too exposed. Hairstreaks seen over ash but not confirmed whether purple or white-letter. Watched Highfield Lane elm in late sunshine, no activity.
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
TG01 TG0817 TG0816 4+ large roadside trees (image available) 1 24.02.07 (elm) & 08.05.07 (larva) TG099172 Rural Martin Greenland (larva) & Liz Goodyear (elm) Short length of hedgerow elm at 1km level (TG089171), cut by farmer with some height and buds remaining. However, in TG0917, 4+ large trees by road, and told more in adjacent garden, another tree felled in recent years. Single larva found!
TG20 TG2208 1 large 'Huntingdon' elm and 5 small elms (image available) 1 1 on small elms 26.06.09 adults 24.02.07 (elm) & 07.05.07 (larva) TG224085 Urban/city park/roadside (Norwich) Liz Goodyear (elm) & Martin Greenland (larva) and Stuart Paston NB Autumn 2009: 5 small elms beside Chapelfields roundabout where MG found larvae have been felled - DED had taken hold!
26.06.09: Adult on large tree news via Andy Brazil.
Further search 24.2.07 found large 'Huntingdon' elm in Chapelfields Gardens (through internet search) TG225083. 5 small elm at TG224085. More elm found in 2km but at low levels. No low branches but larva found on elms top of Grapes Hill
TG23 TG2533 TG2432 3 small elms just in 1km but several areas of roadside elm in TG2532 (image available) 1 24.02.07 [elm]
05.07.07 [adult]
TG2532 (throughout) Rural Liz Goodyear [elm] and Andrew Middleton [adult] Antingham - only 3 small elms in actual 1km square (in by 30m) - possible unconfirmed sighting but along bypass, several areas of elm visible and along old road [adult seen perched in dull conditions]
TG40 TG4200 TG4200 3 large elms at 10km level also roadside elm found 01.04.08
approx 6 reasonable sized elms (sucker growth) by roadside (image available)
2 hatched eggs from 2006/2007 season 01.04.08 hatched egg
23.01.07 and 24.02.07 elm
TG428017 elm at 2km level
TG427025 elm at 10km level - hatched eggs found
TG417068 good roadside elm
Marshland/rural Liz Goodyear 01.04.08: Drove into 10km square from Tunstall direction and found some nice roadside elm in Halvergate, sampled for eggs but nothing found. Returned to Reedham Church elm and found 2 hatched eggs from 2006/2007 beside each other
Visited 04.07.07 in afternoon and watched church elm for 1 hour, no sightings but should be present. Revisited church elm 30.07.07 between 9.30 & 10.30 - eventually 10 minutes of strong sun but no definite sighting. Needs morning visit at 10 and 2km level!
23.01.07: TG4200 (south of river) only marsh, so searched TG4201. Elm was found on 'very' minor road on edge of Reedham village. Elm in landscape and further search 24.02.07, found 3 large elms by Reedham Church in adjacent 2km square. Re-visited by Martin Greenland (May 2007) without any success on the elms found. Here as in some other place the trees with the most seed appeared to be dying.
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SN00 SN0107 elm at 1km, 2km and 10km level
images available
1 egg each at 2km and 10km level 13.10.08 SN017065 egg at 2km level
SN050079 egg at 10km level
SN019076 elm at 1km level
Salt marsh/estuary edge/rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear First impression as we drove into 10km square was that there was little elm. After some driving we found a small wood with elm and sampled some twigs. After some searching an egg was found on a growth joint on an upright twig. Drove to 1km level, which is part salt marsh, and found a belt of wind swept elm, no eggs were found. However, at 2km level we found some more sheltered elm beside the Cresswell River, on the road to Lawrenny Quay and 1 egg on a growth joint was found further down a stem which was laying level. We felt there was moderate levels of elm in the area and we believe this to be a new 10km square.
SN03 SN0135 elm at 2km level but in isolated valley. Some elm at 10km level
images available
2 21.07.09 and 13.10.08 SN062394 adult at 10km level, SN008347 at 2km level, SN025340 at 10km but close to target and SN053389 Borderline moorland Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 21.07.09: Had to wait until early afternoon for the rain to stop and in the meantime looked around the coastal section for some good 10km elm. Some was located close to the estuary alongside the Pembrokeshire Coastal path and we waited! At 1.45 the sun came out and a white-letter was seen to fly from a probable roost area and then two were seen to fly up into the air. We did not visit the target and continued to look for white-letter in adjacent 10km squares.
October 2008: Apart from northern edge most of 10km level square quite high altitude and predominently moorland. Actual target moorland but at 2km level, much runs through Cwm Gwaun, a deep valley. Elm was seen on valley side by road, but no eggs found. Further down road just outside target at SN025340 some nice elm was seen by Dyffyn Arms Pub in Pontfaen which would had good vision (not searched for eggs). Drove through 10km square towards Newport where there are known to be historic records, then drove along A487 and a medium tree was seen just west of Newport and elm sampled for eggs but nothing found. Overall levels of elm in 10km is low.
SN43 SN4639 Elm at 10km level only
images available
29.10.09 & 14.10.08 SN446384, SN434381 and SN407396 at 10km level Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 29.10.09: Drove up A485 and could not find elm at Alltwalis, some elm found at SN446384 but not searched. In view of finds in SN33 maybe deserves a return visit?
21.07.09: Not visited properly.
October 2008: Target 1 or 2km level, void of suitable habitat! An undulating and relatively well wooden 10km square with much over 200m+, predominently beech and very little elm seen throughout the 10km square. More elm seen along A485 in the south of 10km square near Alltwalis, but almost immediately we left 10km to the NW, elm was seen in Llandysul. No eggs found on sampled trees.
SN54 SN5249 Elm visible in river valley at 1 and 2km level but no public access
images available
22.11.09, 20.07.09 and 14.10.08 good 10km elm at SN531464, SN532471 in Llanwnnen, SN536474 Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 22.11.09: Rechecked some elm found in 2008 for eggs but still negative.
20.07.09: Watched elms in various locations but no adults seen, more elm found in Lampeter and a hairstreak was seen flying across through binoculars but oak was closeby.
October 2008: Elm could be seen from hillside in river valley at 1 and 2km level but no access although on the road bend near chapel just as the B4337 enters the target there was some elm (SN525490)that could be worth a flight period visit. The accessible part of the 1km level target was higher up the hillside and not suitable habitat. Around the village of Llanwnnen, lots of elm could be found and some was sampled but no eggs found.
SN71 SN7317 elm at 10km level
images available
1 hatched egg 13.10.08 SN753118 Upland altitude - 618+(target at 1km Black Mountain so high altitude guidelines apply) otherwise part rural/ex industrial landscape, roads lined with houses Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Interesting landscape, and quite urban in places. The lowest point is on the A4068 road between Gurnos & Ystradowen and along the A4067. Elm was seen along these roads and we stopped and sampled some elm near Ystradowen. It was raining but after some searching we found a hatched egg!
SN74 SN7343 elm at 10km level
images available
16.03.10 and 14.10.08 SN765405 and SN767447 Upland altitude - 618+(target over 400m+ so high altitude guidelines apply) otherwise rural/moorland Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 16.03.10: We revisited SN74 and despite still having no luck we now know that the River Towy is sprinkled with wych elm along its length from SN73 where we found hatched eggs 1.5km south of the 10km line. A large elm was found in the target but it was far too high was anyone to find eggs but is worthy of a flight period visit this summer.
14.10.08: Very little elm was found throughout 10km square, however there is an old record from 1973 'Dinas Rhandirmwyn/Towy Bridge.' We went to the bridge and there is a wych elm on the river bank right by the bridge and opposite a public house. We can only assume that someone was visiting the area and saw a white-letter. Therefore we strongly advise a flight period visit again. Elm sampled but no eggs found. We took a footpath along the river bank going south and there was no elm. Further down the valley in the adjacent 10km square elm was much more abundant and we again sampled for eggs but nothing found this time.
SN76 SN7863 elm at 10km level 04.08.08 SN703676 at 10km level Moorland (high altitude guidelines apply) Andrew Middleton Provisional white-letter not found due to low levels of elm and unsuitable habitat. 2km high altitude moor. Searched roadsides intensively - lowlands well wooded but floodplain devoid of elm. c4 moderate roadside elms in fairly good health at SN703676, a few hundred m inside 10km - may hold WLH and would be new 10km record, no egg search as near houses.
SN89 SN8998 Wych elm at 2km level
images available
04.08.08 SN880985 at 2km level and SN879981 (10km level) Rural Andrew Middleton A second visit was planned in November 2009, after egg found in SH90 but time ran out, deserves continued monitoring.
Roadside wych elm in good condition, SN880985 row of wych elm and hedge with 1+ larger trees; egg search negative; also very nice wych elm 75m outside 2km at SN879981. Looks a good 2km target - no previous records. Also, sprinkling of roadside wych elm at 10km level.
SN91 SN9910 elm at 10km level
images available
28.10.09, 20.07.09 and 12.10.08 SN928123 and SN907104 Upland altitude - 360m+(target 400m mountain in Brecon Beacons so high altitude guidelines apply) otherwise Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear This target should support white-letter as found in adjacent 10km square at SN9508 28.10.09: A return visit to Ystradfellte Falls in search of eggs but not white-letter eggs found although a purple hairstreak egg was found on elm instead. More elm found at Pont Melin Fach beside river and only a Clouded Magpie moth caterpillar found on elm.
20.07.09: Looked for eggs and walked to first set of falls, more elm found but despite some good sunshine, no adults seen. Target high altitude (mostly conifer plantation/mountain).
There are records for this 10km square from 1977, 1979 & 1980 from Ystradfette. This is a popular tourist attraction (caves) and we found elm beside the river and above the rock face at SN928123. Some elm was sampled but no eggs found. This target warrants a flight period visit although we couldn't predict when the butterfly would be flying!
SN96 SN9966 elm at 10km level
images available
2 hatched at 10km level 15.03.10, 22.11.09, 30.10.09, 05.08.08 and 15.10.08 SN996625 hatched eggs, SN995628 and SN973678 at 10km level Rural target (Non-elm acidic at 1km level and quite high, but 2km level no altitude problems)
Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 15.03.10 Revisited and found some elm beside the road, and two hatched eggs found - much of the other elm found at the entrance to a house has since been felled!
22.11.09: Drove down A470 and stopped at some elm just 250m outside of target, and an egg found. Found more elm at target 10km level, but much on private land and not accessible, deserves continued monitoring.
30.10.09: Drove through Elan Valley but no new elm found.
15.10.08: A second visit included driving around narrow roads to south of target around Llanwrthwl and along river valley. There are two records from 1978 and 1980 from Llanwrthwl. Elm was seen along A470 in adjacent 10km square but fizzled out once we drove into SN96! The A470 appears to have been widened and straightened and perhaps elm is no longer present? We also looked at river in Rhayader but there was no elm beside the river.
05.08.08: no elm seen at 2km level. Only the area roadside around Rhayader searched and wych elm sprinkled at low level but present. Not far from town centre along A470, 2 wych elms, including a large tree roadside SN973678, no eggs found and weather poor - elm at 10km level and old previous record.
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SO02 SO0223 Wych elm found by roadside/stream valley
images available
1 hatched egg 02.03.08 SO019269 [hatched egg]
elm also seen along A40 from Brecon eastwards
Upland altitude - 320m+(target 1km moorland so high altitude guidelines apply) otherwise Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove into 10km and found elm almost immediately on minor road close to A40 by wood /streamside, sampled elm and found a hatched egg. Drove as close to target as possible but only wood in valley has no access so unable to check if wych elm present. Elm seen alongside A40 in large quantities eastwards through to SO12
SO07 SO0673 05.08.08 Provisional no elm Upland altitude - 320m+(target 1km moorland so high altitude guidelines apply) Andrew Middleton Provisional white-letter not found due to low levels of elm, high altitude and unsuitable habitat.
Well wooded valleys between upland moor, dominated by alder-rich woodland; probably acidic; no elms found at 1 or 2km. Generally a high altitude 10km square; no elms found along roadside; no previous records. Marked down as no elm at 10km.
SO18 SO1387 elm found at 10km level
images available
1 at 10km level 1 hatched egg at 10km level 05.08.08 SO152892 at 10km level Rural Andrew Middleton South of 10km devoid of elm but well wooded; small wych elm at SO104865; exposed wych elm at SO184808 by Black House farm, and SO180814. Wych elm hedges and trees started to appear along B4368 towards Pentre. SO158873; 510 med trees and hedge SO155889; large wych elm SO157897; several medium sized wych elms at road junction SO152892 - 5mins sunshine c19'C and WLH wandered along tree tops and road. One hatched egg found on sample. Drove to edge of 2km target from NE and more wych elm along this road. Parking difficult to walk into target, and tired, so not done; target higher at 250-300m, but well wooded valleys seem prospective for more wych elm and WLH. New 10km record.
SO22 SO2126 Roadside / trackside wych elm
images available
1 hatched egg 02.03.08 SO237209 [hatched egg]
SO234211 [more elm]
Upland altitude - 360m+(target 1km mountain so high altitude guidelines apply) otherwise Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove into 10km, and aimed for lowest point around Llanbedr but took minor road towards target. Saw some elm in a garden and then a single tree beside road. Sampled elm and found a hatched egg (plus Brick egg)at 195m more elm at 209m but not sampled. Elm found at several locations
SO35 SO3953 Small quantity of elm at 2km level and at 10km level
(images available)
1 egg 15.10.08 SO391555 egg at 10km level
SO386523 and SO385521 elm at 2km level
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove into SO35 at Kington on the west side. At first there was plenty of elm and we were optomistic that the target would be elm rich. However, we found the 1km level to be very neat with flailed hedges and no elm. At 2km level there was small quantity of elm on the edge of two small woods. Some elm was sampled but no eggs found. We drove outside the 2km and found a short length of elm in adjacent 2km square, elm was sampled and an egg was found.
SO41 SO4315 SO4214 Roadside/wood edge elm
(images available)
1 hatched egg [from 2007] 03.03.08 SO425147 [hatched egg]
SO422148 [wood edge elm]
SO412151 [good elm at 10km level]
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove through 2km and into 1km, no elm at 1km level seen from car. Roadside/wood edge elm at two locations in 2km and 1 hatched egg found from 2007 on old growth.
SO42 SO4320 Roadside elm, and several wych elms away from roads
(images available)
1 hatched egg 03.03.08 SO439200 [hatched egg]
SO439201 in hedge, SO435207 single wych elm by plantation, SO431207 tall wych elm with good viewing (see photo).
SO469206 [at 10km level in Herefordshire]
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear First drove through 2km on 29th Feb in wet conditions and sampled most roads, no elm found at 1 or 2km level. Returned on 3rd March and walked several footpaths in target 1km and some wych elm found mainly along stream lines. Returned to car and realised roadside elm just a short distance from where car was parked. Sampled elm and found 1 hatched egg on bud base and probable failed egg from 2007 season on old growth
SO46 SO4962 S04862 Sucker growth 3 Summer 2006 SO482628 Rural Dean Fenton I live in Herefordshire, within square SO4962. I saw three WLH adults on elm suckers last summer at Little Bury Farm, which can be seen named on the OS map. The hedges around here are full of dead elms and suckers. - Herefordshire
SO51 SO5019 SO5118 Small elm trees retained in hedgerow
(images available)
1 hatched egg 03.03.08 SO510189 [hatched egg]
SO518194 [more elm]
Rural at 190m Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove across 1km, although limited access, only trees appear to be plantation trees but if footpath walked elm could be present? At 2km level small elm trees retained in flailed hedgerows. Elm sampled and 1 hatched egg found on bud base. More elm seen further along road
SO53 SO5137 3/4 wych elms found by road and close to stream
(images available)
1 hatched egg 29.02.08 SO510373 [hatched egg]
SO517378 [elm by railway line]
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove around 2km and then up minor road through Bullinghope, elms seen by roadside and sampled. Hatched egg found. It was known that white-letter recorded on a transect at Haugh Wood within 10km square
SO65 SO6459 2 x 30/40 yr old roadside trees (no photo) and several other areas of elm at 10km only
(images available)
1 17.02.09 egg
31.07.08 and 15.10.08 elm
SO692546 egg
More elm at 10km level: SO629544, SO601528, SO612524 & SO614551
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 17.02.09: Searched 10km for more elm, and several good areas found and elm sampled, all but one negative but should be surveyed during the flight period for adults. Final elm found (2 x 30/40 yr old trees) by roadside just beyond Brockhampton Park produced an unhatched but white egg just below base of terminal bud. This was a hard 10km square!
15.10.08: A return visit found elm at SO629544 just off A44, elm sampled but no eggs found. Elm seen along A44 on edge of Brockhampton Park where there are records from 1984.
31.07.08: Very small amount of broken hedgerow elm on edge of 1km square in Collington on roadside; otherwise no elm found at 1 or 2km in thorough search. Elm low in landscape searched along A44, although c5 small large leaved/wych elms along A44 in Bredenbury; no eggs found in brief search, although WLH worth searching for as no previous records (Herefordshire)
SO85 SO8553 Several elms within 1km square
(images available)
3 17.02.09 eggs
24.02.08 elm
SO853530 eggs
SO851538 and SO857536 good elm at 1km level
Suburban Gavin Woodman, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 17.02.09: Drove around 1km square and found a planted elm in the grounds of a secondary school. Permission was given for us to search but the density of buds made searching very difficult and no eggs found. Further exploration found a bank of elm at SO851538 and finally a small stream side wych elm, which when sampled produced 1 egg on leaf scar of 2008 growth (unusual) and 2 hatched eggs on upper edges of growth joint. The school grounds elm should be surveyed in the flight period (a second tree was seen on the other side of the site).
April 2008: Stopped in a lay-by on A449 at SO856580 several patches of small sucker growth some flowers on these, some with small disc shape of seeds already starting to develop, 2 larger dead trees, several larger trees with well developed flowers maybe source of sucker growth. Checked old leaves they were 2-2.5 inches with characteristic offset at base of leaf. Bark and buds shape different to what I have seen before not 100% sure they are elm. Most of what I had seen was sucker growth and not part of the hedge as I previously stated. Several very small caterpillars found on developing seeds but were not WLH.
On Sunday 24th February when I was returning from a works party I asked my friend that was driving to make a detour so that we would pass through the 10km target square SO85 on our way back to the M5, we travelled along the A449 through the 10km square to get to junction 6. All observations were made from the moving car; I was not able to stop to confirm identity. 10km Level: Bank of small and medium size Elm trees at SO849594, Medium size Elm tree by the bridge at SO853590. Several sections of Elm hedge by the A449 at SO8758 and SO8857. The tree by the bridge look like it was Wych Elm. The other trees and hedge rows had the right structure for elms but they are not the types that I normally see on my own patch, new looking uncut hedgerows so could be any variety. Because I was not able to have a closer look and confirm identification with old leaves, buds, flower etc I am reluctant to submit the information, will hopefully be going to this same works party next month so will try and confirm ID.
SO88 SO8189 Wood edge and roadside elm at 1km level
(images available)
1 adult at 1km and 2 adults at 10km level 2 hatched eggs 25.07.09 adult at 1km level, 02.03.09 egg at 1km level, May 2007 elm search
24.07.08 adults at 10km level
SO816891 egg and adults at 1km level
SO801824 adults at 10km level
Rural Ed Andrews and Richard Southwell, Andrew Middleton & Liz Goodyear 25.07.09: Had to find adult in my square after you had found eggs - my competitive instinct!! Saw it on southern edge of Mere Copse. Also saw 3 Purple Hairstreak on adjoining oak. Binoculars confirmed above as accurate - Richard Southwell.
02.03.09: Drove through 1km enroute to SJ70 and found a small healthy wood/field edge elm, sampled for eggs and 2 hatched eggs found, 1 on 1 yr growth joint, 1 on 2nd yr growth joint.
24.07.08: Was out looking for new sites for White Admiral and SWF today - failed - but went to an area I last covered for the Millennium Atlas and found WLH - but only after walking past a broad leafed elm in a tired state and thinking that's an elm - took trouble to double back, pulled branch and dislodged two WLH. GR SO801824 so it just creeps into decad that covers SO 8189. I then went to monad but no luck - the elms that are there are well trimmed in the hedge and the only decent sized one has just got DED.
May 2007: Monad fully covered - elm in 4 areas - best by roadside - no positive ID for butterfly so far (4th June 2007 - Richard Southwell). To be visited by West Midlands Branch volunteer Ed Andrews. 10.07.07: still no sightings
SO92 SO9727 Roadside elm retained amongst new housing
(images available)
1 17.02.09 old egg
28.02.08 elm
SO960278 [elm at 1km level]
SO960278 [elm at 2km level]
Suburban Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 17.02.09: Returned to 1km elm and found much more diseased than in 2008. Sampled a few twigs and to our surprise found an old egg below a growth joint.
28.02.08: Drove around 1km level and up to Cleeve Hill, off a narrow lane near new housing roadside elm retained although some has been taken out to improve view! Eggs not searched for but worth revisiting during flight period. More roadside elm noted at 2km level.
SO93 SO9339 SO9239 Small tree retained in hedge at 1km
some roadside elm at 2km
roadside elm at 10km
(images available)
1 at 10km level 29.02.08 SO927372 [egg at 10km}
approx SO927391 [elm at 2km level]
SO988367 [single elm at 1km level]
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Limited access and parkland at 1km but drove up narrow lane, 1 small elm retained in hedge. Sampled but no eggs found. Over two days drove around at 2km level and sampled some footpaths. Virtually no elm but some found along hedgerow and near railwayline. At 10km level just outside 2km, good length of roadside which was sampled and 1 egg found. Worth checking 1km and 2km elm for male activity
SO99 SO9696 No elm found at 1km level and unlikely to be found at 2km. Present at 10km level 1 at 10km level 19.05.07 (SO9696)
26.06.07 [adult at 10km level]
SO937922 at 10km level Urban/ ex Industrial - target 1km
NNR/abandoned quarry 10km level target
Richard Southwell [1km square level search]
Anna Gorski [adult]
I have recorded a part of the area in recent years. This area is old large-scale industry, so is primarliy brownfield site these days. Typical of the Black Country the area is 'attractively' known as THE LUNT. Due to your project I have now covered the area east of the canal for the first time ever. Wow - it is fantastic so thanks for that. Regarding the WLH project unfortunately absolutely useless - there is no elm whatsoever. Trees etc present are - Silver Birch, Alder, Lime, Field Maple, Common Willow, Rowan and lots of Hawthorn. (Unlikely to be present in the 2km but not an area to leave cars parked!) On the greenbelt edge there are elm hedges. Loads of regenerating elm in decad at Wrens Nest - the council officer Anna Gorski is allocating at student and herself to check it out.
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SP03 SP0034 Unusual elms on edge of plantation, possible tree at 2km level, also roadside trees retained in hedge at 10km level
(images available)
1 hatched egg from 2007 at 10km level 28.02.08 SP006344 [elm at 1km level]
SP017359 [possible elm in garden at 2km level]
SP024359 [hatched egg at 10km level]
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove across 10km and little elm noted, on road leading to Dumbleton, 3 trees retained in flailed hedge. Elm sampled at least 1 hatched egg from 2007 found. Drove around at 2km level and there might be an elm in garden. Walked through 1km and adjacent parkland and found 4 unusual elms on the edge of a plantation.
SP07 SP0970 Woodedge/roadside elm at 10km level
(images available)
1 hatched egg at 10km level 02.03.09
SP046765 egg and SP041768 elm Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 02.03.09: Returned to 10km square, knowing that this would be hard! No elm found in NE section but drove west across north side of 10km and eventually found some roadside/wood edge elm. The wood edge was sampled and a hatched egg was found on old growth joint. Believed to be a new 10km square
No elm found in thorough search of 1 and 2km level, well-wooded area but beech, hazel, heath. A little elm at SP023736, otherwise not intensively searched at 10km; no previous records so worth searching for elm - general levels appeared low though.
SP11 SP1019 Roadside /woodedge elm at 10km level only
(images available)
1 5 eggs (2 hatched) at 10km level 28.02.08 SP159146 [eggs at 10km level]
SP112165 [elm just outside 2km level]
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove into 10km and little elm noted until this point. Almost immediately found 2 trees next to road close to Sherborne Park. Trees sampled and several eggs found 2 on leafscars, 2 base of bud, 1 between buds (believed to a new 10km square). Continued driving towards target and some more elm noted but not sampled. Target 1km and 2km level is managed parkland, with mainly beech trees and limited access. Footpaths not walked but unlikely to hold elm?
SP18 SP1185 Roadside elm, and elm within parkland 2 02.03.09
May 2007 (SP1389)
14.07.07 [adult search]
SP162827 and SP121850 eggs at 10km level Urban/Industrial/Country Park Alan Prior and Val Weston [elm]
Peter Salmon [adult seach], Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton
02.03.09: Drove through 10km and looked hard for elm, nothing seen at first and visited Elmdon Park south of Birmingham Airport and close to the Landrover Plant. Several elms seen including a nice tree by housing, sampled and 2 eggs found beneath bud and beneath growth joint. We then drove to the target, passing several healthy roadside elms along the A45 including planted elms. Drove as many roads as possible at 2km level and no elm was found by just 100m outside the 1km at 10km level, some healthy elms were found on the edge of playing fields. These were sampled and 1 hatched (on old growth joint) and 1 egg on side of twig found. A very pleasing find so close to the centre of Birmingham
July 07: Hodgehill Common and Sheldon Country Park visited by Peter Salmon, no adults seen, monad fully covered and no elm - tetrad SP1389 has some small elm at Hodge Hill Common but so far have no-one to cover this, the people who have checked this out (Alan Prior and Val Weston) are mega moth-ers and have no time to cover it - Richard Southwell
SP22 SP2225 Roadside elm found on second visit. Small quantity of elm at 2km level and a few trees at 10km level
(images available)
1 20.01.09 egg at 10km level
28.02.08 elm
SP242230 egg
SP234255 [2km elm by church]
SP283263 and SP232261 [elm at 10km level]
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 20.01.09: Returned to look for more elm and drove to area where a single record for 10km was noted. No elm visible but continued into Bledington where roadside elm was found and sampled. 1 egg found! More quality elm found at SP283264 which would be worth watching for adults.
However, virtually no other elm seen at 10km level (28.02.08). Drove through 1 and 2km and only elm noted on wood edge near church - no eggs found. Possibly more in background so worth rechecking. Just outside 2km near to main road (A436) a few trees seen in a small wood.
SP36 SP3367 Cluster of trees near church carpark and open space
(images available)
previous year's hatched egg found 17.11.07 elm
31.07.08 old egg
SP330672 Surburban Andrew Middleton (old egg) and Liz Goodyear 31.07.08: old egg found, news via text message
17.11.07: Drove through target on way to National AGM. At 2km level, part urban but at 1km level - surburban. Saw on map an area of open space near church so drove into carpark and a cluster of elm immediately seen at edge of park! Elm also seen at 2km level and at 10km level.
SP43 SP4631 SP4630 Roadside elm (A4620) entering Deddington on 1/2km line
(images available)
2 eggs at 2km level 20.08.08 eggs
01.12.07 elm
SP469309 Urban/rural edge Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 20.08.08: Sampled a few bits of elm and 2 eggs were found on elm at bottom of hill. However, butterfly should be present at 1km level as well as elm extends into 1km
01.12.07: Drove through 2km and into target, elm visible in cutting on entering Deddington from south, but best area with 3/4 reasonable trees just 10m out of target. More elm just inside target but not of such good quality. No other elm visible in target but possibly some away from road.
SP45 SP4458 SP4448 Good quantity of roadside elm definitely at 2km level
(images available)
2 hatched eggs at 2km level 20.08.08: [eggs]
17.11.07 [elm]
SP442592 (hatched eggs] Rural Andrew Middleton & Liz Goodyear 20.08.08: Sampled easy to access elm at 2km level and 2 hatched eggs found. Elm is visible at 1km level, although no healthy elm was seen beside road as previously reported. White-letter should be present at 1km level!
17.11.08: Drove through target 10km square enroute to National AGM! Elm almost immediately seen on entering 10km sq but then looked very unpromising with heavily flailed neat hedges of elm! Continued into target 2km, where habitat continued to look unpromising but due to a 'clerical' error got the wrong 1km square so thought we hit the jackpot on entering 'target.' Looked like a change of farmer, and roadside hedges were unkempt and lined with elm of varying quantity. However, we had checked the 'correct' target 1km (should have been SP4458 not SP4459) but access restricted although elm was seen on wood edge and the brief section of road that touched the target. Public footpath access reasonable so we should be able to find Wlh at 1km level but for time being restricting to 2km level elm only.
SP50 SP5909 On a second visit, 1 planted hybrid elm seen in a backgarden
1km - 2 or 3 scraps - not viable, some moderate hedgerow elm at 2km level. At 10km level, moderate amounts of elm overall, some taller hedgerow elm along churchyard boundary at SP576092 250m outside tetrad
(image available)
1 02.07.09 adult at 10km level, 08.06.09, 31.07.07 and 20.08.08 SP520060 adult at 10km level,
SP580095 single tree
SP590095 1km level
SP581080 2km level
SP576092 at 10km level
Rural Jill Hearing, Martin Greenland, Andrew Middleton, Tony Clancy and Tristan Bantock also Liz Goodyear 02.07.09: on short grass at University of Oxford Botanic Gardens at 13:00hrs
08.06.09: I did walk the 1km SE corner footpath: there is some scrappy elm (some of it dead) in a hedgerow SP598091 (photo to follow) - but not worth the trek! No adults seen at 2km level - Martin
20.08.08: Sampled some elm for eggs but nothing found. However, just as about to leave 2km square, we saw a large planted hybrid elm in the backgarden of a house. This will make the 2km level much easier to complete in 2009!
31.07.07: Searched most of the monad except the SE corner footpath. Drove the tetrad roads - but didn't walk the footpaths. Didn't check the tetrad or 10km elms for WLH
SP52 SP5423 SP5523 Flailing is prevalent in the area including target 1km. Only hedgerow elm found.
Larger elms and several dead ones at 2km level
1 hatched egg at 2km level 20.08.08 [egg]
22.09.07 [elm]
SP551231 - substantial tree and roadside elm at 2km level Rural/M40 corridor at 1km level Andrew Middleton & Liz Goodyear [hatched egg]
Dave Wilton [elm]
20.08.08: Sampled a few bits of elm and a hatched egg was found. This was a great success as there is a lot of roadside elm some now suffering from DED, but it would have been hard to decide which bit to watch for adults and avoid cars!
14.04.08: Check of target SP 5423 confirmed last year's finding that there is only hedgerow elm in the square, most of it flailed. Roadside elm trees on north side of B4030 in SP5523 (fairly young, many diseased) were breaking into leaf but one fairly substantial tree on south side was found in flower at SP 551231.
22.09.07: Agricultural land with a motorway (M40) running through it. Initial drive-through - no trees were found in the target square but there is some hedgerow elm. However, this is probably unsuitable as flailing is prevalent in the area. Elsewhere in the tetrad (certainly in SP 5523) there are some larger elms and several dead ones were also noted.
SP65 SP6757 Small Wych elm
(image available)
1 fresh egg 08.08.07 SP673573 Rural Andrew Middleton Roads in 2km and 1km searched from car, visible elm low. Small scrap of wych elm in Churchyard - a single fresh egg found on the second branch investigated. 10km sq not investigated extensively - those areas seen had low amounts of elm.
SP67 SP6772 Several small targets
(image available)
1 24.07.08 (adult) 13.08.07 (elm) SP675720 Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 24.07.08: Arrived early morning, 1 brief wlh flight from elm to ash in weak sun
13.08.07SP6772 - Guilsborough - generally a rural area. Several small targets - best SP675722& SP675725, also smaller diseased hedgerow/roadside elms south of church at SP677727, and at SP679721 and SP676729. Impression of driving through 10km square of moderate levels of elm, although much diseased or flailed, possibly mostly English type elms.
SP68 SP6086 3 small elms
(image available)
2 clashing at 10km level 24.07.08 adults at 10km level
13.08.07 elm
SP642825 at adults at 10km level
SP60396 86592 elm at 1km level
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 24.07.08: Drove into 1km and became apparent elm at very low levels, although some was visible on distant field boundaries but with no access. Decided to look at 10km elm, first watched a planted tree at SP641839 but no activity. Stopped at elm previously located beside road at entrance to quarry. At 12.01 2 wlh were seen clashing on sheltered side of ash
13.08.07: SP6086 - 3 small elm targets found at 1km: roadside SP603865, lane end cSP607861, and field edge SP609864. Roads in 1km and 2km driven, elm in many hedges, but flailed, and any regrowth tending to disease. At 2km, small hedgerow elms SP611862. Impression from driving across 10km was of moderate elm levels overall, although much flailed or diseased.
At 10km, good elm at SP642825 & SP641835, moderate hedgerow at SP620844.
SP90 SP9602 Two elms on allotment site
Row of healthy roadside elm (images available)
7 + 2 adults 29.06.09, 29.06.08 adults
10.03.07 elm
SP965024 & SP964029 Allotment/urban Tom Dunbar & Alan Wingrove
Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton
29.06.09: 7 adults seen, probably more on treetops. Surprisingly easy to locate inactive individuals taking the shade on leaf undersides due to high temperatures. Definite signs of activity on adjacent ash but didn't positively id any of these. 29.06.08: Visited Chesham target and saw wlh on roadside elm - Andrew Middleton
Visited 1km and drove into Chesham along A416 from Berkhamsted, row of large healthy elm by recreation ground. Elm sampled but no eggs/larvae found, also sampled allotment elm and no eggs etc.
10.03.07: Two elms on allotment site, probably hedgerow remnant. One 10 years + the other more recent regeneration, both in flower. No evidence of elm in surrounding streets and cemetery. Adjacent to target 1 km square: small group (2) of 20 ft regenerated elms in flower in hedgerow bordering fields on B4505. Dead elms close by.
SP94 SP9746 Massive bank of elm by farmhouse on edge of 1km square (image available) 1 24.06.07 SP974460 Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton After an initial attempt to access 1km from north, drove around lanes to enter from south, struggling for 1 1/2km along muddy and wet field edges to reach an isolated and now derelict farmhouse. To our amazement there was this massive bank of large elms by the buildings but immediately we arrived it started to rain. Waiting about an hour for some weak sunshine, 1 white-letter was seen to fly around the elm at a very sheltered part! We then had to walk back to the car.
SP99 SP9297 Scattered roadside elms (mostly Wych) (images available) 1 hatched 11.07.07 SP926975 Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Drove into target square and found elm (mostly wych), selected branch and immediately found a hatched egg. Weather conditions cloudy
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
TL02 TL0124 TL0024 Extensive roadside/wood edge elm(image available) 2 at 2km level 16.04.07 [elm]
24.06.07 [adult]
TL010249 [elm]
TL009249 [adults]
Suburban and rural (town edge) Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 24.06.07: arrived late afternoon in dull conditions. Some weak sunshine brought out 2 adults at 2km level. Elm at 1km level in too much shade - will require a morning visit. More non-flowering elm observed from car at approx TL012247. 16.04.07: extensive search within 1km and TL0024. At TL010244 remnant length of predominently dead hedge elm with some remaining elm in flower elm. However, key area on very edge of target 1km stretching along Thorn Road into TL0024. Very limited elm in reach due to roadside hedge/woodedge cutting policy
TL07 TL0375 A few small elms 1 09.07.07 TL031750 Rural Andrew Middleton 14.00, fairly still and sunny, one male twice in flight around a small elm A few small elms soon found in monad, however elm abundant in the 10km and landscape, plus two mature if slightly broken down very old and fairly large elms in hedgerow - smooth-leaved. Spent 13.45-14.21 walking into target, soon saw a male in flight, twice, over the first small elm 1 found, so I then returned to car.
TL16 TL1663 Elm rich hedgerow 1 09.07.07 TL169631 Rural Andrew Middleton 13.05, light breeze, and sunny. One male in flight around canopy and back to perch on elm Elm rich hedgerow entered target monad by 100m. Abundant elm in tetrad and 10km square. Probably smooth-leaved. Walked into monad and after five minutes, a male flew around the canopy of elm and landed again in a sheltered spot on teh elm. Visit took from 12.50-13.10.
TL22 TL2327 Cluster of 10 + large roadside elms (probably smooth leaved) - all in good condition 1 31.01.07 TL231272 Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 1 egg found by AM on elm next to bud. Just south of Graveley on old road to Old Stevenage. 
TL33 TL3334 Small row of medium sized hedgerow/trackside elm. Some die back. 3+ 31.01.07 [elm]
09.07.07 [adults]
TL331346 Rural
(Just under 150 m altitude)
Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 09.07.07: light breeze, sunny. On site from 9.05 to 9.10, 3+ wlh chasing on sunny side of elms, viewed from field, seen straightaway. 31.01.07: Elm found in 1km approx 300m along Notley Lane, not a huge quantity but looked sufficient, further visit confirmed more.
TL34 TL3242 Hedgerow elm 1 09.07.07 TL320422 Rural Andrew Middleton 9.40-50am, light breeze & sun. Path east to west across farmland, from Litlington, lined with elms. On north side elms are below overhead wires and cut at about 20ft height, a few slightly larger elms along south side. One male perched on a small ash, on sunny side, along elm-lined track. 9.40-50, lucky to see male so quickly.
TL39 TL3798 Roadside elm at 10km level 2 at 10km level 11.07.07 Fenland [target 1km]
Rural/roadside/town edge [10km level]
TL399983 [10km level] Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Target square was fenland with virtually no trees and only a few small elms unlikely to support wlh. Very little elm in landscape but found on edge of 10km square and 2km from target roadside elm by church. Viewed in a brief moment of sunshine and 2 adults observed
TL46 TL4568 Selection of elm eventually found in the 2km square (image available) 1 23.02.07 elm at 2km level
11.07.07 elm at 1km level
18.07.07 adult at 1km level
TL454699/TL441684 - 2km level
TL452686 1km along ditch and TL454687 roadside with great potential
Rural/fenland edge/small town edge Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 18.07.07: Early morning sunshine, watched for 30 mins and eventually a single wlh was seen flying around - possible female.
11.07.07: In cloudy conditions watched ditch and found elm at 1km level and then found roadside elm which had been missed on previous visits!
07.07.07: watched Cottenham elms from 10.35-11.30, near the dyke, but none seen in pretty good conditions, likewise none seen 11.35-45 at Fenleigh Farm. (Andrew Middleton - 3rd season visit). Cottenham, no elm visible 1km level but 2 areas identified at 2km. Single tree in TL4569 and short row in TL4468 in ditches. Roadside elm at southern entrance to village in adjacent 2km square
TL58 TL5589 TL5482 Cluster of roadside elm at 10km level, hedgerow elm at 2km level
(images available)
6 hatched eggs at 10km level 29.06.07 at 2km level TL533829 eggs at 10km level (01.04.08
TL5587 (Feb 07)
TL540882 (29.06.07)
Fenland Sharon Hearle
Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton & Bill Cutts
01.04.08, looked for elm at 10km level first and drove towards Little Downham, stopped at some roadside elm (first elm found) and sampled elm where several hatched eggs were found on one stem. Sampled 2km elm but no eggs found
29.06.07: 1 tried my Littleport square - found fair bit of Elm at 2km but all quite short re-growth and lots of new disease. Didn't record any WLH - very windy very frustrating.
01.07.07: Bill and I visited TL5589 and drove the lanes. The target 1km looks like fenland without any suitable hedges, or many hedges at all. In the SW corner of the tetrad there are some nice hedgerow elms that should hold wlh – just a bit exposed and windy that day, and didn’t spend much time looking
Elm found in adjacent 2km square (TL5587)
TL61 TL6616 1 large & 1 sm mature tree, plus areas of limited quality hedgerow elm in bud (image available) 1 hatched egg found 20.03.07 TL662164/TL662161 Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Elm visible throughout 2km but as we walked into 1km square, habitat look unpromising, and initially only found areas of poor quality hedgerow elm. Surprised to find a large mature tree and a nearby smaller 'bent' tree. The smaller tree was searched for eggs and a hatched white-letter egg found. Additional tree found just outside 1km in hedgerow next to ditch.
TL69 TL6991 Hedgerow elm throughout 1km square (images available) 2 (1 hatched)at 10km/1 hatched at 1km level 11.06.09 hatched egg at 1km level, 28.10.08 eggs at 10km level
09.05.07 [elm]
18.07.07 [no adults]
TL696913 egg at 1km level, TL6991 elm at 1km level
TL664971 eggs at 10km level
Rural/fenland edge Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton and Martin Greenland 11.06.09: Diverted to Feltwell today (11/06/09) in sunshine and heavy showers. No adults seen ... ... but found a hatched eggshell on the wych elm (pictured) at TL696913 !! (Know I've looked at the tree before; the egg wasn't in a conventional place - perhaps I overlooked it before) - Martin Greenland
28.10.08: Success at last.... drove around the NW corner of the 10km and found some patches of elm and then along B1160 just outside Wissington Sugar beet factory, elm was seen on both sides of the road. Sampling was undertaken and 2 eggs found one thought to be a damaged egg from 2008. Further visits still needed at 1km level to confirm whether white-letter really arn't present?
24.07.08: Still no sightings....
24.06.08: Still no sightings - Martin Greenland
01.04.08: Returned again to sample elm for eggs but nothing found!
18.07.07: This was the third visit during flight period but only time when we had any sunshine. Found more elm alongside footpath and first watched this for 15minutes in solid sunshine. No activity. Returned to original elm and again watched for 15 minutes in good sunshine after more rain and a change of wind direction which made conditions more favourable! No activity except for Vapourer and Holly Blue. We need to revisit in 2008 in better and earlier flight period conditons. Were surprised not to observe activity considering extent of elm!
09.05.07: Despite 2km square being on the edge of fenland, a green lane leading from the 'cut off' channel was elm lined, and several hedgelines were predominently elm, mostly non-flowering but two trees with flowers but out of reach. Quite a surprise considering location!
TL71 TL7019 100m row of roadside/streamside elm in good condition and flowering (image available) 3 20.03.07 [elm]
27.06.07 [adults]
TL703194 Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 27.06.07, arrived at 10.20 in sunshine and immediately saw wlh activity including perched. Elm found at 2km level, and then drove into 1km and saw elm behind house. Good length of elm with some low buds found by bridge and footpath. 20 minute search (small sample of buds) found 10+ hatched Brick eggs.
TL78 TL7489 TL7488 2 single trees in felled conifer plantation, and row sucker growth (09.05.07)
Row of reasonable roadside elm - sucker growth (23.01.07) (images available)
1 09.05.07 (larva) 23.01.07 (initial elm) TL747886
(TL747880 23.01.07)
Rural/Conifer plantation Liz Goodyear, Andrew Middleton & Sharon Hearle (2nd visit) Map indicated TL7489 being a conifer plantation. Elm found by roadside just south of 1km square. Further visit to 1km on 9th May 2007, found elm in TL7589 and more elm that had been retained when a conifer plantation had been recently felled 320m out of 1km but at 2km level. 1km still requires more surveying as elm could still be amongst plantation growth!
TL84 TL8747 Hedgerow elm and single healthy small tree with side shoots in hedgeline (images available) 1 05.05.07 (1st visit), 20.05.07 (2nd visit - elm)
27.06.07 [adult]
TL869473 & TL874477 Rural/outskirts of rural town Liz & Rachel Goodyear (05.05.07) LG & AM (29.05.07 elm & 27.06.07 adult) 3rd visit during flight period, fairly poor conditions with occasional sunny periods, 1 wlh seen flying around side of elm at TL874477. 1st visit - drove along Long Melford bypass (A134), but too new for elm. As the 'new' road ended, roadside elm seen immediately but best elm was just into next 2km starting at TL870480 by layby!  More thorough search of local footpaths needed. Flowering roadside elm A1092/Kentwell Park/Melford Park. 2nd visit, took footpath across 1km and found elm in hedgerows at two locations. Leaves searched but little in reach
TL86 TL8662 One small elm in flower at 1km level
Roadside elm at 2km level(image available)
2 adults at 2km level (2008)
2/3 at 10km level (2007)
30.06.08 [adults at 2km level]
10.03.07 [elm at 1km level]
01.04.08 [elm at 2km level]
07.07.07 [adults at 10km]
TL867621 [elm at 1km level]
TL864633 [2km elm]
TL865672 [adults at 10km level]
Park (Council) Rob Parker, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 30.06.08: This morning (30 Jun) started warm, bright and clear, so I got to the bus stop elm (TL865633at 0905, and almost immediately saw a possible in the crown. By 0910, I had watched a pair of w-album spiralling up on 3 occasions. No close-up views, but I'm 100% sure of this hit in the 2km square (TL865633). I cycled straight on to the 1km square, and checked Nowton Park North, Hardwick Lane (scruffy elms), and then some better elm at 2km (TL877622). Sadly, in all 3 cases, some of the elm was suffering from DED and this years fresh-grown leaves were already dead. No more WLH were seen. SUCCESS! but only at the 2km level - Rob Parker
7.7.07: I took a look at TL8662 in the bright intervals this morning, and found nothing on the Nowton Park elms (apart from some interesting galls), and nothing at the other site I have been checking at the 2km level. However, at Hall Farm TL 865672, a copse I have found them in several times in the last 5 years, I saw 2 (or3) WLH - so that is success (of a sort) at the 10km level. One small elm, in flower (nearly) somewhat over shadowed by taller trees. More elm known to be in next 1km square south (still within park). No eggs found. Additional notes added 19.03.07 - I re-visited Nowton Park yesterday, I found a better elm in the same 1km square - right next to where I had parked. It was in blossom (just) but several other, older elms which I have been watching for a few years for wlh - are without, as yet. 01.04.08: Drove through 2km square and found a several clusters of elm including large quantity by roadside sampled for eggs but nothing found. Must be revisited in season! [LG/AM]
TL92 TL9725 Bank of elm including two tall elm trees visible, as well as hedgerow elm (images available). More elm found 2nd visit along Lexden Road - probably better! 1 [27.06.07]
2 [03.07.07]
29.05.07 [elm]
27.06.07 & 03.07.07 [adults]
TL973253 [elm and adult]
TL977250 [better elm + adults]
Rural (edge of suburban) Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton Re-visited 03.07.07 and watched Lexden Road roadside elm - 2 adults seen including 1 perched. 27.06.07 - 1 adult seen around large elm in poor weather conditions. 29.05.07: Drove into 1km and found some dead elm by footpath. Walked along footpath and found Lexden Spring LNR. At bottom of reserve behind A133, a bank of inaccessible elm was found which included two tall trees. At the top of the hill was a row of elm. Also seen 3 Scarce Chasers and Pignut found (food plant of Chimney Sweeper moth)
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
TM09 TM0292 TM0292 A row medium sized (sucker growth)with die back at 2km level
wood edge elm at 10km level
(image available)
4 at 1km and 4 at 10km level 29.06.09 adults at 1km level, 08.06.09 and 23.01.07 [elm]
18.07.07 [adults at 10km level]
TM023927 at 1km level
TM029931 [2km level]
TM032916 [10m level]
Rural Martin Greenland adults at 1km level, Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 29.06.09: at 10 o'clock ,4 spiralling above canopy & settled (MG)
08.06.09: There is even more 1km elm (plus nectar sources) around the corner at TM023927 - just take the short footpath shown on the OS map along the route of the old road. I will revisit!
18.07.07: Visited site for the first time during flight period and first visited 10km level elm at Hargham Heath where adults seen in 2006. Activity confirmed. Watched roadside elm by nursery for 10minutes but no activity. Condition of elm now quite poor. Watched A11 elm for 15minutes in ideal conditions but no activity. Needs revisiting in 2008.
23.01.07: Drove around TM0292, no public footpaths no elm visible - roadside elm 170 metre north next to Rose Nursery (B1077). More elm alongside A11 new bypass in line with Rose Nursery - should be sufficient. Elm in landscape. 3 adults seen in adjacent 2km (07.07.06) square
TM24 TM2946 3 areas of elm found, including track edge with limited visibility, a small tree, isolated cluster (images available - taken in rain) 1 at 10km level 2 28.10.08 [eggs at 1km level]
29.05.07 [elm]
03.07.07 [looked for adults]
04.07.07 [adult at 10km level]
TM294460, TM291463, TM292468 at 1km. At 2km TM285467 and TM289467
TM2345 [adults at 10km level]
Rural (heathland edge and close to Deben Estuary) Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton [elm]
Steve Goddard [adults at 10km level]
28.10.08: Visit Methersgate with intention of looking at 2km elm for eggs, however it was necessary to walk through 1km and we decided to sample the 1km isolated wood edge elm (there may be more elm in the wood?). To our surprise 2 eggs were found both beneath buds, one end tip of side shoot.
Martlesham Heath visited by Steve Goddard and one adult seen nectaring on bramble
Re-visited 03.07.07, arrived in torrential thunderstorm and waited for sun to shine, watched 1km elm but no activity. Looked at 2km elm and found more in landscape (private site - permission required to survey). Elm looks promisisng but no activity seen in late afternoon sunshine. Downgrading square to 2km level as elm first identified is probably too small to support wlh. 29.05.07: It was necessary to walk into target 1km from adjacent 10km. We walked along private driveway (public footpath)to Methersgate Hall through elm lined hedgerow. As we reached target, the hedge changed to an avenue of planted trees and all elm disappeared. Elm found on bend of track but visibility poor with elm on private land. A further small tree was found beside track and on a footpath a small cluster of isolated elm was found. At 2km level good level of elm found but a lot of dead elm also visible in landscape. The soil was very sandy (edge of Sutton Heath and close to Deben Estuary)
TM26 TM2661 Elm found throughout 1km square, with several good areas beside road, footpaths and wood edge (images available taken in rain!) 3/4 at 2km level 29.05.07 [elm]
05.07.07 [adults]
TM266610 & TM268619 [elm at 1km]
TM268609 [adults]
Rural Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 05.07.07: Visited 1km level elm but very windy and exposed, best area to watch was in a garden - watched for 1.1/2 hours and nothing so drove along road to more sheltered elm just 70m out of target and adults seen high in canopy over ash. 29.05.07: Drove through 2km and elm visible throughout alongside road, this was mirrored in target 1km square with several excellent areas found including near Rectory Farm
TM28 TM2586 Cluster of hedgerow elm (image available) 4 05.05.07 [elm]
04.07.07 [adults]
TM259861 Rural Liz & Rachel Goodyear with Andrew Middleton (adults) 04.07.07: Arrived 9.48 and watched elm from field edge, went into sheltered farmyard to watch and at 10.15 3 adults seen clashing using low crab apple. Also one perched. Excellent result considering quantity of elm! 05.05.07: Despite a high level of visible roadside elm at 10km level, actual 2km was very poor and little seen. Drove through target 1km and found two small areas of elm, which hopefully should be sufficient. Several footpaths could still be walked but landscape did not look encouraging nor do aerial photos!
TM48 TM4889 High level of roadside elm throughout 1km square (image available as seen through windscreen). 2 adults at 10km level 3 hatched eggs at 1km level 01.04.08 [hatched eggs at 1km level]06.05.07 [elm]
04.07.07 [adults]
TM487892, TM488890, TM484894
TM492878 [10km level]
Rural Liz & Rachel Goodyear with Andrew Middleton [adults] 01.04.08: returned to 1km level at sampled elm for eggs, 3 hatched (2 x 2006/2007 season) eggs found and an old [failed] unhatched egg
04.07.07: Watched 1km elm for some time with no sightings so drove out of square and found a massive bank of elm. Despite sunshine just one perched individual found and one flight over ash. Elm about 1.5km from target 2km. 06.05.07: Entered 1km and found roadside elm almost immdiately, found throughout 1km square. No footpaths checked. However, best flowering elm seen was just outside 2km level!
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SS41 SS4217 hedgerow elm at 1km level, large tree at 10km level
images available
24.06.08 SS428175 elm at 1km level, SS446181 elm at 10km level also SS479197 Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove into 1km and actually found some farmyard elm despite poor elm levels in landscape also difficult to view. Drove around 10km square and found a single large elm at SS453186. Cloudy conditions, no eggs found.
SS51 SS5614 Roadside elm and trees
images available
24.06.08 SS533169, SS549157 (line of trees in field), SS552151 Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove through 10km from west to east, along A3124. Elm including Wych seen along route but stopped just short of target! General levels still low
SS59 SS5699 Elm at 2km level
images available
Egg at 2km level 13.10.08 SS574990 Rural - Estuary Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 1km target is part of the Loughor River estuary so drove along a lane close to sea wall at 2km level and found elm almost immediately. 1 new egg found on leaf scar of old growth joint on main stem.
SS73 SS7137 very low levels of hedgerow elm, some wych at 10km
images available
Provisional - white letter not found! 24.06.08 SS733306, SS727320 and SS712310 Rural - High Altitude guidelines apply (edge of Exmoor) Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Drove around 10km targetting lowest points in the landscape, almost no elm found
SS93 SS9039 Roadside/hillside wych elm
images available
24.06.08 and 27.10.09 SS923329 High Altitude guidelines apply (edge of Exmoor) Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 27.10.09 no eggs found at SS923329, nor elm in adjacent 10km squares following Exe Valley south.
24.06.09: Targetted low points in landscape and some wych elm seen along A396 on valley side. Best area opposite convenient layby.
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
ST00 ST0104 Green Lane elm at 1km level. 10km level medium to low levels
(images available)
2 14.07.09, 18.02.09, 22.06.08 and 24.06.08 and Dec 08 ST013042 at 1km level
more elm found at 10km level at ST019063 and ST026077 (adults),
Rural Martin Greenland, Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 14.07.09: Came off M5 at jnct 28 and immediately saw adult fly out from elm, later one seen on top of elm in a 20 min window of sunshine!
18.02.09: No eggs found by Martin Greenland
Dec 08: Winter survey visit found little elm at 10km level apart from elms found around Cullompton, several elms sampled but no eggs found.
Summer 08: Despite little elm seen on route to target, good roadside/green lane elm found in fairly sheltered location. Watched elm on two occasions but no activity observed nor eggs found. Needs further monitoring
ST07 ST0870 Roadside elm
(images available)
1 at 2km and 3 at 10km level 20.07.09 adults at 2 and 10km level, 01.03.08 and 12.10.08 elm ST081705 and ST089706 elm at 1km level, ST093710 adults at 2km level and ST054739 at 10km level Rural BC South Wales with AM/LG 19.07.09:Looked first for 10km elm but very windy so important to get a sheltered location, first site very windy, so drove along A48 and parked in pub carpark. at 11.50 in a window between rain, 3 white-letter were seen, one low and two on top of elm. Moved onto 1km elm and watched both areas in sub optimum conditions although some sunny breaks, no activity and no eggs found. Decided to look at 2km in more detail and found a large bank of elm at Old Wallace and at 2.35 after rain one active male around ash was seen.
12.10.08: Returned to target (ST089706) and sampled several bits of elm for eggs, all negative! Found the elm to be in quite poor condition than previously realised in the spring. Also sampled the elm at ST080705 which appears to be much healthier and would be the preferred elm to watch for adults in future
01.03.08: Visited target with members of BC South Wales, drove into target and almost immediately found elm beside road. South Wales BC to monitor in flight period.
ST12 ST1921 Roadside elm at 10km level, but mostly flailed hedges but some remnent elm in woodland copse
1 07.04.09 hatched egg
24.06.08 and Dec 08 elm
ST193271 hatched egg at 10km level
ST186205 2km and ST192218 1km and ST155210 at 10km level.
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 07.04.09: Returned to look for more elm and found some beside A358 close to an army camp at appropriately named Pen Elm! After some searching and finding more sheltered elm away from the road, a hatched egg was found at 10km level. We still feel that the elm at 1 or 2km level should support wlh
December 2008: Winter survey visit found no eggs at 1km level but nice elm found by roundabout leading to M5 at Wellington ST155210, no eggs found. Little elm found in landscape though
Summer 2008: Throughout 2km, all most hedgerows flailed, but just a few trees remained intact. Best site was at 2km level, watched for short period but still windy, but some good elm at 1km but difficult to view/park. All lanes are very narrow!
ST19 ST1390 Roadside/wood edge elm
(images available)
2 02.03.08 ST147928 [eggs]
ST141945 [more elm]
Target moorland at least 250m, eggs found in predominently rural setting - 210m(target 1km moorland so high altitude guidelines apply) Andrew Middleton & Liz Goodyear Drove as close as possible to target but no trees and access limited. Drove into next valley towards Ystrad Mynach although first track ended up as a dead end and no elm. Took a lower route beside railway line and suddenly saw a few elms beside road. Stopped and sampled elm and to our amazement 2 eggs were found!
ST31 ST3019 ST3018 Elm at 1 and 2km level
(images available)
1 adult 22.06.08, more seen during subsequent week 22.06.08 ST300191 elm at 1km level
Rural Andrew Middleton, Liz Goodyear and David James Drove around 1 and 2km level and saw a house with a large bank of elm behind at 2km level, found elm at 1km but too windy and cool so returned to 2km elm. Talked to house owner who gave us access to view from his garden and eventually wlh was seen briefly in a gap between trees. It took us 1 1/4 hrs! The owner has since watched the gap and reported more sightings!
ST52 ST5029 Hedgerow elm
(images available)
1 adult (2008)
unconfirmed adult at 1km level in 2007
17.06.07 [elm]
07.07.07 [unconfirmed adult]
28.06.08 confirmed adult
ST505295 Rural Chris Iles 29.06.08: Good news, WLH seen yesterday in target square ST5029 - one seen fluttering between two ash trees when I arrived and again about 20 minutes later when the sun finally made a reappearance.
19.09.07: Somerset Wildlife Trust's newsletter mentions that White-letter Hairstreak was recorded at Green Down in ST52 this summer - 10km level at least (part of the reserve is at 2km level for our target square). I've attached a photo of habitat in the target square ST5029. I must return and check for eggs once the leaves have come off the trees. Should be easy to check as you can get up behind the trees and look into the canopy. There are larger elms on the other side of the railway bridge but they are very difficult to photograph!
7.7.07:Possible WLH in target square ST5029 7.7.07, seen briefly flying between elm and ash. Holly Blue-sized but appeared silvery in flight (definitely not Holly Blue, and appeared too small for Purple Hairstreak and no oaks were in the vicinity).
17.6.07: Plenty of hedgerow elm both in leaf and dead at ST505295 where the railway crosses over a country lane - photo to follow at a later date I hope. No sign of the butterfly though despite 30 minutes' scanning of the tops of the elm trees and a large nearby ash tree; only having 5 minutes of sunshine did not help. Noted at least one small hedgerow elm elsewhere within the 1km square.
ST64 ST6745 Elm confirmed at 2km level after several visits including 2 large trees
(images available)
1 28.10.09 egg at 10km level
07.04.09, Mid March & 14.04.07, spring 2008
ST604439 egg at 10km level, ST678441 at 2km level
ST646488, ST682743 & ST648432 - 10km level
Rural/Mendips Hills
Target 2km - altitude 235-275m
Chris Iles, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 28.10.09: Drove into 10km from a different direction along A371 and avoiding hills. |Almost immediately on western edge of Shepton Mallet found a elm rich wooded gorge. Some elm had been felled as part of road works but in wood, an elm was sampled and an egg was found immediately at 10km level.
18.07.09: Nothing to report I am afraid - weather has been very frustrating in the early mornings - Chris Iles
14.07.09: Watched large 2km elms and nearby 10km elms in very breezy conditions with only short bursts of sun, nothing seen
07.04.09: Driving back from the West Country decided to detour via ST64, roadside elm was seen at Doulting and more large trees were seen beside the A361. They were so large, it was hard to believe they were actually elm, but being in seed helped! The A361 clips the bottom of the 2km target and at ST678441 two large trees were seen beside the road with a bit more scrappy elm in the entrance of a house. No eggs were found but much is totally out of reach. The site is very exposed and it will be interesting to see whether they support white-letter?
28.06.08: Tried at 2km level in ST64 today but no joy, probably as the weather was overcast and there were no butterflies of any kind to be seen. There is feeding damage to the elms though, so well worth another look in a few days.
10.6.08: I have looked at a couple of the target squares again in the last couple of weeks. ST6745 appears to have no elm but I have found elm in the tetrad (ST6645) - a couple of 20m+ trees - looked for larvae of which there was no sign but there were a few leaves with WLH-like feeding holes in them. Looking for the adults there will be difficult but I will try.
Summer 2007: No elm found in 1km square in 2 visits. Two woodlands in the 1km square - the larger is youngish beech plantation, the smaller coniferous plantation. Plenty of hedgerows bordering green lanes but there appears to be no elm there (not impossible I have missed some). None found at 2km level either. Nearest elm I have found to date is at ST646488, at 10km level.

I have been looking for elm nearby, in ST65, ST75 and ST76, in all of which it is common if patchily distributed. I will look for the butterfly there as well. It will be interesting to see results for ST65 and ST75 particularly which have only one record apiece in the last 20 years.
ST70 ST7307 Roadside elm within wood 1 old hatched 04.04.09 old hatched egg at 10km level
08.07.08 and 10.12.08
ST710089 hatched egg at 10km level
no elm found at 1 or 2km
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 04.04.09: After several visits and the knowledge that there is a recent record, returned again and started searching at 10km level from the SE corner. However, still no elm of note could be found until at last along the B3143 close to Pulham, a small wood beside the road held several elms including field edge examples. An old hatched egg was found on main stem under side shoot on 2 yr old growth joint. This had been one of our hardest squares! Dec 08: Second visit driving around 10km, still couldn't find any elm, despite knowledge that there are modern wlh records at 10km
July 08: Drove around 1 and 2km and then to NE at 10km level. No elm found at 1 or 2km level, although hedges contained elms, these had all been flailed. Just one small tree by telephone pole seen. Virtually no elm was seen throughout visit, although a good length was found but most had recently succumbed to DED (ST753062). Further visit required
ST83 ST8130 ST8030 Large bank of elm at 2km level, some elm at 1km
(images available)
1 24.06.08 elm
16.07.08 adult
ST818306 at 1km level but best at ST815311 (2km level) Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 16.07.08: (Fourth visit!)Cloudy on arrival but as sun broke through a single wlh was seen flying on roadside and then reappeared on field edge. Three sightings in total of single butterfly.
24.06.08: End of day visit, large area of elm just in 2km level, some elm at 1km. Needs revisiting
ST87 ST8372 Wood edge/roadside elm at 2km level, wych elm confirmed to be present at 1km level
(images available)
3 at 1km level, several at 10km level 22.07.08 adults at 1km level
15.07.08 adult at 10km level
ST898706 adult at 10km level
ST822727 to ST821725 at 2km level
Rural Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton, Maurice Avent and Hugo Brooke and Bruce Maxfield 22.07.08: Invited by Maurice Avent to visit Colerne Park and watched wych elm for 2 hours before sun came out. at 12.34 first wlh was seen and more sightings were observed including one perched. Later saw 3 nectaring wlh in adjacent 2km square!
17.07.08 Maurice Avent had unconfirmed sighting in 2007 of 2 adults clashing at 1km level
15.07.08: watched 2km elm in relatively good conditions but hard to view, so left target and drove through 10km a different route, just as about to leave 10km square elm seen by railway depot, and AM with binoculars looking over fencing saw a wlh fly out
03.07.08: Limited access to 1km but drove around 2km and found wood edge by roadside trees which contained several elms, needs visiting in favourable weather conditions?
July 2007: Bruce Maxfield recorded adults at 10km level but not been able to visit target squares yet - 19.7.07. Elm visible through 10km along M4 corridor further north than target [Liz Goodyear - 13.08.07]
ST89 ST8591 50 flowering wych elm within plantation - no images 1 24.03.08 ST854917 Rural Matthew Oates 24.03.08: Charltondown Covert. Mix of ash, sycamore, beech, small conifer plantations and at least 50 Wych Elm of flowering age, plus some scrub English Elm. No elms in rest of the 1km square. Single egg found on flowering wych elm, at ST 854917. Very little of the elm is within ground reach. The wood should support quite a good population, especially in southern half. Needs surveying during flight season. Note that WLH has a reasonable presence in the general area.
2007: There’s a good chance of there being some wych elm there as it likes the geology. The butterfly is widespread in the district, though colonies are short lived. But I’m more likely to work the eggs, particularly this year. There is a large colony 1 mile SW at the W end of Silk Wood (ST834893) based on about 2 ha of a Himalayan elm called Ulmus villosa which the FC planted there as a DED experiment, and which is less susceptible to DED. However, numbers have been horribly low this year due to foul and abusive weather. This must be one of the most difficult White-letter Hairstreak seasons of our era….
ST96 ST9862 field edge elm at 1km level
(images available)
adults at 10km level confirmed on transect 2007 and 2008 03.07.08 16.07.08 and 22.07.08 ST9465 at 10km level (adults)
ST986629 elm at 1km level and ST976615 (single tree in adjacent 2km)
Rural Bruce Maxfield (transect data), Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 22.07.08: Returned for third visit and still no activity, however Bruch Maxfield has reported wlh on transect at 10km level in both 2007 and 2008.
16.07.08: Watched roadside elms in Devizes and by lock, no activity although Bruce Maxfield confirmed that wlh seen on his transect this year. Continued monitoring required
03.07.08: Drove around 1 and 2km level and elm seen by roadside but too windy. Just outside 1km by 'locks' large single tree which was watched in some sun, also elm roadside (in cutting)just outside Devizes (ST987613)which could also be watched and roundabout at Melksham (ST903629)
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SU08 SU0582 Elm found at 1km and 2km level
(images available)
1 05.07.09 adult at 2km level, 08.06.09, 07.04.09, 29.07.08 & 24.07.07 SU047837 adult at 2km level, SU059825 at 1km level, SU071837, SU023849 and SU041808 at 10km level
SU0582 and SU043832 at 2km level
Rural Martin Greenland, John Grearson, Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 05.07.09: c1.30, one wlh briefly around canopy of largest elm.
08.06.09: Most promising 1km elm (including wych) was on roadside alongside Whitehill Industrial Park SU059825. More 2km ?hybrid elm with wych characteristics (also English) along left hand footpath after M4 farm track underpass SU047837 - unable to find any eggs, though. Plenty of 10km elm in vicinity of Wootton Bassett Jubilee Lake car park SU071837: small wych elms in woodland approaching lake; 3 large smooth-leaved on roadside alongside adjacent nursery school; plenty of scrappy English elm across road. Definitely worth a look.
07.04.09: Returned to look for elm at 10km level south of the target and away from known records although it was late in the day and time was short. Little elm was noted and some found was extremely exposed and out of reach. No eggs were found on elm searched.
29.07.08: Found some good elm on M4 embankments and watched from road below. Very windy so difficult to view most sheltered parts but no activity observed between rain showers! LG/AM
24.07.07: I spent an hour at the SU0582 site this afternoon. I walked slowly along the road but did not see any WLHs and could not find any eggs on branches low enough to reach. The sun was patchy and it was a bit windy so conditions were not quite ideal. I would not be surprised if the butterfly is present, there is so much elm there. The southern part of the square is difficult to reach because of the railways but I scanned across the area and from what I could see I think the best elm is along the road - John Grearson
SU12 SU1627 Flailed elm at 1km level!
Plenty of elm at 2km level
Images available
1 14.07.08, 23.06.08 and July 2007 SU166260 2km elm
Rural Martin Greenland, Arthur Bryant, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 14.07.08: Arrived early as sunny - at 9.15 wlh was seen jittering between elm and adjacent trees.
23.06.08: Nothing seen in 1km - concur with Arthur Bryant's comments. But plenty of elm in the tetrad in SU1626; I'd be surprised if wlh was not present at Bodenham, even though I saw no signs in the middle of the day today (?too early in season). Requires another visit - Martin Greenland
July 2007: Had a chance to visit SU1627 last week in reasonable conditions to look for WLH. There is a hedge along the track that goes through most of this square and it contains a high percentage of elm. Unfortunately it appears to be flailed regularly, both top and sides, so little chance of eggs surviving. Nothing seen in 50 minutes. Only 2 or 3 isolated bits of elm have managed to make any decent height. There is a long stretch of elm hedge in a field off the track but there was barbed wire wound round the gate so I took the hint. The adjacent square SU1628 also has hedges containing elm and they do not appear to have been cut recently and these looked much more promising but nothing seen - Arthur Bryant
SU16 SU1369 c100yds of broken roadside elm at 2km, more roadside elm at 10km level. Roadside woodedge elm also at 10km level
Images available
1 20.01.09: hatched egg at 10km level
SU142604 hatched egg at 10km
SU137682 to SU140685 at 2km level and SU148688 roadside cutting
Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 20.01.09: Returned for winter elm search and drove to the south of 10km square, found a nice row of wood edge elm by road and 1 hatched egg was found. Well-worth returning for adults. No eggs found at 2km level and elm in adjacent 2km square too high for searching!
03.07.08: Access to 1km is limited and habitat looks unsuitable, elm could be seen along A4 at 2km and 10km level. Elm at 2km on a good day should hold wlh!
SU24 SU2740 Isolated dying elms at 2km level only, more elm at 10km level just outside 2km
Images available
1 14.07.08: adult at 10km level
23.06.08 1 and 2km level
03.07.08 10km level
SU272442 adult at 10km level
SU269410 & SU275419 also SU277416 at 2km level
SU275420 at 10km level
suburban/rural village at 1km level Martin Greenland & Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 14.07.08: Watched 10km elm just outside target, vapourer seen, also a hairstreak like lep flew through elm but not confirmed. Drove around 10km to Quarley and found some nice tall elm by roadside. AM watched sheltered side of elm from field and at 10.40 wlh seen low on sycamore.
03.07.08: Drove around 2km and found a bit of elm near railway line in small wood. Drove around church and just outside 2km found more elm another small bit of woodland. Watched for 30 mins in reasonable sun but no activity, needs further visits
23.06.08: No elm seen around roads in 1km. Isolated dying elms at Grateley SU269410 and near Grateley Church SU275419 (photos). Nothing seen or likely to be seen.
SU28 SU2286 SU2387 Cluster of elm by roadside
images available
1 03.03.08 SU238874 [Egg]
SU218875 [Elm at 10km level]
Rural Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton Limited access to 1km and pretty bleak, so concentrated on roads within 2km. Cluster of elm found near railway bridge and elm sampled for eggs, 1 egg found on base of bud! Elm also seen just outside 2km square but closer to target at SU218875 on A420 roadside corner by railway bridge.
SU40 SU4706 Not included in project as a large amount of the 10km is underwater! Error only noticed 31st December 2007
SU41 SU4119 Single tree found at 10km level
Two small areas of scrappy hedgerow elm found
Images available
1 26.01.09 egg at 10km level
18.09.07 & 31.12.07
SU445175 egg
SU407190 (?best) and SU401189 (poor)
Target area rural but remaining 10km mixed urban, suburban and estuary Liz Goodyear, Andrew Middleton and Martin Greenland 26.01.09: Visited 2km for winter egg search only to find the best hedge had been flailed and most of the elm cut, just three minor trees remained. Sampled for eggs but none found. Decided to look for elm close to the River Itchen and drove into the Lakeside Country Park opposite Southampton Airport. Just beyond carpark near Fishery, saw a single elm tree by footpath, sampled for eggs and one egg was found.
23.06.08: Nothing seen 1140-1210hrs in sunny intervals with light breeze (or in very windy conditions at 1600hrs the previous day) - Martin Greenland
Martin Greenland: checked elm already identified by Liz and found no eggs - but mostly out of reach: both areas worth viewing in flight season. Liz Goodyear: Family committments gave me an opportunity to look around 10km between M3, Southampton and Eastleigh, which included target 1 and 2km squares. Drove around 2km twice, and eventually found two small areas of hedgerow elm down narrow lanes. No footpaths walked. General impression of target and adjacent area was well wooded but void of elm in landscape. Only occasional clusters of very diseased elm seen except for some roadside elm in Eastleigh at SU450191 (couldn't find on later visit!). East side of 10km not covered and Millennium update shows wlh has been recorded so there must be some potential areas somewhere. Better area of elm at 2km level could hold wlh if patiently watched at the right time based on experience at other similar sites but considering low level of elm in landscape might be difficult!
SU47 SU4278 Some elm found at 1km level, 4 planted elms found at 2km level
Images available
3 on 2km elm 22.07.08 adults
03.01.08, 24.06.08 and 16.07.08
SU426785, SU420782 at 1km
SU432781 at 2km
Rural Martin Greenland also Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 22.07.08: Arrived early and waited for sun to shine! At 9.35 brief flight seen and at 10.30 brightens up and 2 wlh seen jittering in elm and a female arrives to egg lay on leaf joint/growth joint
16.07.08: Drove around 2km and found to our amazement 4 planted elms by public footpath. Wych elm in understorey. Watched elm, but late in day and very windy. LG/AM
24.06.08: Sadly, since previous visit, Dutch Elm Disease has really taken hold among the elms along the edge of Spray Wood (SU420782) and the adjoining hedgerow (SU420788) so that all bar one or two trees are dying or already dead. No signs of wlh seen here or at the small-medium but healthy elms in the village (SU426785)
03.01.08: A few small/medium hedgerow elms on roadside at Brightwalton Green SU426785; more along SE edge of Spray Wood from SU420782 (more promising) and hedgerow at SU420788 (poor). No branches within reach.
SU52 SU5721 Woodedge elm and row of good trees beside A31 at 10km level
Images available
26.01.09 egg at 10km level
13.07.08 elm at 10km
SU519223 egg at 10km level
SU529294 at 10km level
Rural Martin Greenland and Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 26.01.09: Returned to A31 elm but too high to sample. Drove to south west side of 10km and found some elm beside a wood, sampled for eggs and one egg found.
13.07.08: We drove around 10km and found elm to be very scarce but along A31 at the top of the 10km a nice row of sizeable trees in small wood by A31. Viewable from roadside verge/wide central reservation. Watched for some time but too cloudy!
31.12.07: no elm seen along roads in tetrad, nor footpath in immediate vicinity of St. Clair's Farm. Still scope for a more thorough search, but didn't notice any elm while in the 10km square. Andy Barker volunteered to search
SU65 SU6554 Extensive length (600m) of retained footpath edge non-flowering elm.  1 medium flowering elm beside road (image available)
Images available
4/5 25.04.07 [elm]
26.06.07 [adults]
SU659541 ( non-flowering) & SU657548 (flowering) Surburban (Chineham, Basingstoke) Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 4/5 adults seen on second visit around ash and elm in most sheltered areas of non-flowering elm. Modern housing /development area but original features have been retained (unlike SU8556). Drove into 1km and immediately found non-flowering elm. Drove around 1km and found flowering elm beside 'old' Reading Road - an older area of housing. Checked for eggs and larvae - nothing found.
SU68 SU6380 Cluster of flowering road/field edge elms and extensive length of non-flowering trackside elm
Images available
1 25.04.07 [elm]
18.06.07 [a]
SU639804 (flowering) & SU634801 (non-flowering) Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 18.06.07: Adult seen perched on top of a sheltered elm along bridle path (non flowering), weather dull and windy and certainly not the 'best' conditions to watch for white-letter 25.04.07: Drove into 1km and through to 2km level. Little elm visible, however elm could be seen on edge of playing field/road edge, which we checked but no eggs or larvae found. Walked along bridle path away from road and found a good length of relatively healthy non-flowering elm all at 1km level
SU70 SU7906 SU7806 Row of elm in bud at 2km level
Images available
1 adult seen at 2km level [23.06.08]
[1 adult found at 10km level 16.06.08]
23.06.08 adult at 2km level
16.06.08 - adult at 10km level
22.01.08 elm
SU783062 - 2km level
Rural Martin Greenland, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 23.06.08: Single male at 10.30, with a sheen suggesting it was a fresh specimen (and wings not tightly closed - possibly a slight deformity? - but able to fly) moving around lethargically in canopy of beech next to an elm to the east of the grain store. No other activity seen, despite ideal conditions - Martin Greenland
16.06.08: Arrived at 8.40 in morning and watched 2km level elm, but quite fresh although sunny - very early in season! Watched for 35 mins but no activity. Drove around Chidham in adjacent 2km square and found several areas of roadside, hedgerow elm. 1 adult seen flying out of elm and above road. 2km elm should maintain a colony and target needs a further visit.
22.01.08: Drove around the local roads in 1km and could see line of dead elm along a field edge but nothing healthy. Possible two other footpaths need to be visited but one runs alongside A27 where only modern planting visible! Drove along Priors Leaze Lane and just by Grain Store, a row of healthy budding elm by road. Best elm seen during the whole day!
SU85 SU8556 No elm found at 1km level and non observed at 2km level. Cluster of 7 non-flowering elms beside footpath/housing(200m out of 1km) as well as seveal areas roadside elm all at 10km level (no images). All non-flowering 1 25.04.07 [elm]
26.06.07 [adult]
SU858587 [adult]
SU862562 (cluster of 7 elms) also SU855592 (roadside elm)
Surburban (Cove, Farnborough) Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Stopped at roadside [non-flowering] elm on Hawley Road, 1 adult seen around elm after 10 mins. Few elms seen enroute and from the map knew this was going to be hard. Highly developed 1960s? housing estates, with little original features retained except for oaks. Drove around key routes at 2km level and no elm seen. Walked several streets and footpaths at 1km level, and no elm found. Snapshot opinion of housing estate was that it was unlikely elm had been retained (unlike SU6554). Walked an 'old' footpath from outside 2km and a few elms found approx 200 metres from 1km but viewing will be difficult as close to housing and poor all round vision. Further visit to 2km square on 26.06.07 confirmed that elm is probably absent
SU90 SU9009 No elm at 1km level, dead at 2km but some seen in adjacent 2km square
Images available
1 adult at 10km level 22.01.08 - elm
16.06.08 - adult
SU994165 layby semi dead!
SU911070 along A27 budding
Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 16.06.08: Despite location alongside A27, we were able to pull off road as a convenient footpath crosses dual carriageway at this point. Viewed from across two lanes and vehicles hurtling past, 1 adult was seen on several occasions!
22.01.08: Immediate impression of 10km was that elm would be hard to find! Walked into 1km from north and knew immediately the footpath would not yeald elm but carried on just in case - nothing. Returned to car and drove along A285, where short stretches of dead elm could be seen. Outside 2km some elm in a layby but much of it was dead. Later drove along A27 and some healthy budding elm was seen just east of Boxgrove. Much of 2km forms part of a private estate with limited access, just a few tracks with public access including Mill Lane that might have potential as ends by layby and dead elm?
SU91 SU9816 SU9816 Small quantity of elm found at 2km level
Images available
2 adults clashing 16.06.08 - adults
22.01.08 - elm
SU997177, SU997179 (sighting) and SU994165 Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 16.06.08: This was an amazing find, as the elm levels in the entire 10km are really low, and finding any elm was difficult. Arrived in cloud and waited for sun to come out, almost immediately two white-letter were seen clashing over some scrappy hedgerow elm.
22.01.08: Virtually no elm seen at 10km level as we drove through. However, at 2km level small quantity found by Coates church and another very small remnant elsewhere. Much of the 2km is heathland and very sandy. Drove all lanes and sampled the footpath from Sutton Common to Sutton End.
SU97 SU9273 SU9272 Extensive footpath edge non-flowering elm at 1km level, a few flowering roadside and field edge elms at 2km
Images available
2 at 1km level 1 at 2km level 25.04.07 [elm + larva]
26.06.07 [adult at 1km level]
SU925732 (non flowering at 1km level - 2 adults 26.06.07) & SU928724 (2km larva record) Rural Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Found non-flowering elm throughout 1km and in particular a length along a public footpath - searched for eggs and larvae but nothing found. 2 adults seen clashing 26.06.07. 25.04.07: Drove around 2km level and found 2 areas of flowering elm. At 2km level, good flowering elm wood edge/roadside SU936722 (not checked). Larva found at SU92945 72438 - 3 clusters of scrappy flowering elm. AM walked across field and checked seeds and found one larva immediately on very small tree.
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
TQ14 TQ1549 No suitable elm in 1km square [11.03.07]
Small scrappy wood edge elms and hedgerow in Westcott village - TQ140484 [30.10.07]
6 elms planted on A24 roundabout south of Dorking - TQ168474[30.10.07]
images available
1 adult at 2km level (17.06.08)
1 adult at 10km level (16.06.08)
16.06.08 and 17.06.08 - adults
11.03.07 & 30.10.07 - elm
TQ148487 - 2km level sighting
TQ157493 - 1km elm
Rural Tom Dunbar & Alan Wingrove [11.03.07]
Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton [30.10.07, 16.06.08 & 17.06.08]
16.06.08 & 17.06.08: On 16th stopped at roundabout just outside Dorking on A24 at 10km level and saw one adult perched on the planted elm (see pictures). Returned next day and watched some roadside elm beside A25 at 2km level, one adult was seen flying across elm, although very difficult to view. More elm was found at 2km level on this visit including large trees behind a house. 1km elm at at TQ157493 should be visited as could maintain a colony.
11.03.07: No suitable elm found in target 1km square. Two hedgerows located containing mostly elm but heavily flailed and badly infected with DED. Number of small elms located today outside the tetrad which includes target TQ1549 1km square. Several sites are known within the 10 x 10 km square including one today at TQ166514 - Win remembers having a suspected adult WLH here some years ago. Some of these other locations in the 10 x 10 km sq have mature elms with records of adult sightings.
30.10.07: Small tree by housing at 1km level, more scrappy trees in Westcott village and 6 trees planted on a roundabout south of Dorking at TQ168474
TQ22 TQ2226 Some roadside elm visible along A281 just inside 10km square and medium healthy elm tree at Bolney
images available
1 at 10km level 17.06.08 - adult
18.03.08, 23.10.07 and 30.10.07 - elm
TQ209200 [23.10.07]
TQ264236 [18.03.08]
Rural Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 17.06.08: First flight period visit to Bolney elm, made on 16th during afternoon, and despite long period of rain, no activity in later sun. Returned 17th at 8.15 in morning and after 30 minutes of watching a white-letter was seen in jittering around elm at 8.44 from roadside location. An excellent sighting considering level of elm in 10km square!
Various visits: General level of elm in 10km is extremely low
18.03.08: Returned to TQ22 and drove through 10km along A23 corridor and found a medium elm tree with adjacent smaller trees along the 'old road' just north of Bolney.
23.10.07: Drove into 10km from south along A281, some elm seen on entry into 10km but none seen at 2km or along adjacent roads. More thorough visit needed but general impression was that elm levels were very low?
30.10.07: Second visit proved that elm is virtually non-existent, walked into 1km square around the Leonardslee Gardens and no elm. No elm roadside apart from the short length on the A281. Local knowledge of elm needed although only one tree listed in entire 10km square by Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre!
TQ26 TQ2361 Good variety of Elm here. Some Common (English) Elm, White Elm, Wych Elm and another form which may be a hybrid? The latter are large and healthy (7 trees, some of which I cannot get my arms around at breast height). The Common Elm is regenerating sucker growth. Some of it now quite tall and flowering age but much succumbed last summer. I am not certain if this was DED or scorching as some has made a recovery! The White Elm are quite large and healthy- again, cannot get arms around a couple. These are also tall trees and there are several of them. 4 4 05.05.07 & 07.05.07 [l]
17.06.07 [a]
15.06.08 [a]
TQ2361 Rural (on suburban border) Richard Donovan Searched for and found two windblown larvae on the 5th and two more on the 7th. Quite a variation in size - one has started pupating, whilst one is about half this size. Couldn't put them back on tree as so windy, so trying to feed them up at home. It was very windy today (8th) and I expect to find more. Interestingly, with all this Elm to choose from, they have read the textbooks and used Wych Elm.
TQ29 TQ2098 2 single trees by road and seperate long row on field edge
images available
2 21.02.07 TQ205983 Rural Andrew Middleton 2 eggs found on elm beside road
TQ34 TQ3044 Small quantity of diseased elm visible at 1 (confirmed 2nd visit)
2km level - 2 trees seen in hedgerow and some scrappy hedgerow elm nearby
images available
Scrappy roadside/hedge elm at 10km level
1 13.07.08 adult at 10km level
12.02.08 2nd visit
30.10.07 1st visit
TQ304446 at 1km level
TQ306457/TQ306453 at 2km level,
TQ354493 at 10km level
Rural Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 13.07.08: Watched 10km elm and at 11.55 single wlh seen around ash, target not visited
26.06.08: no sightings but windy, continued to look for more elm at 10km as there are records
17.06.08: First flight period visit produced no sightings, but early in season, and 2km level elm in exposed location - needs to be viewed in afternoon.
General level of elm in 10km is low
12.02.07: Walked through 1km and adjacent 2km level. At 1km most elm diseased/dead, little good elm in landscape apart from 2 medium sized trees in bud and some hedgerow elm found closeby at 2km level.
30.10.07: Returning late afternoon, drove alone main routes through 2km square and in half light elm was visible roadside.
TQ39 TQ3698 TQ3698 50+m of hedgerow elm plus a few scattered small trees, probably English type, with some die-back. At 2km level, flowering elm by River Lea
images available
2 at 2km [level] 30.01.07 [elm]
25.06.07 [adults at 2km]
TQ366986 [elm at 1km]
TQ372980 [adults at 2km]
Suburban Andrew Middleton Elms in target 1km square (Soham Lane Open Space) watched 25.06.07 in favourable conditions for 20 minutes, no sightings but many sparrows! Enfield Lock (flowering elm) 2 adults seen around ash. (3 recently hatched eggs were found at 2km level in 2006 at Enfield Lock)
TQ40 TQ4705 Road/wood edge and hedgerow elm in adjacent 2km square and at 10km level
images available
3 hatched eggs [18.03.08] 12.02.08 and 18.03.08 TQ478082 [hatched eggs]
TQ465069 hedgerow (just in adjacent 1km northwards)
TQ466077 wood edge (adjacent 2km) TQ402083 tree at 10km level
Rural, chalk downland at an altitude of over 150m Andrew Middleton & Liz Goodyear 12.02.08: Drove into 10km from west and immediately saw a large healthy elm in Wyevale GC carpark! Actual target is chalk downland close to Firle Beacon, landscape virtually treeless but on drive up to carpark several areas of elm passed just outside target 2km square. Beautiful views from target though!
18.03.08: Revisited and sampled 2km elm (little flower) for eggs, nothing found. Drove north of A27 and found some flowering elm and found three hatched eggs (1 on growth joint, 2 beneath leaf buds).
TQ45 TQ4952 No elm at 1km level but 1 small tree at 2km level and some dead hedgerow. Good roadside elm along A25 especially at Brasted
images available
3 26.06.08 adults at 10km level
30.10.07 [elm]
TQ483524 at 2km level
TQ468519 at 10km level
Rural Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 26.06.08: Clashes observed almost immediately
17:06.08: No adults seen at Brasted or on elm at 2km level
30.10.08: Drove around minor roads at 2km level and only some short lengths of predominently dead elm seen in hedgerows. Spent 2 1/2 hours walking footpaths and just one small tree seen in hedgerow just outside Ide Hill. At 10km level drove to Four Elms but no significant elms visible. Then drove along A25 through Brasted. A lot of quality roadside elm visible west of village. More elm seen along A25 before leaving 10km square to the west
TQ58 TQ5488 TQ5488 9+ planted elm plus 3 large trees
images available
2/3 05.03.07 [elm]
12.06.07 [adult]
TQ545891 Suburban A Middleton & L Goodyear 12.06.07 - revisited elm at 2km level and waited 40 minutes for sun to shine, within seconds clashes were observed from one of the sheltered school edge elms. 05.03.07 - drove round TQ5488 - wealthy residential area with many large trees retained but no elm.  Planted elm found on school playing field fence line and 3 trees in retained ditch in a landscaped recreational area 130m outside 1km!
TQ62 TQ6623 Very little elm seen in 10km square despite 2 1/2 hours walking/driving over 2 days
images available
12.02.08 and 18.03.08 TQ619255 and TQ679249- Rural Andrew Middleton & Liz Goodyear 18.11.09: Drove in a circuit around the adjacent 10km squares to TQ62 and found no suitable elm.
12.02.08:Drove into 10km square from west and quickly became apparent that elm would be hard to find! Sampled a track leading from east side of 2km across into 1km target and wood edge paths. No elm seen nor whilst driving around several roads at 10km level. Have asked Sussex BRC if they have any elm data for this particular 10km square.
18.03.08: Revisited and with information of 5 elm records. First target was some roadside elm but this was no longer present. Then walked to two listed targets. Elm found at one location but second location could not be found. Remaining locations were of English elm and old records so did not search out. Whilst driving along A265, stopped to check some previously noted trees which were confirmed as aspen but noted 2/3 small flowering trees in hedge on opposite side of road.
In view of such low levels of elm at 10km level, we feel that any elm in this 10km square is unlikely to support White-letter. We would like to be proved wrong!
TQ68 TQ6285 6+ small trees in bud right on 1km/2km line. Very exposed
images available
1 05.03.07 (elm)
21.06.07 (adult)
Rural/Essex fenland A Middleton & L Goodyear 21.06.07: Returned for 2nd visit during flight period and had wlh at 10km level first. Started to watch the better quality elm which had flowered but was out of 1km, Andrew returned to the scrappy bit and had a flight around elm. Then 20mins later, one flew in and perched! An amazing success which was almost hard to believe!
05.03.07: Walked all paths in 1km - a lot of elm in landscape but all in very poor condition and no buds. Drove out of 2km and found row of healthy roadside elm in bud at TQ639835
TQ71 TQ7118 Elm found towards the south of the 10km including length of roadside elm (no photograph)
images available of Catsfield elm
6 (4 hatched/ 2 unhatched) 12.02.08 and 18.03.08 TQ735144 [eggs]
TQ726135/TQ727127 and a large roadside elm at TQ733123
Rural A Middleton & L Goodyear Drove into 10km and appearance very similar to TQ62 so was not expecting to see any roadside elm at 1 or 2km level. Drove along roads but did not sample footpaths as getting late. As we predicted though we drove south away from the heathland habitat towards the chalk and immediately found several areas of roadside elm including one large roadside tree in bud beside a very narrow minor lane (no photo)
18.03.08: Revisted 10km square and revisted targets but all elm out of reach. Found some new elm (thanks to Sussex Biodiversity Records Centre) and sampled the elm, eggs and hatched eggs found (Old growth joints – 3 hatched, 1 unhatched. Old leaf scars – 1 hatched, 1 unhatched)
TQ85 TQ8451 TQ8450 Elm present at 2km level, large isolated tree and roadside elms at 10km level
images available
1 24.07.08 adult
26.06.08 and 15.07.07 no sightings
Rural TQ862525 (single tree) and TQ854511 (hedge) at 10km level Alan Cooper (adult sighting), Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 24.07.08: Spent 58 Min's. watching the Elm you told me about, 1 flew off the Whitbeam and onto the Elm. very windy at c.6pm. Managed to stand in a derelict pasture and avoid the worst of the noise from the adjacent A20, M20 and high speed rail link. - Alan Cooper
26.06.08: Couldn't find Alan's 2km elm so looked at 10km level and found a large tree beside A20. Despite windy but sunny conditions no activity so looked for more shelted hedgerow/roadside elm but stll no activity
July 2007: Got to TQ8451 reversed into a field of broad beans with a "conservation margin" no Elm present to the north of this 1k. square, the main part of this tetrad is activally worked Chestnut coppice. Looked behind the recent housing in this (30 years old) estate no Elm, but it is present South at 2km level. WLH should be present around Leeds Castle, just NW in this 10k. tetrad, from memory lots of Elm suckers along the A20, perhaps there are surviving Elms in the extensive grounds of this Castle?
TQ92 TQ9323 flailed elm at 1km level semi mature wych elms at 10km level adults at 1 and 10km level 12.07.09 adult at 1km level, 08.07.07 [elm 1km level]
15.07.07 [adults at 10km level]
TQ9323 at 1km level, TQ9020 at 10km level Rural Alan Cooper 12.07.09: Woke up later than intended after a night shift, looking out the window and knowing the forecast. decided to watch Mark Webber win his first Grand Prix. Got to the Iden tetrad c.3-45pm.The weather had improved markedly apart from the wind which had increased dramatically, after looking at the area nearby where I knew WLH are present. I decided to look at the higher ground closer to the 1k tetrad ended up parking where I did a couple of years ago in the village walked towards the area on the OS map shown as the Elms a flailed hedgerow under telephone wires. coming back again looked at a few scrubby bits of flailed Elm under Ash and noticed Ivy growing up some trunks Then realised there was some passable Elm pushing over into a horse paddock. by luck a Comma and Red Admiral were sparring and disturbed everything in this sheltered corner including an "WLH nectaring on bramble" c.10 feet up on a mature hawthorn hedgerow. Elm noticed in the 1k square northwards. Did not expect to get a 1k record for here! only just by a few metres. got to the Ashford 2k tetrad too late on the drive home, always some healthy Elm here (suckers at least)
15.07.07: Went to a couple of semi mature mature Wych Elms at Appledore WLH found easily (10km level) for the Iden 10km. Tetrad(TQ9020) WLH must occur along the canal to TQ935245. Found WLH easily at Llydd cemetary and on couple of Elm growths across the Marshes. Can confirm Elm as present in TQ9223 as a regularily flailded hedge at TQ923239-924239, last flailed perhaps a couple of weeks before my visit. 2 more Elms in an also regularily flailed hedgrow just south in this 1k. tetrad.dead Elm suckers at TQ924239, WLH could exist sporadically in this tetrad. Elm suckers noted to the north in a different 1k. tetrad.
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
TR03 TR0139 TR0038 Elm present but now sickly at 2km level, more elm found 30.07.08 1 at 10km level 05.07.08 adult at 10km level TQ027333 adult at 10km level
TR010387, TR009387 elm at 2km level
Rural Alan Cooper 12.07.09: Got to the Ashford 2k tetrad too late on the drive home from TQ92, always some healthy Elm here (suckers at least)
30.07.08: I had a good look in TR03 at the Elms at 2km level, more healthy Elm than had previously noted (TR010387) no WLH seen. Then tried some Elms at Brook just off of the Wye downs NNR. Again nothing seen.
05.07.08: Decided to get the WLH for TR03 where I knew I could find them. I visited the Royal Military Canal at Ruckinge (TQ027333) and found with binoculars a WLH on a moderate sized Wych Elm fairly easily. The English Elm at 2k. level is now rather sickly, did notice a few healthy bits nearby when I drove past in cloudy conditions a couple of weeks ago, did notice a reasonable parking place.
2007: Elm at 2k level in TR0139 - Elm being present around Kingsnorth. Found at TR009387 as an unmanaged "hedge" as the border of someone's garden, a pasture surrounds this regenerating growth.
TR14 TR1549 Good English Elms - 25' tall tree 12 inches in diameter, 30' tall tree 10 inches in diameter, much Elm suckers here mostly 12-15 feet high. 2 21.06.07 TR157493 Rural Alan Cooper Walk to some sheltered elms at TR153488 One wlh seen within 5 minutes. Encouraged I then took the footpath heading North east. Scrub Elms noticed upon entering the tetrad. Then at TQ157493 good English Elms. 25' tall tree 12 inches in diameter, 30' tall tree 10 inches in diameter, much Elm suckers here mostly 12-15 feet high. 1 plus one proboable seen (beating its way bask to a sanctuary Ash tree)
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SW73 SW7634 Elm found at 1km level on private land with permission of landowner Link to Rob Foster's blog site with photos of elm found in Cornwall 09.06.07 and 07.12.08 SW7634, also SW779346 at 2km level and SW779350 at 10km level. Rural Rob Foster also Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton Presumed outside known range of the butterfly but worth continued monitoring
Dec 08: Found more elm at 2km level close to Penryn Station, SW779346. More elm found at 10km level close to B3292.June 07: Click here for details of the elm found in this 2km square by Rob Foster
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SX16 SX1062 SX1062 No elm found at 1km level but several areas within 2km Link to Rob Foster's blog site with photos of elm found in Cornwall 07.06.07 and 07.12.08 SX100634, SX101634, SX112624 Rural Rob Foster also Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton Presumed outside known range of the butterfly but worth continued monitoring
Dec 08: found 'cornish' elm located by Rob Foster, elm sampled but no eggs found
June 07: Click here for details of the elm found in this 2km square by Rob Foster
SX46 SX4563 roadside elm at 1km level, estuary edge elm at 10km level.
images available
1 23.06.08 and 08.12.08 SX455638 at 1km and egg at 10km SX462637 250m from target! Rural (close to Tamar estuary) Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 08.12.08: sampled elm at 1km level but no eggs found, went to the estuary elm and found an egg on base of bud. This is the most westerly record and closest to Cornwall for close on 25 years and the first record from the Plymouth area for almost 10 years. Believed to be a new 10km square.
June 08: Not much elm seen at 10km level but drove into target and immediately found good quality roadside elm, view best from entrance to small holding. Keep quiet to avoid disturbing large dogs in yard by elm! Watched for some time in perfect but windy conditions, no activity, needs further monitoring
SX58 SX5489 Single isolated trees
images available
23.06.08 SX505805, SX500887 Rural - edge of Dartmoor, High Altitude guidelines apply Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Presumed outside known range of the butterfly but worth continued monitoring
Drove along A386 single tree found and 2 large elms near Bridestow
SX77 SX7376 2 giant trees at 10km level as well as elm beside woodland valley
images available
1 05.04.09 egg at 10km level
23.06.08 and Dec 08
SX783798 hatched egg at 10km level
SX761704 elm at 10km level and SX769709
Moorland so High Altitude guidelines apply. Rural at 10km level Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 05.04.09: With the knowledge that there were 2 old records from woodland in the NE corner close to Bovey Tracey (and close in the adjacent 10km square SX78) we walked into the river valley and looked for elm. At first we could not find any and wondered whether the records related to a wandering nectaring individual. However, we suddenly found several elms on the hillside with low branches and we found a hatched egg on a 1 year old growth joint. We still want to watch the large elms during the flight period!
December 2008: Winter survey work, proved that previously found elms too high to sample but searched copse elm found at SX769709 between slip road and A38 - no eggs found.
June 2008: Drove onto Dartmoor and as expected no elm! However, at 2km level on minor road we found a small quantity of wych elm by a farmyard (SX726774). Came down from Dartmoor and little elm seen despite known recent records at 10km level. Drove to the lowest point in 10km and found 2 giant elms. Watched in windy conditions and no activity observed, no eggs found. Needs further monitoring
SX79 SX7498 Mostly roadside elms but large tree on minor road into Yeoford.
images available
23.06.08 SX742914, SX771999, SX785992 (large tree) Rural Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear Dec: no eggs found on sampled elm in the south of 10km square.
June 08: Initially found elm at 10km level at several locations. Watched at SX742914 for sometime in good condition but apart from a small dark/small butterfly/moth flying across road nothing was seen. Continued to drive around 10km towards target, no elm seen and no elm at 1 or 2km visible. Drove out of 2km and found elm in adjacent 2km just inside 10km. Watched this elm as well for some time in good conditions but still no activity. No eggs found. Needs further monitoring
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SY19 SY1691 Isolated elm tree found at 1km level, single trees and some hedgerow/roadside at 10km level but elm at low level
images available
18.02.09 Martin Greenland
22.06.08 and Dec 08 LG/AM
SY165911 at 1km level, SY159994 and SY152996 (Honiton) and SY114956 outside Ottery St. Mary
22.06.08: SY108951 - Ottery St Mary at 10km level elm
SY141918 Sidbury
Rural Martin Greenland, Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 26.10.09 A further visit but no eggs found. A hatched egg was found by AM in August 2009 in ST10 just 600m north of SY19!
12.07.09 Watched Ottery and Honiton elm in poor conditions but some sun, only purple hairstreak flying!29.06.09: no adults observed in good sunshine
18.02.09: Roadside Smooth-leaved(?) elm in the 1km square SY165911 - but it is isolated and exposed at 186m.
Dec 08: More elm found close to Ottery St Mary and just on the outskirts of Honiton. All look very good targets which need revisiting, no eggs found.
June 08:Drove in 10km and it immediately became apparent elm was going to be hard to find! Target not visited and only a short section of 2km roads sampled. Some roadside elm in Sidbury but felt that in view of poor local distribution levels, better quality elm needed to be monitored first. Drove to west of 10km to Ottery St Mary and found 2 single trees on edge of village. Watched both elms in sunny but very windy conditions. No activity and no eggs found.
SY69 SY6295
images available
1 26.10.09 egg at 10km level, numerous other visits SY607902 egg at 10km level, SY678903 several planted trees at 10km level, SY632954 at 2km level Rural John Davis also Andrew Middleton and Liz Goodyear 26.10.09 After numerous visits and 4 hour search of the 10km square including more egg searches at target level, we eventually found an egg on elm close to where the only known record was reported in 2006. At least 9 planted elm trees were found on the edge of Dorchester but no eggs found. Worth visiting during the flight period.
12.07.09 Watched 2km elm early morning in good conditions as day warmed up and no adults seen, although a Vapourer moths were seen flying including one perched on underside of a leaf. John Davis also reports no sightings. Watched 10km elm near Winterbourne Abbas where only known record comes from but elm hard to view and conditions breezy so difficult to see a sheltered spot.
29.06.09: no adults observed.
Dec 08: Elm found at 2km level along A37 close to layby - sampled but no eggs found Elm is at 1km as well as at 2km. Some in the wood are about 15 m tall though I have noticed one prime one succumbing to disease this summer. The hedge along land westwards out of Frampton is almost 100% trimmed suckered elm. Tricky place to spend time looking for WLH though.
SY88 SY8885 SY8884 Elm seen at 1 and 2km level
images available
1 28.06.09 adult at 10km level, 04.04.09 and 2007 SY896857 elm at 2km level
SY860874 adult at 10km level
Rural John Davis, Liz Goodyear & Andrew Middleton 28.06.09: Watched 1km elm in early sun but no activity, so went to 10km elm found the previous day. Entrance to Hethwalton Wood, no activity but a bit further back along road, more elm and a single adult was seen flying around ash. 1 or 2km elm should still produce a sighting?
04.04.09: Visited 10km square and found elm quite hard to find, but at 2km level at least 4 tall trees were found in wood beside a road junction. Very tall and not possible to sample for eggs but should support wlh?
I did the elm search for the Lulworth Squ SY8885 - but did not manage to find the weather for an adult search. Most of the elm sadly moribund and dead - is present at the 1km and 2km scale and greater - the band of clay between the sands and gravels of the heathland firing ranges and the Frome valley alluvium seems to be where the elms are so potentially they should be found back up valley towards Wool. Will gear up for the new season - John Davis BC Lulworth
10km 1km 2km Elm Adult Larva Pupa Eggs Date Grid Ref Habitat Recorder Additional notes
SZ58 SZ5180 (corrected!) Roadside elm at 10km level, with elm at 1 and 2km level
images available
2 09.06.09 elm
27.06.09 adult at 10km
SZ515802 elm at 1km level
SZ520833 adult at 10km
Rural Martin Greenland, Andrew Brookes, Liz Goodyear and Andrew Middleton 26.06.09: Found 2km elm but not sunny so decided to look around 10km square. DED very evident and finding some good elm was quite hard, although eventually we found some nice roadside elm already showing signs of DED though. No activity on 26.06.09 but returned as sun broke through cloud on 27th at about 11am. Immediately 1 adult was seen flying around ash and then a second individual seen on another ash tree. A very satisfactory result although it's still possible that adults could be seen at target level. 09.06.09: Quite a bit of regrowth from masses of dead elm at Roud, between Berrycroft and Russell's Farms SZ515802 (2 photos). Larger 2km elms opposite end of Bagwich Lane SZ518813 (photo) message: No eggs found or adults seen, but well worth another look. Isle of Wight - Andrew Brookes volunteered

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